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Private sessions , Duo Sessions, Trio Mat Wall and Quartet Mat Classes
tel : 01779622138

Clássico Pilates in Munich. Original Pilates Method after Joseph H. Pilates. Personal Training and Semi-Personal Training, including authentic Gratz big and small apparatus. Small groups of Mat Classes max. of 4 participants. Roberta Fernandes is a former principal dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet and Munich State Ballet. Certified Pilates instructor of the Original Method, recognized by the German Pilates Association.

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I miss my mini barrel 😞!!! I didn’t bring it with me on my vacation, so…I made one Sand Barrel 😁!! It doesn’t last long but enough to open my back & hips and get a good stretch. #vacation #italy #beachtine #pilatesanytime #pilateseveryday #pilateslovers #munichpilates #münchrn #lifestyle #becreative #dancers #classicopilates #summertime

I miss my mini barrel 😞!!! I didn’t bring it with me on my vacation, so…I made one Sand Barrel 😁!! It doesn’t last long but enough to open my back & hips and get a good stretch. #vacation #italy #beachtine #pilatesanytime #pilateseveryday #pilateslovers #munichpilates #münchrn #lifestyle #becreative #dancers #classicopilates #summertime


So happy to have #monikaporkert helping me in the last few months and finally she is officially joining the team of #classicopilatesmünchen ! @la2muc Cheers 🥂 and welcome !

So happy to have #monikaporkert helping me in the last few months and finally she is officially joining the team of #classicopilatesmünchen ! @la2muc Cheers 🥂 and welcome !

Photos from Clássico Pilates München -  Roberta Fernandes's post 18/07/2021

Photos from Clássico Pilates München - Roberta Fernandes's post

Photos from Clássico Pilates München -  Roberta Fernandes's post 18/07/2021

Always great to be back “Home” #stuttgart #davorkakulenovic #pilatesnewyorkstuttgart #fortbildung #masterclass #classicopilatesmünchen Here a little bit more from this weekend training with my teacher Davorka Kulenovic. ❤️ Love it! Thank you !! 🙏🏻💪🏻#pilates #classicalpilates #fitbleiben #dancersstretch #munich #münchenpilates


Exactly 6 years ago I opened the doors of my studio with a lot of passion to teach and pass on my knowledge and experience to my future clients. Studio has grown so fast that I can only thank 🙏🏻all clients of Classico Pilates München. Thank you 🙏🏻for your choice, for your loyalty and for believing in my work and in the Pilates method. I am also grateful to have found a beautiful team of teachers. 🥂🤩Happy Birthday #classicopilatesmünchen !!!! #gratzequipments @robertafernandesbalerina @isaantoniani @susanneschwanner @sken76 mix of photographers #tatiborgesschindlerfotografie #tavisbohlinger


Jump for a better year!
Wish you a great landing
in a hopefully better and healthier 2021.
Happy New year ✨ to all my #clients, #pilateslovers #pilatesteachers #mentors #pilatesinstructors #pilatesfriends and to my lovely Team @isaantoniani @susanneschwanner @sken76 Photography #tavisbohlinger #jumpimgboard #gratz_pilates #gratzequipment #robertafernandesbalerina


“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” Joseph H. Pilates. Frohe Weihnachten! #Christmas #pilates #pilatesteam #2020 #classicopilatesmünchen #tavisbohlinger Thanks for this great picture !!


The positive side of #2nd lockdown , I get to have time to workout. 🔥#germany #munich #workout #stayfit #dontstopmoving #pilateslovers #classicopilatesmünchen #gratzpilates #gratz_pilates #gratzequipment


“Behind the scenes” Amazing 2 days with Tavis Bohlinger @classicopilatesmuenchen of Fotoshootings. Can’t wait to see the results! Very proud of my team @isaantoniani @susanneschwanner @sken76 for doing such a great job. Thank you very much for the incredible work , effort and professionalism and also for showing your passion not only in photography but also for the classical pilates Methode. #pilatesphotos #gratz #gratzpilates #gratzequipment #fotoshooting #munich #london #gratz_pilates #pilateslovers Tavis Bohlinger


“You are as young as your spine is flexible”
PILATES IS FOR EVERYONE @isaantoniani teaching one of our lovely clients @classicopilatesmuenchen #classicopilatesmuenchen #pilateslovers #lifestyle #classicalpilates #munich


Thank you Davorka, I started the week very motivated. 😘💪🏻❤️. @pilatesnewyork_davorka #classicopilatesmünchen in #stuttgart from #munich #pilates #lifestyle #sports #life #contrology exercise #bruststroke on #gratzreformer


Welcoming you all after summer holidays! We are ready for you !!


I’m very happy to welcome Isabel Antoniani to teach this Summer at Clássico Pilates München.

Isabel Antoniani was born in Munich and decided as a child to pursue a career as a professional dancer. In 2007 she graduated from the New York Alvin Ailey School and spent several summers in Havana at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba School.

During her career, Isabel danced with companies such as Victoria Ballet Theater, Kinematik Dance Theater, Contemporary Ballet Theater and Alvin Ailey Repertory Ensemble. Due to the physical demands of dance training, Isabel got to know the classic Pilates method and completed her classic training as a Pilates trainer under Simona Cipriani (student of Romana Krysanowska) and Marcelo Tapia (True Pilates NY) at 'The Art of Control' at Purchase College in 2015 . Since then, Isabel has continued to work as a freelance dancer and Pilates teacher.

