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Photos from T-MacK FITNESS's post 26/07/2022


Thought I'd get out and get active for my birthday this year.

Had an epic 4 hour walk round Chatsworth and surrounding areas.

Couldn't not have an ice cream at Chatsworth House and finish with a beer .taproom.

All about the balance. Cheers all for another lovely year on the planet.



Been awhile since I've posted but I couldn't not pop my brilliant Therese up and give her a shout out.

This absolute legend of a lady has battled through the pandemic (as have many) not being able to get into her classes and the gym. Once reopened she was back into the swing of things only to fall down the stairs in January, break her collarbone and badly damage her back.

Through her perseverance over the last 3 months she's now doing the above, something she said to me that she could "never do again".

Well here we are at 21 years of age (maybe plus a few but age is just a number) looking strong. This was just ten of the many metres she managed.

Proud PT is an under statement. Don't ever let age be the reason you stopped or didn't start in the first place.

Look out for more member shout outs coming...if they let me 🤣. My client base is a shy bunch!

Timeline photos 14/03/2022

I will be part of a Team Teach Trio with Nick and Sam for GRIT Strength at 9am on Sunday 20th. Come on down and smash out this HIIT class with us.

Everyone welcome!

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March all timetabled Les Mills classes will be have exciting new choreography and music! 💃

We also have a new BodyPump class being added to the timetable from 20th March at 10.45am. 🏋️‍♂️Book online now! 👉 https://fal.cn/3mVhP


Discussion Series with J Sharpe Coach - Episode 14 - The Pros & Cons of Weight Training

We've done the pros and cons of running (Episode 6 if you want to check it out!), now we turn our attention to our passion; weight training.

Have you got any others we haven't mentioned. Let us know in the comments.

What other things would you like us to discuss?




I have to say .sharpe.coach was being particularly mean with this heavy max lift.

8 inch box front squats is probably the most challenging variation so far. Also the most nerve wracking 🤣

Benefits of these are that it is similar biomechanics and positioning to the deadlift.

Coach Sharpe: "They are going to work glutes, hams, quads, low and mid back so carry over to deadlift is great. The fact it’s on a low box teaches drive out the bottom and having to overcome inertia. Makes you stay upright for longer and more tight in the upper back, and the fact it’s a low box you have more time to strain, time under tension and more time to use your back as it’s a greater range of motion."

Followed this up with:

• High volume Good Mornings
• Shrugs
• Heavy Leg Curls
• 100 reps of Leg Press
• Cable Pullthroughs
• Elevate Core Crunches

Anyone else want to give this a go and see how low you can get? Give me or Jake a shout.


Discussion Series - Episode 13 - Supplements and PEDs

sharpe.coach and I go through different supplements and performance enhancing drugs.

What do we take? What are the benefits or issues? Why is there so much controversy surrounding them?

Any we haven't mentioned. Let us know.



sharpe.coach with another variation for me to try.

Working on my "sticking point", the hip drive. So the pause is just past my knees. But you can pause anywhere in the lift. I went around 70% of my 1RM but reckon I could get up to 80%.

Coach Sharpe: "That way you can then just focus on hip and glute drive to finish the rep after the pause. It will give you time to think and get tighter or remain tight during the hold as well and think what you need to do rather than just muscle the weight up".

Everyone needs a coach to help them progress and stay accountable. I'm always wanting to learn better ways to improve my main lifts.

What do you want to achieve and how can I help?


Discussion Series - Episode 12 - The Gym Essentials

J Sharpe Coach and I taking you through what we think are the most essential (and non essential!) pieces of equipment to have within commercial gyms and home/garage/PT studio spaces.

What do you guys think? Comment below.

Timeline photos 18/02/2022

Tried this out today with Trish. Great workout, felt so much better after and it was only a 30 minute taster. Take a look guys.

It's the news you've been waiting for! 🥵

Hot Yoga 🧘‍♀️ is launching at Places Leisure Camberley on Monday 28th February!

Why not book onto one off our free 30 minute taster sessions next week via our timetable https://fal.cn/3mhH3

And for more information about the benefits of Hot Yoga, visit https://fal.cn/3mhH2



Goal of mine from the start of doing deadlifts was to lift double me.

