Milydance Salsa Havana

Friendly and flexible salsa school. Walk-in or book in advance. Private lessons one-to-one for fast improvement. All Cuban dance styles.


Social dancing


We are open and Mily is available for private classes .

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The ultimate Christmas present for yourself or for a friend. Salsa lessons with Mily. YOu can also add a stay in her Casa where the studio is to make it extra super-duper easy to enjoy your dancing holiday in Havana.


Mily teaches all Cuban dancestyles. If you want to learn about the Cuban culture and religion start with getting to know music and dance traditions.

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Best Cuba salsa holiday ever!
A combination between taking lessons from Mily and staying in her Casa makes for the best salsa holiday ever. Dance studio in the casa! Imagine the time saved not to have to traipse around town for your lessons. You get to know a lot of other dancers because many teachers come with their clients to give lessons here. And last but not least you can go out with Mily at night and will always know where to go to dance.

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Street dancing in Havana! A memory for life


Cubana lady styling classes with Mily


Lady style Cubana


Want to salsa in the streets of Havana? Iconic streets like El Prado and the Malecón makes the best backdrop for a unique experience

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Lady styling classes.


Where would you like to dance while in Havana? What about the Malecon. Contact me for a package of lessons including a day with a photoshoot dancing in famous locations in Havana.


Social dancing with friends. I take my students out to get to know Havana’s salsa scene


Warming up for today’s workshop


Rumba at Milydance Salsa in Havana. Come and take lessons with us. All Cuban dance styles.


social dancing with friends

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Want to do Street dancing and Social dancing while in Havana? Salsa lessons with Mily are not only lessons. She also offers nights out, street dancing with video filming and most important : introduces you to everybody in the salsa scene in Havana


Social dancing


Social dancing with Yordano in Chevere


Only in Havana can you dance in such iconic places. El Malecon and El Prado for example . Here with two of my advanced students


Warming up for clases


Girls night out. Mily and students


Thank you to all of you 200 who have now liked the page. If you can also share my page please? To your friends who also love Cuba and dancing.
We continue posting dancing videos, from the clubs, streets and my dance studio in Havana. Hope to see you in Havana soon.


Geto to know the Afrocuban roots of Cuba through dance. Contact me for lessons


Everybody did so well in the lesson, now we are ready to go to the salsa club


Dancing on the Malecon or on Prado is on of the best dance Experiences you can have in Havana. Book a package with me including 5 days of lessons and the last day dancing on Prado of the Malecón showing off what you have learnt


I do not only give lessons, I also take my students out so that day get to know the Havana salsa scene and a lot of great dancers. Here I am dancing socially with Nelson .


Come and dance with us !


Sooooo.... today I have my assistants here, great guys and great dancers. Any of you ladies want to join us? See you at Milydance Salsa Havana. We are so easy to find , almost across the street from the famous paladar St Christobal ( were Obama dined) at 454 San Rafael , on the corner of Campanario.


There are no better place to dance salsa than in Havana. On the famous Malecón, on the classic Prado, on the streets of authentic Centro Havana. Contact me for private or group lessons


If you want to dance and learn about the Afrocuban folkloric dances while in Havana , contact me


Social dancing in El Chevere, Mily y Yordano


Mily takes her students out to experience street dancing in Havana. Iconic city landmarks like the Malecón, el Prado or San Rafael our street in Centro Havana are all perfect places for passing a good time with Mily and friends

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Waiting to receive you at my studio, Put on your dancing shoes!


Group lesson, come and join us!





454 San Rafael E/Campanario Y Lealtad

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I carry Havana in my soul! I love giving salsa lessons. Dance is my passion and the basis of my joyful existence. Llevo la Habana en mi alma! En mi tiempo libre doy clases de salsa. Bailar es mi pasión y la sal de mi existencia.

Cátedra de Danza del Ballet Nacional de Cuba Cátedra de Danza del Ballet Nacional de Cuba
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La Cátedra de Danza del BNC fue creada en 1998 por Alicia Alonso para promulgar la enseñanza del ballet de niños y jóvenes de los Talleres Vocacionales. Ofrece Programas de Entrenamiento y Cursos Intensivos para estudiantes, bailarines y profesores

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🇨🇺 Dance School specialized in Kizomba and Cubana Salsa

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​Street Neptuno No. 558, Between Escobar & Lealtad, First Floor, Central Havana
Havana, 10300

Our dance school 'Salsa con Clase' in Havana (Cuba) offers first class dance education for all Cuban and many other dances every day from 9 am to 7 pm. Moreover, you can also take Spanish and percussion classes.

Salsandunga de Cuba Salsandunga de Cuba
Compostela #756 / Jesús María Y Merced (Habana Vieja)

Come and dance with us! We are a professional dance school in Vedado Cuba offers classes of Salsa, Rumba, Bachata,reggaeton,danza moderna,ballet clásico,lady style,man style ... All levels !!!

Daniel Sanchez - Cuban Dancer Daniel Sanchez - Cuban Dancer

I’m a Cuban dancer coming from a family of casineros, influenced by my love for all types of music such as salsa, son and afrocubano. I teach all levels and interests. My dream is to share my passion for dance with people from all over the world.

Marisuri E.B.C Marisuri E.B.C
Consulado 19, Altos, Entre Prado Y Genios
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The ideal place to learn to dance the Cuban rhythms Son, Rumba and other, Afro. A school located in the heart of Havana for Cubans and foreigners who love dance.

Cuban Soho Cuban Soho
Calle 47 # 806 E/ Conill Y Sta.Ana
Havana, 10400

Cuban Soho, fusiona música y danza del Medio Oriente y Cuba. Imparte talleres a mujeres y niñas, sin importar sus cualidades físicas.

Calle J #354(altos) Entre 17 Y 19. Vedado.

Estudio donde aprendemos a bailar el tango en todas sus expresiones. Espacio para compartir y descubrir que en Cuba se baila también el tango.

Salsa en Clave - Director Curi Salsa en Clave - Director Curi
Oficios 18 (entre Obispo Y Obrapia)

Escuela de Baile en La Habana Vieja: Salsa, Son, Rumba, Afro, Cha cha cha, Bachata, Kizomba, etc...

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