Immortal Dragon Vancouver

Immortal Dragon Vancouver


Immortal Dragon Vancouver is a great Kung Fu school, Sifu Matthias is a very knowledgeable and passionate instructor. It’s a fun yet disciplined environment that’s suitable for all ages and abilities to learn new skills while getting a good work out at the same time.

Immortal Dragon Vancouver
Member of Lohan Group International

Training at Immortal Dragon is more than just learn how to punch and kick. We seek to develop our own personal growth through martial arts practice.

Immortal Dragon offers classes for all! Temple of the Immortal Dragon
-Traditional Chinese Martial Arts-

Member of Lohan Group International


Operating as usual


Tai Chi is a great way to stay healthy and build a body- mind connection. One part of our class are basic movements we do, like the one Sifu Matthias performs here.
A class contains of a joint stretching, the foundational basics, forms and most often also some QiGong.
Want to join? DM us or just come by every Thursday at 7 PM at 273 Union Street.

Timeline photos 03/27/2022

New schedule up now. Every Thursday we will start with Sanda at 6 pm, then Tai Chi (7 pm) and Meditation (8 pm). Everyone is welcome!


Practicing forms is the most essential part of kung fu training. This one is our Small cross 2 form.
Forms help us to improve coordination, strength, speed and body awareness. Understanding the techniques that are within the form help to inform fighting, too.


Updated schedule: Fridays change to Kung Fu 6-7 PM and 8- 9 PM. Open Sparring from 7-8 PM. See you at the kwoon.

Timeline photos 01/31/2022

Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fatt Chai! Happy Year of the Water Tiger. Red as you will see in many kung fu schools is the colour for luck, life and happiness. That is why you will see that too during the new years celebrations. And as Immortal Dragon, we wish you all the same: luck, success, happiness! That everyone is and stays safe and healthy.
Unfortunately, there is no new year parade in Chinatown this year.

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Happy new Year! 2021 was not an easy year for many people and seemed like a continuation of 2020. Here we are in 2022 and things look brighter. For a 2022 with more martial arts and more Kung Fu!

Immortal Dragon looks forward to serve the community with classes and we will finally be able to do our first Kung Fu Bootcamp in the mountains. Stay tuned for all the good things that will come!

2022 is the year of the tiger and as that we will raise strong, ferocious and courageous!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Immortal Dragon! We wish everyone some good quality time off. And we will be back stronger then ever in 2022! Classes are back January 5, 2022!

Timeline photos 11/27/2021

Happy Birthday, Sifu Guillen!

In kung fu we take pride of our teachers and lineage. That is why we love to celebrate them too! Today is the birthday of Sifu Guillen, direct teacher of Sifu Matthias, here at Immortal Dragon Vancouver.

Without Sifu Guillen no Immortal Dragon. So we are extremely grateful to have him and his teachings. Feliz cumpleanos from all Immortal Dragon Vancouver wishing him and his family health and a long life!


Congratulations to everyone who past the sash test today. Great spirit and exams presented.

Timeline photos 10/15/2021

Kung Fu is teamwork. Exercising teamwork teaches us many things. Two are important and sometimes lost nowadays. And are not as obvious as one might think. One is to be able to give without expectations and the other is to receive without feeling guilty.

Giving not only means being able to give gifts but also support and help others, being at service. We have become a society where some might think that giving is a transaction and that everyone has an account that needs to be in balance. The same goes for receiving help or other kind of support. Neither of them should expect to get anything back or to have to give back.

If a person decides to gift their time, money or support, they should do that out of compassion, intrinsically not because they expect the other person to do something for them.

Timeline photos 10/11/2021

Kung Fu is respect. Respecting your teachers, your school and your lineage is not just an old school thing to do. It helps you to develop appreciation for the things you have, for the effort others put in to teach us. Respect works in our favour when directing it towards everyone we interact with, without difference of their age, s*x, social background or so on. It is an attitude we develop at Immortal Dragon towards everyone, anywhere. - Sifu Matthias

Timeline photos 10/08/2021

Kung Fu is discipline. To practice and learn kung fu, discipline is an important part. Discipline to show up to class and on time. Discipline to follow the instructions and to keep the focus. Discipline to practice diligently regularly on your own. What are the benefits? Habits you will be able to use everyday anytime, not just in martial arts.- Sifu Matthias

Timeline photos 10/01/2021

The exact moment when Sifu Matthias received his Black sash back in 2015. It was a long and pretty hard journey with daily training but worth it. Next to him on his left is Sifu Guillen and on the other side his kung fu siblings ans Sifu Alejandro.

Timeline photos 09/29/2021

Sifu Matthias back in the days breaking wood with a jumping side kick. This picture might be 10 years old and was part of a grading.

Timeline photos 09/22/2021

Sanda- Chinese Kickboxing class will be held every Thursday at 8 PM in cooperation with Instructor Ivan Pasarin who has over 30 years of kung fu experience and was an instructor at Weng Chun Copenhaguen before coming to Vancouver. At our Sanda class, Sifu Matthias and Ivan will co-lead and teach strategies, do drills and lots of sparring. Try it out and register at:

Timeline photos 09/20/2021

We added an extra day of classes. On Thursday we offer now Tai Chi, Meditation and Sanda. Come and join one or all of these classes.

If you are not signed up yet, do it! Now! at:

The meditation class is free!

Timeline photos 09/17/2021

Join our free meditation class! Every Thursday at 7 PM, we do mainly Shamata and Vipassana meditation. Come and enjoy the present with us. Get your focus clear and your mind sharp.

Timeline photos 09/15/2021

Join our Tai Chi Class. Every Thursday at 6 PM, we have Tai Chi where you can work on your Body- Mind Balance. In our Tai Chi class, we practice basics, do stretching, do chi kung and practice forms, mostly the 29 and the 24. Join for a trial class!

Timeline photos 09/09/2021

"We do a strong warm-up and hardening to strengthen body, mind and spirit."

Immortal Dragon Vancouver

Join us and get the benefits of this millennial martial art.

Timeline photos 09/08/2021

This is a reminder for our official opening celebration this coming Sunday! If you cannot make it in person, please follow us online over our youtube stream:

The event will be Sunday, September 12 at 1 PM at our studio at 273 Union Street.

# shaolinkungfu

Timeline photos 09/07/2021

"As a martial artist, there is no end to practice. Every day, every moment we live, we can find precious teachings."

Anything we learn in a physical way, we can apply to other aspects in life. Things like patience, endurance or flow are helpful for us to confront with hardship.

Timeline photos 09/07/2021

Finally, our new schedule is here. Now you have more opportunities to learn 5 Animals Shaolin Kung Fu. Besides that, there will be Tai Chi, Sanda and Meditation classes every Thursday.

For questions or registration please go to:

Our Story

Immortal Dragon Vancouver
Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in Vancouver and North Vancouver.
Member of Lohan Group International

Through a long journey Matthias Klenk became the Sifu of Immortal Dragon Vancouver where he teaches how to better conquer your Body-Mind-Spirit.

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Immortal Dragon offers Shaolin Kung Fu classes for adults and children, Sanda, Tai Chi and Chi Kung (QiGong) for all ages.



273 Union Street
Vancouver, BC

Opening Hours

Monday 5pm - 8:30pm
Wednesday 5pm - 8:30pm
Friday 5pm - 8:30pm

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