I'm weighing in at 54kg right now and this is 110kg....flying up.

One of my smoothest max lifts so far. Hamstrings are coming in way stronger. .sharpe.coach says I've still got work to do on these glutes of mine, for the lockout, so we keep progressing.

So big goal achieved. It's been awhile in the making but I got there. How about 2.5x bodyweight 😉? 135kg?

If you're willing to put in the time and hard work it'll happen.



I've had a couple spaces on my team open up. So if you're interested in finding out what personal training is all about then get in contact and we can get you started with a FREE TASTER at Places Leisure Camberley.

Members and non-members welcome!

• Get Active
• Enhance Mindset
• Achieve Goals



So last year my goal was to get the 100 up for a single rep, swipe left to see that.

Today. It's gone up 3 times. Even sweeter when I had 2 months off through injury.

Working on the accessories I could do means I have still given myself the opportunity to progress.

110kg incoming for one rep.



I know, I know. Been awhile since I've posted.

Social media and me have a love/hate relationship.

I'm still smashing out sessions for clients and still pushing that deadlift up. Recent PB of 107kg and working towards the 110kg.

This exercise shown lighting up my hamstrings and glutes with its slight squat position rather than the usual stiff leg version (thank you .sharpe.coach).

My goals for January are just to get through it. Busy with clients, my sessions and a ton of classes intertwined. But we move and progress and most importantly keep CONSISTENT with those healthy habits.

If you need a little help with those I have a couple of spaces left on the team, so get in touch and I can support you towards what you want to achieve.


Q&A Session with J Sharpe Coach - Tuesday 9th November

We answer a few more of your questions that have come through.

Have you got any more for us? Give us a DM or comment below and we will answer them in the next Q&A.


Discussion Series - Episode 11 - Myth Busting

sharpe.coach and I go myth busting on some common misconceptions within the fitness world and our thoughts about them.

Are there any questions/subjects that you think may be a myth? Let us know and we can talk about them in the next myth busting episode.

Photos from T-MacK FITNESS's post 02/11/2021


So on Saturday I finished 118km of rowing in October and Sunday the 491km of cycling.

Harder than expected due to time and injury but spurred on by all the donations and stories I've heard throughout the month.

I did this to raise awareness and donations for . So if you can spare a bit of money, head over to my JustGiving page (on my LinkTree in my bio). Thank you!!

Also a big thank you to those who have donated already.

Back to the weights for me!



Discussion Series - Episode 10 - Qualifications

J Sharpe Coach and I discuss whether qualifications are relevant, important or even necessary within the fitness industry.

Do they prove you're an expert of your field or are they just ticking a box?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments box below.



So my inspiration for doing the Tyne and the route to Newcastle came from the fact I spent the last weekend in Newcastle for my aunt's birthday.

So I got to see the Tyne and experience the drive to Newcastle, let alone the cycle!

Into my final week and still some metres to get done. Wish me luck!

So I have currently completed:

Row: 95.7km (22.3km remaining)
Bike: 391km (100km remaining)

I'm doing this all to raise awareness and donations for . So if you can spare a bit of money, head over to my JustGiving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tmackfitness

Thank you!!




Oh haven't done one of these in awhile! Been eating the same things in the last few months but was up for a little curve ball.

This packed a punch with the amount of spices in it.

It's gonna head into the Team's recipe book that I'm working on. Maybe a few tweaks for those who don't enjoy the 🔥.

And I'm thinking some guacamole next time


Discussion Series - Episode 9 - Fitness Trends

J Sharpe Coach and I are back! Watch as we take you through our opinions and thoughts on different fitness trends that are both long running and recent arrivals within the industry.

Any fitness trends you want us discuss then comment below or send us a DM.

Photos from T-MacK FITNESS's post 10/10/2021


Just a little selection of my rowing and cycling for the last 10 days. Getting it fitted in around everything else has been the real challenge.

Also, I'm managing a shoulder injury (hence the lack of videos as I'm currently doing boring workouts 🤣), so that's meant I have to really judge day by day if I can row.

