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Christian Finn

I saw something very strange when I walked into a gym recently.

Actually, it was what I didn’t see that I found strange.

I saw barbells, squat racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, a sled, and some suspension trainers. Machines like the leg press, leg extension, and leg curl were conspicuously absent.

I asked one of the instructors if there was a separate room for the machines.

“We don’t have any machines in here,” he said. “They’re largely worthless because they don’t build functional strength. Sitting on a machine doesn’t transfer to real-life activity. You can do everything you need with free weights. Nothing beats compound exercises like squats and deadlifts.”

The idea that strength is only functional if you build it with certain exercises and certain types of equipment has become the conventional wisdom for many trainers and strength coaches.

But is it true?

All is revealed at the link below:


James Fell

This is directly related to the Washington Post article I posted previously that stated: "The food environment, not poverty, is the culprit." I completely agree, and outlined several steps government can take to change the environment. This piece, much to my delight, has been lauded and shared by some well-respected obesity researchers.



Harvard Health Publishing

Water keeps every system in the body functioning properly.


Nick Tumminello - Fitness Page

Many trainers don't really care about general health and fitness. Let me explain...

There are many obvious benefits of exercise, like fat loss and muscle building. But in addition, there are numerous well-evidenced physical and mental health benefits which many trainers seem to care less about.
Disease prevention, preservation of bone mass, improved mood (even in those with depression), anxiety/stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced feeling of energy and well being, the delay of what's called "all-cause mortality" and even brain growth are part of the bigger picture.

Yet many trainers and coaches have this elitist idea that you're basically wasting your time working out unless you're training with a specific focus on physique or performance measures. This feeling is directed at recreational gym-goers who are working out for general health and fitness without focusing on any specific physique or lifting performance goals.

Instead, these folks just want a great workout experience that challenges them but doesn't hurt them. And they often gauge their training success by how much they've enjoyed each workout, how they feel at the end of the workout, and by the fact they've completed a certain amount of workouts per week.

This explains why so many competent fitness professionals have long-term clients who don't look that much different and don't have impressive increases in their lifting numbers than when they started working with the trainer. But these clients are far better off than they were when they first started because they're healthier physically and mentally.

Many trainers actually look down on these people by proclaiming they are "satisfied with being mediocre," as if those who aren't interested in organizing their entire lives around gyms and kitchens are somehow lesser humans.

The same trainers who feel this way are the ones who continue to be frustrated, wondering why so many of their clients "don't get it" or "don't care" as much as they do, and ultimately end up not sticking around. But it's usually not that these clients don't care; it's that they don't care about what the trainer wants them to care about. It's actually these trainers who just don't get it.

These fitness pros fail to realize, or refuse to embrace the fact that, to many clients, "getting results" from exercising isn't about achieving impressive deadlift numbers or to build a wider back – those are gym-rat goals. It simply means staying active, overcoming physical challenges, and enjoying each workout.

Those are respectable goals – goals the personal trainer should encourage and be proud to help facilitate.


Jürg Hösli

45Minuten intensives Training braucht keine Kohlenhydrate – So ein Schwachsinn!

Heute habe ich die für mich über alles geschätzt Schweizer Zeitschrift für Ernährungsmedizin aufgemacht und der Morgenkaffee ist mir fast aus dem Mund «gerutscht». Hier steht, dass Sportler bei einer Trainingsdauer von «nur» 45Minuten intensivem Training keine Kohlenhydrate zuführen müssen und das ist mit Verlaub kompletter Schwachsinn!

Ich habe die Kalorimetrie (Energieverbrauch) zweier Beispiele als Anhang gepostet. Beides sind nationale Kaderathleten in einer intermittierenden Sportart. Der Mann würde in einem intensiven Training (45min) rund 190g Kohlenhydrate verbraucht (9.5 Bananen oder 900kcal ), die Frau immerhin noch 130g (6.5 Bananen oder 600kcal)!

Sporternährung heisst nun, dass ich das wichtigste im Leben eines Sportlers unterstütze: Den Trainingseffekt und die Regeneration. In einem intensiven Training ist der anaerobe Stoffwechsel im Zentrum mit Säure bzw. Laktatproduktion und den entsprechenden Anpassungseffekten. Aber das geht nur, wenn ich genügend Kohlenhydrate auch während dem Training zuführe und schaue, dass die Speicher auch schnellstmöglich wieder voll sind (schnellere Regeneration heisst besserer Fettabbau). Das Maximum, welches ich dem Körper pro Stunde rückführen kann, sind 90g KH (30g Fruktose über Glut 5 und 60g Glukose über Natrium/Kalium – Pumpe) über ein Sportgetränk. Gängige Sportgetränke haben 75g pro Liter isotone Lösung. Beim Mann hätten wir also, wenn er einen Liter trinkt immer noch ein Defizit während der Trainingszeit von 115g, bei der Frau 55g (2 kleine Teller Pasta oder 1!).

