One of the things we love about the start of the month... is the new Aberystwyth Ego is out! This month is a bumper month for making us smile, with a handful of our clients featured - it really makes you realise the importance of community in a business sense ❤

A huge congratulations to Aberystwyth Golf Club on the launch of the new website, and Bethandaviesfitness for growing a fantastic community, it has been a pleasure to help with your website and Kerry has loved being a part of the fitness family / community over the past 12 weeks too 🙌

Another smashing EGO, take time to read it this bank holiday weekend: for the link!
It's okay Bethan, turns out it wasn't after us after all 🚁😁
Great start to saturday morning Bethan, but oooph! my shoulders 😮
Thankyou SO much for keeping me sane through this crazy time and always!!! Its so much appreciated 🙏💖
👍💟😅 just what the doctor ordered after today!!!! (Love my kids really!!!) 😘
Thanks for my session tonight Bethan xx You are a killer 😁💪😁💪 xx
Happy to say I’m very much in demand at the moment and have some very happy clients currently that are stronger, fitter, and hitting their goals.
I won’t be taking on any new clients until Christmas and his will be my busiest time so please pm me if you’d like to ensure a slot with me.
Lastly as well as working hard as a trainer the success of my clients and wonderful people I’ve worked with who have affirmed just how much I love my job and how grateful I am to be so busy.
Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. So pleased it’s not raining 👌🏻🔥💕🐕
To contact me:
[email protected] or the message me button on my page ###x
Hi Beth, if you want people to hate you just a little bit in bodykit, I've got the very thing for you. Kris use to do this to push-ups in boot camp and it was a killer. I thought with weights this could do the same thing. #sorrynotsorry
Woke up this morning aching. Thought I had the start of flu, but having spoken to another mum who did yesterday's morning session, apparently you're to blame Bethan. Stairs are not my friend today :)
Can't make cardio combat for the next few weeks as I'm away! :(
No postnatal circuits for me this morning... resting my back as I knackered it at the weekend, osteopath sorted me out but it's still sore so I'm not risking anything and will see you next week hopefully feeling stronger! and this on how the main character trained for the role I thought was interesting

Level 3 Personal trainer
Level 3 Mat Pilates
Level 3 antenatal and postnatal
Level 4 cardiac rehabilitation
Level 2 gym instructor
AFN accredited Nutrition and weight management
Boxercise instructor.

Personal trainer, Instructor, antenatal and postnatally trained. Please contact me to arrange a session.

Operating as usual


We didn’t have the big sit down let’s try for a baby chat when I became pregnant with Idris.
It was a micro moment of time that will affect everything for me now forever in the best way but it wasn’t planned and it’s made me happier than so many of the things I’ve worked years towards.

Life sometimes gives us huge changes but they too can happen in a micro second.

I can still hear my neighbours voice on the phone telling me he was with my dad and he was sorry to tell me my mum had passed away.
I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. My head struggled to take in the words and my breastmilk almost stopped due to the shock of that moment when I heard my mum had passed but that second was actually something that turned out to be something I’d play out over and over again.

Sometimes people will say how you are when it’s close to the anniversary of her death but it’s actually the moments I want to call her up and tell her something the children has done or send her a baby photo of Idris that I find tougher.

It’s not always the end goal within exercise that brings happiness it’s the feeling when you completed the workout (many people say I found it tough and then I felt like a million dollars once I’d done it!) 

It’s the seconds of time just getting it done.

While we of course we treasure or remember big events such as a baby being born or losing someone or perhaps finally fitting into your wedding dress it’s the little things we live with day to day that are important.

The kiss my husband gives me before work, the glance of my sleeping children before I go to bed, the sorry if the kids have been hard work 🤣 the moments someone reaches out to work with me, there’s millions of microseconds where life can be awesome and when it can be hard.

But try and do things to create more happier moments in your life and don’t wait for tomorrow or next week to make big things happen.

