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Anybody doing the 5.30 tonight?
OMG!!! 2 days that's all I've done and I'm broken 不不不 love you Jango but my body does not 不不不
Hey Jango, can you put a link to the recipe booklet you have with 'bang for you buck brekkie' I remember it being a good one just cant remember how to do it... thank you
If anyone sees this now please post of Fires FB and vote for Jango Health & Fitness as the best gym in Bournemouth please!
Hey lovely ladies.
A few of you have been asking about what nail services I provide.
So, as a kind gesture, I thought Id off all of you Jango ladies a 10% discount
Heres a link to my page
not sure I will make it in. Off to America Friday and littlest has a chest infection and the
Boyfriend manflu! I also have no phone so we are off to a great start. If I don't make it in i will call when I'm back
Toni-Lee Saunders

Coaching for committed and outgoing BUSY men and women who want body toning results and the vanity t ...For committed and outgoing BUSY women who want body toning results and the vanity that goes with having a slimmer, healthier figure.

Operating as usual


It's getting darker and colder outside and it can be tough to get motivated

So, why do our members keep coming so consistently?

They ENJOY it

Doing something you love and enjoy makes all the difference to your motivation and results

You see. We are different to those corporate gyms. We provide:

∴ PT led sessions
∴ World class Accountability
∴ Nutrition support
∴ Very Friendly & fun environment

EVERYTHING you need to make a change this Autumn and ENJOY it

Places are filling up so if you're ready to kickstart yours body goals get in touch today to enrol for October launch!

Appy below




You are not a failure


Want to lose 2 to 3 stone in the 12 weeks and dramatically improve your body confidence?

Listen in,

That's 2 to 3 clothe sizes gone by new year.

Done the correct way.

No harsh low calorie diets.

And someone aka me, to guide you and coach you through whatever that's stopped you before.

This is VERY achievable but you have to start now.

Do you want a body transformation that's going to be a lot more fun than your average boring gym membership?

Now picture yourself not holding on to that extra two, three stone, now remember what that felt like... that could be you in 12 weeks without a doubt. You just have to bite the bullet and commit.

DM me today to get started as we are almost fully booked! No joke


Photos from Jango Health & Fitness's post 10/09/2022

Pilates Classes

Amazing first class this morning teaching members basics and working individually to help improve at any level.

I got so involved I completely forgot to take some action shots of the gang, anyway...

...if you're desperate to strengthen your body through Pilates and need to:

Restore your core
Release right muscles
Improve flexibility

Come and join the fun and undo years of tension in just a couple sessions.

Only 瞿10.....mats can be provided but please bring a pillow/cushion for neck and head support



We have built a community 弘

What does this mean? 漎儭

Someone to support you
Someone to be there for you when you need it
Πomeone to motivate you
Someone to make sure you show up
Someone to notice when you don't show up

Does this sound like something you might be interested in?

Drop me a message to register your interest as space are genuinely filling up fast.



Are you struggling to get started?

Photos from Jango Health & Fitness's post 05/09/2022

Hey my Bournemouth friends,

We are looking to help 5 men & women make a radical transformation along with a MASSIVE boost in confidence and self-esteem

IF you have:

Been working out hard for months, yet still look exactly the same?
Wanting a flatter tummy?
Always wondered what is the most effective training for rapid, long lasting, results?

Join Jango's 8 Week Challenge and see that it doesn't take boring, repetitive and time consuming workouts.

Only committed people will be able to experience:

Breaking through plateaus and sticking points
Packing on lean muscle
Dropping kilos
Boosting self confidence and feeling great

That's because you'll get:

Up to 30 sessions with Bournemouth's number 1 personal training facility on Holdenhurst Road
Advanced workouts that shortcut your ultimate transformation
A 2-Step By Step Nutrition plan that won't consist of Chicken & Broccoli
Our Fail-Proof Support System and more

We pride ourselves on being able to individualise every workout even if you're beginner.

If you are willing to commit to 3-4 sessions per week and are ready to transform your body, challenges start weekly

That said, this is for motivated men and women. If you're at a point where enough is enough, we would love to have you here at JH&F.



Trying to juggle work, children, friends, family?

