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Yalorde Yoga is a Cuban organization dedicated to sharing the beauty of Cuba and its culture through Yoga Holidays. Our passion is to show you the sites and secrets that just locals know.
🇨🇺 Connect.

Breath. Dance
Discover Cuba with a Cuban! Our passion is to show you the sites and secrets that just locals know. Our goal is to delight you, by creating and organize events in Cuba that exceed your needs and expectations. We welcome all kinds of travelers, solo travelers, families, seniors. Discover Cuba with Cubans!

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Next Yoga Retreat on June 21st, 2021

Join Us and discover Cuba with a Cuban!

Yalorde Yoga Cuba Retreats


🎁 🎄 Cuba Trip Christmas Giveaway!

You deserve to enjoy a beautiful Christmas gift, Yalorde Yoga invites you to participate in this contest and to discover Havana.
Win 3 nights of free accommodation in Havana and get to know the island in the company of Cuban locals. The award can be used from December 24, 2020 to June 18, 2021.

How to take part?
1- Share this post for 3 days with 5 different friends every day.
2- Follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
3- Fill out the survey on our website www.yalordeyoga.com
Good luck and see you in Havana.
With love,
Yalorde Yoga Cuba Retreats team.


Discover my Cuba inside, its people, colors, and traditions.

Join me on a relaxing and cultural adventure around this magical island: Cuba.



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Relax in Cuba - Yoga Retreat 2021

Reconnect with yourself
restore and breathe in Cuba ...


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Congratulations to all the women lovers of Cuba 🇨🇺.

Today is a very special day in which goddesses, warrioress, mothers, friends from all over the world are celebrated.

From Havana, Cuba, Yalorde Yoga sends you a message of love and peace. Let us support ourselves, empower our ideas and let the world hear our voice.

With ❤️ love,

The Cuban women 🙋🏾‍♀️ of Yalorde Yoga.


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7 Days Cultural Cuban Immersion and Yoga Retreat in Cuba is a 7-day program in which we will travel to the Cuban provinces: Havana, Sancti Spíritus, Pinar del Río, and Cienfuegos. We will visit 3 of the most important sites that are part of the World Heritage according to UNESCO: Old Havana, Trinidad Colonial City, and Viñales Valley.

This retreat combines Hatha Yoga and Meditation with the joy and spirituality of Cuba. The Hatha Yoga classes will harmonize your body, your breathing, your wisdom, and your spirit. With Vipassana Meditation and Guided Meditation sessions, you will learn to observe your thoughts without judging them.

New to Yoga? This retreat is a great introduction to the practice and it will focus on the spirituals aspects of your inner being.

To immerse yourself in the Cuban culture, history, and traditions, Yalorde Yoga will show you non-tourist neighborhoods, enter local houses, share and experience local real life. Workshops of Afro-Cuban Culture, Cuban System of Health and Food will bring you closer to the Cuban reality.

All this with the guide of Ludisis, who will be at your disposal throughout the trip to provide you the best authentic Cuban experience.

Book your Cuban Experience now!


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[02/22/20]   Have you always dreamed of traveling to Cuba?

You would love to walk through the old streets of Havana while you breathe the Malecon breeze. Or just sit in a colonial square to enjoy a mojito while listening to the sound of the Cuban Salsa.

I know that yes, and as a young traveler I am, I know how difficult it can be to travel for the first time as a female-solo traveler.

But don't worry, I am your new Cuban friend, your local guide and expert. Join this 2020 Tour and together we discover the secrets of my beautiful island: #Cuba.

Reserve your spot today.


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The 5 Top Recommendations For Your Trip To Cuba

1🇨🇺 Prepare and know in advance how to obtain a visa and travel insurance.

2🇨🇺 Plan your route itinerary for your trip to Cuba.

3🇨🇺 Prepare your What to bring list including cash or credit cards.

4🇨🇺 Book your Casas Particulares in advance.

5🇨🇺 Get in contact with a local expert to learn insider secrets and tips.

