Gracie Schwarzwald

Gracie Schwarzwald


Roy Marsh is one of the best Martial Arts instructors I have had the privilege of training with.
Happy Birthday to Julian Bischler
Had a private with Roy Marsh today and then had the honor to stick around and take his No-GI class. Great instructor, great class, great time. It's not often that you can feel yourself getting better, working with Roy is one of those few times. I highly encourage anyone within the area to come train at Gracie Schwarzwald.
Ich hab unter Roy Marsh angefangen Brazilian Jiujitsu zu trainieren und seit dem kann ich nicht mehr damit aufhören. Super Coach, klasse Technik und sehr Detail verliebt! Hoffentlich bis bald.

Gracie Schwarzwald is a Self Defense Academy teaching Authentic and Complete Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Ji

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Don’t blame the technique because of your inability to perform it correctly.

Don’t blame the Art because of your lack of knowledge of it.


I always say every school can teach the way they want and with the focus they want.
But, my focus is how it is because I always had students who needed the Art to be more than just a fun sport.
(Out at the 82nd Airborne Combatives Room)

Tajmuraz Salkazanov (SVK) vs Frank Chamizo Marquez (ITA) - Final // European Championships 2022 18/09/2022

Tajmuraz Salkazanov (SVK) vs Frank Chamizo Marquez (ITA) - Final // European Championships 2022

This week we worked on using the Uchimata to counter the Single Leg Takedown.
Here you can see Chamizo use it as a counter to the attempted bodylock (starting at 12 seconds in the video).

Tajmuraz Salkazanov (SVK) vs Frank Chamizo Marquez (ITA) - Final // European Championships 2022 At 74kg, Tajmuraz Salkazanov (SVK) defended his gold medal against two-time world champion Frank Chamizo (ITA) in a thrilling final, winning it 7-6 in the fi...

Timeline photos 15/09/2022

Timeline photos

SELF DEFENSE AND STREET FIGHTING ARE NOT THE SAME THING. One thing we commonly hear people say is that they are not interested in self defense because they don't get into street fights. Please understand that these are two entirely different scenarios. There is nothing to gain from getting into an ego fight with someone. Self defense is an entirely different manner. Self defense is when someone forces themselves upon you in an attempt to hurt you, take something from you, or both. In fact, two of our students have had to use their self defense skills within two miles of our academy! Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful art that can be enjoyed by people of all ages regardless of race, gender, or size, however we must never forget that we are also learning an art of self defense. We sincerely hope that none of our students ever again need to use the skills they have learned in class, but it is of the utmost importance that those skills are ready if they are needed.


Here is the Syllabus for our upcoming BJJ camp.

I’m very excited to learn from these great instructors and also to teach some of my game.



* 1000 - 1130: Dimitri Aerts (The Dimitri Kimura System)

* 1130 - 1230: Sparring

* 1230 - 1400: Lunch

* 1400 - 1530: Fernao Teixeira (Lapel Magic)

* 1530 - 1600: Break / Sparring

* 1600 - 1730: Daniel Lehmann (Leg Locks De-Mystified)

* 1745 - 1930: Roy Marsh (Upa Masterclass)

* 1930 - : Dinner / Sparring


* 1000 - 1130: Fernao Teixeira (How to Hold Down and Tap the Big Guys)

* 1145 - 1315: Daniel (Punch Proofing Your Guard)

* 1315 - 1445: Lunch / Sparring

* 1445 - 1615: Roy Marsh (Side Control Smesh - No Gi)

* 1615 - 1700: Break / Sparring

* 1700 - 1830: Dimitri Aerts (The De La Riva Guard Code)

Cholo Challenge with Depeche Mode 16/08/2022

Cholo Challenge with Depeche Mode

Gracie Schwarzwald students heading to class tonight.

Cholo Challenge with Depeche Mode


The Roy Marsh Jiu-Jitsu Network continues to grow.

Our newest affiliate - Gracie Zug - has opened.

Liliano is a very well-rounded Martial Artist and instructor and has been making the trip from Switzerland every weekend to train with me and learn my style.

If you want to learn the most effective self-defense system ever created in a safe and fun environment, make sure to visit Gracie Zug or any RMJJ affiliate.


There will be no Evening Adult BJJ class at Gracie Schwarzwald tonight




Nah, nah, Bryce.
You bought the ticket, you get the whole ride.


