Anna’s Rollers

Weekly local rollerskating disco, fun for all ages ��

Operating as usual


Hi guys .. for some reason my messenger on here is not letting me reply to any messages still…. It keeps saying that “ this person is unavailable “ it’s like I’ve been blocked but I clearly haven’t

I’ve had a few more messages tonight’s about party’s but can’t reply . I’ve only been able to reply to 1 .. so strange

Can you email me instead on

[email protected]

untill I get the issue resolved

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience xx


🚨 Ami Dalton and Rachel Wilson 🚨

Just had a message off Ami Dalton regarding a party in December .. for some reason messenger is saying I can’t reply it saying your unavailable

Also the same thing happend with a Rachel Wilson a few days ago when asking about a party in January

I just thought you had changed your mind and
Blocked me or something 😂🙈

But looks like there a problem with messenger on here

So sorry!!
Can you email or text me pleasegirls

[email protected]

And I’ll get back to you straight awayxx


It’s party day 🙌🏼🛼🛼 for not 1 but 2 beautiful girls

Massive happy birthday to both Esther and Eva

Can’t wait to celebrate with you in the coolest party ever 😀🛼🛼😎


It’s roller skating party time for the beautiful Kelsey’s 10th birthday 🥳

Let’s go 🛼🛼

Happy birthday beautiful girl 🥰


And that’s a wrap for my summer holiday sessions 🥰 🛼🛼 🙌🏼

🚨 Next Monday 28th (bank holiday) there will be no session 🚨

I want to just say a massive thank you to everyone that has attended…. Your support has been incredible…and none of this would be possible without you all….

The turn out week after week has been overwhelming 😊 ….

Seeing everyone of all ages , putting skates on and having a go.. and having some fun…is what it’s all about for me

….Loads of exiting things coming up tho 🤩

Keep a eye out on here for the weekly sessions and the adults only sessions 👀

And please Keep sharing my page, and spread the word 🙏🏻

If you have attended any of my session, please feel free to share/ tag me in any pictures/ videos .. it’s my fav part 🥰

Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays.. see you all in September… can’t wait 🙌🏼 🛼🛼


Amazing party, for the most beautiful little girl.

What a Lovley group of children and parents …

Everyone had so much fun and everyone done amazing 🤩🛼🛼

I literally have the best job ever 🥰

Kelly O'Shea thank you for choosing Anna’s rollers for Eliza’s party, it was such a pleasure

(Anyone in the party, please tag me in your pictures 🪩🥳🤩)


Hip Hip Horay

It’s Eliza’s party day 🙌🏼

🥳 🎂 🎉

The beautiful Eliza turned 8 the other day, and today is the day she gets to celebrate with all her friends in her very own private rollerskating party 🛼🛼

If anyone is interested in their own party…I am fully mobile.. so you find a venue and I’ll bring the skates and party to you 🪩

See you soon Eliza 🥰


Another amazing session today

I honestly couldn’t love what I do more 🛼🛼

So much fun

Meeting new people

And going back you my childhood everytime

And it wouldn’t be possible without all you guys

Again, you all amaze me every single time

See you all next week ⭐️



👀 spread the word guys

This is gonna be amazing 🤩🛼🛼👌🏻🙌🏼


last chance to book on for Monday session now 🥰, still spaces left , message me if you want to come have a go 🛼🛼

(Remember tho booking is only confirmed once payment has been received and confirmed by me )


Someone left this cute little water bottle there today

DM me if it’s yours , I got him safe .. 🥰


Wow well that was fun 🤩

Thank you to everyone who came today .. you all made it amazing 🥰

Super impressive skating skills from everyone too 👌🏻

Can’t wait to do it all over again next week now

Please tag me in any pictures

Well done all you smashed it 🔥



So 1 sleep to go…. 🙌🏼 🛼🛼

Just a reminder that the session starts at 1:15 .. not 1 pm like my previous ones 🛼🛼

When you come into the building there is a seating area outside of the hall..

