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Operating as usual


Snowboarding in the French Sahara


Waky waky Grouse ;)


All me... the rest is white ;)





Stretch those legs and reach that nose ;)


Hello Grouse ;)

Photos from Droppin Valet Ltd.'s post 12/28/2021

Grouse and Cypress waking up ;)


Great Boxing Day: you great customers behaved ;)


Happy Boxing Day: don't fight 😁


Merry Christmas to you all 🤩😁🧀


Will have this outfit with red pants today at Cypress with the board "MUCH" at my feet. Look for me, name my boards back to back to get a chance to win a free scheduled session with Droppin Valet Ltd.


Grouse pic from yesterday ;)


I sure can see people skiing at Grouse from my house ;) Have a good day on the slopes weekend-people :)


Grouse waking up ;)


I know you guys were shy yesterday in line for the Eagle Express lift and didn't want to name my 14 boards back to back out loud and win a free scheduled session with Droppin Valet Ltd. but we'll keep trying ... ;)
Until next time...


Will have this outfit with red pants today at Cypress with the board "MUCH" at my feet. Look for me, name my boards back to back to get a chance to win a free scheduled session with Droppin Valet Ltd.

Photos from Droppin Valet Ltd.'s post 12/14/2021

It's more like it ;)


Kingpin 13 on Elan Ripstick Black Edition... what else? 🤩


There's a remount I like: new bindings on old skis ;)


Let's pray guys ;)


Grouse yesterday morning... they are really working for our needs! ;)


I DON'T regret my day at Cypress yesterday... even after my fight with my board "I don't"; here's my conversation with her:
- That's it for the day, board!
"Dude, I want you to keep riding me!"
"But I'm all wet and tired!"
"But I want to keep going..."
"I DON'T!"
Then I got punished ;P


Will have this outfit today at Cypress with the board "I DON'T" at my feet. Look for me, name my boards back to back to get a chance to win a free scheduled session with Droppin Valet Ltd.



Anyone who first shout the names of my 14 boards back to back on the slopes and close enough so I can hear will have a FREE package scheduled! Packages at www.droppinvalet.com


Meet my Niche 162cm aka "I have". This is my only rocker and this one maneuvers so easily I feel like it's a 155cm; at the end of each run I HAVE to lower my eyes and check the size again ;)


Meet my Forum Peter Line Pro model 159cm aka "Way too". For those who don't recognize that amazing design on that unforgettable and unforgivable board take a look at Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:
- Let's get the boy a lift...
" No wait we can't stop here this is bat country..."
"Never been in a convertible!"
"Get in..."
Watched this movie WAY TOO many times ;)


Meet my DroppinValet Wired Customized Directive 157cm aka "Much". For this one there is not MUCH to tell: new member of my squad which has been signed by Forum8 legends Devun Walsh and Chris Dufficy who happen to be part of the squad of Wired Snowboards who customized it; I will be following you around with this vessel this year and I am so excited, I can't wait... after all, there was MUCH to tell ;)


Meet my Rome Sawtooth 157cm aka "Time". Something you need to know about me: I've been escaping home, going for the unknown, the "why not" and the "what if" but on the other hand I want to remember stuff I grew up with so I can feel like home; so I stick with one snowboard brand Forum or maybe go sometimes with collectors from the 90s. The biggest risk for me was to go for a new brand and a fish shape on a camber... biggest risk of my life... but it was just TIME ;)


Meet my Forum The Lander Devun Walsh Pro model 157cm aka "For My". First time I tried this one I went to the conclusion that this was definitely made FOR MY carving skills ;)


Meet my Forum Substance 156cm aka "Self On". I remember fixing 2nd hand snowboard bindings behind my counter at the 2nd hand ski shop I worked at back 2 years ago. My counter was facing a rack filled with used snowboards and while I was concentrated on fixing those bindings, still my mind was wandering like crazy: I had images of skulls, dollars and babes... I don't know why. I glimpsed at the rack in front of me and noticed that yellow board with skulls, dollars and babes... I was about to flip the board expecting the "F" of Forum and there it was. This board presented itSELF ON a pedestal and I just had to have it. First time with her at Whistler Blackcomb with MFM bindings ;)


Meet my Forum Devun Walsh pro model 156cm aka "My Days". The story behind this one: someone owed me money for a construction job I did; after a year waiting for my paycheck, he finally paid me and knowing I am a Forum addict he gave me this board :) Thanks again man, you not only made my day, you actually made MY DAYS... :)


Meet my Forum JP Walker 154cm aka "Off and...". It feels like this board is possessed and tries its best not to make me fall. I could be distracted while riding; I'm OFF AND somehow the board shakes and remind me that snowboarding needs my full attention... and then I'm back on :)


Meet my Morrow Todd Richards pro model aka "I don't". The first time I saw this one was Todd Richards winning the Pipe Xgames in 1999 with it... I think. I got this board but never rode it so I don't know how it pops, I don't know how it carves, I don't know how it feels, I just DON'T ;)


Meet my Stepchild JP Walker 154cm aka "Give"... don't need to GIVE any explanation on this one... the performance and versatility match the design: amazing ;)


Meet my Forum Devun Walsh 154cm aka "A"... just a prime-A collector that still has A great pop after more than 20 years ;)


Meet my Forum Youngblood 152cm aka "S-Word"... That base with that "F" makes me want to twick that Backside Air like crazy on a big Quarter Pipe so the board could be shown on all its glory, with an award winning pic at the end; an amazing pic would also be a clean Mute Japan Air (David Vincent style) shot from above ;) Amazing pop on that board and spins on video would also look way better with that base design with a phrase you should keep telling yourself while riding it: "Don't be shy, just cork it up!" Anyway, this board is just the s*** ;)

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Not it's not 😉🇨🇦🇫🇷 #droppinvalet #vancouver #chamonix #chamonixmontblanc #skiing
Atta grabbed 540°
Droppin Valet cards
Tech: "Patching on a snowboard 101"
Buckle up... ;)



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