I really enjoyed this. Maybe you will too.
Episode 50: Internal Martial Arts with Ed Hines⁠

What magical powers do you get from martial arts? That's what Ed Hines wanted to find out when he started learning Tai Chi as a teenager, only to discover a deeper power within. Susie talks to Edward Hines of I-Bagua about his lifelong journey in martial arts.⁠
Our podcast with @susiekahlich is available on Soundcloud, Apple, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music... Tap bio for the link or simply type "Pretty Deadly Podcast" in your favorite pod player 💜⁠



#selfdefense #PrettyDeadlySelfDefense #PrettyDeadly #SusieKahlich #KateLeismer #spotifypodcast #soundcloudpodcast #lovepodcasts #feminism #selfcare #selfrespect #gratitude #dailylove #weeklypodcast #podcasts #womenpodcast #femalepodcast #bagua @kungfu #ninjutsu #martialartspodcast
Big Thank You to my good friend Edward Hines of I-Bagua who wrote an excellent summary and recap of our recent Ancestral Movement Workshop with Simon Thakur in Cologne! Go check it out 👌

Stay tuned for the upcoming Pre-Workshop interview with Simon 🤗
Hello everyone. I'm inviting you to join Luo's seminar here in Israel, March 12-19. We're going to have a great program: elements from the forth line and the eighth line; Xin-fa, Tui shou and throwing techniques; the vulture form and a linked five elements practice of xing yi; a daoist meditation class and more.
I can (almost) promise sunshine, definitely some good food and good company..
Photo: Inbal Sinai

Bagua is a Chinese martial art that first appeared publicly in 19th century Beijing, and before your read on I invite you to set aside a lot of what may come to your mind when you think of martial arts.

Cours et stages de Bagua, qigong et self défense, en français et anglais - arts martiaux efficaces pour améliorer la santé, et la vie

Fonctionnement normal

Not Deadly, not guilty and not in my Bagua 18/05/2022

Not Deadly, not guilty and not in my Bagua

A lot of people feel this way, not everyone articulates it.


Not Deadly, not guilty and not in my Bagua There is a lot of macho bullsh*t in martial arts and it’s misplaced

Mnemonics for movement 03/02/2022

Mnemonics for movement

If you have ever been annoyed because you forgot a form/movement or just want to strengthen your memory then here's a little video for you. Warning: it may include dinosaurs.

Memory is the theme for February at Practices beyond style - where we will explore the use of rhythm, space, objects, imagery emotion and also work on how to encode more information INTO forms and movements. Links are under the video.


Mnemonics for movement This is an entry-level explanation of some useful memory techniques for forms. Over the next month, I'll be digging deeper into memory - adding in space, obj...

A.R. Banks 03/11/2021

A.R. Banks


My friend Ash Banks has written some great books on self-defense. Due to an Amazon screw-up, Ash is doing a giveaway. Personally, I was very happy to pay for my original copies - I learned great things from all of them. I especially recommend Creepology as an eye-opener.

Here's your link. Get in there while you can, share the link and do Ash a favour by writing a review.


A.R. Banks Follow A.R. Banks and explore their bibliography from Amazon.com's A.R. Banks Author Page.

When it hurts 02/11/2021

When it hurts

I used to get annoyed by all those internal martial artists who talked about health rather than fighting, but then fighting got increasingly painful and...


When it hurts Applied pain science, movement and internal arts

Practices beyond style 11/10/2021

Practices beyond style

Good day denizens of Mount Zucker

Not having time to practice is a big complaint that I hear really often. I know that it can be hard to find a good block of time that you can dedicate to your practice.

There are ways around this. This month we are exploring some great ones at Practices beyond style.

The trick is to integrate practice into daily activities. But how...?

My friend Dillon Beyer is sharing exercises and games that you can practice throughout the day. He has spent years obsessing about how to integrate life and training, testing and refining. Dillon is a martial artist and human being who I respect for both his skill and character.