Ready for your first trip to Cuba? Contact our Cuban Travel Advisor today 🙋🏾‍♀️👇🏾


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Yoga Retreats 🇨🇺 Cultural Immersions 🇨🇺 Yalorde Yoga Cuba Retreats 🇨🇺 Discover Cuba with a Cuban 🧘🏿‍♀️

😍 Explore Cuba With a Cuban Who Has Local Knowledge And Insider Secrets.


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Yoga Retreats in Cuba | Planned and Organized by a local | Yalorde Yoga

🇨🇺😍🏝Immerse in the Cuban culture and take a snapshot of the Cuban life with a Local

Reserve your spot 👇🏾 and Discover Cuba with a Cuban!


🧘🏿‍♀️Yalorde Yoga Cuba Retreats

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yalordeyoga.com Yoga Retreats in Cuba. Travel, Explore & Immerse in Cuban Culture with a Local Yoga Teacher. The Best Yoga Retreats in Cuba for your Body, Mind, and Spirit.


🇨🇺 Memories of our New Year's retreat in Cuba. New friends, Surprises, Cuban Dance and many Mojitos !!!

Do you want to celebrate with us this year? Join Yalorde Yoga this 2020 to celebrate with the Cubans.

Learn more about our retreat in Cuba 👇🏾


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✈️🇨🇺Come and explore this Yoga Retreat in Cuba, with a Cuban who has local knowledge, insider secrets and history that you can not find anywhere else. Yes, Americans Can join this tour!

😍Why this Yoga Retreat in Cuba is for you?

🇨🇺Discover the country with a local and experience the real Cuba!
🇨🇺Feel get back in time when visiting the colonial jewel of Trinidad, a gorgeous city with its main square surrounded by magnificent 18th-century buildings.
🇨🇺Enjoy the ultimate experience visiting local temples of Afro-Cuban Culture or Santeria. After that, the true protagonists will teach you about this transcendental African influence.
🇨🇺Prepare for an adventure to Viñales Valley, located in the westernmost of Cuban provinces. On the other hand, known for growing the best to***co in the world. Most importantly, Viñales is Cuba’s natural Cathedral, declared UNESCO World Cultural Landscape.
🇨🇺Breathtaking tour to the Topes de Collantes Natural Park will delight you with its beautiful waterfalls. Appreciate the fascinating flora and fauna, for example, the Colibrí or the national bird: El Tocororo.
🇨🇺Indulge in the to***co aroma and learn from the farmer the cultivation process and how to roll Cuban to***co with your hands.

Spots are limited 👇🏾Reserve your retreat now

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Pictures from our Christmas Yoga Retreat in Cuba with Yalorde Yoga 🌻👸🏾🇨🇺
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Cuba Goddess Retreats for Women

🇨🇺💃🏾Cuba Goddess Retreats is a Cuban organization of Local women who love to share the true beauty of Cuba.

Each of our Cuban goddesses has unique talents that nested together create wonderful tailored retreat experiences for Goddesses like you.

Our core values are Passion, Trust, Diversity, Fun, Empowerment, and Support for the local community.
Discover our holistic retreats locally made by Cuban women 👇🏾🇨🇺🌺



🌺⚓️🏝 Yemaya🐟: Mother deity of the 🇨🇺 Afro-Cuban religion or Santeria.

Names: Yemanjá, Yemaja, Yemaya Olokún
Greeting: Omío Yemaya Omoloddé! Yemaya Ataramawa!
Number: 7 and its multiples
Date: September 7
Colors: Blue
Day of the week: Saturday
Syncretism: Virgin of Regla
Yemayá It is a female orisha, it is the deity of saltwater. It is the orisha of motherhood. She is the keeper of all riches. Waste is your treasure. What is lost can be regained with the help of Yemayá.

When you look for Yemayá in nature you should look for it in the sea, on the crests of the waves against the coasts and rocks. It is in this way that Yemayá takes the offerings and sacrifices. In this same way, she builds and/or destroys, offering blessings or removing them.
Its receptacle is a tureen or jar of blue earthenware or blue tones that contain otá and live in seawater.
The attributes of Yemayá are 7 oars, 7 adages (handles), a crown, rudder, boats, hippocampus, fish, shells, corals, a sun, a full moon, 1 hand of snails, a mermaid, dishes, a lifeguard, a star, a key, a maraca painted blue, round fans, a pylon and everything related to the sea of ​​iron, silver or silver.
Its more traditional Elekes is made by interspersing blue and white beads or 7 blue beads, 1 ultramarine blue, and 7 water beads.
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Where to stay in Havana in 2020?