And all of a sudden you no longer recognise yourself

Physically, mentally, emotionally

Our clients tell us this all the time 必

And then they come to us...

They get 45 minutes of the day that is JUST about them

Plus, they go home and they improve their nutrition

And over time, they begin to recognise themselves again

Their physical health, their mental health and their confidence improves massively

Interested? Drop me a DM


My next mission of the year is to straighten my legs.

This has taken me since January to build up to this.

Working on my hip mobility, hamstrings and glutes strength to be able hold my ass up...

... along with other various issues which I've fixed over the last 8 months to get strong enough to be able to do this.

Adding these various Calisthenics in to my program has really been a game changer as it's radically transformed my physique.

If you find yourself jumping from program to program maybe it's time you followed a process that's been tested and proven to work?

Look no further


Now believe it or not you CAN learn to love training.

Ok, maybe (for some) not the training but you can begin to love the after effects from training regularly.

The increased energy.
The improved mood.
The increased sex drive.
The reduced stress.

Exercise has HUGE benefits.

What you gain from training will ADD to your life in more ways than you know.

You'll wake up fresh and have more clarity.

You'll show up being the parent you want your kids to see.

You'll be in a much better headspace to deal with problems.

You'll be able to wear clothes you want and do the things you want without feeling conscious or insecure.

You wont have to hide away at home because you don't feel fat anymore.

I can go on...

But with almost with everything you don't want to do or fear to do, starting IS the hardest part.

'Entering the unknown', as I like to call it, IS scary sh*t.

But with us at Jango Health & Fitness, we've made the steps to getting in shape a lot easier because we've done all the 'work' for you and all you have to do is...



And I'm not sugar coating it because you'll eat that too.

Don't get me wrong, getting fit and body confident is always going to be a rocky journey because life gets in the way, yes, I agree but life is so much more fun and enjoyable when you are fitter, happier and part of the Jango tribe!

So stop putting your goals off and start putting an action plan together.

We have our programs launching soon

4 Weeks To A Better Core With Pilates
12 week junior strength academy
8 week emergency tone up plan
Fat Dad Fit Dad body transformation

If you have questions about any of our programs get in touch.



10 months of hard work has resulted in this 潃返


Starting 10th of September

10th 17th September, 1st and 8th of October
10:15am - 11am
388 holdenhurst Road Bh8 8BL

Perfect for beginners to advanced

Restore your core
Release tight muscles
Improve hip and back mobility

To reserve your space and find out all the details, or to ask any questions -
please message or text me 07828538560



Practice makes better 潃

Practice builds confidence

Practice keeps you learning

What have you been practicing?

Photos from Jango Health & Fitness's post 30/08/2022

4 Week To A Better Core With Pilates Classes

Starting Saturday

10th 17th September, 1st and 8th of October
10:15am - 11am
388 holdenhurst Road Bh8 8BL

Perfect for beginners to advanced

Restore your core
Release tight muscles
Improve hip and back mobility

To reserve your space and find out all the details, or to ask any questions -
please message or text me 07828538560



Having a fat day? (So am I)

This might be right up your street...

My infamous Transformation Program is NOT for everyone, but if you're serious about getting your confidence and vanity back by achieving a fitter, healthier physique, this is the opportunity that you've been looking for.

This program is about much more than just training sessions and weight loss. You will be held accountable by me, your training group, and most importantly YOU.

Expect to work hard and be consistent, but we will be here to support you every step of the journey.

So if:

儭you've been taking care of everyone else but yourself this summer
儭you've gained a little more than you've expected because of the extra eating and drinking
儭You are ready to invest in the solution to these problems and coaching you need to achieve your goals...

...Here's what you can expect on our transformation programs

You'll quickly begin to feel and experience things like:

∴Better mood

So that you can show-up and be better for family, friends and work

∴Increased energy

So that you dont feel like sack of potatoes dragging yourself around all day... Absolutely exhausting

∴Increased libido

Enough said!

∴Knowledge and strength to deal with your worst habits

So that you can finally make a real change, both mentally AND physically.

∴Get a handle of your diet

You'll learn the jargon free way to a new and balanced way of life that'll delievers the results you need and want!

And lastly

∴fat loss and muscle gain will be a side effect to being a part on of Jango Health & Fitness programs.

