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This morning saw the completion of my 30/30 Challenge. 30 runs of at least 30 mins for 30 consecutive days. I feel I've come through the challenge fitter, stronger, lighter and faster and importantly highly motivated at a time when motivation is in short supply.

Every session had a goal which really helped and is something I have always tried to do.

The runs included: fast, slow, recovery, hills, intervals, negative split, reducing split time, technique and of course some segment chasing! The longest run was 10 miles and the shortest just under 3.

For those interested here are the stats that I kept after every run/bike.

Total miles: 118.34 running

135.00 cycling

253 miles in total.

Total calories burnt. 24,731 of which 13,949 were from running.

My weight at the start was 14st 7lbs, weight after my last run on day 30 was 13st 13lbs.

All in all a successful, motivating and stress busting 30 days. I am really looking forward to a day off running tomorrow!

Know that Kelly Morgan-Pugh is also doing her own 30/30 so thanks for taking part and please let us all know how it went. I'm not certain but I think Jenn Kleeman is also doing it, if you are, I hope it went well.


Coaching Tip.
If are are new to running and the bug gets you, (and it will) then try to accept that with running comes the risk of injury, so if you moving form 5K to 10K or half marathon try to introduce a regular sports massage into your training schedule, it really does help to prevent injury.
If you do pick up an injury, my advice would to to go to a sports injury clinic as they can probably help you back to fitness a lot quicker.

Finally, always remember your R I C E


Don't mix up your sessions, complete your session as planned.
This one can create debate among coaches as some running is better than no running. For me, it's stick to the plan.
Example: You are about to do 8 miles at 10 minute mile pace in preparation for a half marathon. 2 miles from the end you speed up and start doing some interval style work until you finish at 8 miles.
The Result: You have just defeated the object of your session. You didn't complete your aerobic endurance run as planned and you didn't do enough interval work to make any difference to your race pace.
STICK TO YOUR PLAN and keep A/E sessions completely separate from your speedwork.
As ever please get in touch if you need any advice or you are unsure about the different forms of training.


This week’s training tip.
Don’t increase your overall distance by more that 10% each week.
Trying to do too much too soon will lead to injury so take it slowly to achieve better long term goals and results.


I've decided to post on a regular basis some training and coaching tips for the new season.
As a BTF L2 qualified coach I hope to able to help athletes achieve a balanced and rewarding pre-season and to enter the season fit and well.
If you have any comments or need any advice please feel free to get in touch.


I have now measured 4 different 1 mile routes each one different and only one of them flat. 2 are off road and has 3 short but steep hills.
All I need now is a group and availability for those of you who are interested.
For the road sessions I will have a “no hi-vis-no run” rule in place, safety first!


I'm planning to run a weekly interval session focussing on longer intervals of about a mile. there will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 x 1 mile with longer recoveries of about 5 minutes. Please PM or comment if you're interested.

Timeline photos 02/02/2017

Posted before but well worth another look.


Great nutrition advice from the Brighton Marathon Nutritionist. If you are running a marathon this year PLEASE READ THIS!


- Nick Morgan, Official Nutritionist for Brighton Marathon Weekend

With just a few months to go until the big day, your training runs will be getting longer. As you increase your millage we believe it is important to start to thinking about how your nutrition plan fits in with these long runs. Each long run is a chance to chop, change and find out what works for you.

10 long runs left to practice!

Hands up, who has their race day routine sussed already? As runs become longer, you have the perfect platform to practice what works and doesn’t work. There are only 10-12 long practice runs left to get it right – that is not just what to eat, but also the practicalities of when and where you’ll eat it!

So as you plan your long runs, also have a think about the following:

How did you feel after a particular breakfast? Did you feel like you had the energy for your run or not? Note down what works and what doesn’t.
Are you eating and running at the times that will mimic marathon day?
Where will you be staying for the marathon and what foods will be available? Is your current choice of breakfast available on marathon day?
Thinking about these things now can help you create a perfect pre-race routine that will give you the confidence you need that you are eating the right foods at the right time in order to boost your performance, rather than hinder it.

What is your fuel of choice?

