McQueen Yoga

McQueen Yoga


Notre nouvelle retraite yoga se déroulera du 13 au 16 mai en collaboration avec McQueen Yoga et Bono Events International, n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire dès maintenant (clôture des inscriptions le 15 avril) :

En attendant, entrainez-vous et révisez les 5 poses de yoga parfaites pour une initiation :

Credits : Tara Lengyel

Yoga Instructor based in Paris // Hatha & Vinyasa // available for private, corporate, and group classes.

Fonctionnement normal



Blessed & grateful to be co hosting my second yoga retreat this week with fabulous @bonoeventsinternational, for the first time w the phenomenal @stefanier_embodiedhealing , at the truly breathtaking location @hotelsugologone .

And when it’s done I gotta spend a few days exploring the magic of this island, it’s nature, food, energy … 🍝🍝🍝

But in the meantime if you’re feeling inspired & are like damn I wish I was on a retreat too ! @yoga_club_paris still has just a few spaces left for their south of France retreat happening this weekend !! Happy to send you more details 😘

& if that isn’t working out either …. How can you set up your own little retreat this week? Which self care steps and loved ones and moments of pause can you gather to allow yourself a moment to reconnect, rejuvenate, take care of your beautiful mind, body, soul ?

You deserve it. You need it. The people are you need you to have it.

It can be so tough to create that time for ourselves. But it’s a muscle. And every time we do, it gets a little stronger, and a little easier.

Retreat, darlings.

And I’ll be back the first week in June 😘




no classes until next week 🐺


⬆️ one of my favorite places from one of my past homes .. The Met ❤️

Small schedule this week while I play Parisian tourist with my darling New Yorkers coming to visit 🏙

Online with @yoga_club_paris :
MONDAY 12h foundations of yoga
TUESDAY 9h karma yoga


I had the joy of spending the weekend in N A T U R E 🌳🌸💐🌺🥀🌻🌼🌹🌿🌱🐿🦦🦫🐎☀️🌊🌏

I’m an introverted anxious creature & sometimes I struggle to motivate myself out of my apartment.

But, usually encouraged by people I love, I’ve been finding all the wonderful ways paris offers its metropolitan inhabitants access to nature’s beauty & serenity.

& if you don’t feel like taking the RER the parks of paris - especially now in spring’s bloom - can be a wonderful retreat option.

& on this note - this Sunday May 8 @yoga_club_paris is hosting FREE YOGA IN THE PARK for our annual welcome day ! 10-12 in the Tuileries … more info on our website 😁

& if you still can’t get motivated to leave your apartment (I HEAR YOU) join me online for class this week :

TUESDAY 17h30 Hatha yoga
WEDNESDAY 18h Vinyasa yoga
THURSDAY 9h Karma yoga



I had a conversation last week in which the term “learn through play” came up - something to do with someone teaching kids.

But it made me realize - I also want to learn through play.

Play is fun, AND can help us learn. Like baby lions who pounce on each other & will use those skills down the line during the hunt.

I’ve been trying this week to find ways to incorporate “play” into things that usually make me want to curl in my bed like cry - managing the apartment construction, running the errands, fielding the phone calls.

This experiment in itself has added at least curiosity to things that usually make me feel insane, so I recommend you try too 🤩

I do know at least one place where it’s EASY to find fun & play while we learn about ourselves and our bodies … and that’s YOGA 😁

Join me online w @yoga_club_paris .. full schedule this week !
MONDAY 12h foundations of yoga
TUESDAY 17h30 Hatha yoga
WEDNESDAY 11h vinyasa yoga
THURSDAY 9h karma yoga
FRIDAY 12h explore & restore yoga

Or join my playmate @alannaclarkeyoga in person at @the_space_paris_yoga_studio 18h30 Friday evening for dynamic vinyasa !!

Have a wonderful week little lions.


Stretch my darlings, stretch.

Stretch your body. At any point during the day today you can do yourself a favor by releasing tension in the neck with a circle of the head, tension in the shoulders with a circle of the shoulders, tension in the jaw with a circle of the jaw.

Stretch your mind. Listen without interrupting to someone else’s point of view, practice svadhyaya (self-study), opt out of insta scrolling to Duolingo for three minutes.

Stretch your heart. Reach out to someone who needs some extra support. Make a donation towards those in need. Say a prayer (whatever that looks like to you) for someone you love.

I mean …. Tell me I’m wrong …. But it feels SO DAMN GOOD TO STRETCH 🍾

Opportunities to stretch online w me via @yoga_club_paris this week :

Thursday 9h karma yoga
Friday 12h explore & restore yoga


The setting up of the yoga pose situation after celebrating over two decades of friendship with @stassafrass9 for her three decades of life.

