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La méthode GYROTONIC® est caractérisée par des mouvements tridimensionnels respectant la respira

Body Expansion Biarritz est votre nouveau studio de Gyrotonic® à Biarritz (Côté Basque).

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Gyrotonic pour danseur niveau 2 à Barcelone, grand moment avec Adriana Thomson!


Gyrotonic for dancers niveau 2 à Barcelone!


Je confirme!

Pilates is not exactly about moving,
but moving while creating space between vertebrae
and space in the joints.
Quality of Movements = Healthy Body ❤


Fluid and gentle movement - that's the GYROTONIC® Method 🌿


Travail de l’arabesque, étirer son psoas… Gyrotonic pour danseur! #


Cleo danseuse professionnelle, au Tonic Studio Biarritz! Gyrotonic pour danseur mais pas que…


Ouvrir son cœur mais pas que…Gyrotonic en solo sur Rdv au TONIC Studio! ®


S’étirer au TONIC Studio Biarritz Pilates strech 0667989844 ®


Merci à mes élèves pour tous ces moments de partage! Les cours continuent tout l’été! ® ®


Gyrotonic et maladie de Parkinson…Tonic Studlo ouvert tout l’été! 0667989844 ® ®


Au TONIC Studio Biarritz on s’étire tout l’été! 0667989844 ®


Étirer son dos au TONIC Studio!!! Un mardi à 11h en petit groupe! 17€ 0667989844


Cours de yoga au TONIC Studio Biarritz samedi 26 Novembre à 11h! 0667989844

Venez nous rejoindre ce

Nous dansons un yoga bien dynamique et fluide,
Nous allons circuler notre énergie vitale et bien sûr,
Nous donnons un coup de pouce au système lymphatique!

On sera prêt pour accueillir l'hiver
yes yess yesssss !!!

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Cours en petit groupe au TONIC Studio Biarritz Étirer, tonifier, engager, améliorer sa posture, engager ses muscles profonds! 0667979844

Timeline photos 17/08/2022

Les bénéfices du Gyrotonic!


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Emmanuelle Teyras

Timeline photos 05/07/2022

A journey multiple surgeries, pain, and imbalances until finding her way to the GYROTONIC® Method.

You can read the full post on our blog at:

Timeline photos 08/06/2022

With over 6,000 studios across 80+ countries, you have a lot of options 🙌

You can find licensed GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Trainers all over the world! Explore our global community and find a studio near you via our Studio Finder:


Sur RDV 0667989844


Je confirme!

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@ Emmanuelle Teyras


Gyrotonic Athens - Narei


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® was created by Romanian born, Hungarian Juliu Horvath. Juliu Horvath was born in 1942 in Temesvar, Romania. His love for movement was apparent from the time he was a small child. During hisyouth he excelled at swimming, gymnastics and rowing. He began to study dance when he was 19, and by the time he was 21, was a principle dancer for the Romanian National Ballet Company. While on tour in Italy in 1970, he defected from Romania. He subsequently lived in a refugee camp in Italy for six months. After receiving political asylum in the United States, he moved to New York City.

After arriving in New York, Juliu did whatever he needed to do in order to survive, from painting houses to dancing on cars in Central Park. During this time he also began to audition for dance positions, and performed in civic ballets. During the 1970’s, Juliu danced with the NewYork City Opera, and was a guest artist at Radio City Music Hall. He also danced for a special tour company with international stars such as Margot Fonteyn, Jacques d' Amboise and Melissa Hayden. Eventually, he secured a position as principal dancer with the Houston Ballet. While with the Houston Ballet, Juliu ruptured his Achilles tendon, bringing his dancing career to a sudden halt.

After this injury, Juliu moved back to New York City for a short time, where he began a regular yoga practice. As he got deeper into his movement and meditation practices, he began having profound energetic experiences. In an effort to learn more about these experiences, he moved to the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands in 1977. There he built himself a small, one room hut in the mountains, and spent the next six years studying yoga, and meditation. His movement practice became an important way of finding a way to health and strengthen his own injured body, as well as a vehicle to explore the deepening energetic awareness he was developing. During this time, he gained new insights on movement and healing, and from these insights he began to create his own, unique method.

Juliu returned to New York City after his stay on St. Thomas, and in the early 1980’s he began teaching a new movement system that was based on what he had learned in St. Thomas. He called this system “Yoga for Dancers”. Initially “Yoga for Dancers was taught at Steps on Broadway and at Juliu’s own location- White Cloud Studio. In the beginning most of Juliu’s student’s were professional dancers. As demand for his classes grew, and the diversity of his clientele increased, Juliu refined Yoga for Dancers, creating a class format that almost any person could perform, regardless of age or state of health. He named this refined version of Yoga for Dancers ‘the GYROKINESIS® Method’. The original Yoga for Dancers movements are still taught as part of the Gyrokinesis Level 2 Program.

At White Cloud Studio, Juliu continued to develop, and refine the method he had began to create in St. Thomas. It was here that he began to develop the GYROTONIC® Method, and his world-renowned Gyrotonic equipment. The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods quickly gained an international following, becoming popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as the USA. The Gyrotonic Expansion System has now grown to encompass over 9000 Trainers in 52 countries.

Juliu continues to create new programming for the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methods. He also continues to conduct teacher training courses internationally, and to make new developments in Gyrotonic Equipment. In his own words, he is “always developing a more commonsense approach to health and wellbeing, in a “seriously un-serious” way”.


Gyrotonic Paris

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Le Gyrotonic à 82 ans, oui c'est possible!

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Gyrotonic pour danseur niveau 2 à Barcelone, grand moment avec Adriana Thomson!
Gyrotonic du lundi matin!
Le Gyrotonic n’a pas de limite!!! D’âge!!! (88) Sur RDV au TONIC Studio Biarritz0667989844
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