Where to stay in Havana? Blog Series

#2 El Vedado: For lovers of modernity and neocolonial architecture.

👀 Top recommendation for solo 🎀 women travelers:

Safe, central, with many restaurants, bars and easy to transport either on foot or by taxi.

Plaza de la Revolucion municipality is the protagonist of multiple important events for the life of Cuba, such as political rallies and labor marches in the Plaza de la Revolucion, student and revolutionary struggles around the university stairway, places where they fell distinguished martyrs of the revolution, etc.

In this municipality is the neighborhood "El Vedado", a neighborhood of the city of Havana whose construction began at the end of the 19th century and reached its maximum splendor in the first half of the 20th century.

Vedado is considered a model of urban development, it was characterized by the harmonious combination of streets and avenues populated by trees, portals and stately homes of the most varied styles, predominantly the eclectic.

The subsequent evolution of this neighborhood, led him to combine buildings, cinemas, restaurants, schools, public institutions that were completing its urban plot but without losing the charm of its walks and tree-lined streets in which the monumental residences of past times are still present, whose number possibly does not exist in any other city in Cuba.

Emblematic places of our history and traditions:
* The University of Havana, the Revolution Square, the Palace of the Revolution, the offices of the Central Committee and the State Council, La Rampa, the Christopher Columbus Cemetery, the Malecon, the Anti-Imperialist Tribune, and others.

The cultural institutions of the territory are dissimilar:

* Museum of Decorative Arts, Napoleonic Museum, Postal Museum, National Sports Museum, Historical Museum Revolution Square, Montané Anthropological Museum, Abel Santamaría Museum, Máximo Gómez Museum, Dance Museum, José Martí Memorial, Juan Marinello Memorial and Museum of Legal Medicine located in the Calixto García hospital and which is linked to teaching.

Have you been to Cuba? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 👇🏾

With ❤️ Yalorde Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️


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yalordeyoga.com Do you want to know which area is the safest if you travel alone or what type of accommodation is best for you according to your tastes and preferences?In this post, Yalorde Yoga shares with you, secrets that only a local knows and that will help you...

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5 Days Christmas Dance, Hatha Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Cuba

💝🥳 5 Days Christmas Dance, Hatha Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Cuba 🇨🇺

You will immerse yourself in our Cuban culture from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Join Ludisis and visit non-tourist neighborhoods to learn about the lives of the locals, get to know the Cuban currency, health and education systems and most importantly the peculiar and lively bustling life of Havana residents.


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yalordeyoga.com Christmas is the ideal moment to revitalize, discover and connect. Come to Cuba and explore a land of coffee, to***co, culture but above all, positive energy that will make you vibrate this Christmas.To celebrate it, I invite you to my neighborho...

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9 Days Oshun Goddess Women of Color Healing Retreat in Cuba - Event

Our 9 Days Oshún Goddess Women of Color Healing Retreat seeks to awaken in you, the goddess you are, to face the world full of pride for your origins and have in your hand the power of spiritual healing.

retreat.guru In today's world where everyone wants to be perfect, we sometimes forget who we are and where we come from. That's why our 9 Days Oshún Goddess Women of…


All my ❤ to Havana!

Havana is the city that saw me born, through its streets by the hand of my mother I learned to take my first steps. With the sound of drums, maracas and the contagious Salsa began what today nourishes my body and soul, dance.

Havana is that city that, with its unique Caribbean spirit, receives thousands of travelers every day who are eager to live, to dream and explore it.

To celebrate its 500th anniversary, I have written a series of blogs that I share with you with love. Let's start together to discover, this wonderful city that has frozen in time despite world development.