There’s a lot going on in this world. There’s a lot we each deal with personally and nationally and globally.

I find that taking time out of the chaos to celebrate the people Iove makes everything feel 100000x more worth it.

Enjoy you friends, your family, your loved one. That’s what they’re there for. We’re all going through a lot of s**t. We’re all there for each other.

And if you need some YOGA this week to lift your spirits you know I gotchu.

Online with Yoga Club Paris], this week is all donation based, and any Karma Yoga donations go straight to @novaukraine.

THURSDAY 9h karma yoga
FRIDAY Yoga Club Paris] community class meaning pay as you wish 12h explore & restore yoga


Thank you, @whiteyogaibiza, for an absolutely wonderful kundalini class, and for my much needed daily dose of canine therapy 🙏 🐶

This class involved chanting, dancing, releasing.

It reminded me that while it’s wonderful to move through our classic vinyasa and Hatha styles, sometimes it’s fun and reviving to change things up, and how freaking great it feels to sometimes just not give a s**t about what it looks like and just close your eyes and dance and move your body the way that feels fun to whatever music you love just because.

It was also v fun to take my first Yoga class in Spanish 😁🇪🇸

I am not teaching this week, but would still love to maintain the spirit of our karma yoga class. So until Friday, shoot me a message if you’d like to receive a class recording from my archives. I just ask that you send proof of donation to a charity of your choice, or if you’d like send to my PayPal and I will make your donation to @novaukraine.

Looking forward to seeing you next week. In the meantime:

inhala, exhala

Find a moment to dance for no reason

& if you’re looking for indoor / outdoor / online classes, check out our @yoga_club_paris schedule ❤️


🌷 Friends. Nothing making me happier than the signs of spring. Take a few deep breaths. Whisper to yourself: I made it. I did it. That winter thing. It’s over. Give yourself a pat on the back. Unlock your jaw. Take a walk in the sun.

🌷 Yoga Club Paris] has started offering outdoor classes if you’re looking

🌷 If you’re feeling inspired to book a seaside yoga retreat check out this one :

🌷 If you continue to enjoy yoga classes from the comfort of your home (me too) I gotchu (online with Yoga Club Paris])
MONDAY ☀️12h foundations of yoga
TUESDAY ☀️ 17h30 Hatha yoga
WEDNESDAY ☀️ 12h vinyasa yoga
THURSDAY 🇺🇦 9h karma yoga (all donations go to Ukraine humanitarian relief)
FRIDAY ☀️ 12h explore & restore yoga


This has been a major theme in my classes (& my life) recently, for myself and those around me, and I know I keep talking about it, but it’s the kind of thing we need to be reminded of constantly even though we know it’s true : You can’t help others unless you help yourself.

You can’t give people energy unless you’ve filled up your own energy.

You can’t show up for the people you love unless you’ve shown up for yourself first.

This was very hard for me to accept, and sometimes still is, and sometimes I fall into the victimy trap of self-sacrificing martyrdom … meaning sometimes I try to convince myself that the best way to love people is to give them my time and energy and mental capacity over and over and over consistently and permanently until all I’m left with is exhaustion and resentment.

And actually when I carve out chunks of my day to do things specifically FOR ME that FEEL GOOD and are soothing and fun … I replenish energy and joy and love and am so thrilled to share it with my people, helping them or hanging out or whatever it may be.

Sometimes for me that’s yoga. Sometimes it’s my 2 hour morning routine, or an aimless drive just because, or a quiet cup of coffee with phone on airplane mode, or watching RHONY, or going for a walk, or having pizza & a glass of wine for dinner.

Whatever it is I know this : it’s gotta be done. If I don’t fill up my own cup I’m too depleted to be there for others. Oxygen mask on yourself before loved ones. Can’t be helpful if you don’t help yourself.

A lot of people in this world need your help right now. Please help them. Please be kind and giving and seek opportunities to make peoples’ lives better. But also please take care of yourself first.

If that means yoga for you (as it did for me at this lovely studio in Marseille last week), here are some online options I’m teaching with @yoga_club_paris this week :

Wednesday 18h vinyasa

Thursday 9h karma (donation based - goes to humanitarian aid in 🇺🇦)

Friday 12h explore & restore

Yoga Instructor à Paris

After receiving my 200hr YTT from Kranti Yoga in Goa, I had the opportunity to begin sharing my practice as an instructor of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in Paris, France.

While living in chaotic and oftentimes overwhelming New York City, I discovered the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga. Having struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, I hope to share with others the incredible advantages of practicing yoga, and aim to create classes that inspire ease and joy within one’s city, life and self.

I am available to teach group classes, corporate, or private.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions :)

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