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Wishing you a fantastic birthday and wonderful year ahead. Make every day count! 🎂🎉🎊🎈🎁


Wishing a day to remember, filled with love and prosperity, and your heart’s desires. Have a great birthday ahead!
Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 Naveen Purandhar

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An excellent performance by the team Mobilizers beating Moravian Cricket Club by 185 runs and thus have booked their spot in the Semi-Finals of Division 2 Pro40 Tournament this year.
Mobilizers scored 275 runs thanks to a great start by Jinnu Panilet 40 (35) followed by Shubham Gupta 75 (97) who anchored the innings and the finishing touches by Sagar Reddy who blasted 71(52) was declared the Man of the match.

Moravians were restricted to a paltry score of 90 all out by the strong bowling performances led by Suhaib Wani (3 wickets), Prasad Ramchandran & Vineet Mahajan 2 wickets each, and Neeraj Tyagi, Sandeep Valliveti, and Sagar Reddy grabbed a wicket a piece.

Club Spartans now have both their teams Vanguards & Mobilizers in the Semi-Finals of the Pro 40 Tournament in their respective divisions. Looking forward to exciting times ahead.


Wishing a day to remember, filled with love and prosperity, and your heart’s desires. Have a great birthday ahead!
Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁🎊 Vineet Mahajan


We descend into the madness like a wild thing, rapid!
We will rise from here!! kudos to each one of you!!
Spartans ❤️

Timeline photos 06/06/2022

Well done Naveen Gunasekaran(DG) 🎊🎊🎉💪
You made us proud😍

Naveen Gunasekara becomes the 11th bowler to pick up a hat-trick in 2022. His figures of 6️⃣-5️⃣ is the best bowling figures in T10 this year in all ECN games. Czech Cricket


The Strikers won their first match in Division 2 with a brilliant stellar performance from .panilet . Will mention a few other players who contributed to the strikers first win.
Vineet Mahajan 👍
Keep it up guys and keep rocking 🎉🎉🎉

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Gearing for the upcoming season? Join us to party hard!!


Congrats Sagar Reddy…


CMKS 2021 Awards
T20 League Division Two
Player of the Season
Sagar Reddy
PragueSpartans CricketClub Mobilizers


Congrats Varun Mehta…


CMKS 2021 Awards
T20 League Division Two
Most Runs
Varun Mehta PragueSpartans CricketClub
Innings 6 NO 1 Runs 148 HS 77* AVG 29.6 50's 1 SR 111.28

*Abhimanyu Singh United Cricket Club also scored 148 runs but from 7 innings


Happy Birthday Prasannaa Ganesan.. Have a wonderful day

He was one of our core member and always will be..
The club misses you much 🏏🏏🏏

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Spartanssssss!!! Thanks for making the family day a huge success. We all deserved this cool off after an amazing season. Hope the upcoming year brings us a huge success in terms of cricket and our bonding within the club!!

Party hard la familia!!! 🍻


Much awaited event for the season..

We invite all the Spartans family to the Spartans Premier league and the Family Day Event.. which is on Oct 9th Saturday starts at 09:00 am

Don’t worry for kids we have the play-house for kids, so you can have some free time in the get-together.

We will have Indian food at your service some barbeque to be grilled by our members and drinks 🍺

See you all on the day.. from your Spartans Committee members…



Club’s Pro 40 Div 2 - Best Bowler

1. Shanmugam Ravi - 11 wkts at ER : 4.04

2. Sagar Reddy - 8 wkts at ER : 3.21

3. Kapil Kumar - 7 wkts at ER : 3.58



Club’s Pro 40 Div 1 - Best Bowler

1. Neeraj Tyagi - 15 wkts at ER : 3.55

2. Sagar Reddy - 11 wkts at ER : 5.24

3. Satyajit Sengupta - 9 wkts at ER : 4.66



Clubs T20 Group C - Best Bowler

1. Santosh Reddy - 11 wkts at ER : 5.95

2. Vijay Karthikeyan - 8 wkts at ER : 5.95

3. Prasad Ramachandran & Kapil Kumar - 7 wkts



Club’s T20 Group B - Best Bowler

1. Sandeep Kumar Valliveti - 11 wkts at ER : 5.81

2. Sagar Reddy - 10 wkts at ER : 5.74

3. Suresh Babu K - 7 wkts at ER : 6.66



Clubs T20 Group A - Best Bowler:

