Fitness with Erin

Fitness with Erin


Hi Erin... saw this tip on FB and just wondering if there is a slightly easier one for those of us that are not 'that' flexible? I have lost 21kgs, gone from a size 20 to a 14 but this position is still a tad unreachable :) But I truly would like to stretch that area daily as I do sit a lot at the computer daily. Thanks, Julie
Gracias Erika, nos encantΓ³ la clase fue muy divertida y motivadora espero cuando regreses a Cozumel nos sorprendas con mΓ‘s. πŸ’œ atte: marifer briceΓ±o. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ˜˜
Monday, Feb. 24th, 7 pm Zumba class... dress like a dance diva...loud colours and come and have a great time. See you there!
What’s on the schedule for tonight?
Looking forward to the Monday classes at 7:00 pm. Am practicing hard so everyone can have such a great time and workout. See you all soon!
hi there! i was wondering if i could get you to message me about information on these classes :) b***y and zumba TIA!!
Thank you to the ladies that pushed my stuck car out last night!
This is the link for the headband I was wearing on Wednesday night - they are multiuse and there's tons of patterns. I use them as buffs, headbands for camping, sweating, laziness...
Been having an amazing time at the classes on sundays!!!
I feel great today! Thank you for being so welcoming and wonderful! I will be back to purchase my punch card next Wednesday :)
Won't make Zumba tonight 😞 no sitter
Tried B***y for the first time tonight and loved it! Erin Lillico-Post is fantastic and all the participants there are too! Will definitely be back!!

Live classes & online - Irish Dance Studio, Grande Prairie, Alberta. Areas of specialty: fitness & health coaching for women, children's dance coach, educating & presenting. 20 years AFLCA certified, experience incl.

Zumba, dance fitness, The b. class.

Operating as usual

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A new session starts this Wednesday! Studio or online! Sign up by creating a profile:
We are a group of welcoming women who like to let off a little steam and have some fun. If you want to increase your activity level in a great environment, please join us! First class is free if you've never done a class before!


FREE Online Dance Fitness class
@ 7 pm tonight!
Create a profile (link in comments) to sign up. Tag a friend & join us!


Try it!


2 spots open for Dance Fitness in studio tonight @ 7 pm!


These classes are starting tonight. Register or drop-in available! If you're looking for something fun & active, tag a friend and come on out. First class is free if you've never joined us.


We would love to see you join us! There are about 2 spots available in Dance Fitness in studio, and space in Muscle Mix online! If you have any questions about either of them, send me a message!


2 spots avail. for Dance Amp'd, studio @ 6 pm, always room in Fusion Fitness: Mobility online 7:30 pm!


Space open in Dance Amp'd tonight @ 6 pm in studio. Always space in mobility online! πŸ˜‰

Mobile Uploads 01/20/2022

Lol... Oh no... I hope not! What's your veggie drawer like? Be honest! Both of mine are usually packed so full I have trouble shutting them and nearly all of it gets eaten. The occasional thing in a corner may get missed like a chunk of leftover herb stems. They look a little gross in the bag after they've gone bad. Or, on a rare occasion worse yet, a little zucchini that when you pick it up your finger punctures it and it oozes. Lol Ewww...

The truest meme that ever existed πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Follow $5 Dinners for more recipes and funnies!


Tonight we start:
Dance Amp'd @ 6 pm (studio)
Mobility @ 7:30 pm (online) You're welcome to join us!


We have a tournament here in GP this weekend, and I'm proud to be sponsoring some prizes. πŸ˜€ If you are an attendee, you can get a free online class, just create yourself a profile here:, and contact me to add you to the class of your choice!

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Studio and online classes are under way! Many classes starting this week, jump in any time register or drop in. To sign up:


I hope you all have a chance to pause and enjoy love, laugher, & hugs w/ family & friends.
See ya soon!


Couple of spots available Dance Fitness
Tonight @7 pm!
Free trial if you've never been!


Two studio classes left to join us before the holidays...
Sunday 6 pm & Wed 7 pm
Drop-in space, link in comments!


I've seen this a few times before, and saw it again this morning. It speaks to me - simple joys is perhaps why. Finding delight in the small things and overall appreciation. I'm that crazy Mom that will stay up on a night with meteor showers and when it gets good, wake up the kids so we can drive outside the city to see it. I love how my 15 year old daughter loves music and builds epic playlists of all genres, and plays DJ in the car - Fleetwood Mac to Ariana Grande. I hope we always treasure these memories!