There will be no class tonight; we will be having a Police Seminar.


Though his ex*****on is a little different, the general technique for dealing with a two-hand choke that he uses is the same as the one in the Gracie Self-Defense Curriculum.
We train standing techniques every single class because that is where most conflicts begin.
And, if you don’t know what to do in a standing conflict then you aren’t learning Complete Jiujitsu


Notice that the officer didn’t do groin strikes or eye pokes or anything fancy.

He slipped the punch and achieved the clinch and got the takedown into a potential control situation.

There are two responses to this video:

1. People will say that it’s not BJJ. Well, it may not be the BJJ that many schools teach but that sequence is absolutely core Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and something we train all the time.

2. The people who believe so deeply in their theoretical systems that no amount of evidence will change their minds.

But, if you want to learn the most proven self-defense system, come visit and learn what really works.


I received my Black Belt in 2013 but six years ago, I received my Bar and Borders.


Happy Ascension Day and Father’s Day


Tomorrow at Gracie Schwarzwald. All are welcome!


Happy birthday to Julian Bischler!


The overhand right to single leg takedown is something we train and drill regularly at Gracie Schwarzwald.

In fact, it’s one of the required techniques in the test for Blue Belt.

I often hear people say that Jiu-Jitsu isn’t useful for self-defense or “for the streets.”

And, that’s true. At most academies that only teach a small portion of Jiu-Jitsu.

But, we teach the complete Art at Gracie Schwarzwald because our focus is on giving our students all the tools they need in order to protect themselves.


This was my Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program in America.

I am now starting my Kids Jiu-Jitsu Program here in Germany.

Come learn the most effective and realistic self-defense program for Children ever created.

Give your children the gift of fitness and safety taught by professionals in a safe and fun environment.

Classes are enrolling now.


There are a lot of BJJ Schools that think that the Art is about aggression, violent domination of others, and exclusion (“only for the Sharks”).

They may train that way but they’re not learning the Art of Carlos and Helio.

They’re damaging it with their own weaknesses, prejudices, and insecurities.


Every single woman and girl should be learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

The "Verena" | A Cool North South Kimura Set-Up 08/03/2022

The "Verena" | A Cool North South Kimura Set-Up

A cool set up for the North South Kimura from Verena

The "Verena" | A Cool North South Kimura Set-Up Of course, we're not claiming that Verena "invented" this move. But, it was just something she came up with in the middle of our roll and so I decided to cal...


Another option we worked last night on dealing with the sprawl. This is one of my favorite options when I can’t get my head to the outside for the peek out


Wednesday night is No Gi night now. Last night we worked on various options for when your opponent sprawls on you. Here, we’re drilling the peek out.


Ab heute wieder Kinderkurse bei Gracie Schwarzwald.

Schenken Sie Ihren Kindern die Kunst der Selbstverteidigung, Selbstvertrauen und Fitness.

Dienstag: 1730-1815

Donnerstag: 1730-1815

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their business hours. 24/02/2022

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their business hours.

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their business hours.

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their address. 24/02/2022

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their address.

Gracie Schwarzwald updated their address.


Truth From Demian Maia.

There are 4 concentric circles of Jiu-Jitsu training.

Sport BJJ is the smallest circle.

If you’re only training that aspect then whatever you are paying for training, you are only getting a small return on your investment


This was in 2013 after having tested for, and receiving, my Black Belt.

These are a few of the people who tested me:
Grandmaster Pedro Valente, Sr., Royce Gracie, and three of Grandmaster Helio Gracie’s Black Belts (Pedro Valente, Jr., Gui Valente, and Joaquim Valente).

This is why I teach Jiu-Jitsu primarily as a Complete Self-Defense system and not just a fun sport.

Because I feel I have a responsibility to carry on a mission.

*I’ll always be thankful that I went through that test and that it wasn’t just performative.


There are 6 aspects to our Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Schwarzwald:

Standing Self-Defense

Many schools choose to only teach a “piece of the puzzle” and that is their choice.

But, we believe in teaching the complete Art at Gracie Schwarzwald.

Come try a class and see the difference.


Murder-Snuggling classes available. Come give it it a try


Gracie Schwarzwald has a new class schedule.