Satyajit Sengupta - 4 wkts at ER : 7.42
Farooq Abdullah Shaik - 4 wkts at ER : 7.19
Naveen Gunasekaran - 4 wkts at ER : 7.82

All the 3 players at 4 wkts..



Club's Best Batsman of T20 League Group C.

1. Kasi Viswanathan - 210 runs with a highest score of 71* at a SR of 102.44
2. Karthick Gopalakrishnan - 155 runs with a highest score of 56 at a SR of 128.10
3. Naveen Gunasekaran - 149 runs with a highest score of 41 at a SR of 139.25



Club's Best Batsman in T20 Group B.
1. Varun Mehta - 148 runs with a highest score of 77* with a SR of 111.28
2. Sarthak Bhatta - 77 runs with a highest score of 46* with a SR of 128.33
3. Prem Nandy - 75 runs with a highest score of 47* with a SR of 113.64



Club's Best Batsman in T20 League Group A .
1. Kranthi MV - 206 runs with a highest score of 100* in SF's at a strike rate of 126.38
2. Vyshakh Jagannivasan - 166 runs with a highest score of 51* at a SR of 107.24
3. Satyajit Sengupta - 128 runs with a highest score of 60 at a SR of 145.45



Well played PragueSpartans CricketClub Mobilizers in the pro 40 semi-final match..

Amazing performance in batting by Vaibhav Naukudkar 99, just one short of first ton by a mobilizers player.

5 for wicket haul by Sagar Reddy

A good team effort.. well played guys and All the best for the final ..

This season have already witnessed Shanmugam Ravi best bowling performance for his first 7 for wicket haul one of the best bowling figures in the Spartans club.. Still more to come guys 💪🏻

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 14/09/2021

T40 Division 2 update!!

On a sunny day at the picturous ground in Brno, Prague Spartans Mobilizers beat Brno Raiders by 45 runs.

Batting first, Jinnu and Prem created a good platform to reach a competitive score of 151. Defending 151, Mobilizers started with a disciplined spell from Kapil who made the initial breakthrough, while on the other end it was Karthik a.k.a Kasi bhai who was bowling with his blistering pace and these two never made the batsmen comfortable. The uncanny swing from prasad closed the deal for the Spartans. The fielders ably supported the bowlers with some mind-blowing catches especially the one from Naveen where he dove to pluck the ball out of the thin air was splendid.

Karthik for his fifer got the M.O.M ( 5/20)
Prasad got 2 points for his 3 wickets. (3/21)
Jinnu was awarded a point for his 47 off 76 balls

Overall, a clinical performance that has setup an exciting semi-final match with Moravian CC.

Well done Mobilizers. Keep enjoying T40 cricket 🙌🍻

Thanks to Raiders for being always supportive 🙌

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 13/09/2021

T40 update!!
Another nail biter!!

Vanguards vs Rangers!!!

Brno opted to bat first and started the innings quite well. Ushan at one end made sure that rangers are always above 5 runs/over and kept the scoreboard ticking. Vanguards bounced back after 20 overs and took some wickets within no time but stand in captain Naveed had other plans and he ramped up the run rate again and made sure that Rangers reaches a decent total to defend i.e. 171.

