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Easy-to-follow CLASSES suitable for ALL ages & abilities! 👉

Operating as usual


💕“Being different gives the world colour”🙃

Hi Barbie👋👱‍♀️ Hi Flashdance 👋👯‍♀️ Hi Rocky


Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 19/03/2024

🦋 My inspirational client has achieved so much! 🥹She’s a working mum of 3 small children and has got her pre-motherhood figure back.

She started PT with me last year to get a bulk of her goal achieved and then carried on seeing me sporadically for motivation, goal setting boosts and measurements. She also does my Recorded Pilates and dance fitness classes at home every week.

She still lives life, enjoys holiday seasons, trips away and has days that do not go to plan, but she gets back to healthy eating straight after.

Her exercising is consistent and we’ve found all the ways to make it appealing for her and not a struggle. 😊


3 stone weight loss
8 inches off stomach
6 inches off Bum
3 inches off thigh


❤️Suitable for ALL ABILITIES
❤️All classes are in the dark
❤️Clubbercise is £7 (45min)
❤️Pilates is £12 per single class
❤️Pilates is £10 per class in a course.


💜Hugest love to Rachel, for her amazing video. 🥹 I’ve asked out for some video messages recently.

For me, the “in-person” fitness class industry isn’t quite the same since the pandemic.

There is a number of reasons for this, work hours now differ, more working from home, out of routine, lost mojo, stuck in a rut, stuck in a comfort zone, not being able to set clear realistic goals and an action plan.

But If any of the reasons are fear related, or you just need some motivation I hope; with the help of my lovely class family, we can encourage you to make the steps back to the actioning of becoming your ideal self 🫶💜

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 22/01/2024

🖤So……… last year I did a shoot to capture my physique at 30 😌🤫😂 (of course it had to be with the amazing 🫶)
I got so many great photos because of his posing knowledge, photography skills & personality, he’s amazing 🥰🙌

😬 You may notice slightly on these, and some future photos, that my b***s didn’t show up to the pre-tan party 🫣 and I just wanted to to explain 😅.

I stupidly booked myself a spray tan; at a place I hadn’t tried before 🤓🔫 🙃.
I turned up, got naked and stood ready to be sprayed (like spray paint where the formula reaches everywhere evenly 🤗)

BUT……. The lady walked in wearing rubber gloves, holding liquid tan in a bottle 👀.
It turns out, I was not going to be sprayed standing like a star, 1 metre away from her. I was to lay on a bed, naked and have tan massaged into me x2 coats 😮🤡

Being pale for the shoot was not an option 😵‍💫. I somehow got through this hilarious 45 minute appointment. But I couldn’t stop laughing when she was rubbing my b***s 🤣🫣 so they didn’t get worked on as much as the rest of me 😅 and that is my white b**b story.

Is salon based- naked rubbing spray tan a thing?
I never knew this was a customer treatment in salon land.
What would you have done? 🫣


Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 16/01/2024

❤️Thanks for a brilliant first night back everybody 🥰 Here are your beautiful faces , sleep well ❤️🫶


🌈 You can now book for Clubbercise 2024.

❤️Tuesdays 7pm @ Ravenscote school, Frimley.

❤️Thursdays 7pm @ Sandhurst Sports centre.

🌈 Easy-to-follow Dance fitness IN THE DARK to big anthems and with Glow-sticks.
It’s the best way to get incredible results to your health, body, mind & fitness levels. This class is so fun, addictive and suitable for everyone.

To book visit:

Or from Facebook, click BOOK NOW on my page.

See you in class 😘❤️


🎄Merry Christmas everybody 🥰🫶 Hope you all have an amazing one. ❤️


❤️ I can’t believe we are in the last part of 2023 already! There are some changes for this last term.

Here is the class timetable for the remainder of this year running 7th November to 5th December.

🌈Tue 7pm Clubbercise, Frimley.
🧘‍♀️Tue 8pm Pilates, Frimley.


❤️ January 2024, Thursday 7pm clubbercise will resume.

Hope to see you all over these last 5 weeks, any questions just message 🥰

Big love,

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 04/10/2023

💙This time, 15 years ago, I was 15 stone and waiting to have my beautiful son.

I’m never wanting to make anyone feel inadequate about themselves 🙏 (i do feel conscious about that misunderstood message)

I just would love to help people see that anything can be achieved from the mind and body with the right plan of action, attitude and consistency.

Be stronger than your excuses 🫶

If you need help, I can help you 💙

📸 By the Amazing 🫶


💪 Back to work week! Personal training, Clubbercise & Pilates have resumed. ❤️ Let’s get stuck into our new season goals!