Rechnen wir weiter: Solche Athleten haben zudem einen Tagesgrundbedarf (ohne Sport) von rund 2000kcal (Frau)– 3500kcal (Mann) um die Leistung zu maximieren. Das sind zwischen 5 – 7 Vollmahlzeiten. Warum um alles in der Welt sollte nun der Athleten (oder auch einen Hobbysportler, bei dem der Kohlenhydratanteil am Gesamtumsatz noch grösser ist) die Zeit währen des Trainings für die Energiezufuhr ungenutzt lassen, wenn über den Tag noch so viel gegessen werden sollte?

Noch mehr essen heisst noch mehr Darmbelastung und wenn wir wissen, dass der Darm einer der wichtigsten «Sauerstoffräuber» ist, dann sollte selbst die blindeste Fachperson merken, dass mehr essen gleich weniger muskuläre Regeneration bedeutet! Zudem ist der Darm oft schon durch sehr viel Trainingsstress vorbelastet!

Wenn wir beim Mann von rund 3500kcal ohne Sport ausgehen, währen das bei 5 Mahlzeiten pro Tag 700kcal pro Mahlzeit. Wenn wir wissen, dass eine Restaurantmahlzeit normalerweise mit 500kcal bemessen ist, dann wissen wir, dass schon das nicht leicht ist. Nun sollte aber der Mann, der ja während dem Training 900kcal verbrennt, plötzlich über dieselbe Anzahl Mahlzeiten 880kcal zuführen, was 5mal fast doppelte Restaurantportionen bedeutet. Der Darm würde nie zur Ruhe kommen, da die Verweildauer sich bei grösseren Portionen erhöht. Was soll also diese Aussage, dass bei intensiven 45Minuten – Trainings nur Wasser getrunken werden sollte.

Nachgeschoben werden sollte, wer weniger isst, der senkt auch seinen Stoffwechsel. Natürlich geht Wasser trinken, aber dann sind oft Dünnhäutigkeit, Schlaflosigkeit usw. die Folge. Als Athlet wollen wir trainieren und nicht üben. Training ist zielgerichtet und genau das machen wir nicht, wenn wir keine Nährstoffe zuführen. Das Gleiche gilt übrigens für extensive Training. Nur dass wir hier Fett geben statt Kohlenhydrate. Aber dazu Infos in einem neuen Blog.

Ich wünsche euch ein tolles Wochenende, mit Begeisterung euer Jürg Hösli


Laura Schoenfeld

Many nutrition gurus will tell you this meal is unhealthy.

White potatoes “aren’t Paleo.”

Whole30 would say there’s sugar in that organic ketchup.

Vegans will be horrified by the red meat.

Weston Pricers will be mad that my burger isn’t grass fed.

Real foodies will tsk tsk about the fries coming pre-made from a freezer bag.

The USDA will be concerned about how much saturated fat and sodium is in the meal.

Keto promoters won’t even know where to start. (Are green beans a carb?)

The IIFYM crowd won’t appreciate that I didn’t weigh and measure my portion sizes.

The intuitive eating crowd will be unhappy that I skipped the bun so as not to overdo the refined carbs and calories.

My point? No matter WHAT you eat someone could make an argument that it’s not healthy. You’ll never eat a perfect diet no matter how hard you try.

I encourage you to learn what’s right for YOUR unique body, and what foods make you feel your best. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

Now excuse me while I enjoy my yummy “unhealthy” dinner. 😉


Leigh Peele

I wrote a thing.

I linked to fitness professionals who I feel provide a healthy space for those in the industry.

I dissected the nuance of the word female.

Not everyone will agree, but it's a well-intended article meant to excite discussion—healthy discussion. If you want to debate, please feel free but keep it respectful.


bodyforwife.com 28/04/2018

Keto Is the Dumbf**k Diet Du Jour, But That Won’t Last

bodyforwife.com “Hey, Bob. How are you?” “I’m keto.” “What-o?” “Keto. Key-toe. Keeeeeyyyyy-tooooeeee. Ketogenic diet. State of ketosis. Makin’ ketones! It’s the best. Because grains are evil, fruit is toxic, and fat is amazing. Big Carb has been lying to us all along. Gotta eat fat to burn fat o...

thebarbellphysio.com 30/03/2018

Treating Low Back Pain Using DEADLIFTS

thebarbellphysio.com Your doctor says deadlifts are back for your back pain. But does doc know that research actually supports the use of deadlifts to TREAT low back pain??

startingstrength.com 30/03/2018

The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Learn About Lifting Weights | Mark Rippetoe

startingstrength.com "I have discovered experienced lifters that lacked the ability to concentrically control the lumbar muscles. These guys immediately improved their pulling and squatting upon being shown how to produce the contraction – immediately meaning the next set."

elitefts.com 28/03/2018

The McGill Big Three!

elitefts.com Back strength and resilience. 3 must do exercises for everyone.

bodybuilding.com 21/03/2018

The Cure For Gluteal Amnesia? This "Buns And Guns" Workout



Christian Finn

Tonic liked my “myth about fat burning workouts” article so much they published it on their site as well:

nytimes.com 21/03/2018

Opinion | Debunking the Hunter-Gatherer Workout

nytimes.com Our sedentary ways are not the cause of modern obesity.