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Here's a tape job from Sports Injury class in my Kinesiology program - a closed basket on the ankle. The prof said it was one of my better ones. (I was a bit more of a train wreck at the beginning). You'll notice the big chunk of pro-wrap sticking out at the top... Yup did that on purpose to see how long the prof would take to notice I didn't clean it up - just to have fun with him! He's a little particular, you see... It took like 5 seconds and he couldn't handle it and reached over and plucked it off πŸ˜‚ Gotta make it fun!


Truth! How many times do we feel like all we see is the distance to the top. Sometimes we use it as avoidance to even start something. It's just too far! The stick dude on the left is a good reminder why smaller is still better. You can climb a little bit at a time - steps that aren't out of reach, or stay right where you are. Your choice. In a month, do you want to be a couple steps up or in the same place still thinking about climbing?

I just had a chat with a special gal in our group today who has been assessing her ladder. She's taking her first steps after curve balls. I'm so proud of her, and know she can achieve her goals!

What about you? How far apart are the rungs on your ladder? Should they maybe be a little closer together to get you off the ground and climbing at least? You can do it! If you need help, the group and I are always right here for you!

So true. πŸ™Œ

Timeline photos 11/30/2021

I'm in the throws of studying for my final exams in my Sports Injuries class. This makes icing seem way more fun!

πŸŽ„β›„ Starting with the Holiday Humor.... LOL πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…


Made a shuffle to the schedule! Some of the gals were asking for this class to return, and here it is!! Starts TOMORROW, and will replace our previous Sun 6 pm class, which was Dance Fitness. This uses the fun of dance - with a twist of the full body approach! Please tag a friend, sign up link below.


Looking to have fun and be active in person with a welcoming group of women? Live in-studio classes have returned! Tag a friend and let's get our groove on! If you've never joined us before, try your first one is free. **There has been interest in another beginner series - if this is what you need, message me!** Late registrations are pro-rated, space permitting.


New session of virtual classes starts tonight!! To register, click the link, create a profile and finish signing up. If you know someone wanting to be active with a supportive group right at home, please share this with them! Registered is $8/class, which gives you access to the class recording for a week in case you can't make it live or want to repeat the workout! Drop-in available $10. First class free, if you've never tried one before!


Space in Dance Fitness @ 7 pm! Use coupon code "DEAL" to join us for $12.50!


105-year-old woman breaks records in 100 meter race

I first learned about this gal in a sport psych course last year. I find her inspiring, not just for running at age 105, but for her balanced approach to life and what's important.


Dance Fitness @ 7 pm tonight!
Use discount code "DEAL" to attend for only $12.50!
Link to reserve in comments.


Yes indeed... Good reminder!


Spots available TONIGHT
Dance Fitness @ 7 pm
Link to reserve in comments!

Handball federation changes uniform rules after bikini row 11/02/2021

Handball federation changes uniform rules after bikini row

UPDATE! I posted the outcry when the team got fined for wearing these (red & blue) more modest uniforms during the Olympics. Now, there has been a shift in the official garments... "The updated rules say female beach handball players can now wear "body fit" tank tops and " short tight pants", as opposed to crop tops and bikini bottoms." No more requirements for your butt cheeks to hang out!

Handball federation changes uniform rules after bikini row A campaign had pushed for an overhaul after Norway's team were fined for wearing shorts in July.


ONE spot left -
Dance Fitness @ 1:30 pm TODAY! If you take a sudden notion to join us, just drop me a message & come!


Originally, no class tomorrow night, but our Sunday 6 pm crew didn't want to miss a week, so we just backed up the time! Join us IN STUDIO at 1:30 pm for Dance Fitness! Register by clicking the link, make a log-in for yourself, and use discount code "DEAL" to get the class for $12.50! If you've never joined us before, it's a great opportunity to give a class a try - just message me for your free first class!


Calgary teen and national dance champ overcomes gender stereotypes

Nice job Brandon!! We share a studio with Irish dance; it's nice to see the sport get some press. My daughter has done Irish dance for 4 years, so I can vouch there is much more to it than just clicky shoes! When we went to the comp in Calgary earlier this month, there were some amazing male dancers. I think this lad was there. A dancer named Aaron, from our school's Edmonton studio recently became national champion in a different age category than Brandon (the boy in this video). Dance is for everyone!


Drop-in available at Dance Fitness tonight 7 pm at the Studio! Sign-up link in comments w/ discount code to save $1.50!


What songs are great to lift to - must have motivating beat & clean lyrics? Need some new tunes for Muscle Mix! TIA

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