This summer she spends in her hometown Munich and is happy to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm for the classic method.


I’m very exited to announce that we are finally going to re-open the Studio from the 8th of June!


We wish you all a happy easter! Stay safe, healthy and positive. We hope to see you soon!!! ❤️
Roberta and das Team vom Clássico Pilates


Timeline Photos


Virtual madness- we are online ! #Pilatesonline #classicopilatesmünchen #keepmoving #coronatime


#lovemyclients #Training online #pilatesonline #classicopilatesmünchen #keeptraining #strongbody #münchen


STAY HOME ! #coronatimes #stayhealthy #staystrong #donotstopmoving #classicopilatesmünchen


I'm very happy to welcome to Clássico Pilates München Team, its new Pilates teacher Silvia Chen.

Silvias first encounter with Pilates was in 2003 in Milan to treat shoulder pain. She felt in love with the method and she never stopped practicing it.
When she moved to Munich, finding a new studio was a priority. She trained for 2 years until
she found Clássico Pilates, where she trained with Roberta for about 3 years 2 to 3 times a week. Discovering the Classical method has further strengthened her desire to transform her hobby into her profession.

Silvia is certified by the Comprehensive Classic Pilates Education Program in Unterhaching ( Pilates Standard) wich was created by Bob Liekens. Bob was a second generation teacher, trained by Romana Krysanowska. He was the one that wrote the first teachers training manual with her.

She is also regularly participating in workshops, the latest with renowned trainers such as Jerome Weinberg, Gloria Gasperi, Lori Coleman-Brown, Karine Cid.

In addition, she plays tenis, likes skiing every winter and is a proud mom of two daughters.


I'm very happy to officially welcome Susanne Schwanner to the Team of Clássico Pilates Munich.

Susanne has completed her training as a classic Pilates trainer at Peak Pilates level I & II in the USA, where she lived and also worked as a Pilates trainer.

She learned with well-known teachers who were still studying the method directly under Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska.
Annual training courses with internationally recognized top instructors such as Mary Bowen, Clare Dunphy Hermani, Madleine Black, Blossosm Leilani Crawford, Sonje Mayo, Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt ... are mandatory for her.

Susanna is also the owner of the "Pure Pilates Studio" in Elsendorf and mother of two children. She is also a trained nutritionist and educated back and spine trainer.

Back in Germany since early 2019 she has been successfully teaching and sharing her experience at Clássico Pilates Munich.



This is @jean_claude_nelson @bluebird_pilates_studio in Munich with Roberta @classicopilatesmuenchen with a Gratz Teacher Tip - Teaser on the Gratz Reformer


The year started with a great workshop @Pilatesindira in Austria 🇦🇹. Great atmosphere, great teachers, great people. Thank you Cynthia Shipley and Marjorie Oron for the wonderful lessons and for an inspiring workshop . 🙏🏻Thank you @pilatesindira for making this happen and congratulations 🥂on your new studio. #classicopilatesmünchen #pilates #classicalpilates #pilatesworkshop #lovemyjob #gratzpilates #thepilatesstudiofrankfurt #pilatesnewyorkstuttgart @ Vöcklabruck, Austria


This month, 5 years ago, I opened the doors of my own studio #ClássicoPilatesMünchen full equipped with #gratzequipment in the heart of Munich. I’m very happy and proud of such a hard work, also fun work done with so much love. Thanks for the trust and commitment of my clients and my new team teachers and the support of my husband. ❤️ #Robertafernandes #lovepilates #lovemyclients #lovemunich #classicalpilates


I Wish everyone a wonderful 2020, full of happiness, health and lots of Love. #Roberta Fernandes #classicopilatesmünchen #happynewyear #morepilates #lifestyle


Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020 !


2 year ago!😱❤️😍 That was an amazing Time. Great memories, hard work, work for all life 😉. Thanks to this amazing women ! The red Thread from Kathryn Ross-Nash.

I graduated to the Advanced Pilates Teacher Training “THE RED THREAD”
Thank you #kathirossnash ❤️ for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn the Read Thread and for being such a special person . It was a great year! Meeting new people making new friends and learning a lot. I will miss you all !!!! #pilates#neverstoplearningclassicalpilates#robertafernandes#classicopilatesmuenchen#lovepilates #certification#bestofpilates - mit Kathryn Ross-Nash ,Roberta Fernandes


Last week , after holidays , getting in shape for the work. #classicopilatesmünchen @pilatesnewyorkstuttgart with #davorkakulenovicbischoff #advancedpilatestraining #classicslpilates #neverstop Danke Davorka ❤️!!!! @ Pilates New York


And more from #SonjeMayo work shop last weekend @Pilatesnewyorkstuttgart #davorkakulenovicbischoff @ Pilates New York


Having a great class with the amazing #sonjemayo Looking forwards to the workshop today #pilates @Pilatesnewyorkstuttgart #neverstoplearning #classicalpilates ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Contrology - Pilates Studio


“Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” #classicopilatesmünchen #hardworkers #ilovemyclients #classicalpilates #contrology #pilateslovers #Ilovepilates #teaser #gratzpilates #studiowallunit


Thank you teachers for trusting my work. I had a lot of fun this morning! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻Have a great weekend😘 #classicopilatesmünchen #robertafernandes #pilatesworkoutforteachers #fun #fitforlife #munich #pilates #classicalpilates #



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