…If you could all wait there untill I open the door for you that would be great..🤩

… (everyone who has their own skates can put them on ready in this area if you like , 🙏🏻)

( I have a attached a video of the seating area.. cos if your anything like me I always appreciate a video lol 😂 )

And I can’t stress this enough.. I know the big long corridor 👇🏼 is soo tempting to want to skate up and down, 😅but please no skating untill your the inside hall.. 🙏🏻

Can’t wait to see you all


Hi guys

As your all aware now …. All my sessions come with skate hire included if you need it…. 🛼🛼

But if any of you have got skates that are 2 small … and your thinking of getting rid.. then drop me a message first as I’ll defo be Intrested in buying them off you…😁

Always needing to add to my collection see 🛼🛼


The likeness is uncanny 😂😂

Not long now till my biggest roller skating party yet 🔥

Can’t wait 🥰

Have a good weekend all and see a lot of you Monday 🛼🛼


🚨 JULY 31st fully booked now 🚨

This is going to the be my biggest session to date ….. 🤩 so exited for this ….🔥🛼🛼🔥

Don’t worry tho …Still loads of spaces for the following Mondays if you want to have a go 🙂

Thank you all for your support

See you Monday


Thinking of having a go??? Maybe this will help you decide…. 👇🏼

Some of the question I get asked a lot is ..

𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕒𝕘𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕞𝕚𝕥?

📌And the best part about it is that skating has no age limit 🙃…… I’ve had little 3 years olds skating next to 58 year old men 🔥….It really is for everyone

𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚𝕗 𝕀 𝕗𝕒𝕝𝕝???

📌I can almost guarantee that you will…. But I promise you… will laugh about it…… you will get back up… and you will Smash it….. falling is all part of the fun and the learning …. Get it out of the way I say ….😉

𝔹𝕦𝕥 𝕀 𝕔𝕒𝕟’𝕥 𝕤𝕜𝕒𝕥𝕖???

📌… No one can skate till they can… but the first step to learning is putting on a pair of skates.. and I am there to help you 🛼🛼

💫 Not one person who has tried it hasn’t yet gone away without a smile on their face and a bruised 🍑 🙈 but nearly everyone that has come to one of my sessions has always come back 💫

That says it all to me 👌🏻

Come and have a go ❣️

Last few spaces left for July 31st now



Loving the latest Cancer research fundraising appeal


🛼Wheel 100 miles in august 🛼

So, if anyone has or is thinking of signing up to do this …. You are more than welcome to come to any of my august sessions for free to help you meet your goal 💕



Please share and spread the word

Much appreciated 🛼

🪩Starting July 31st 🪩


Discounts available for siblings throughout the summer ☀️ 🛼🥰

Photos from Anna’s Rollers's post 18/07/2023


Hi all… sorry for the radio silence but I have been in the background working on a few new exiting things….. 😍

Biggest change is I am no longer working from Rhigos sports centre….hence the name change

…But I have a fab new central venue all ready to go …

Dare Community Sports Hall
42 cemetery road
CF44 8HL
( old boys comp… Bottom of cwmdare hill)

There is some slight changes to the days and time throughout the summer holidays

The sessions will be every Monday for the 6 weeks holidays, then will return to the weekend

… And will be a full roller skating disco experience with lights and UV lights 👌🏻

A tuck shop will also be available 🪩 💃🏼

Please share and spread the word around.. am looking forward to having some rollerskating fun with you all 🥰

Can’t wait to see you all soon 🛼🛼


Wow what a day!!

Rhigos Rollers had their 1st ever private birthday party today for the amazing and super cool Indie’s 11th birthday 🫶 😎

And what a success it was 🙌🏼

80s theme … lots of lights, UV , fun and laughter with the most amazing group of girls

Really enjoyed this one and everyone had a blast ⭐️

If anyone is intrested in booking a party get in touch 🙃

Take a look at the video below 👇🏼

Massive happy birthday to you Indie glad you enjoyed beaut 😘


Lovley session today… a few youngsters came and have never put on a pair of skates before.. they were practicing for the party of the year next week.. 🙌🏼…and Rhigos rollers 1st ever birthday party… am soo exited for that ✌🏼

To see their confidence by the end of the session makes it all worth while 🙃

All around a fantastic day



Love these earrings can’t lie 😂😂🛼🛼

See you soon



Friday means 1 thing….