Starting today our Adult class schedule is as follows:

Mon: 1900-2100 (Gi)
Di: 1900-2100 (Gi)
Mi: 1900-2100 (No Gi)
Do: 1900-2100 (Gi)
So: 1100-1300 (No Gi)

Children’s classes will begin March. We will announce the schedule soon


@karate_im_schwarzwald with @make_repost
⚠️ SEMINAR ⚠️mit @kielholtz & @erkan_me bei @gracieschwarzwald in Villingen-Schwenningen 👊💣💥 Anmeldung & Infos 📧 [email protected]


That’s because Jiu-Jitsu is a Complete Self-Defense system, not just part of one.

Just because most BJJ schools teach it as the latter and not the former doesn’t change that fact.

If you want to learn the Complete Art from the only Royce Gracie Black Belt in Central Europe, come try a class.


How Advanced is Advanced?

My focus with my instruction is primarily teaching Jiu-Jitsu to defend against the untrained (or possibly differently trained) person and not against another Jiu-Jitsu person.

This seems odd to many people that visit my school because it’s so different from the way many schools operate and because of some false beliefs I will cover later.

I want to talk about how our way of training applied to one of my students later.

I focus a lot on “The Basics.” A lot of people say that but what does that mean? When I teach fundamentals/basics, this doesn’t mean that the moves are simplistic and easily defeated but rather that these are the moves that deal with the most common situations in a conflict in the most effective ways.

In contrast, the advanced techniques I teach are not necessarily complex but rather simply are about dealing with less common problems.

In a real world self defense situation, it will all be basics because you will almost certainly not be dealing with esoteric attacks (“I got jumped last night and got caught with a Baratoplata. Guy set it up from side control and I never saw it coming. Can we drill defending that so I’ll be prepared for next time?”).

This is what Roger Gracie meant when he famously said 80% of Jiu-Jitsu is useless for MMA.

And, one of the great fallacies in the Bjj community is that if you can defeat an advanced Bjj person, then an untrained person can’t possibly be a problem.

The problem with that thinking is it relies on false assumptions – namely, that the advanced Bjj practitioner is only presenting you with more technical versions of the problems presented by the untrained person.

This is completely false.

If I have a purple belt on his back and I approach him standing, he’s most likely going to try to get grips and set up a sweep or submission while defending my ability to pass.
To deal with him, I will have to develop a knowledge of how to untangle our legs or strip grips or even how to unwind the lapels he wraps me up in.
However, in the same situation, an untrained person is going to be aggressively kicking at me and getting back to his feet (exactly what GM Helio taught us to do in that situation, by the way).

The advanced skills will be more or less irrelevant here.
If you train all the time to counter DLR, lasso, spider etc guards and the sweeps and submissions that derive from them, that does NOT mean you naturally know how to deal with up kicks or stopping an opponent getting to his feet. If you haven’t trained for it, you haven’t trained for it!

Let’s reverse the situation. If you have an untrained opponent in your guard, he isn’t going to get grips or begin an X-Pass or Tazo pass, he’s going to punch, stomp, headbutt you or slam you depending on the guard.

Your skill defending his pass attempts (inverting, opening lapels, gripping pants, etc.) isn’t going to help if you never train to defend strikes – and I mean train regularly, not in a once every 6 months special combatives or self defense class.

If you spend all your stand up training (if you do any) without dealing with strikes or common attacks, you won’t learn the right ranges (safe and unsafe) to be in relative to your opponent or the right frames. Your ability to defend a guard pull does not translate to your ability to defend a suckerpunch.

A few counterarguments I get about this all the time are also problematic:

The first one is “we have street fighters come in all the time and I tap them out easily.”

I’m sure you do. Any decent blue belt can….under the class rules.
That street fighter is rarely allowed to start standing, throw strikes, get back to his feet, headbutt, slam, basically all the things that he would actually do in a fight.

You took away all his weapons and beat him under your rules. And you think the outcome will be the same without all those restrictions that favor you?

Let me put it this way. Many Bjj people mock an art like karate. But let’s take a pure sport competition black belt and send him to a good karate school.
Now let’s make him spar one of their mid-level students and tell the Bjj guy he’s not allowed to go to the ground or clinch or stay out of range.
He would almost certainly lose. Does that mean in a real fight the karate guy would beat him?
We don’t know because you took away most of the BJJers primary tools.

The second argument I get is that “I don’t need self defense, I just enjoy competition and don’t plan to be attacked.”
Besides the obvious ridiculousness of the “I don’t plan to be attacked” argument, I don’t have a problem with this.
I’ve competed a lot. Many of my students compete regularly. I think competition is fun and helpful.

