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Does anyone know where Paul the swimming teacher went after leaving Finns please x
⭐️Surrey Heath Sports Awards 2021 – make your nominations now!⭐️

The SHSA celebrate the achievements and commitment of our local sporting community, many of whom have gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s a chance to say a thank you, well done or give somebody the recognition they deserve.

This year's award categories are:
⭐️The Massage Company Sporting Moment of the Year
⭐️Surrey Security Service Ltd Community Project of the Year
⭐️Surrey Playing Fields Volunteer of the Year
⭐️Herrington Carmichael Solicitors Disability Sports Award
⭐️Complete Coaching Outstanding Service Award

To nominate someone, complete our quick and easy online form at by 19 September.

Surrey Heath Portfolio Holder for Places and Strategy, Cllr Rebecca Jennings Evans, said: “The Surrey Heath Sports Awards this year are a chance to celebrate all the wonderful people in Surrey Heath who have done their best to keep sport and physical activity going through the pandemic, helping people with their physical and mental health.

“If you know of an individual, team, group or organisation who have gone above and beyond, please do head to our website and nominate them – it's quick and easy to do, and a great way to show your appreciation.”

Read more:
2020 Surrey Heath Business Awards.
Positive Social Impact shortlist.
Congratulations and good luck!
Surrey Security Service Ltd Fins Swimming Club
The Secret Stage School The Cabin Camberley
Any with lessons at Kings today might want to wear wellies - access to the pool is flooded!
Excellent communication and organisation today... Good to be back... thanks!
Good Luck to all the Level 1 and 2 trainees attending our first Practical Sessions this week with Fins Swimming Club in Frimley, Surrey! We can't wait to meet you face to face and hope you have an amazing time poolside!
😁 We can't wait to deliver our first practical session and assessment for our Level 1 and Level 2 Teaching Swimming trainees!

Thank you to Fins Swimming Club for being our first host.

These practical sessions complement the courses we have been starting online since the end of March.

Watch this space as this is the start of many more to come!
Is FINS still running classes tomorrow in light of new advice?
Fins swimming club really is full of really amazing instructors. They really do work to the ability of the child. I am so happy that we found Fins.
Gemma Hamerton Taylor
If you left me at Frimley Church of England’s pool tonight I’m having a sleepover and will be in the Fins office from 8:30am tomorrow. If needed urgently tonight please call 07754 106239 x
Thank you Fins for a brilliant term. My boys love learning o swim with you. So proud of little Freddie who received this and his 20m badge this week.....

Fins Swimming Club is a not for profit organisation with a community interest. We offer swimming les Give a child a life saving skill

Operating as usual


☀️☀️Summer Holiday Swimming Crash Courses ☀️☀️

5 day courses, w/c 24th and 31st July at Farnborough Hill.

Group lessons and 1-1/1-2 lessons available for all ages and abilities from age 3yrs!

🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ Mermaid Swimming 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️ Available Sunday 30th July!

Please call 07939 655 420 or visit our online shop:


☀️☀️Summer Holiday Swimming Crash Courses ☀️☀️

5 day courses, w/c 24th and 31st July at Farnborough Hill.

Group lessons and 1-1/1-2 lessons available for all ages and abilities from age 3yrs!

Please call 07939 655 420 or visit our online shop:


☀️☀️Summer Holiday Swimming Crash Courses ☀️☀️

5 day courses, w/c 24th and 31st July at Farnborough Hill.

Group lessons and 1-1/1-2 lessons available for all ages and abilities from age 3yrs!

Please call 07939 655 420 or visit our online shop:

Professor Mike Tipton on Cold Water Shock 20/06/2023

**Drowning Prevention Week**

Cold Water Shock – the Facts

The term ‘cold water shock’ refers to a range of natural reactions that our bodies take to protect us when we enter cold water (although these reactions can sometimes work against us).
With cold water being anything from approximately the temperature of a swimming pool and below, we are not just talking about icy cold water here.

So what are the effects of Cold Water Shock?

There are three stages that your body goes through during cold water shock, starting with one that you will be familiar with a mild version of from getting into the swimming pool…a gasp for breath, this is then followed by rapid breathing (hyperventilation).

At the same time as your breathing goes out of control, your blood pressure shoots up as your body tries to keep your blood warm by moving it towards the middle of your body (this is why you go pale when you’re cold).

Once your breathing is back under control, this is your window to get out of the water before the further effects of cold water shock kick in.

As your muscles cool, your strength, endurance and muscle control reduces to the point when you can’t swim any longer so can’t rescue yourself. The point at which you can’t swim any more is called ‘swim failure’, and if you haven’t got out of the water or managed to get hold of a buoyancy aid (like a lifejacket) by this time, you will drown.

What about hypothermia?

There is a lot of talk of people dying from hypothermia after falling into cold water, but the truth is that unless they have a way of surviving past the point of swim failure (like wearing a lifejacket), you will drown before you become hypothermic.

Even in really cold water, it takes at least 30 minutes for you to become hypothermic. Crucially, hypothermia remains a risk even when you get out of the water unless you get out of the cold and warm up efficiently and quickly.

