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Building Better Bodies. Mobile Personal Training - Vancouver & North Shore Results oriented, highly effective and exceeding expectations!

Vancouver Personal Training company helping you to live your life with your body at your best! Results Personal Training in Vancouver offers training for weight loss/fitness improvement and rehab following an automobile accident or injury. Serving Central Vancouver including Downtown, the West Side, Kitsilano, Fairview, Cambie and Main street.

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Are you looking to take your fitness to the next level? We are looking for 5 men or women, who aren't reaching their goals, but want to. If you are serious about making change either comment of message us and we will get you started today!


In early March, Results will be offering a small group personal training program. Sessions will be starting 3 times a week at 6 and 7am. If you're interested, please message me and I can get you signed up! Sign up before March 5th and get each session for $20!!


Transformation Tuesday! Who's out there crushing their goals and soon becoming another success?? With the rainy weather I find it difficult to get outside for my runs, but still, I'm on track to my weight loss for the end of a short February... 12/18/2014

The 10 Best Habits for Controlling Your Weight

Super simple ways to cut back, lean down and stay fit each and every day...which ones do you already do? Simple rules, rituals, and metabolic sleights of hand that will keep you eating better and burning calories all day long


A client struggling with gym motivation on their own needs a little help. Let us know what motivates so we can give James Ingram a boost! 11/15/2014

The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten) | The Healthy Home Economist

There's no such thing as "gluten sensitivity," it's either you're celiac or you're likely eating too much of the wrong kind of foods. Here's an eye opening look at what may be hurting your gut that you may not have considered or even known. If they are using Roundup on the crops, why not cut out the middle man and put it in your smoothies along with all of your other weird ingredients??? The real reason you need to stop eating toxic wheat even if you don't currently have a wheat or gluten sensitivity. 11/14/2014

7 Foods We Should Be Eating But Aren't

Wondering what foods you might be missing? Check these out! You may be surprised or even find a new favourite! There are many healthy and environmentally-friendly foods that still haven't gone mainstream in the United States. 11/06/2014

You Won't Believe This Shocking New Nutrition Trend

The newest trend in nutrition...does it BUG you? With growing concerns with the impact of farming beef, insect protein presents itself as a greener, more nutrient rich alternative...ok, but what's the catch? Insects provide the highest-quality protein on the planet—but will you dig in? You will if you know what's good for you


Wondering how hard to be pushing yourself? Let your energy levels and mood dictate that. You'll get more from an exercise session by doing more exercises without a rest than resting, texting and chatting with fellow gym goers. If you're feeling sluggish? Keep the intensity a little lower, so you won't be discouraged to skip the gym! 09/15/2014

FITNESS EXPERTS: One Strategy Makes The Difference Between Success And Failure

The key to performing well, and continuing to improve is working at the right pace. It's a balance to work hard, but not too hard so you keep moving forward with your goals! It's all about pacing. 09/09/2014

The Quickest Way to Stop Sweating After a Workout

If you've ever had to squeeze in a workout between meetings, at lunch or before a big date, here a few strategies to keep your cool! These tips will help you rejoin society drip-free after a hard training session 07/22/2014

CTV Vancouver: Beach body workout in the comfort of your home.

8 of the best exercises to get you the beach body you've always wanted! Simple exercises to help you achieve a beach body with fitness trainer Ryan Lacey 07/21/2014

Warming up to beach volleyball

Warmups/exercises to prepare for your beach volleyball match! Personal trainer Ryan Lacey shows you how to prepare to make the most of your game.


Wealth of Health

Interested in easy to prepare, delicious recipes? Check out this food blog by the talented and creative Registered Dietitian Carolyn Berry: A Whole Foods Approach to Health


Thanks for all your support. Results' page just broke 500 likes! If you'd like to know about any issues pertaining to diet or exercise, please let me know! 06/24/2014

Finding a nutritious alternative to milk

As much as we want to find an alternative to cow's milk, unless you're actually allergic to it, nothing really beats the real thing for good quality protein. Drink this up! Rice, soy and almond milk are all good if you can’t digest lactose, but depending on what you choose, you may miss out nutritionally 06/24/2014

America's Scariest Fitness Trends

Trends usually start up it seems because of the results they achieve. If you do anything that is drastically different and intense, it will yield results, but is it safe for you? Probably not...take a look at these! These three popular approaches to exercise could just be bad ideas 06/24/2014

Eat More Gluten: This Fad Must Die!

You're probably not allergic to gluten, but you probably just ate way too damn much of it! For more than 93% of the world, gluten is perfectly fine. But marketers don't mind a bit if we all think otherwise 06/17/2014

Avoid injury during softball season with trainer Ryan Lacey

My latest appearance on CTV Vancouver. Don't forget to thoroughly warmup before playing ball or you could suffer serious injuries. Take 5 minutes to ensure you can stay healthy all season long! Warm-ups and stretches to avoid injury during softball season with fitness trainer Ryan Lacey 05/28/2014

Why I don't do CrossFit In the world of CrossFit, pain doesn't mean gain.


Great client story of the week: a new client, aged 20, has never ever exercised before comes to me for training. It's already been very rewarding as today's session I spent teaching him how to run. I never thought that I'd have to teach someone to run but there's a lot of things that surprise me about my job, which I love! Do you know someone who's never done a certain activity? Maybe it's something you haven't done? 04/17/2014

Younger Skin Through Exercise

Could the secret to youthful appearances be sweat? Another benefit to exercising regularly, how often do you sweat when you do your regular workouts? Exercise appears to slow and even reverse the effects of aging on the skin.


With spring heating up and our weekends becoming much more active, don't forget to take a little extra rest when you need it! After 2 runs, a hike, 2 softball games and beach volleyball, I feel pretty beat up and rundown. Perfect day for recovery or, a really light workout. Did you know that recovery days can hold back your progress if you don't use them every 3-6 weeks? Even a recovery week, an entire break from training, can be the most powerful part of your training program you never knew about! 04/14/2014

Fit legs for spring!

The latest and greatest exercises from my 4th CTV Vancouver segment on training the legs! Strengthening your legs for spring and summer with fitness trainer Ryan Lacey


Great segment again on CTV Morning News Vancouver with the amazing Keri Adams! Video will be posted soon so you can start shaping up those legs!


Don't forget to check out CTV Vancouver tomorrow at 810 for my segment on toning and sculpting the legs!


I need a sporty/fit female to help out with my latest spot on CTV morning news at 730 tomorrow morning. Please message me if you know anyone or are interested in helping out!!

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Vancouver Personal Training company helping you to live your life with your body at your best!

Results Personal Training in Vancouver offers training for weight loss/fitness improvement and rehab following an automobile accident or injury.

Serving Central Vancouver including Downtown, the West Side, Kitsilano, Fairview, Cambie and Main street.

Results oriented, highly effective and exceeding expectations!





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