You all know that fuel and hydration will be essential during the marathon. The question is, are you practicing what you plan to do? Only you can answer that but if you want to avoid running out of energy on the day, ensure you have thought through the following:

Have you tried the HIGH5 fuel that will be on course, and does it agree with you?
If not have you found an alternative fuel? If you don’t like gels, you will still need to practice with your alternative choices
Do you know how many gels/alternatives you need per hour?
Have you had a look at where the gel stations are, and how long it will take to get between each? Will you need to carry extra to get you between them?
For those of you still trying to work it out, we like to split the marathon into one hour segments, with the equivalent of one gel per hour and a couple of swigs of sports drink. That’s your platform to build.


Advice from the Brighton Marathon Team on training over Christmas.
For those running London/Brighton etc you should be well into your schedule by ow and hopefully this will help.

Nick Anderson, official coach for Brighton Marathon Weekend has put together some helpful advice about training over the festive period...

The Christmas period is a busy one for all of us. Finding time to run along side the Christmas parties, work emails and last minute late night shopping trips isn’t easy. Training is normally scheduled, we all have our preferred times of day we like to go out and train, however during the Christmas season routine will be broken and change in training will occur.

December isn’t an easy month to be a runner, especially for those that are in training for a Spring marathon. For most following our training plans, a 16 week training guide will build you up nicely from January right through to race day at the beginning of April. If this works for you then great! However if you want to be clever and make this marathon one to remember then we suggest you train over the Christmas break when possible. Going into your plans with a foundation of fitness and training will set you up nicely for the grind ahead.

If you are following a plan already but struggling with finding time to get all your sessions done, then identify the most important elements of your training that you wish to achieve each week and 'ring-fence' them. This may mean doing runs on unexpected days. There is no law saying your faster session must be on a Tuesday and long run on a Sunday. Move the key elements to days that suit you. Choose quality over quantity! If you can only run twice a week then we suggest targeting a threshold session and your longer run. These will help to maintain fitness, improve strength and increase speed.

If you are missing your weekly yoga class that’s closed over Christmas, then bring yoga to your home! Put a mat or towel down and give yourself 20 minutes to fit in some strength and conditioning work. This includes stretching, core and rehabilitation exercises. Research tells us that a few short workouts are better than one longer session and can still improve posture and prevent injury. Some is always better than none!

Find a balance

It’s important to find the balance over Christmas and to enjoy the festive period with loved ones as well as your trainers! This holiday season only takes place once a year, embrace it. There will be bad days or moments where mince pies, dinners and Christmas cake seem impossible to refuse. A real benefit of being a runner is that we know we can and will burn it off. However, we need to retain a balance here guys. Don't over indulge just because you CAN, choose healthy options whenever possible then you will enjoy the treats even more.

Look into local Christmas runs to keep training fun and enjoyable. Park runs, 5ks or 10ks is a great distance to be mastering before starting your training plans come January. Keep the motivation by meeting up with friends to run, join in on local running club nights and asking for running gear for Christmas!

So make the most of the extra time when it’s available, run off road in the daylight and test out all that new running kit! Don’t let January catch you by surprise…

See you on the other side ready to start the real marathon prep and fun.

Timeline photos 15/12/2016

For effective coaching and to achieve the results YOU want, you need a qualified coach to work with you and not a "one size fits all" programme from a book.
Everyone is different so no schedule is ever the same.
I am a BTF L2 coach and am happy to help you achieve your goals in any of the 3 sports in Triathlon.


Fuelling your run!
This is an excellent recipe which includes a 30g hit of protein using Herbalife24 Rebuild Endurance and all the carbs you need to fuel your run.

1 banana
1 scoop (30g) of protein powder I used some Herbalife Rebuild Endurance Vanilla but any would work
1 egg
25g rolled oats
1 tbsp coconut oil
Handful of berries

These really couldn’t be simpler, add the banana, protein powder, egg and oats into a blender while you heat some coconut oil in a pan. Once hot enough pour a small amount of mix into the pan at a time and wait until they look almost cooked and gently flip them.
This mix is enough for around 8 small pancakes or 6 bigger ones, I added some honey on top with some chopped up strawberries, but I think it would work really well with any other fruit and some yogurt.


Those clever doctors at Herbalife have long said that the only way to tackle our growing obesity epidemic is through education and it has become clear to me recently that education even among active people such as runners is sadly lacking if not non-existent!

