American Warrior Yoga Fund Inc

American Warrior Yoga Fund Inc


Gentlemen! One of our own is in need, and I'm reaching out for advice to hopefully help. He's not suicidal, but increasingly paranoid. Keeping this confidential for now out of respect for him.

Bottom line: our brother thinks his wife is "out to get him", and is obsessing over the fact that she "voted for someone who is going to get soldiers killed". He only has a few guns, but collects lots of ammo because he feels that any moment we're going to descend into chaos and anarchy. Alcohol + depression has been a pretty major problem in the past. Things reached a tipping point today where wife and kids moved out at least for tonight, because he was being emotionally abusive. I know these guys, and I know she's not stirring up drama or creating a problem that doesn't exist.

My question to you is have you experienced such paranoia and lack of trust of loved ones? How did you overcome it? A plan is in place to mitigate any possible su***de risk. Please feel free to reach out here or via text/call.

Thank you. Love you guys.
Discovered this series on Prime Video. First episode is easy and mostly simple; nice refresher on the stuff we did. Each episode is only ~30m, too.

Yoga and meditation retreats for veterans and active duty service members. Healing tools for warriors

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Morning yoga on the beach 🏝

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Love and War
Sitting on the beach in Costa Rice after spending the last 11 years since I left the military collecting healing practices that worked for me was an incredible experience to say the least. Not to mention I did this drive with my love in a 14 year old Honda minivan we turned into a camper van and loaded up ourselves and all our remaining stuff and drove from south Florida to Costa Rica. I had several visions in a seemingly short amount of time and I have never been so sure that I am doing exactly what I need to do, and I am exactly where I need to be. I have always had everything I needed and I always will. The end of my guidance was a new level of understanding, and non judgement for me around Love and War. There is only love and war. Love is what we are and everything else is war. War against the earth that birthed us and sustains us. War against ourselves because something and or someone tricked us into carrying around fear in our heart’s. Fear is the root of everything in war, and war cannot exist without fear. Fear can trick us into believing a lie even when the truth is all around us. Fear is the fuel of all wars. Wars against ourselves like when I left the military to go have a life and instead I woke up and went to sleep for a long time wishing I was dead, that I just never came home because home was now my new war. I was at war with myself and in so much pain it was very easy to believe the story that I was being punished, that I was bad or wrong. First was medicine, mother cannabis helped me not loose my s**t all over the place for years and helped me do my yoga practice. The combination of plant medicine and yoga showed me I had to stop drinking and I did. I stopped drinking because the space that yoga gave me was all I needed to see that drinking was killing me and I no longer hated myself enough to do something that only hurt me. I added meditation and started spending hours at a time lost in my meditation so deep that I came out once thinking I was late for school, a couple other times I had no concept of what time it was or even the day. I was starting to really feel the effects of my practices. I knew what I needed to do, keep healing always, share what I can with my brother’s and only show them love. I gradually added more plant medicine, Mother Aya, Grandfather Mushroom, wow I have Shaman friends now, and I’m not crazy this is healing and it is the most incredibly wonderful and difficult thing I have experienced. I have an entirely new view of religion, spirituality, and god. Ceremony after ceremony whenever it felt right and I am farther in my spiritual growth than I ever imagined was possible. The medicine taught me what love is on many levels and in many ways and I started to see that all the ways in which I was at war with the universe. All my pain aside from the physical which I understand deeper and deeper as well, to the mental was rooted in fear. I was scared what would happen to my home and everyone I cared about if I didn’t join the military and go kill as many of the bad guys as possible. I thought that was the best thing I could do for the world at that point. And it was exactly what I needed to do to begin to really understand love. War brought incredible new forms of pain and discomfort which lasted the whole way through and got worse almost as soon as I left. I felt like my body was falling apart and it crushed me. It took years to accept that I was never going to be a shooter again, nor did I need to. I learned my lessons from war and I was moving on to a whole new life that required me to get rid of everything that didn’t fit in our van. Clothes, tools, paddle board, all sorts of “stuff” that I had collected and boxes and boxes of gear and stuff from the military. Did I mention that in ceremony was how I saw what I wanted what I needed to do and what was in my way? Thank you Ganesh!!!! The medicine showed me everything I wanted was available to me and all I had to do to be ready was get rid of my guns, all of them. Sell them and leave the rest with my brother and Mom. Let go of my attachments to them, everything my shadow said would happen without them. And I listened, I started listening like never before. And trusting myself. Trusting my guidance since I can feel when the thought is from love, and when it’s from anywhere else. Always yoga and meditation, nothing compliments ceremony work like yoga, meditation and less and less processed food. More fruits and vegetables, always. All this ceremony work would be a waste if I stopped doing my practices that opened up this next level of healing for me. Oh wow I think all this stuff goes together. I feel that as strong as I feel anything. And it’s worth mentioning that every healing modality out there can be taken farther than we need and contribute to our and others suffering. And sometimes we need to know what too much is, too fast, too hot,too cold. It’s all part of the process. If war sent me to physical war against other people and myself than love must be the opposite of all that. It is for me. War also taught me many things that love couldn’t so for me they were both necessary. They are a type of cosmic balance that I cannot describe in words, it is a feeling, a knowing. Like when someone we love passes away and we feel it in our hearts over everything else. Grief is all consuming when we actually let ourselves grieve. Loosing Dad in Jan 2020 was crushing. Loosing my best friend Mo a year later made me a version of myself I had never seen. Completely open, raw, ugly crying all over the place and making new noises every time. Grief shows us an opportunity to enjoy every moment we have with the ones we love. Grief shows us what is possible in love if we just let everything else go. Grief is where I heard my song in my head so much I had to start singing it. Grief was where I knew I needed to get a flute and start playing it. Give my brain an opportunity to teach me what I already know. I wake up and say thank you regardless of physical pain and discomfort. I sit back in my seat, I put my sword away, and remind myself that I can always come from kindness first. If I need my sword again my Kali, I know where she is. Love first always, and when violence presents itself meet it with a smile, and your sword because you have both to go through this journey called life to remember who we are. Love.
Aho, Namaste, Hoka Hey
Thank you I love you