What Dillon is sharing is good stuff or I wouldn’t get out of my 'uncommunicative comfort zone' to tell you about it.

You can get access to Dillon’s games and more when you sign up for a subscription on Practices Beyond style - right now that includes a choice of Bagua and breath practice courses.

I'll be glad to welcome you there - it's like social media without the noise.


Practices beyond style For thoughtful martial artists who understand that We don't have to have the same goals or need the same practices We can progress faster and have more fun if we enjoy the differences while we search for and build on connecting principles. Science and rationality are vital, meaning and subjective ex...

Bagua Zoom classes 31/08/2021

Bagua Zoom classes

The Zoom classes start again now September is nearly here


And in the Practices beyond style we will work on martial practice for daily life - I will put up the price of the Gao style archive shortly...


Bagua Zoom classes Bagua Zoom classes (in your home five times a week!)Perhaps you’d like to learn Baguazhang or you are looking for a healthy and rich practise that works on many levels. Distance and time can be an …

Bagua Zoom classes 09/06/2021

Bagua Zoom classes

I've changed the zoom class schedule - Now Wednesdays and Thursdays are 'foundations and conditioning' simple movements - breathing, standing and circle walking - basically good for beginners.

The Covid offer is still on if things are tight send me a message.


Bagua Zoom classes Bagua Zoom classes (in your home five times a week!)Perhaps you’d like to learn Baguazhang or you are looking for a healthy and rich practise that works on many levels. Distance and time can be an …

Practices beyond style 22/04/2021

Practices beyond style

The free circle walking class has been and gone - the course has started. Today.

Some people have said they are worried they are not 'advanced' enough'. This is what I say to them...


Text, video, discussion, community and 16 live sessions

And go directly to get your courses at this link https://i-bagua.mn.co/

Practices beyond style For thoughtful martial artists who understand that We don't have to have the same goals or need the same practices We can progress faster and have more fun if we enjoy the differences while we search for and build on connecting principles. Science and rationality are vital, meaning and subjective ex...

Free circle walking class 01/04/2021

Free circle walking class

Some of you already know that I'm working on a new platform to teach from. It's not quite ready yet, but to start here a chance to join a free circle walking class and ask me questions.

Yes, do share this link!


Free circle walking class Free circle walking class – Live Join a 45 minute live class with time for questions and discussion afterward.The class will be on April 17th at 18h CET finishing around 19h or a little later…

Space is not neutral | 21c Bagua on Patreon 03/03/2021

Space is not neutral | 21c Bagua on Patreon

Big announcement soon...

But first some big concepts - applicable to any martial art and beyond.


Space is not neutral | 21c Bagua on Patreon Official Post from 21c Bagua

Form, perfection, possibility, memory, Madness and fried eggs | 21c Bagua on Patreon 29/01/2021

Form, perfection, possibility, memory, Madness and fried eggs | 21c Bagua on Patreon

This post is laden with nostalgia for me, but might be an amazing discovery for you young 'uns.

It also has reference to cutting-edge ideas from the biology of perception, a sword adept, some things so obvious as to be invisible and hints at some ancient human technologies.

It also has fried eggs and Luo. Apologies to Vegans.

Enjoy :)


Form, perfection, possibility, memory, Madness and fried eggs | 21c Bagua on Patreon Official Post from 21c Bagua

Pupplication and Future plans | 21c Bagua on Patreon 19/01/2021

Pupplication and Future plans | 21c Bagua on Patreon

There have been quite a few people like this page recently, which is nice. There is not a huge amount happening on it though - so I thought I'd make this post from my Patreon public.

It's all about a very practical application of Bagua in my daily life - and since it also has a picture of very cute puppy it may well be popular (share, share!).

There is another side to it - a new platform. If you consider yourself an open-minded martial artist/movement practitioner with an interest in the environment - expanding martial skills and connecting to different areas of life you may want to get in at the start. If that's you send me some kind of message.


