DELIRIO Latin-African Dance

Delírio está haciendo un � en ¡PANAMÁ! Que te parece quemar 750/hora bailando?! Quieres ser instructor o miembro del Delirio Tribe? Escríbenos ya!

VIDEO♥ WEBSITE♥ "The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid." ~Lady Bird Johnson

Funcionando como de costumbre


2 hours left!!🔥Now’s the time to do coffee, tie your shoelaces tighter and secure all living parts! 🤪🤓 REBIRTH New Year’s workout pops off today (!) at 3pm!


Staying fit is about basic math: input vs output.🤓 So... about those holiday pies and cakes, Uncle Albert's special "punch"🤪and... Ok, forget the math. Just do this: join Candace Alexander and me for a killer 2-hour New Year's Day workout!


Côte d’Ivoire! Comme toujours... movement with purpose ❤️


Self-expression is vital to feeling alive. For many of us it’s inconceivable to imagine living caged. Now might be a good time to do a hard pause and shake a tail feather! 🤪Free speech, civil liberties and tolerance are things to celebrate- daily. ☀️Never forget to


Feliz día de la Independencia! The secret ingredient to good cooking: dance! 😍


The world needs more of this. 😂 mi gente!

Delírio® Pop-Up @ Dance It Off! 13/04/2018

Day 1 of Sneak Peek Atlanta pops off TODAY 6:30pm-8pm! My guarantee: 90 min of Delirio will have you more lit than that happy hour you might be thinking about! 🤪💪🏽💥 Location: Dance It Off! 6080 Sandy Springs Circle | Sandy Springs, GA


Delírio® Pop-Up @ Dance It Off! Feeling sparkly, ATLANTA?! If you love dancing Afro-latin vibes AND demand results for the time you spend working out, get ready for Delírio! Laurie Pillow is set to give you a taste of the methodology and movement that has taken Panamá by storm! FAST FAQs What's on the agenda? Basic Steps Breakdo...


Countdown to the A! Delírio’s exclusive sneak peek weekend dishes up 2 kickass workouts and a surprise event! What to bring? A couple of other víctims, water & attitude! Cost: None😘 First time is always on us!


¡ATLANTA! The only thing you should hold on to is self-worth! (...and maybe a good man.) So, ditch your date w the treadmill and get set to release your inhibitions! Don't miss the complimentary sneak-peek weekend! (((April 13-15)))

Get your life firing on all cylinders! Space limited. RSVP now!🌟


Atlanta! We had a blast last Saturday! Thank you for crazy energy, open mind and warm welcome. Stay tuned for more! 😘🎉 For fitness tips and perso gives that inspire daily acts of courage, follow me on IG: & to see the Tribe’s hilarity!


For Delirio fans in USA! Countdown to Atlanta is on! Dance with us THIS Saturday March 10! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to dance with , creator of Delírio🌟If you think dance is fluffy, get ready for reality check: Delírio's “purposeful movement” methodology will transform your dance fitness workouts from a good little sweat to OMG-I-didnt-know-that-muscle-exists!
Space limited! Tickets at:
Sat March 10 | 6:30pm-8:30pm | Jenae’s Dance Experience 1820 Hwy 20 | Conyers, GA

DELÍRIO® In The ATL! 04/03/2018

6 DAYS LEFT! ATLANTA, are you ready for DELÍRIO?! (((March 10))) Space limited! Reserve your spot on Eventbrite! 💥

DELÍRIO® In The ATL! For the first time in the ATL! Delírio® is ready to set fire to ATLANTA! Get a taste of the methodology and movement that has taken Panamá by storm! FAST FAQs What's on the agenda? Basic Steps Breakdown • Delírio Master Class • Be Your Own Red Bull™ mini-workshop Cost: Complimentary. Donat...


La historia del pueblo, se baila. Por donde sea... 🌟❤️


Eight years ago today, an earthquake shook Haiti and leveled Port-au-Prince. For over 210 years, Haití has been an example of determination and has demonstrated the power of hope. In 1804, Haiti gained its independence from France- to become the first country in the Western Hemisphere to free itself from slavery. After the earthquake of 12 January 2010, it lifted itself from the rubble. Once again, a phoenix from the ashes.📌Mr Trump: take a cue from all Haiti has overcome. You can learn an important thing about leadership: SOLIDARITY. 🌟 Ayiti cheri, you’ve stood up time and again. Kilti ayisyen an, li viv anko! ❤️


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Ensanche Naco
Santo Domingo

Horario de Apertura

Lunes 10:00 - 15:00
Martes 10:00 - 15:00
Miércoles 10:00 - 15:00
Jueves 10:00 - 15:00
Viernes 10:00 - 15:00

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