My thoughts since arriving.


One of my Airborne brothers doing great things with his company BattleFish Charters LLC and he is our first reoccurring donor at American Warrior Yoga Fund Inc !!! Thank you brother I love you and can’t wait to see y’all in Costa Rica!!! Pura Vida 🤙🙏🤙🙏

Shoutouts to & ; thank you for your purchases. I have donated to on your behalf.

I will donate to a veteran owned/run non-profit for every rod sold.


Hammok therapy in the woods🕉


I met Carlos at my first ayahuasca retreat at Soul Quest in Orlando, he is a fantastic human and veteran on a mission of healing. Please help support him if you are able.

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My meditation seat over the years has shifted so much it feels like another life. I sat in my seat for minutes and then hours while my body screamed and convulsed, as shadow tore at me from the inside while I breathe and repeat my mantra.
My entire nervous system screaming and clawing at me to remove myself from this world instead of continuing to feel.
Spirit says slow down, you need to rest, you need to heal, and you need to not be attached to when shift’s happen. The pain is a lesson and you wont believe what’s on the other side, keep going. Heal the pain and remember who you are. Then, you will be ready to help your brother’s.
The ability to sit in pain and not embrace anger is a gift to myself from myself. I sat with myself long enough to see all of myself, to forgive myself, appreciate my light and my shadow and love the process through which I know who I am, and who I am not.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You. I Love You.💚🕉☯️

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Guess who’s subbing Saturday 7:30 power again!!

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We are officially on the move in our camper van!!! Stopped in Charlotte to catch up with a brother from my old unit and even made time for some meditation and yoga! From there it was up the blue ridge parkway for some mountain therapy of our own. Then we stopped to camp at ginnie springs for two days and back south on I-75 towards Naples where we got off exit 111 right to Organically Twisted for our favorite food made with love and real food!


Definitely going to spend some time up on the blue ridge parkway on our way down to Florida. I need to spend some time up in those mountains doing breath work, yoga and long meditations. Since our van is our home we can stop and enjoy a spot for a little while or a few days. Be pretty sick if some friends happen to be there too…..🕉☯️🦅


American warrior yoga fund inc – Americanwarrioryogafundinc 16/04/2022

American warrior yoga fund inc – Americanwarrioryogafundinc american warrior yoga fund inc WHY WE'RE HERE The purpose of American Warrior Yoga Fund Inc is to train our country’s Warriors so that they can enjoy the freedom they sacrificed so much for. 0ur healing tools are a combination of techniques that first started to really heal and bring me home after...


Almost done with the website brother’s! Soon we will announce the officially official website with donation platform! So I’m starting a poll on where and when the next Attack retreat should be, we are still currently up north and are considering doing a retreat on our drive to Costa🌴☯️ ⛰. A couple guys were talking about meeting up in northern Florida which would work for me, anyone else?

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Big things are coming brothers🌴☯️🌅🕉🌴

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Do you remember what home felt like? Before anything even started to pull us away from our own hearts? Away from our true selves, our buddha hearts, the godhead inside us all that drives us to live, explore, and love. That feeling I used to think of as what home felt like.
Before I thought I lost what I thought was.. Before the journey home that reminded me exactly what and who I am. Who we all are.
That feeling we think of as home couldn’t be more accurate, and though, it is a bit of a trick..
That feeling.....comes from us, our hearts.
Not a house, not a town or state, not even the continent we reside in.
We Are HOME. We ourselves are the greatest home, temple, and the most sacred place that can be found.
Thank you
I love you

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Attack Company Yoga Retreat 2020!
Incredibly grateful for everyone who donated to make this retreat possible! Thank you I love you🙏☯️
Thank you to my brothers who made their way to Naples during all this craziness to come together and grow as a unit. Officially a yearly event!🦅🇺🇸🦅🕉🦉☯️🦉


No filter necessary on our last meditation from this years Attack Co Yoga Retreat!!

Photos from American Warrior Yoga Fund Inc's post 15/12/2020

This year's Attack Co Yoga retreat is set for the week of Veterans Day, November 13th through the 15th. We will start with our opening meditation at 07:00 on the 13th and will end mid afternoon on the 15th. Anyone else interested feel free to reach out to me!


Alright so for 40days we will be meeting once a week via video chat, probably zoom since that’s what we already use at the studio. Which day of the week would work the best for y’all?? Meetings will be an hour long


Monday morning 6:45


45 minute power class🔥🇺🇸🔥git you some!!


45 minute power class Monday 6:45🔥🕉🔥

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