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All of us likes to enjoy a nice clean area to do our sports. For the PIGS who leave this trash be careful and well educated for the next time PLEASE. It's a natural area with eagles and all the conservationists want to close the park. So DON'T GIVE REASONS TO CLOSE THE PARK. please be careful and do be dirty our DJ.


Has this Vanier Park project been completed?

Vanier Park: Balancing environment and recreation
We're installing a new bike pump track in the Vanier Park forest in a manner that ensures eagles will continue to nesting in the park.

The work currently taking place includes:

A new bike pump track
A permanent bald eagle nesting pole located to minimize disturbances to the birds
Stewardship strategies for the forest include:
Invasive species removal
Garbage removal
Planting longer living native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers
Improved trails, signs, and environmental education

Ladies who dirt jump or want to learn- let us unite!
Lost: Blue Strider bike. I think one of my kids left it in or near the parking lot at the Vanier bike park on Wednesday morning about 11am. Reward if found!
Quick question from a total noob who planned to hit Vanier for the first time tonight - is riding the jumps after recent rain a big no-no?
Hi guys, my dj was stolen yesterday on West Broadway and Manitoba. It was seen on Clark and first last night, with some guy riding it.

If seen please shoot me a message and lemme know. ☺️

Hey all! I will be coming up to Vancouver/ Victoria for a Strider Bike race with my husband and 3 year old son. He also started on his pedal bike this week. :) Can I please have some recommendations on the best dirt parks and skate parks in your beautiful city? We are coming up from the Lake Tahoe area. (Also would love any other family friendly activity recs!) Thank you so much! We are so excited for our first visit to Canada!
Support trails in Canada! From the fellas that built Vanier Bike Park back in the day.
Hey guys!
I got my bike stolen today at the Metrotown shopping mall bus loop. One guy with a huge axe broke my locker and took the bike. I am being really positive and hoping to find the bike. If someone sees or hear about it, please message me or call the cops because i have already reported to them!
Thank you!
What's going on with the jumps right now? I was hoping to get some riding in with this beauty weather but they're all fenced off. Cheers
Just want to thank anyone who saw my leatherman at Vanier and left it there!! You guys are awesome, I literally bought it the day before cause I lost my old one which was a gift from my brother. I am indebted to you thoughtfulness and will return the gesture with plenty of shovelling 🤘
Slap & Stack

VDJC was created to pull together the BMX and Mountain Biking communities to work together in the cr

VDJC was created to pull together the BMX and Mountain Biking communities to work together in the creation of the Vanier Park Dirt Jump Park

Operating as usual

Mountain Air Bike Skills Course Redevelopment 08/07/2022

Mountain Air Bike Skills Course Redevelopment

City of Burnaby is looking for feedback on the upcoming rebuild of the Burnaby Mountain bike skills park!

Mountain Air Bike Skills Course Redevelopment The Mountain Air Bike Skills Course, originally opened in 2008, is being redeveloped with new features to become a first-class local destination for our biking community.

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 05/07/2021

Vanier bike park is back open!! (A bit soft from today's rain, but just give it a minute...)

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 03/21/2021

Vanier bike park is closed until May due to eagle nesting season. (To be honest, the eagles don't mind the bike park & keep coming back year after year.).

Loutet Bike Park 03/14/2021

Loutet Bike Park

Our friends at Loutet Bike Park in North Vancouver are looking to start working with the City more formally to make Loutet better! Help them out with a very brief survey!

Loutet Bike Park Want to see Loutet bike park grow and succeed? Please fill out this small survey so we can present this information to the city and show them how strong our community is. We are the loutet jump buddies. We are a small group of dedicated community members who want to see the park and the community fl...


Vanier reopened 2020

Vanier is open again!


Vanier opens tomorrow!

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 03/24/2020

Bike parks in Vancouver are closed due to City of Vancouver's COVID19 response.

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 09/06/2019

Joyride have started on the new pump track!! Grand opening will be Oct 5. (For better updates, see instagram stories...)

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 08/21/2019


Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 07/25/2019

Dig day was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Tons of kids out working and riding!!


We are pleased to announce that last night the Vancouver Park Board approved a plan to build the pump track starting Aug 1. The plan includes a permanent eagle nest pole which will prevent future shutdowns of the bike park.


Dig day with Joyride crew May 26!!

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson 05/16/2019

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson

2019 Santa Cruz Bronson If you are serious about buying the bike come take a look and you can ask questions then. Call me at set yup a time for you to come see it

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 05/15/2019

Vanier update: Part of the fence is still up until May 24. Everything was pretty overgrown. We've done some working and some riding: nothing's rideable if it has rained in the last 24 hours! If not, the small set is rideable. The medium set is rideable up to the 5th jump.

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 05/11/2019

The city removed most of the fence but is leaving some up for 2 weeks (so that it's a gradual reopening). 🙄 Small set is rideable. Medium set will be rideable after a bit of work, except for the last jump. Big set's a no-go. We'll be digging this afternoon & tomorrow.

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 05/09/2019

Fences come down Friday May 10. We'll have someone out digging Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to stop by and lend a hand.

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 03/20/2019

Vanier bike park will be closed until May 10. Eagles have laid eggs in the nest platform that was installed last fall. We disagree with the actions that led to this closure, but we must now respect the closure to ensure the future of the bike park. We're planning a dig day with Joyride Bike Parks for late May.


The exact moment during the dig when you tell your dad to take a hike.


UBC's Dr. Mariana Brussoni on CBC Vancouver The Nature of Things on unstructured risky play.

"The most important thing that we can do is just get out of the way and let [children] play" -Dr. Mariana Brussoni | Check out by CBC


Found RC car at Vanier jumps. Msg us with identifying characteristics for return. (But don't drive it on the jumps.) (EDIT: it's been returned to its owner.)

Photos from Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition's post 10/23/2018

Most of the jumps are covered in preparation for the upcoming rains. Dirt is actually in great condition, so feel free to ride, but PLEASE put the tarps back when you leave! Thank you!🙏

Vanier Park Dirt Jump proposal for Spring 2016.pdf 09/25/2018

Vanier Park Dirt Jump proposal for Spring 2016.pdf

Monday Oct 1, Joyride Bike Parks are set to begin building a world class pump track at Vanier Park. This will open up the place to families and kids. The City are threatening to pull the plug due to a single complaint.

The project was carefully planned to rehabilitate the forest & allow bikes & nature to continue to coexist: remove invasives, plant native species, retain all existing healthy trees, and avoid bird nesting season.

Email [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]

See our FB page for more.

Original project proposal 2016 for reference:

Vanier Park Dirt Jump proposal for Spring 2016.pdf


T-minus 1 week until construction:
Due to “perceived impacts to the habitat” of the eagles that may migrate back to the bike park, the City of Vancouver has decided to put the Vanier pump track project on hold again--indefinitely.
The pump track would keep existing trees, remove invasive species plants, plant native species trees, and was planned to avoid the migratory bird nesting seasons.
The project was carefully planned to co-habitate with the eagles and to improve the urban forest, but it seems that it isn’t enough for a few people. So close...


Vanier Park Pump Track construction by Joyride Bike Parks is expected to start the first week of October!

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Vanier reopened 2020
Trails are open
Vanier pump track july 2017



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