Is cold water shock really responsible for lots of drownings?

It is difficult to identify if cold water shock was the cause of a drowning or not, but this is what we know:

- All waters around the UK are cold enough to induce the cold shock effects, even in high summer.
- Over 60% of drownings are of people who have ended up in the water by accident, so they’re normally very close to the edge, but something stops them from being able to get out safely.
- A sudden rise in blood pressure can be fatal for people with a pre-existing heart condition. Each year a number of people who are suspected of drowning, turn out to have had a heart attack.
- Studies show that people’s ability to swim in cold water is much less than their ability in a warm swimming pool.
- Survivors of drowning have described how the effects of cold water shock made it difficult for them to survive.

What should you do if you fall into the water?

First, keep your mouth away from the water until you have your breathing back under control, you can do this by rolling onto your back and floating or paddling to stay at the surface.

Then, don’t waste any time and swim towards an exit before your muscles start to cool, or swim towards something that will help you to stay afloat whilst you are calling for help.

Finally, once you are out of the water re-warm yourself as soon as you can to avoid hypothermia.

Professor Mike Tipton on Cold Water Shock Professor Mike Tipton of the University of Portsmouth provides an excellent insight into the effects of cold water, why it can be dangerous and what can be d...

Get to know your Water Safety Code with RLSS UK 19/06/2023

**Drowning Prevention Week**

Please take time to watch this Water Safety Code Animation as part of Drowning Prevention Week.

The animation walks through the water safety code which is the fundamental spine of all water safety education. It is designed to provide simple and easy to remember information that acts as both a proactive measure to help educate people to make early, critical decisions, and also to help people understand what they should do in an emergency.

Please take this 1 minute and 33 seconds to watch this video, it could save a life 🛟 🛟 🛟

Get to know your Water Safety Code with RLSS UK The Water Safety Code is the fundamental spine of all water safety education. It is designed to provide simple and easy to remember information that acts bot... 17/06/2023

Drowning Prevention Week

Do your children know how to stay safe around water?

Did you know that over 55% of parents surveyed said they would not be confident their child would know what to do if they fell into open water?

With figures indicating that around 25% of primary school pupils leave school unable to swim, there is a real fear that as a result of the pandemic many more children will lack the ability or confidence to swim or self-rescue, should they find themselves in difficulty in the water.

Fins Swimming Club are supporting the Royal Life Saving Society UK’s Drowning Prevention Week campaign, running from 17-24 June 2023, and urging our members to access the charity’s free online resources to ensure their children have the skills to enjoy a lifetime of fun in the water. With many of us opting for staycations once again this year, the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), fears that families will flock to beaches and inland water locations this summer, without considering the potential dangers, putting themselves and others at risk. Or for those of us who will be venturing abroad for their summer holiday, they may find themselves using non-lifeguarded pools and therefore be at risk if they do not have the necessary water safety skills.

As children (especially boys) enter their late teens, they become increasingly more likely to take risks, with more than 300 people accidentally drowning every year. And for every drowning death that occurs, there are more than 10 near-drownings, with many of these leading to life-changing injuries.

During Drowning Prevention Week, we will be focussing our lessons around water safety, with lots of fun activities for children of all ages and abilities to be involved in - it's never too early or too late to learn how to stay safe and enjoy the water!

To give you or your loved ones a head start, why not book onto a summer crash course? We have group lessons (beginner to Stage 5) and 1-1/1-2 lessons (for all ages and abilities) available.

For more information, and to find out how you can make sure your family enjoys water safely this summer:


☀️☀️Summer Holiday Swimming Crash Courses ☀️☀️

5 day courses, w/c 24th and 31st July at Farnborough Hill.

Group lessons and 1-1/1-2 lessons available for all ages and abilities from age 3yrs!

Please call 07939 655 420 or visit our online shop :


🤩🤩Star Swimmers 🤩🤩 Congratulations to you all 😄😄


☀️☀️Summer Water Safety ☀️☀️

Drowning accidents are especially high in the summer months and over the last few years and recent weeks, we have heard of too many tragedies that could have been avoided.

Every year people drown both at home and on holiday because they don’t take simple precautions, so reaching people with water safety messages is vital. We want people to enjoy the water safely. Please help to avoid any tragedies this summer by spreading the following water safety advice far and wide.

In the last 5 years, 39% of all UK drownings occurred in June, July and August.

Farnborough 2-day 1-1/1-2 24/05/2023

*** A 1-1 / 1-2 space has become available for our May half term course next week at 12 - 12.30 pm at Farnborough Hill School, Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 1st June. Please purchase through our online shop. ***

Farnborough 2-day 1-1/1-2 During the May half term, Fins is holding a 2-day One to One or One to Two lessons (teacher to swimmer ratio) at Farnborough Hill School from Tuesday 30th May to Wednesday 31st May inclusive for swimmers aged 4+. Dates: Tuesday 30th May - Wednesday 31st May 2023 Price The cost for 2 x 30 minute less...