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[11/10/19]   🤔🇨🇺 What are the destinations that interest you most in Cuba?
Let your comment 👇🏾below if you are traveling to Cuba this year and I will send you a travel guide!

yalordeyoga.com 10/11/2019

5 Days Christmas Dance, Hatha Yoga and Cultural Retreat in Cuba

🧘🏾‍♀️🇨🇺😁👇🏾Christmas is the ideal moment to revitalize, discover and connect. Come to Cuba and explore a land of coffee, to***co, culture but above all, positive energy that will make you vibrate this Christmas.

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yalordeyoga.com Christmas is the ideal moment to revitalize, discover and connect. Come to Cuba and explore a land of coffee, to***co, culture but above all, positive energy that will make you vibrate this Christmas.To celebrate it, I invite you to my neighborho...


🎃 How do you celebrate Halloween in your country?

Discover here How we Cubans celebrate 🎃 "Halloween" in Cuba.

This famous celebration in Cuba is celebrated on November 2nd and is called "Dia de Los Fieles Difuntos". It has been celebrated in our country for centuries, as a way of remembering our dear ancestors.

From early hours the locals begin to arrive at the cemetery to organize and decorate the abode of the dead. We bring buckets, brushes, and brooms to scrub and shine the marbles of the vaults.

Then we install temporary spotlights to illuminate the place in the dark night. Finally, we accommodate, on the graves, large bouquets of flowers for the dead themselves and those known. Only when everything is ready we leave to return at night to a memorable evening.

That day we eat early because the cemetery is almost always a family walk. It is very likely that at night a persistent drizzle, announcing the arrival of a cold front, makes its appearance as if it were to greet the dead.

All families carry candles, flowers, meals that our relatives liked, To***co, coffee and rum. Once the candles are lit, the solemn ceremony begins. Everyone around, silently or speaking quietly, remembers their dead relatives in one way or another.

Leave me your comment below 👇🏾 How do you celebrate this famous date in your country?

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A step into your own truth...

Yalorde Yoga is a Cuban organization dedicated to sharing the beauty of Cuba and its culture through Yoga Holidays.

We offer tailor-made retreats for travelers who seek to explore Cuba in a holistic, transformative and cultural way.

Our passion is to show you the sites and secrets that just locals know. We are happy to welcome you to Cuba and customize your preferences.

Our retreats are a perfect introduction for the yoga practice So If yoga isn’t your thing, don’t fear!




Yoga and Meditation Retreats | Cultural Immersion Tours | Planned and Guided by a Cuban!

Página web


Calle 23 Esquina O

Horario de Apertura

Lunes 09:00 - 22:00
Martes 09:00 - 22:00
Miércoles 09:00 - 23:00
Jueves 09:00 - 22:00
Viernes 09:00 - 22:00
Sábado 09:00 - 17:00
Domingo 09:00 - 17:00
Otros Yoga y pilates en Havana (mostrar todas)
Mhai Yoga Retreat Cuba Mhai Yoga Retreat Cuba
Boca Ciega

Hosting yoga retreat center in beautiful Havana, Cuba 🇨🇺 with Eduardo Pimentel. Culture + Yoga + Organic Cuisine! #cubayoga #mhaiyoga

Salón Cuerpo Mente Salón Cuerpo Mente
Calle 64 No.1510, E/ 15 Y 17. Playa

Nuestro Salón está dedicado a la práctica exclusiva de Pilates y Yoga. Con más de 3 años de experiencia.

Kamal Yoga Estudio Kamal Yoga Estudio
Calle J E/ Línea Y 11 #211 Altos, Vedado
Havana, 10400

Kamal es un estudio de yoga que potencia el estado de bienestar. Donde te proponemos clases de Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Biodanza, y Terapias Corporales.

Yoga-Love Yoga-Love
Calle 76 #1312 E/ 13 Y 15 Playa La Habana

El yoga es un modo maravilloso de vivir y de vivirte, un camino de evolución personal que te lleva tan lejos como quieras llegar. Queremos compartir conocimientos, entusiasmo e inquietudes.

Organización OM Meditación. CUBA. Organización OM Meditación. CUBA.
Calle 4 #203A E/ Linea Y 11, Vedado
Havana, 10400

La Organización OM Meditación es una plataforma para el conocimiento, la práctica de la meditación y la confluencia de saberes.