Vanguards had a shaky start and at one point they were 7-3 in 3 overs but Parth who had opened for the first time made sure that the required run rate is under check.With Varun , he had a partnership of more than 110 and it was looking like a comfortable win for Vanguards but there is no lack of entertainment when Vanguards are onnnn. Rangers striked back and took 4 wickets in no time. With 30 needed and 3 wickets in hand, Vanguards made sure that they finish this nail biter on a positive side.

Varun for his 70(94) was judged the M.O.M.
Parth for his 56(71) got 2 points and Rahat who bowled a dream spell of 6 for 20 got a point.

Well played fellas🙌🤙

Vanguards are off to Semis!!!


It’s always nice to start the season with a win!
After an excellent performance in T20's where we lifted the cup, team Mobilizers continue their winning streak in the Pro40 League!!

Good performance by the team!! Keeping going Mobilizers and all the best 🎉🎉🙌🏻

Naveen Purandhar
Arun Konda

Shanmugam Ravi
Satyajit Sengupta


Another post with a similar content 😉 Another scintillating semi final and a top notch chase.This time it was T20 Div-1 semi final against Brno CC which can be touted as the 'match of the tournament'.

Spartans won the toss and chose to bowl first. Brno's openers started cautiously but made sure that the run rate was close to 9/over. Outfield being super dry and perfect for drives helped them build a 90+ score in the first 10 overs.Spartans looking for a comeback went to their spinners for rescue but the outfield being too quick was not helping them much though. At one point the score was predicted to be around 220+ but good depth bowling by Arman restricted Brno to 196 for the loss of 4 wickets. We know that 'restricted' is an understatement here so no sarcasm pls 😆

Spartans chasing 197 got off to a flyer and made sure that the run rate is above 10/over. After the loss of first wicket, Vyshakh and Kranthi had the same momentum and within no time , Spartans were comfortably placed at 107 in 10 overs and it was 90 needed in the last 10. Kranthi & Vyshakh was playing shots all along the ground and never allowed the bowlers to dominate or settle. With 40 needed in the last 5 overs, they both made sure that Spartans go for a comfortable win but things doesn't go that easy always, isn't it? Vyshakh after his well scripted 45 in 34 balls got out and from there the match got an element of suspense but Kranthi made sure that the RRR is under 7. With 16 needed in the last two , Kranthi made sure that Spartans reach the finals with 2 balls to go.

100* in 62 balls bagged Kranthi the M.O.M .

Whatta partnership bwoooys 🤙🔥

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 22/07/2021

Prague Spartans Strikers entering the T20 div 2 in style.

This team which was formed at the 11th hour never fails to amuse and they did what they do best i.e. win matches whatsoever the situation is.

It was one hell of a final again, similar to what has happened on Saturday where Mobilizers took the match from a point where they almost needed 85+ in the last 10 overs.

Moravian CC got on to a decent start after losing their first wicket early and made sure the runs kept coming. Their opener Vignesh scored a well crafted 50 and it looked that Moravian cc would head to a 150+ total. With good support from their skipper Om who chipped in with 27 runs made sure that Moravian CC post a decent total on the board if not 150+

Chasing 143 on the scott page pitch had few interesting turns. Spartans cc chasing this total lost both their openers for 16 runs but runs kept coming in the subsequent overs. At 43/3, it was looking difficult for Spartans to chase this total but Jinnu & Naveen D.G made sure that RR of 6/over is maintained. They both batted excellently and took Spartans to 134/4 but with 9 runs to win, Spartans batting line up tumbled & at one point they were 139/8. With 4 needed in the last over & 2 wickets in hand , Gautham made sure that Spartans CC crosses the final mark in style.

Good work guys 🙌
Welcome to Div 2😉

That was an excellent partnership Jinnu & Naveen👏

M.O.M: Naveen D.G for his quick 41 in 27 balls👏🍻

With this spartans are 2/3 in the trophy tally in T20 '21 and is awaiting the big Division 1 semi final this Saturday.


The much awaited game of the club is onnnnn......come and witness the battle on 21st July at 5PM at vinors!!