And the best part is...

You will have lot of fun and the community we have will be the support that's been missing from your transformation.

So if this Program IS for you and you want to guarantee your placement in the program hit me up with a DM to enrol for the last available places starting just over a week.

Excited to help you get started!



It's too easy to lead life repeating the words 'I'll start on Monday'

When life gets tough, stressful.


When good times take over and you let yourself go a bit.

It's only one drink, I should enjoy myself I deserve it.

I get it, I do.

I've been there many MANY times in the past.

The excitement of a good night out.

But even with the good AND the bad times it's way to easy to revert back to habits that are not helpful for your waist line.

Couple tricks of the trade I've found incredibly usual these last 9 months putting me, myself and Jango through their own transformation,

1. Add more value to activity thats going to help you get results so that when the weekend hits you won't be so easily led astray. For me it's climbing, b ball, training with mates
2.Not to let stress and frustration take over your actions and keep working on maintaining a balance between comfort and challenges.

Believe me, its worked a treat.

I am the fittest I have ever been because of these two new habits... so consider this if and when you start you journey, you must make this more than just about weight loss.

Focus on health and how you want to FEEL and use exercise, training, nutrition, healthy mindset, coaching to propel your results to the new body mind and soul you want to be-come

And with these two new tricks up your sleeve I and can personally guarantee you will be a lot closer to your body goals by end of the year 滕

Before you go...

Just do me, and yourself one favour, please hit [email protected] on this content.

Lastly, Don't wait to start till Monday 不




When getting in shape or working on the tools, you don't need or have to struggle with injuries.

The approach I use to help clients with their injuries has dramatically improved improved quality of their life, their training and ability to do more with their body.

You can either leave it to rest... or you can take control by booking a treatment



Have you tried time and time again but it has never worked out?
Achieved AMAZING results and regressed back?
Not sure where to even start?
打 Super nervous or self-conscious about joining a new facility?

漎儭 漎儭 漎儭

Almost everyone who joins us feels this same way!

And this is why we do what we do

We run PT led sessions 領儭
We hold you accountable
We provide nutritional support

漎儭 漎儭 漎儭

To be considered for our next programme...let us know you're interested and we will get back to you


Ps this is little stretch and Mobility routine I did a for the team couple of weeks ago to help them prep for leg day. Always adding more value to help with results. Give it a go!

If you need a coach to guide you and hold you accountable to get the best reaue possible, then look to further. Send me a DM


Do you find you eat healthily Mon-Thurs and completely fall off the wagon as soon as the weekend arrives?

I have those weekends to sometimes.

Realistically...if you're off track Fri-Sun you can be undoing ALL of your hard work in the week. Very easily done.

My advice to avoid going off track on weekends my chocolate loving friend is to:

1儭Νlan your meals - you're most likely to go off track when you're unorganised. Tesco meal deals, takeaways, basicly food that are normally higher in calories, oh and empty calories.

2儭Αrink plenty of water! Its important to keep hydrated, especially when it's hot and humid...plus it helps you to feel fuller for longer. So 2 litres a day minimum!

3儭Ζ do this a lot. If you're worried you will over-eat at an event...eat before you go! (or just go and enjoy yourself and get back on track the next day!)

Im absolutely not saying you shouldn't enjoy the tastier foods in life

It's important to treat yourself now and again for sure

But it's super important you get back on track the next day

CONSISTENCY is key, remember that when you think of munching on a pack of hobknobs and starting your diet on Monday all because you've a bad day.

Not buying it.

That talk needs to stop.

And action needs to be taken

You in?


PS We've had 6 people join us this last week to begin their transformation, are you wanting to be our next success story? If you enrol for September, you get the rest of August Free. Sessions are running at 6am 7am 9:30am 4:45pm 5:30pm and 6:30pm

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It's getting darker and colder outside and it can be tough to get motivated So, why do our members keep coming so consi...
You are not a failure
We have built a community 弘What does this mean? 漎儭 Someone to support you  Someone to be there for you when you need i...
Are you struggling to get started?
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I'm blown away at the amount of people that tell me 'I eat really well but I still can't lose weight' Shocker! 喫Take no...
Trying out some new movements and kit today.Keepings things fun and varied 予




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