I know as you probably do too, sometimes next week doesn’t come so just aim to enjoy today and remove some of the micro moments that don’t bring value to your life.

B xx

Gold | Bethan Davies Fitness 15/05/2022

Gold | Bethan Davies Fitness

My next start date for the Bethandaviesfitness family is 23/05/22

If you’d like to join us you can sign up using this unique link
So I can send you all the necessary information prior to our starting date ❤️💪🏻

Silver 🪙

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What does the program offer?


✅ online workouts to do in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you. You’ll need a smart device such as a phone, tablet, laptop or smart tv.

✅ a fabulous community of women to connect to, all with similar goals and lifestyles to you, offering support, friendship and laughter along the way.

✅ Aberystwyth area based? you can attend some in person delivered sessions, sometimes we also head for coffee after but there is no additional cost for these sessions.

✅ Goal setting, mindset coaching and personal development cosching, helping you to identify what you want, why you want it and how to implement it.

✅ nutrition advice and support as well as inspiration on how to create quick and easy meals that are in line with your goals.

✅ Online coaching - accountability and support on how to make the program work for you and how to create change and maintain it as well progress over time.

✅ knowledge - how to create change but then maintain it, understanding the whys so that you can finally break the habit of yo yo dieting and leave the program feeling you have a better understanding or choosing to stay within the family and allowing me to help you fall in love with exercise and motivate you and support you to continue to implement it. Once your a member you can re join the program until you decide to cancel as places are limited each 6 week block.

✅ join the hundreds of women that have joined the program and benifited from it, feeling stronger, more empowered and happier within their bodies. Amen to that 🙌👏


⭐️ Unlimited support
⭐️ Access to My BDFITNESS fitness app
⭐️ A bespoke personalised training plan designed for your body and towards your goals.
⭐️ Access to all the above. (Silver)

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Gold | Bethan Davies Fitness Gold A 6 week programme for £79 This is for those of you that want a more 1-2-1 training approach. You get a personalised plan to follow that is accessed by an exclusive app – this holds your information and personalised plans for you to perform anywhere, and the plan is programmed for you, with ...

Chronic pain: The ‘unbearable’ condition affecting one in four 12/05/2022

Chronic pain: The ‘unbearable’ condition affecting one in four

One of the things I realised when I became a qualified PT and started working with the general public is the amount of people I worked with that had chronic pain or had chronic pain in the past.
Understanding somebody’s day to day habits, job role, exercise history, past injuries and their current posture can help me determine what I can do to help implement positive physical and mental benifits.
Old fashioned advice with back pain would haven been bed rest but if you have had a bad back in the past you’ll know gentle movement helps to alleviate symptoms.
I would with then always work with the persons gp or physios advice and clearance on ways to improve pain.
Exercise can help with mobilising joints - the lumbar spine for instance should have very little movement and the thoracic spine should have increased mobility followed by the cervical spine that should have good mobility but when our jobs or prolonged pain coupled with protective movement patterns are developed we can lose the mobility and strength we had causing further imbalances and loss of strength.
Exercise can help increase spinal mobility and core and pelvic stability as well as strengthening muscles that have become long and weak over time, mobilising can help lengthen muscles but it’s important to work with your body and strengthen and mobilise it, walking will also help increase your general health and in many cases help to reduce symptoms.

Like toothache many people seek the dentist 🦷 once it’s here but it’s the cleaning and flossing that helps to keep it at bay.

Back specialists and physios are worth their weight in gold to someone with back pain but the right exercise can help reduce pain for many.

Source -

Chronic pain: The ‘unbearable’ condition affecting one in four Specialists warn the NHS is not set up to deal with such complex conditions.


Just moving and starting to bring in gentle exercise again feels so good! Not going to lie need to tuck my tummy in to my leggings but feeling in such a positive place to start this next leg of my journey. Having a tummy that wobbles doesn’t make me any less of the coach I was prior to pregnancy but it’s just a starting point. Lush to know little man will be growing up knowing this is just something his mamma does.