So I have currently completed:

Row: 40km (78km remaining)
Bike: 158.8km (332.2km remaining)

I'm doing this all to raise awareness and donations for . So if you can spare a bit of money, head over to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tmackfitness

Thank you!


Photos from T-MacK FITNESS's post 01/10/2021


The Challenge is to row the length of the Tyne (118km) and cycle from Farnborough to North Shields (491km), where the mouth of the Tyne is, eight miles away from Newcastle. All this done within the month of October and of course at the gym (not on the water!).


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I wanted to do something to help raise money to support a cause close to my heart.

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and went onto defeat it (because cancer stood no chance against that stubborn woman!). That was with the help of many charities and of course the NHS.

However, some of those closest to me have not been so lucky and I want to continue raising money to help defeat this horrible disease.

So, I hope you can support me throughout October (I am not the biggest fan of rowing...or any cardio for that matter) and we can raise a great total.

Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tmackfitness

Wish me luck and thank you in advance.




This week I celebrated a whole decade of being officially in the fitness industry.

What an incredible 10 years full of ups and downs.

I have met some amazing people and I continue to learn every day.

Those 10 years have provided me with the confidence and knowledge to go out on my own and ensure its success.

Thanks to everyone along the way that has made my career choice a good one.

Here's to the next ten. If you want to check out where I've been and when across the ten years it's all on my blog.




Been taking a bit of a break from the social media. I wouldn't say it affects my mental health, I just feel sometimes that people don't really need to know every waking minute of my life and what I had for breakfast EVERY morning.

I'm still working hard and loving my new venture working for myself. New faces being added to the Team every week and look forward to helping them achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Training for me is a bit hit and miss with a few niggles here and there but slowly improving my box squats to work on the depth for my back squat PB (as you can see!)

So that's my update guys. Always available over social media if you need and new episodes of the Discussion Series with .sharpe.coach are being filmed Thursday. So if you have any topics you want us to discuss then let us know.

I will also be filming a few more of my Mental Health videos. So look out for them.

Now get off your phone and go enjoy the day.



We don't always have the motivation to get out of bed and move or eat right.

But creating the habits and routines are what push you even when you don't want to do that early morning or late at night workout.

Plan your food and your exercise, as if they are appointments with yourself. This will keep your body and mind healthy and ensure you are on the road to hitting those goals.

For me I book my training sessions into my PT diary so not even my clients can get in the way of MY TIME. It's important I get these sessions in so I can be the best trainer and the best person for my clients, colleagues, friends and family.

Are you working your exercise and food into your lifestyle? Do you need help coming up with a plan and then having the support to stick to those habits? Give me a DM and we can work together to help you lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.



So I am a complete newbie to sumo deadlifts but .sharpe.coach has been telling me to do them for awhile to help my conventional deadlift and according to him my technique is "better than he thought it would be". Cheers Coach!

Sumo deadlifting will utilise the hips more than conventional deadlifting. One of the main benefits to pulling sumo-style is that there will be less flexion and strain on the lower back.

Let's see what I can end up pulling with a training block fully focused on sumos.

Trying to open these hips up and get glutes, hamstrings and abs even stronger.

Always have a focus, it's what gets you to turn up and work hard.


Discussion Series - Episode 8 - The Benefits of a Trainer/Coach

J Sharpe Coach and I take you through another topic. This episode is about why having a trainer/coach will only benefit your training and why you should also utilise the gym instructors knowledge even if you're not paying them!

Do you have any topics you want us to discuss? Send us a DM or comment below.



So in lockdown I signed up to do my Level 2 Mental Health Awareness. I did this so I could further my knowledge about how to help those who suffer from different mental health issues whether it be depression and anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia and many more.

It opened my eyes even further as to how important it is to train your mindset to be healthy and keep the brain physically healthy as well.

Ultimately, if you have or think you may have a mental health disorder there are ways to manage it and there are places and people who can support you. You can still live the most amazing life!

Biggest factors for me is to keep healthy and do the things you love but also to tell those around you what is going on, how you feel and how they can help you.

If you're struggling and want to know where to find support give me a DM and I'll be happy to guide you in the right direction and also provide any advice/support I can.

Be kind.



Yes I've reduced my spin classes!! 4 was a lot!