It's Vanguards Vs The Rest of the Spartans.

Satyajit Sengupta vs Arun Konda
🤗🤗🥳 ..

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 18/07/2021

Well well well! Semi's can't get better than this. That match against PCC rooks was no less than a Martin Scorsese thriller 😉

PCC elected to bat after winning the toss and got off to a good start and looked like they would end up somewhere near 170-180 after they were above 80 in the first 10 overs with 8 wickets in hand. But, Spartans came back with some really tight overs hence got some crucial wickets too in the middle overs. Yash & Suresh in the middle overs made sure that the run rate is brought under 7.5 and Sandy & Naveen D.G with their economical spell restricted PCC to 148.

Spartans had a shaky start where both of their openers got out early but Varun who came at 1st down made sure that the run rate is close to 6. With 86 needed in the last 10 overs with 6 wickets in hand, Varun accelerated and started getting 10-12 runs per over to match up with the required run rate. Yash & Sagar made sure that they provide equal support to Varun who was in sublime form. With 40+ needed in the last 5 overs, Varun and Arun Konda( Our own Richie Richardson 😀)made sure that they don't leave much to the last over. With 5 needed in the last over and after couple of dot balls, Spartans got home to an amazing chase.

VARUN got man of the match 👏 for his splendid 77 in mere 54 balls and Sandy got 2 points for his 3 wwickets

Whatta chase boys🙌🔥🤙
This will be remembered for long 😎

Off to the finals bwouys 😎

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 13/07/2021

Oh yea yea!!! This year has been a rollercoaster ride for the Prague Spartans but nonetheless, all the teams in their respective division's have reached semi's. Congrats Strikers, Mobilizers and Vanguards on displaying good spirit on the field and thus winning most of their league matches to reach semi's. Keep striving hard and we shall succeed 🤙🙌

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 27/06/2021

First win of the T20 season for the Vanguards and that too in a classic chase 🤙🔥

Match Summary: Vanguards vs Kings

Vanguards won the toss and elected to field.
Opening spell of Neeraj and Farooq was pretty decent and vanguards created a early breakthrough by getting King's opener out with a sharp throw from point. With huge depth in the bowling, Vanguards made sure that the run flow is in check and conceded 75 in the first 10 overs.
As the weather was pretty humid, outfield being super dry, Vanguards decided to go with the spin option and brought Parth into the attack.This paid off really well and got Vanguards some good economical overs. Hilal was still at the crease getting some quick runs for the Kings and he made sure that Kings end up with a good total on the board. First innings got Vanguards to chase 159 on a dry & a humid day!!

Vanguards had a shaky start where both of their openers Satyajit & Kranthi who had an amazing outing in the previous match against Vandals got out early. With Sahil & Vyshakh at the crease in the early powerplay overs, runs kept flowing and vanguards got a similar score of 75 in the first 10 overs. These two continued to pace their innings really well and made sure Vanguards were coping well to the required run rate. With 84 needed in the last 10 having 8 wickets in hand , these two made sure that they don't leave any leaf unturned and took Vanguards to victory in the 19th over itself.
Sahil with his blistering 88* in mere 57 balls showed how much value he is bringing to this side whereas on the other hand, Vyshakh with his unbeaten 51 showed lot of composure and class.


It was a much needed win especially after our last outing🤷

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 05/06/2021

Good start to the T20 season for team Mobilizers who won against UCC .

UCC after winning the toss had decided to field . Mobilizer's Opening partnership was strong and both the openers Vaibhav and Yash contributed 30 runs to the team's total.Naveen came to bat at 3rd and scored 14 runs . Quick innings by Sarthak , Varun , Arun , and a crucial knock at the end by Spartans debutant Sagar Reddy who scored 30 of 21 balls gave spartans a decent total of 139 to defend .

