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The world's highest quality hockey tape! We feature core products like tape, stick wax, and skate la

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Always working on the handles! 🏒



In order to play with the best you have to train with the best! Make sure you're training with Howies all summer long!



What's your favorite thing you put in your accessory bag? 🤔



For drying skates and your face, the Howies Bench Towel has you covered 😎 Made with 100% cotton and featuring the toothless smile we all know and love, this towel is a must have 🤩



Who needs chocolate for Valentine's Day 🤷‍♂️ ‍Get them something that will really put a smile on their face and get them Howies



We support projects that make sense for us and have a future. We hope that we will collect some nice amount, which we will send to the Kapka naděje foundation after the end. The event will take place from 26.1. to 4.2.2022, which we will give 10 CZK from each sold 🟠 orange product.



When we say the world's highest quality, we mean it 😤 Each roll is created for durability, performance, great adhesive and of course it is made in the United States 🙌 Get your hands on a roll and start playing with the best!



It's time to elevate your grip with Howies Grip Tape 🙌 Whether it's the Pro Grip or the Stretch Grip, you are getting the exact stick, grip and color you want to grip it and rip it all game long 🔥 Pick some up today and elevate your game!



🚫NO MORE SPLITTING ROLLS🚫 Howies K**b Tape is perfect for getting the exact grip you need on your twig to rip biscuits each and every game 🔥 Because when you have the world's highest quality hockey tape, why rip it? Get yours today!



An expression for hockey training or a match with a winter hat THE ALBERTA CLIPPER ❄️



We are giving away discount coupons❗️

Share this photo in your story on instagram or facebook and the discount coupon is yours.

All you have to do is send us your e-mail where to send the discount coupon.


Photos from Howies Hockey Tape Europe's post 20/07/2020

It's here. It's finally here. Howies 1/2" K**b Tape is now a real thing. Once an April Fool's joke - finally a reality. Gone are the days of splitting a perfectly good roll of tape to make sure you get that perfect grip or taping a candy cane.

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Stay hydrated! 💦 It's a scorcher of a summer and Howies 100% BPA-Free 1L water bottles are the perfect way to make sure that you're drinking lots of water during the offseason! 💪

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A hat made for sunsets out on the water or simply all things outdoors. The Howies Sleeping Bear Lid is the perfect summertime addition to your hat rotation. ☀️

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Made for the summertime and warm days on the beach. Howies Tank Tops are comfy and ensure that people know that your quarantine workouts have been working. 💪

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Photos from Howies Hockey Tape Europe's post 03/07/2020

We've got Howies waaaaay over in China on their Olympic-sized ice rink reserved for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing! Nottaaaaabigdeal! 😎

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What an unbelievable week it was! 💯 We had a ton of you who made sure they took advantage of our sale - we're so excited to get your packages out to you so that you can start rocking your Howies gear all summer long! ☀️

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Summer styles are in full force. 💪 From hats to tank tops - we've got you covered for all beach days. 😎 ☀️

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Ooh, heaven is a place on earth 🎵
They say in heaven, tape comes first 🎶
We'll make heaven a place on earth 🎵
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Our Story

In 2002, Howie got tired of sub-par tape that fell off his stick halfway through the period. There had to be a way to make better tape. So Howies Hockey Tape was formed on the values of quality and customer service, both in equal proportion. Starting out of his garage, then into the basement of his dad's photography studio in downtown Grand Rapids, where they had to hand load pallets onto semi-trucks forced to precariously back into the parking lot. Howies certainly had some humble beginnings.

Howies has grown to serve the NHL, AHL, CHL, NCAA, as well as pro shops and leagues across the world. With a retail presence on every continent except Antarctica, (we are working on those penguins... they certainly have plenty of ice) Howies has grown into a global brand without abandoning those original principles. How do we do that? Well that's simple... we still care about quality and we still care about people. We are committed to producing the world's highest quality hockey products while building the world's highest quality relationships. It's as much about people as it is about tape for us. They're the whole reason we got started and the whole reason we keep going.



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