Girls Gone Strong

[Secrets To Mastering The Deadlift: Part 2]

Deadlifting is a fantastic exercise for anyone who wants to:

- gain strength
- gain muscle
- lose body fat
- improve power
- be all-around more awesome

Some variation of the deadlift is perfect for everyone.

Last week, we brought you part one in this series: secrets to mastering the deadlift. Check out part two here!


Laura Schoenfeld

One of the biggest mistakes I see women making with their meals is not eating enough protein.

Fear mongering around meat has been going on for decades. And I honestly believe women are the biggest victims in this crusade against animal products.

Ladies... don’t be afraid of meat!

Yes it’s a good idea to optimize quality as best as possible but even when you can’t get grass fed, organic, etc. you should still make sure you’re getting lots of protein at every meal. (Ideally at least 25 grams.)

PS - if you’re vegetarian you just have to work harder to make sure you’re eating enough high quality protein. Ideally from animal sources like eggs and dairy.


Yoni Freedhoff - Weighty Matters

If you're concerned about your child's weight, don't rely on a number to tell you or your child how he or she is doing. Simply measuring their weight does nothing to helping you understand how it got there nor will it do anything to help it to go away, but it may make your children hate themselves just a little bit more each time you put them on that scale.


Girls Gone Strong

[What You MUST Know About Strength Training And Getting Older]

“Older adults are not fragile; fragility occurs when we stop challenging our bodies to move well and move strong with appropriate training programs.” - Lori Crock, RKC Team Leader and owner of MoveStrong KBs in Columbus, Ohio

In this article, Ann Wendel of Prana Physical Therapy and Lori Crock team up to tell you what you MUST know about strength training and getting older.

If you're a trainer who works with older women and want to know how to modify training with age, you need to read this!


Girls Gone Strong

[Exercising During Pregnancy: Third Trimester]

Worried about training hard in your third trimester?

Get the truth from pregnancy expert Jessie Mundell on exactly how hard you can safely train in the late stages of pregnancy.

[H/T to mama of three Amanda Graydon for the pic!]


Christian Finn

Here, in no particular order, is a list of things that don’t matter when it comes to losing fat:


Backfitpro Inc.

Here is a Public Radio piece about hip hinging where I was interviewed. I will add
more insight than was captured in the news piece. What matters is the number of
bends, the time spent in a bent posture, and the load being lifted. A few bends will
not hurt a spine because the cumulative loading is low. But over time, more load and
repetitions will cause the fibres of the disc to loosen their bonds to one another.
This does not occur when the bending is about the hips rather than the spine. The
fibres must loosen and delaminate before a disc bulge or herniation can occur. This
disc fibre loosening cannot be seen on an MRI image. Many athletes lift big weights
repeatedly but have wonderful backs by using the hip hinge technique and appropriate
rest periods. This principle is also important for most people with back pain. They
already have changes in their discs making them more susceptible to pain being easily triggered when bending. But they can regain their pain-free movement. Build
capacity for pain-free movement by employing the hip hinge. My book Back Mechanic
shows how to extend the principle for tying shoes, brushing your teeth and other
movements that cause unnecessary pain in some people.

This is another reason not to put much credence in your MRI report that might say
you have no reason to have pain or that you have degenerative disc disease. You do
not have a disease, and by understanding the mechanism of your pain you can move in
a way to stop the cause.


npr.org 28/02/2018

Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines

npr.org No, we're not talking about squatting. We're talking about a way to bend over that has nearly disappeared in our culture. And it could be one reason why back pain is so common in the U.S.


James Fell

"While I’ll never say that weight loss is easy, the research shown in the article makes it appear hopeless. But it’s far from hopeless, especially once we start actually dissecting the body of research in this area and providing context for the RMR disparity."



Personal Trainer Development Center

Hey friends,

Meet Jack, Jack was in pain. He couldn't find anybody to help him, until I came along ...



Perform Better

Making the Split Squat Work for You
Mike Boyle and Stuart McGill

Every exercise is a tool to reach a training objective. Proper coaching cues, form, and training volume can make an exercise very beneficial, yet on the other hand inappropriate form and volume will lead to musculoskeletal disorders.

In recent presentations Dr McGill has expressed concern about the use of the split squat. The split squat is discussed here within this framework...


Don't miss Michael Boyle at our 1-Day Seminar in Boston on March 17th! Get the Early Bird price by registering now!

#mikeboyle #boston #fitfam


Dr. John Rusin

If you find yourself wasting away 30-45 minutes a day flopping around on the ground over a foam roller... STOP. It's time to stop mindlessly foam rolling like a jackass. Here's what to do instead.



Movement Fix

Friends don't let friends do saggy butt push ups

Details: https://themovementfix.com/the-sagging-butt-push-up/


James Fell

Some programs are the dietary equivalent of texting “#YOLO” while cranking Nickelback and going double the speed limit through a playground zone because you’re rushing to get to the latest Adam Sandler movie.



FitnessRx for Women Magazine

Why GIRLS Should LIFT: 6 Reasons to Strength-Train -->





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