Photos from Bethandaviesfitness's post 11/05/2022

Sleep is something so many of us underestimate the power of.
Feeling unmotivated, emotional - be it teary or bad tempered stressed or making poor decisions with food, as well as feeling lethargic - these can often be the result or increased due to lack of sleep.
I have had the odd doze since having Idris as I have adapted to interrupted sleep, however my body did start to gear me up for it throughout my pregnancy.
And I think we can often think that a doze won’t help general health when in fact it can.
If you work nights, or have young children, a demanding job it can be benificial to exercise of course but equally to catch up on sleep.
A study done in 2015 showed that there was positive effects on catching up on sleep if you find that you haven’t slept well the night before. ( A reduction in norepinephrine found as a result from adding in napping to catch up on lost sleep)
So missing a hours sleep and then catching up on that be it going to bed earlier the next night or getting in a power nap is proven to be benificial.
There’s so many quotes out there telling us to suck it up - just do it, and other unhelpful advice on why you should be smashing your nutrition, exercise and your career but honestly remember this part of your life won’t last forever.
I’ll long for the time I have to wake for night feeds when they are gone despite some mornings feeling tonked as a result.
Be kind to yourself if you need to have a doze, try and keep moving and avoid being sedentary -
Aim for over 7,000 steps per day if you can and remember eating well will help you feel well. It will give you the energy and the nutrients that will make you feel better long term.
Today I am getting on the Lycra and performing some gentle strengthening and breathing techniques to aid myself back to exercise but if your a mummy remember a doze, a exercise session, a walk, a hour earlier to bed or a cuddle with baby and a book. Can all be things that aid in physical and emotional wellbeing.
The role of a mother is often expected but in reality what we do is exceptional.
Keep going momma.

If you need some support it’s not too late to join me on the 23rd may
Sign up here

(Ref - )




I thought I’d have a real struggle accepting my forty something postpartum body. 🤪
In pregnancy I felt beautiful and I know after having three previous pregnancies it’s normal to miss your bump and have a bit of a hard time accepting your new body postpartum as it will undoubtedly look and feel different to how you felt pre pregnancy.

I’m actually so so proud of it - from actually getting pregnant, to my fabulous blood pressure, to my natural water birth to my absolute perfect baby boy. It’s given me so so much. More than I dared imagine.

It of course will take time for my body to adapt to the new demands I place on it as I walk more - I no longer feel like I’ve been kicked in my fuff 🤣🙌🏻 and I just need to reach out to my sisters about which bras are going to give me the scaffolding I need 🤣 (not used to these bad boys)

But I am in awe of my body - I worked up until 39 weeks pregnant, actively delivering classes which is such an achievement and I am feeling the calling to exercise again, with me starting back with some mobility and core activation this week.

I am enjoying however gentle walks, cuddles and snoozes and am looking forward to seeing changes without feeling like I need to snap back or prove anything.

But consistency and my programs will enable me to rebuild and allow my body to get back to lifting and strengthening and my confidence continue to improve 💪🏻

Remember as I said we are postpartum forever after a baby - it’s something we can work on at our own pace in our own time to feel more confident and capable 👏🙏💪🏻

Our bodies our incredible they really are 🙌🏻


Bethandavies fitness membership 23rd May - 4th July

23rd May silver and gold membership is open!
You can sign up here and expect to hear from me over the next few days to get you in this May!