Pupplication and Future plans | 21c Bagua on Patreon Official Post from 21c Bagua

patreon.com 20/12/2020

Does my Bagua make you cry? Yule thoughts | 21c Bagua on Patreon

This one is public and seasonal - so sharing it here.


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua

patreon.com 11/12/2020

You can't do it all at once | 21c Bagua on Patreon

A short post and video on something that can really trip you up. in your practice. Stop making this mistake and it all gets easier and generally more pleasant.


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua

patreon.com 20/11/2020

The (new!) Everchanging index post | 21c Bagua on Patreon

The Everchanging index is public, updated and prettified


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua

youtube.com 19/11/2020

The Drunken Boxing Podcast #018 - Marcus Brinkman

Nice long interview with my classmate Marcus Brinkman by Byron Jacobs


youtube.com The Drunken Boxing Podcast #018 My guest today is Marcus Brinkman who is an early pioneer from the USA to travel to east Asia in pursuit of his studies, whic...

youtube.com 18/11/2020

Bagua key practise points

Here are some small practise tips - they are useful on their own. To see how they fit into a system requires time and experimentation and a bit more.


youtube.com This video is for you if you're thinking of joining the Bagua Zoom classes which run 5x week. These are some simple but useful Bagua tips in any case.While i...

podcastaddict.com 15/11/2020

S3 Episode 50: Internal Martial Arts | Pretty Deadly Podcast • Pretty Deadly Podcast - via Podcast Addict

Sometime last week my friend Susie Kahlich interviewed me for the 'Pretty Deadly' podcast.

Susie focuses on teaching women's self defence she has a lot of smart methods and we are on the same page in our attitude to many aspects of martial arts.

Susie also has a great voice, which on some level isn't important, but perhaps since I recommend listening to her it is! :D

Some links below.




podcastaddict.com What magical powers do you get from martial arts? That's what Ed Hines wanted to find out when he started learning Tai Chi as a teenager, only to discover a deeper power within. Susie talks to Ed Hines of I-Bagua about his lifelong journey in martial arts.


Interesting read on the development and spread of Chinese martial arts for health in recent times.


theembodimentconference.org 04/11/2020

The Embodiment Conference. Come home to your body.

The embodiment conference will replay this weekend for free.

You can watch a recording of my session, or some great presenters that you didn't see the first time round - or just for the first time.

Check out Gary Carter, Sion Thakur, Rafe Kelley, Gabor Mate and many more


theembodimentconference.org Embodiment Conference, 10 days of Free access to world-class teachers, practical tools for times of turmoil, and a supportive global community. We’re here to make the world’s embodied wisdom accessible to everyone with access to over 1000 embodied teachers and practitioners.


I've been hesitant to start this, but I've decided to take the leap... Bagua Zoom classes start next week.

Bond with Baguaristas from across the world and get your Grandma on board (You know she misses you because of Covid, and what better way to bond? You also won't have to worry about her throwing you on your head!).

5 times a week (morning and evening) starting Monday



Check out the amazing presenters at the embodiment conference...

There are a thousand presenters, and it's searchable in a smart way. You'll find something you like.

To get the most of it sign in with this link and think of what interests you - you will probably be able to find it!
Branch out try something different or just search for Bagua ;) (https://theembodimentconference.org/)


patreon.com 02/10/2020

Knupdates and surgery snapshots | 21c Bagua on Patreon

Some of you know that in old knee injury locked up my knee a few weeks ago. I made this post a public one to share with friends who are not Patrons.If you find anything useful feel free to share or post elsewhere. I'm not quite enough of a knee hussy to do it myself.

If you have some kind of knee fetish there is another post on the history of the injury and a few lessons from it.

But the rest of the Patreon is solid Bagua and related arts.


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua

patreon.com 16/09/2020

Moving like me or moving like you? | 21c Bagua on Patreon

I had a great conversation on Sunday evening - this is one result - lots more bubbling away waiting to be experimented with and elucidated.