But, competition focused Jiu-Jitsu does not translate to self defense Jiu-Jitsu because most of the most dangerous problems you will deal with in a fight are removed from the competition setting.

My problem with this argument is I don’t think people come to it on their own. I think an instructor values competition because it’s a way for him to validate his instruction. He’s won X medals at X tournaments therefore he must be a great teacher. There’s obviously some merit to that.

But, again, he’s won beating other Jiu-Jitsu people in a sport that has removed most of the dangers won would encounter in a real fight. His instruction is centered on defeating other BJJ people under very specific rules and settings.
To imply that to translates to his instruction being more effective for self defense doesn’t follow.

This thinking trickles down to the students. If the instructor values competition wins as representing his jiu-jitsu’s effectiveness, the students will believe the same about theirs.

And, of course ego becomes wrapped up in it. When people start winning medals, they want to win more. Then you begin to want to jettison the parts of jiu-jitsu that won’t apply in pursuit of that goal.

I’ve often said that as an instructor I can’t fathom letting my ego or the love of medals on my wall get so big that I will put blue belts on people who know how to deal more effectively with a DLR guard than a headlock or punch.

Almost everyone walks through the door of a Jiu-Jitsu school wanting to learn to defend themselves.
If a year later, they’re saying “I don’t really need self defense – I just like sport competition” that is because that is the message sent by the instructor and the school.

I find that both disrespectful to the Gracie family and nearly a criminal act of bait and switch fraud to my students.
I preach self defense as the core of my instruction.

Yes, I teach Advanced techniques for dealing with other Jiu-Jitsu people and in as technical a way as possible but only as an add-on to the far more important skillset for what Dave Camarillo calls “Jiu-Jitsu vs. the World.”

And, here’s the thing: my students believe in and love self-defense training because I believe in it and explain it’s importance.

If an instructor blows it off or only respects the students who win medals of course this mindset is passed along.

People will often say (including many BJJ instructors, sadly) that Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t work for street self defense.
Many people make that statement out of ignorance, having never trained our art.
And, many of the BJJ people believe it because they’ve never trained the parts of Jiu-Jitsu that apply for self defense and so basically operate from the same ignorance.

I say all this because one of my American students, Jordan (2-stripe white belt at the time), was in an altercation one night that proved the effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu for street self defense.

He ended up in a confrontation which turned violent (He didn’t “plan to be attacked”) and the guy rushed him and tried to take his head off with a punch.

Jordan did our basic punch defense, clinched, basic hip throw, top control and de-escalation.

This is a series we drill ALL the time. It was instinctive in him the way that turning the knee out when someone sets a DLR hook is for some others.

My student Jordan doesn’t know a single Lasso Guard pass and only basic triangle or omoplata defenses but his ability to defend punches, to safely enter the clinch and to clinch fight is far better than many purples and Browns I’ve seen.

I know this because I’ve had many visit my academy who are lost when we train self defense or strike defense.

But, these skill sets Jordan has developed even at this early stage are far, far more valuable than the advanced sportive ones when he needs to protect himself.

In fact, it’s a completely different skill set. And just because you have skill in one does not mean you have it in the other without having to actually train it consistently.

Lastly, here’s the thing. It’s not either-or. I have won Pan-Am and World Championships and many other Royce network people who train at schools that are heavily focused on Self Defense have as well.
They also train the Sport side in addition. You can do self defense and still be competitive at the sport because sport is a subset of self defense.
Jordan himself likes to compete and has won Gold in tournaments.
But, he’s also lost as well. But, I’m sure the people he lost to didn’t also have his other skills.

He knows pretty much all of what they know but they don’t know all of what he does.

Real World Self Defense

Gracie Schwarzwald is a Self Defense Academy teaching Complete and Authentic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (AKA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ) the way that Grandmasters Carlos and Helio Gracie intended their Art to be practiced. Our mission is to provide a safe and friendly environment where everyone can learn to protect themselves, regardless of their size and strength.

Our classes are taught by Roy Marsh, the only Black Belt under the legendary Royce Gracie in Central Europe.


Sebastien-Kneipp-Straße 32


Montag 19:00 - 21:00
Dienstag 19:00 - 21:00
Mittwoch 19:00 - 21:00
Donnerstag 19:00 - 21:00
Sonntag 11:00 - 13:00

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