The bowling effort was pretty decent too with the below mentioned figures . Sandeep 2-17 Sagar 2-23 Prasad 2-16 Amrit 1-13 Overall team effort got us a win by 27 runs

Prasad was awarded 1 point for his 2 wickets , and Spartans debutant Sagar got Man of the match i.e 3 points

Great team effort , Well played boys

Congratulations boys 🎊🎉🍾


Full marks for effort!

👏👏Let’s acknowledge Ashutosh’s effort👏👏

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 06/05/2021

Back on the field with this new colourful outfit and the guys are super excited to play after an year's gap!!
All the very best to Mobilizers & Vanguards for the upcoming season🤙🙌🍻Play hard & party harder!!!

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 07/04/2021

Our club Jersey is ready and on it's way to Prague. Our dashing player and club chairman Satyajit Sengupta is the first to get the jersey and is excited till now.
The Jersey brings a new look to the club and we can’t wait for the season to start to see the boys playing in this new outfit.

Thanks to our sponsors Everest Restaurant and our corporate engagement for supporting us.Also, Divyendra Singh for recommending these jerseys from play-cricket and his support throughout.

Jersey designed by Prem Nandy .. 😊😊

Czech Cricket

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 09/03/2021

Congratulations to Kranthi MV on being selected for Czech Cricket national team.

Congratulations Satyajit Sengupta & Neeraj Tyagi on being selected for Czech Cricket Eagles team. 👍 🎉 🎊

You guys really deserve a viral congratulatory message! Keep reaching for the stars ⭐️.


Congratulations Satyajit Sengupta Neeraj Tyagi 🎉🎊💪💪💪

To strengthen our national team pathway we have re-introduced the Czech Eagles program. The Eagles is a senior development squad for players who are either not quite ready for the National Team or not yet Eligible. We have appointed three Czech Eagles Coaches for 2021, Rohit Deshmoyni, Dany Hudecek, and Jan Hoffman (focusing on Brno).
Our National Team Selection Panel met last week and selected a 15 player Czech Eagles squad. The squad is built on the concept of developing a stronger pathway for the National Team.


🏏 💪

The Czech Men's T20 league will start on May 29 with the Final of Division One on July 17. The winner will qualify as the Czech representative for European Cricket ECL 2022. good luck to all 6 teams Prague Cricket Club Kings, Prague Barbarians Cricket Club Vandals, Brno Cricket Club Rangers, Vinohrady Cricket Club Rossos, Bohemian Cricket Club - Prague & PragueSpartans CricketClub Vanguards

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 02/03/2021

On this very day an year back, we had won the Czech Indoor cricket league.

If there was an amazing thing that has happened in the year 2020, It was our victory in the Indoor games.

Congratulations Spartans 🎉🍾🎊, the Defending CMKS indoor Champions. Enjoy the day!!!



Hey Guys,

We have an exciting announcement for the upcoming cricket 🏏 season. The below changes have been done for the mentioned formats.

Let’s congratulate Prasad Ram on becoming the president of the Spartans club.

Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉🍾 Neeraj Tyagi Satyajit Sengupta Suresh Babu K Kranthi MV Naveen Purandhar


Well done Farooq and Sandeep 🎉👏🎊

This time it is the turn of the 2020 T20 league Division Two Bowler candidates. Awards winners will be announced from February 14.

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 06/02/2021

Thank you Mobilizers for pulling us through against such a tough competitor. You guys are the best. Keep this good teamwork and unity up for 2021.

Congratulations Shobhit Bhatia Sarthak Bhatta Konda


We wish you all a merry Christmas ⛄ and a happy new year 2021. Hope to play some lovely cricket this year💥💪🤟🤙


Last year on this day🤘
Keep rolling boys😎

Photos from PragueSpartans CricketClub's post 21/09/2020

Champions!! Champions!!
Spartans winning the Czech T20 Division 2 Title.

Every match had team performances which made us the Champions. Keep supporting.
Kudos to all the players.

Man of Match: Arman

Czech Cricket

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