But I am back with LES MILLS GRIT. 30 min HIIT classes.

Tuesdays are GRIT Athletic looking to boost your athletic performance using sports conditioning.

Friday it's GRIT Cardio. An entirely bodyweight session designed to boost your cardiovascular fitness, increase speed and get a full on calorie burn!

I'll also still be doing my Wednesday morning Indoor Cycle class and the capacity is now up to 32 spaces!

Come on down to and give them a go. Members get all classes for FREE and non members can also take part on a PAYG basis.

See you there.

Photos from T-MacK FITNESS's post 05/08/2021


Had a great 10 days off and then a mental first few days here at my new premises here .

This is a fantastic new facility with brand new state of the art kit. Some things I've never seen before so it's been a great learning experience and a fantastic addition to mine and my clients training.

Great seeing current clients and already we have some new faces added to Team T-MacK FITNESS.

I am now offering FREE 30 MINUTE TASTER SESSIONS here for members and non-members.

So if you want to find out what PT with me is all about give me a DM or comment below and we can get you started.


Discussion Series - Episode 7 - The Pros & Cons of the Fitness Industry

Episode 7 is here and J Sharpe Coach and I take you through some of the pros and cons of working in the fitness industry. This is from our perspective rather than a customer experience.

So if you are an up and coming Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer check it out and any advice you need let us know!

Current instructors in the industry if you have any more pros and cons let us know in the comments box!

Those of you not in the industry at all, we want to give you an idea of what it's like for us doing what we love.


Here's my client Rich and his DEADLIFTS...

So with a 5 week deadlift programme for Rich we have taken his max weight from 102.5kg to 110kg.

He wasn't convinced at first how the accessory movements and lighter deadlift sessions were helping him progress but another testing of his max has proved it works.

Thankfully he continued to trust the process and reap the rewards.

I have to say Rich is doing a great job with these deadlifts as due to his height he is having to move the weight a fair way.

Still many things to work on with his technique but every session we look to improve 💪

Onto the next max!


Discussion Series - Episode 6 - Running: Good or Bad?

J Sharpe Coach and I give you a run down on what we think are the good and bad aspects of one of the world's most popular fitness activities.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have more pros and cons we haven't mentioned? Give us a DM or comment below.


Discussion Series - Episode 5 - Training With or Post Injury

Jake and I are back with the fifth episode of our Discussion Series.

Today's topic is all about what we suggest to do when training with an injury or post injury.

Disclaimer: We are not doctors! We cannot diagnose your injuries and we are only suggesting ideas and exercises that we believe have worked with ourselves or our clients.



So having struggled with a knee injury for so long I had neglected heavy squats.

Just before lockdown 1.0 I was happy to even get 40kg on the bar.

75kg was my previous best done in 2017.

Finally 4 years on and working on technique and strength I got myself to the 80kg mark.

Just need to work on some more depth but I'm happy with this.

So just the bench PB still to get and to keep pushing the others up. Let's do this.

Get yourself a goal and work towards it. It's what will keep you accountable every day.

Now I'm off for a deload week. Lighter weights and a tiny bit more volume just to allow the body to get a bit of RECOVERY!


Saturdays are for deadlifts....

Not the best form you'll ever see, just needed to thrust the hips through faster. BUT I hit a PB of 105kg. At a bodyweight of 53kg I am so close to hitting double my bodyweight

This week I've been feeling so shattered and tired and then Thursday was meant to go for a Bench PB and it went so wrong.

But no workout is a bad workout. Progress always.

Time for a bit of recovery before an attempt for my squat PB on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend all.



Places Leisure Camberley is opening July 1st and I will be there on Wednesday mornings to teach spin.

Members and non-members welcome!

Looks like I might see a few familiar faces soon at the brand spanking new site, so look forward to seeing you there.

I'll also be on gym floor on Wednesdays if you need a hand with all the new equipment 👍

If you want to know more give me a comment below or a DM.

See you for my first class on Wednesday 7th July.


Discussion Series - Episode 4 - The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Here's episode 4 Team! Jake and I discuss another topic. This time we run through what we believe are the pros and cons of social media.

What other topics would you like us to discuss? Send us a DM or comment below.

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