As a runner you most likely burn an average of 100 calories per mile you run. However, intensity plays a large role in calorie burn too, more intensity=more calories. So the average person jogging at an average pace for about an hour will probably burn 4-500 calories.

If you want to lose weight you need to aim for about 1500 calories a day for women and 2000 for men.

Now the education bit! (Please ignore if you are happy with your weight and run as a social activity)

At a recent event I watched a novice runner who had just burned a maximum of 400 calories pack away a 3 course meal that (having made the calculations) contained at least 2500 calories not to mention 68g of fat and 30g of sugar! That's the calories you would burn in a Marathon! So what happens if you don't burn them? They're stored in your body as FAT and despite all your effort on your run you WILL put on more weight.

It does seem that many people, particularly those new to running or sport in general think that if they've exercised they can then eat what they like, YOU CAN'T! Your nutrition is more important than the exercise itself (20% exercise-80% nutrition) if you are trying to lose weight, and as I have said many times before,



Day 1. 5 mins walk, 1 min run x4.
Day 2. Rest
Day 3. 4 mins walk, 1 min run x4
Day 4. Rest
Day 5. 3 mins walk, 1 min run x5
Day 6. Rest
Day 7. 2 mins walk, 1 min run x5


Nice 10 miler with my training partner Mike Guess this morning. It's incredible how much harder you work when out with better runners. My advice is always to push yourself a little and go out with runners that will push you, the improvements will come much more quickly!


Yateley 10K series race 1. Good result for me with a tome of 45:57 on a hilly course so hopefull now of a sub 43 this season.
It helped that I have shed 9lbs in the last 6 weeks and although I didn't feel any faster there was still loads left going up the last 1k hill so weight made a massive difference.
Generally, experts believe that for there is a 10 second gain for every pound lost over 10K.
Cant wait for race 2!


We are looking for new members to join our new run club.

If you have never run before or, if you a novice who would like to improve or, if you are nervous (as many people are) about taking part in a race then please get in contact.

Our run club is FREE and all we ask is for your commitment!

Call us on 07809776026 or comment to start your journey from Couch to 5K.


Run Club dates for May.

Monday 9 am or pm.
Tuesday 10 eve.
Monday 16 am or pm
Tuesday 24 am or pm
Monday 30 am or pm.

More dates to follow as our schedule is filled.


Improvers Plan (5K) Week 2.

Day 1: Rest
Day 2: Speedwork. 30 mins inc. 4,3,2,1 mins hard efforts with 90 second active recoveries.
Day 3: 30-40 min gentle recovery run
Day 4: 30 mins easy or X training.
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 40 mins with 2x 10 mins at Threshold pace with 2-3 mins active recoveries.
Day 7: 40 min relaxed run.


Beginners Plan Week 2.

Day 1: 5 mins walking, 45 seconds running. Repeat x4
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: 4 mins walking, 45 seconds running. Repeat x4
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 3 mins walking, 45 seconds running. Repeat x5
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 2 mins walking, 45 seconds running. Repeat x6


After a bit of a crazy week in the build up to Fern's London Marathon yesterday, we are returning to normal and recommencing Run Club sessions. Please message or email either of us your availability.


What is Threshold Running?

Threshold running is among the most beneficial sessions a runner can do. Descriptions vary depending on the coach but in simple terms a threshold run is where a runner maintains a constant pace which should feel more uncomfortable than your recovery pace but not as fast as race pace. these sessions are also known as Tempo Runs.


Improvers 5K plan 10 week plan.

Week 1.

Day 1: Rest
Day 2: 20 mins inc. 2x5 mins at threshold with 2-3 mins jog recovery.
Day 3: 30 min easy recovery run.
Day 4: X train or an easy 39 min run.
Day 5: Rest
Day 6: 30 Mins with 3x5 mins at threshold with 2 min jog recoveries. Include a couple of easy hills.
Day 7: 30 min easy recovery run.

Weeks 2-10 to follow in order.


Beginners Training Plan.
Week 1.

Day 1: 5 mins walk, 30 seconds run, repeat 4 times.
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Repeat Day 1 but with 4 mins walking.
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 3 mins walk, 30 seconds run, repeat 5 times.
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 2 mins walk, 30 seconds run, repeat 6 times.

This is an 8 week plan so weeks 2-8 will follow in order. Enjoy.

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