Last group spaces remaining for May half term! 3-day course in small groups £28.50!

- 9 - 9.30 am - Duckling 1-4 Age 5+ - 1 space
- 9.30 - 10 am - Duckling 1-4 Age 5+ - 1 space
- 10 - 10.30 am - Duckling 1-4 Age 5 + - 1 space
- 10.30 - 11 am - Stage 1-2 - 3 spaces

😎😎😎start swimming and get ready for the summer holidays ahead! 😎😎😎

For more information or to book:


🛟🛟 our new Rookie lifesaving class practising safe entries into different types of water, checking what casualty type they are dealing with, guiding each other and having a lot of fun! 🛟🛟


Hurray! Our emails are all back and working and we have been busy replying to everyone who emailed us yesterday. If you were expecting to hear from us and haven't please get in touch as it maybe your email has gone into cyberspace somewhere! Thank you everyone for your patience 😀


Email issues! Our email network is currently down so we can't receive or send any emails! Please do call us on 07939 655420 if you need to speak to us! Hopefully our IT issues will be over soon! And yes, we have tried turning it off and on again 😂


🌟🌟Farnborough Hill Swimmers - lessons start back this evening! 🌟🌟


🛟 🛟 🌊🌊 🦺🦺 It is important that everyone knows how to stay safe when in, on and around the water whether it be indoors or outdoors. Always follow the water safety code 🛟 🛟 🌊🌊 🦺🦺


🐣🐰🏊‍♀️Last remaining spaces on our Easter holiday 4 day intensive swimming lesson courses 🐣🐰🏊‍♀️

Group lessons £38 (max 6 in a class with a teacher and a helper) available as follows:

🌟 Monday 3rd April to Thursday 6th April

10am 1 x Beginner (Duckling 3-Stage 1)
10.30am 1 x Beginner (Duckling)
4.30pm 1 x Stage 3-4
4.30pm 2 x Beginner (Duckling)

🌟 Tuesday 11th April to Friday 14th April

9.30am 4 x Stage 3-4

All lessons being held at Farnborough Hill School 🐣🐰🏊‍♀️

To book please visit our online shop or call 01276 538312.


♥️ A misty Valentine’s welcome for all our crash course swimmers today ♥️ have an amazing swim 🏊‍♀️


Having a little issue with our 07939 655 420 phone number! Please use our landline to get hold of us 01276 538312!

Speak to you soon!


Huge congratulations to our Star Swimmers!!


Following the tragic death of 4 children this week in Solihull, please talk to your children and share this message with them, your family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and those affected by this tragedy.

Always remember to stay away from the ice, even if it looks frozen – it is still fragile and can break easily. If you see anyone in trouble, call 999 immediately and DO NOT go in. Instead try to find something that you can reach them with or throw - things you may find include a rope, pole, clothing tied together, a scarf, or a buoyant aid like a ball.


🌟🌟FREE Swimming Lesson for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers!🌟🌟

Come and join in our fun swimming lessons in our lovely private pool in Sherfield English, near Romsey!

Lessons available Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings, starting January 2023.

FREE trial lessons available, please email [email protected] or phone 07939 655 420.

More information available at


Our Autumn term has now finished and we restart our lessons again on Tuesday 3rd January.

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and send our very best wishes for 2023!

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Our Story

Fins Swimming Club is a not for profit organisation with a community interest. Our aim is to increase the community’s awareness of swimming and promote water safety. We offer fun, friendly group and one-to-one swimming lessons with an emphasis on water safety as well as instruction in Rookie Lifesaving, Academy Swimming, Snorkelling, Diving and SwimFit. There are lessons for all ages and abilities from 4-month-old babies to adults. Children’s lessons have only 6 children in a class with two to three teaching staff in the water.

We enjoy supporting local community groups and are committed to community investment. We provide subsidised school swimming for the Surrey and Hampshire Educational Authorities as well as swimming sessions for local community groups. We happily arrange opportunities for work experience and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

We are also one of the few private swimming schools in the country which is an Accredited Teacher Training Centre and we have achieved this status by working closely with Swim England and the Institute of Swimming. This is also instrumental in encouraging our enthusiastic teachers to continue their professional development to maintain our high standards.

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Loved our Mermaid swimming last term! If you would like to hear about our next Mermaid Course for Stage 6+, email office...
🌟🌟🌟 Our fabulous star swimmers from the end of the summer term, we can't wait to award some more of our swimmers 🌟 award...
⭐️⭐️ We love rewarding our swimmers hard work in the pool!  Presenting our Star Swimmers! ⭐️⭐️
🌟🌟🌟Star swimmers🌟🌟🌟 Congratulations to you all!
As we come towards the end of term, we want to say congratulations to all our swimmers who have come back to lessons aft...
Back to swimming!
October Half Term at Fins!
October Half Term Training Camps & Crash Courses
Back at the Pool!
First groups back in the pool this week!
Swimming Lessons - Get in touch and Join In!





Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 9am - 2pm
Thursday 9am - 2pm
Friday 9am - 2pm

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