I still find myself pinching myself that it’s real.
I’ve seen some awful things online while being pregnant about being too old to be a mum and comments I saw other women make about Britney Spears and other older mums to be made me feel sad that other women can take such a negative outlook on a woman having a baby past the age of 40.
I book ended my best friend as she was just 17 having her daughter and I remember her dealing with judgement on how she was too young - her daughter is a qualified solicitor who is still the absolute sunshine in all of our lives. Far from the it’s a shame mentality that many people had at that time.
I don’t think there is a right time to have a baby just like you can wait forever for the right time to exercise, sometimes it’s about not allowing others judgements or expectations cloud that of your own.
My mum died at 67 and I felt it was too soon, in reality we aren’t promised to live to any age and we have all lost someone we love that we feel we have lost too soon, it could be a parent, a friend, a family member or the heart break of losing a child.
What I do know is that life is for living - without giving a monkeys what people think you should do and always do in life what’s right for you.
It’s never too late - if your blessed like me to have a baby a little later than it’s not too late to be a mum again!
It’s not too late for you to start a new job, leave the unhappy relationship your in, or to make steps towards getting fitter and healthier.
There will always be someone who will imply you have left it too late and we are often the very first person to voice this to ourselves!
But it’s never too late to create some exra happiness in your life.
I’m looking forward in creating some new goals, settling into new habits with a baby and getting into a new routine being a online coach and delivering online sessions on less sleep, in a new postpartum body.
The things I will struggle with will make me a better coach.

The things in life we struggle with will give us better understanding and appreciation and the realisation as you do get older I think is that the only path you have to walk is the one that’s right for you.

Don’t doubt yourself and certainly don’t underestimate what can be just around the corner.
If you told me I would be running a successful online business and have a newborn baby at the start of the pandemic I don’t think I’d have dared believe you.
So many things you think are impossible are possible when you open your heart and mind to them and walk the path that’s right for you!

I will be on tomorrow chatting about my upcoming programs and dropping the link for you to be able to take the plunge and to be able to become a FITFAM member.

B ###


Photos from Bethandaviesfitness's post 03/05/2022

One week postpartum!

My main goal this last week has to just allow my little man to adapt to the huge change having been brought into the world as easily as possible and to establish feeding and for me to adapt to the interrupted sleep again.

I have felt the familiar soreness as my milk came in and being able to laugh that I felt a little tender - 8lb 1 oz was my biggest!

I am so touched by the lovely comments. On how beautiful Idris is and asking how I am.

I feel really good, I’m not putting any pressure on my postpartum self and just taking time to eat well , snooze (I haven’t done that since my first!) and keep my fluids up.

My goal now at one week postpartum is to just move a little more.

When re starting a fitness journey or a complete beginner many of us can put too much pressure on ourselves on where we think we should be and bite off too much too soon and then not being able to enjoy it or adhere to it.

My advice is to create smart goals
Realistic /relevant

Focus first on small short term goals perhaps for the week ahead rather than your long term goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed and aiming for them to be specific to your long term goal- the more specific you are the more likely you are to achieve it.

Measurable so you recognise you have made progress but that you can track it / just saying I want to walk more could just be a wish but if I set myself a goal of 8,000- 10,000 steps a day then I’d be able to track and measure my progress and achieve more movement.

And of course achievable so you celebrate reaching it!

If I say I aim to look like I did pre pregnancy by next week it’s not achievable but if I say I wanted to fit into my jeans postpartum then this is! - see the photo below I’m back in them already. 🙌🏻
Setting achievable goals helps to motivate me and my FITFAM.
( these are known as smart goals)

I was deemed high risk due to my age while pregnant but in actual fact I’d say I breezed my pregnancy and had a straight forward birth and Idris is just perfection! But I won’t snap back and I won’t run back to exercise I’ll be giving my body and my mind achievable goals to achieve every week and enjoy all the cuddles and cuppas in between.

If you feel totally overwhelmed or not sure what exercise to do or what goals to implement and you need a trainer that understands then I will be returning to work in five weeks time!
Sign up here -

I hope to share with you my journey so that you can see it’s not a sprint but it’s a bit of a marathon postpartum as we are postpartum forever after having a baby.

It’s being kind to yourself and working towards the things you’d want to achieve but also taking time to enjoy where we are today!

He will only ever be 1 week old today and I’m going to breathe in every second of it!

B ###

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