JP3 Pilates

Jp3 Pilates is a fitness and rehabilitation studio. It combines Classical Pilates and TRX (suspension training) as method of training.


That's why we need Pilates! 💪👊🙌



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5 types de ventre qui n'ont à voir avec le surpoids ☝
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[12/30/16]   On behalf of JP3Pilates, our warm wishes of happiness, health and prosperity to you and your loved ones on Christmas and New Year's!
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Au nom de JP3Pilates, nos souhaits chaleureux de bonheur, de santé et de prospérité à vous et vos proches à l'occasion de Noël et du Nouvel An!


Today is JP3pilates' 3rd anniversary! We would like to thank all our customers and friends for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us.

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Happy Birthday JP!!!

Thank you for all you do for us :)

We Love you!


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Many people end up abusing drugs because of pain. Here's how you can avoid back and sciatica pain triggers, and treat it naturally. Please share!


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Here's to the magic that happens 'outside' the studio after lots of Pilates...whether it's actual core strength in a cycle class, hiking up a mountain, lifting a baby car seat or generally not falling when maybe you should have. Pilates can literally change the way you experience life


JP3 Pilates | Snake Twist - No Springs

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This video is about Snake Twist - No Springs


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Lower back strain and muscle spasm can create searing pain and inability to move.

Watch what happens in a back muscle strain.

Lower back strain and muscle spasm can create searing pain and inability to move.

Watch what happens in a back muscle strain:


JP3 Pilates | Advance Neck Mobility Exercise

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JP3 Pilates | Rocker with closed legs

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This video is about JP3 Pilates | Rocker with closed legs


JP3 Pilates | Lying Leg Raise

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This video is about Lying Leg Raise


JP3 Pilates | Advance Neck Mobility Exercise

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JP3 Pilates | Intermediate Neck Mobility Exercise

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This video is about JP3 Pilates | Intermediate Neck Mobility Exercise

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JP3 Pilates | Basic | Fundamental | Knee Sways
JP3 Pilates | Basic | Fundamental | Hips Rotation



1970 Rue Notre Dame De Fatima
Laval, QC
H7M 4J8
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On offre le meilleur programme de remise en forme en ville! Que ce soit pour perdre du poids, tonifier votre corps ou gagner de la masse musculaire on a la Formule parfaite pour vous.

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Le plus bas prix. Super beau gym!