Roller skating day tomorrow 👌🏻

See you @1:15

Anyone else fancy a go 😉?

Send me a message/ email .. you won’t regret it



🛼No roller skating session this Saturday guys , back as usual on the 17th

Booking is open

See you all then 🥰🛼


How could I not 😂👌🏻 🛼🛼


Well done to all my amazing roller skaters today, nearly 2 hours of non stop skating is no easy feat , especially when it’s this warm 👌🏻

Quieter session today due to everyone enjoying the sun and it being half term … ☀️

But still amazing and so much fun , even gave some of the parents a chance to have a go 😉

See you next week🙌🏼

Same time
Same place

Enjoy the rest of you mr weekend ☀️


Who’s gonna be the next star of my show ?⭐️

Come and have a go Saturday, I promise you will love it …🛼🛼👌🏻


Another amazing session @ Rhigos Rollers Today 🛼 🛼

Everyone was amazing….🙌🏼🙌🏼

But a massive shout out goes to Carys (girl in grey shorts and black top ) and her friends

Carys was by far the funniest I have ever seen on skates in my life 😂😂🙈🙈

Absolutely made my day , fair play to her she took it like a champ and she gave me permission to post her videos

I’ll upload more of her later 😜



Don’t forget to book on for Saturday guys 🛼🛼🙌🏼🙌🏼

1:15 @ Rhigos sports centre 👌🏻


Another amazing day Rhigos Rollers 🛼🛼 your all amazing 🤩

So much fun for all ages

Never to young or too old 🙌🏼🛼🛼


1 more sleep 🙌🏼

🛼🛼Looking forward to seeing you all there tomorrow 🛼🛼


Don’t forget we open next Saturday 🙌🏼

Don’t forget to book on….

Come along and have a go, I promise it be loads of fun 🛼🛼



Sooo I promised you a update on opening and here it is…… 😊

I am officially open Saturday May 13th @ 1:15-3….

And then every Saturday there after 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

@ 1:15-3 pm every week

All welcome

£7 a session


Can’t wait to see you all there

🚨Really important though guys 👇🏼🚨

🛼Booking has to be done through email

🛼And has to include skaters name and skate size if needed

🛼 you space is only confirmed after payment has been recieved and I have confirmed this with you

🛼 spaces are limited so it is a first come first serve basis

🚨🚨🚨🚨booking for Saturday May 13th now open 🚨🚨🚨


🛼 Hi all, I know it’s been a bit quiet since opening session.. but it’s all been going on behind the scenes

And I am please to say I will have a official start date for the weekly Saturday sessions on Wednesday night….. and as soon as I have this.. I’ll open booking again 🙌🏼

It will definitely be within the next 2 weeks 👌🏻

So keep your eyes on here for more information 👀

🛼£7 a session including skate hire 🛼

🛼No age limit 🛼

🛼No experience needed 🛼

🛼 discounted monthly passes for skate owners 🛼


Wow what a fab opening session 🤩

Thank you so much to all that came

You were all amazing

You all had one hell of a workout and I was very impressed

Absolutely buzzing and can’t wait for the next one now 🛼🛼

Please share all your photos and videos here 😘🙏🏻


🤩…Tomorrow is opening day
Can not wait to see you all there❣️ 🛼 🛼


🚨🚨 🆂🅾🅻🅳 🅾🆄🆃 🚨🚨

And that’s a wrap on opening day guys 🙌🏼

🛼Thank you all for your support 🛼

It’s going to be so much fun!

🚨 Remember your space was only confirmed when payment was received and you had confirmation from me🚨

🛼But don’t worry if you missed out on this session…..this is going to be a weekly event every Saturday starting this month …. 🤩

Keep a eye out on here for details 👀

🛼Other than that see you all next week 🛼

🐣Have a wonder Easter all 🐣


🚨Wow!! Last few spaces available 🚨

👀 Last chance to get a space in the opening session next Wednesday 🤩

⚠️ please remember that spaces are only confirmed when payment has been received and confirmed by me…⚠️

🛼I think I have replied to everyone that somehow ended up in my spam .. really sorry about that 🙈.. If I havnt please drop me a DM and I’ll get back to you straight away 🛼

Thank you all 🙏🏻

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