❤️ I have a few PT spaces available, please message for more info and also let me know if you’d want to see Zumba back in the timetable.

Photo by 🫶


❤️Let’s start again, it’s not National fitness day today 🥴 that’s next week 🙃🫠 Bad Jet lag brain in full swing. 🫣 I do know that Clubbercise is definitely resuming tomorrow Thursday 14th at 7pm in Sandhurst Sports centre 😊🫶 Come and see me try and remember all the routines 🤡 you’ll burn lots of extra calories laughing 👌


❤️it’s actually not National Fitness Day 😂 I’m so jet lagged, where am I, what year is it! ❤️ Clubbercise starts back tomorrow! Sandhurst Sports centre at 7pm. I can’t wait to see you all. ❤️ Book now at

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 30/08/2023

My mum did these 🥹. I always wanted to do this shot...(x7 lol)…and, from one determined woman to another, we did it! 🙏 Isn’t she incredible! 👏 ❤️

THANK YOU for massively coming out of your photography niche to do this for me and THANK YOU so much for allowing me to make it all happen at your incredible, friendly and amazingly unique Gym 🫶💙

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 15/06/2023

❤️After years of not being able to achieve changes, PT has succeeded for her! We’ve achieved fantastic results from one pt session per week plus she’s doing my in person and recorded classes. 😊

So proud and happy for my lovely client. We are half way through the body goals and fully have achieved a new enjoyable lifestyle path, free of failures & quitting 🫶



Q) How long do I hold each stretch?
A) To start with, hold each stretch for 20 seconds and repeat 2-3 times. After a few weeks or when you feel ready, hold the stretches for 30-60 seconds.

Q)How many times a week?
A) 3-5 times of 10-20 minutes spent stretching is proven to be most effective. For the majority, this plan can help you achieve the splits in a period of 3 weeks to 3 months depending on your flexibility starting point. For a small number of people, it could take 6-12 months.

Q) Is this painful?
A) The splits stretch journey should feel slightly uncomfortable and awkward but NEVER stretch to the point of pain. Ease back and stay patient, it will feel more comfortable in good time.

Q) How do I maintain my splits results?
A) Once you can do the splits, you’ll keep the skills forever if you keep up with stretching the main leg muscle groups. It’s a really lovely stretch routine to put at the end of your workout. I personally only do the splits after a leg session, but every day, after my cardio, I will stretch my hamstrings, quads, hip flexors and glutes.

Q) How did Dawn do that in 2 weeks?
A) She did those 3 suggested stretches 5 times a week after exercise. Consistency really is your best friend.

Q) My back leg is halting me?
A) Perform extra Quad & Hip flexor stretches

Q) My front leg is halting me?
A) Perform extra Hamstring & Glute stretches

Q) I have more questions!
A) Message me 😊 ❤️Thank you Dawn Carter for your amazing demonstrations


💗The next Pilates course begins on 6th June for 5 weeks until 4th July.

💗Tuesdays 8pm (after clubbercise)
💗at Ravenscote school, Frimley,
💗For ALL abilities,
💗In Dim lighting with music,
💗55 minutes,

Please message me to enquire about booking ☺️💗

-The next course after this will be in September.


❤️Hey Lovely’s, I need your help. I want to be creating some helpful, valuable content and it would be AMAZING if I can find out what you’d like help with?

It can be about anything, exercises? Goals? mind set? motivation? How to? Why can’t I? What’s best for?

Please pm me lots of questions and I’ll start helping ❤️ Hope you’re having a good week!

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 26/05/2023

🦋Making incredible progress so far with this star ⭐️ Whole frame is completely transforming and tightening up so quickly. ❤️Freaking love working with the female physique 🌸👙.


Thanks Everyone for an amazing night! ❤️ I Got it wrong about next week 🫣 Tuesday clubbercise is on next week.

These bank holidays are hurting my little brain. 🥴 I literally don’t even know what year it is 😅. Help!!!


🖤Group PT is now underway! 😍 My lovely ladies here did an amazing 1st sesh. I’m about to train a group of 3 next this morning. 🫶

It’s a great solution to feeling extra supported, having bonus motivation from your friend as well as me, sharing the transformation journey and costs.
❤️ If you’re interested, then please do get in touch because I think this option is going to get booked up quick.

Photos from Stacey Jane Fitness's post 01/05/2023

💙Happy Bank Holiday everyone 🥰 AND Happy NEW MONTH! ❤️Come join me to begin feeling super AMAZING for the approaching summer ☀️ Book at

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