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua


Look what they sent me!

Sign up it's free!


open.spotify.com 30/08/2020

Episode 4: Tai Chi Systematic Review Extravaganza

After a little too long I am listening to the steeped in 10000 things podcast which is co-hosted by Zach, a current Patron and sometimes student.

In the reasonably short episode below is an investigation and discussion on the research literature on Tai Chi and health. I think it's worth a listen.

If you're not on Spotify it's available elsewhere - just do a little search.


open.spotify.com Listen to this episode from Steeped In the Ten Thousand Things: a research digest & integrative medical discussion on Spotify. We focus in on a single topic, looking at a collection of systematic reviews & meta-analyses that look at the clinical effectiveness of tai chi in the treatment of a variety...

medium.com 28/08/2020

Your body vs You

Here is something I wrote for Medium - it is both obvious and easy to overlook.


medium.com A simple change of perspective that can change everything

i-bagua.com 30/07/2020

It’s on the internet, is it mine?

I started this article with the prompting of an online student. A week or two later a similar debate started up between students of Luo in our private, secret, exclusive VIP FB group.

It leans a little towards a rant in some places, which means you'll probably enjoy it :D


i-bagua.com It’s on the Internet is it mine? The internet has changed the way learning happens, and one area affected is martial arts. A student asked in this new environment why are teachers ‘…

patreon.com 11/07/2020

Bagua and mythology part 1 | 21c Bagua on Patreon

I'm working on some articles for the website but life has kept me a bit busy...

To fill in the gaps here I've made an article from the Patreon public...(it's the first of 4 and I'm about to start the 5th).


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua : Mythology is an eternal subject, and it has been on my mind a lot recently. Before you begin please read this post on plausibility traps.Maija recently posted some musings on it and here are some of mine. This one is quite long again, so I’ve decided to cut it into p...

patreon.com 25/06/2020

Entracte martial podcast | 21c Bagua on Patreon

Me being interviewed on a podcast. Un podcast francais...


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua : Some months ago Assad Montasser inteviewed me for his podcast. It's in French. I haven't listened to it since so I have no idea if I make any sense!Il y a quelques mois, Assad Montasser m'a interviewé pour son podcast. C'est en français. Je ne l'ai pas écouté depui...

patreon.com 02/06/2020

The everchanging index post | 21c Bagua on Patreon

Patreon can be tricky to navigate - so I built an index page. It's not complete, I'll be adding to it as I go along. It should make the Patreon easier to use, especially if you are new to it.


patreon.com Official Post from 21c Bagua : Welcome to the 21C Bagua Patreon indexThis post is pinned as an index and an introduction to the content here. It will help you navigate through the various videos ideas and articles if you are here for the first time or are looking for an exercise or idea that you saw...

mmanewcastle.co.uk 20/05/2020


A couple of my friends were there when the infamous Ma Baogua filmed the video which he later claimed showed him defeating MMA ex-pro Peter Irving.

A few days ago Ma 'fought' a fifty-year-old Sanda enthusiast and was knocked spark out. People cheerfully sent the footage to Peter - his response is below. Much admiration to him for his attitude. Some great lines in there too.

Meanwhile on the Patreon I've started a series of articles on Bagua and mythology, which I was hesitant about, but it's generating some good comments and conversation.



mmanewcastle.co.uk The #1 Resource for Combat Sports & MMA in the North East of England

patreon.com 06/05/2020

21c Bagua is creating Baguazhang community, tutorials and promotion | Patreon

Hello, I'm a little slow to the whole Zoom thing but I will be doing a live Q and A this Saturday 18h30 CEST for my Patreons.

I'll be happy to see you there.


patreon.com Become a patron of 21c Bagua today: Read 79 posts by 21c Bagua and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

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A little video from HK in 1992 or 1993 back when real men had hair. Here you can see me and Tim showing some of the Taiw...



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