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Community led Group Personal Training & Fitness Facility, promoting & offering social based Heath an

Operating as usual


Cardio your ‘thing?’ 😅

…….we’ve got you covered 😉

▪️4 x Concept 2 Rowers
▪️3 x Concept 2 Bike Ergs
▪️3 x Concept 2 Ski Ergs
▪️3 x Cross Trainers
▪️3 x Assault Bikes
▪️2 x Step Mills
▪️1 x Spin Attack Bike
▪️1 x Curved Treadmill

🔥20 pieces cardio equipment🔥

Enquires coming in fast - in line with our opening date of 📆Monday 17th October📆

📲Access control fob entry system
🏋️‍♀️Fully equipped high spec Ground Floor Gym
💦First Floor Cardio Suite
🙆‍♀️ Abs & Stretch room

⏰Opening Hours⏰

📆Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.30pm
📆Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm
📆Sunday: 9.00am to 1.00pm

💛Membership Options 🖤

💰1 month - £30
💰6 months - £150


With over 1/2 of our Gym membership spots already accounted for, we thankfully are on track to meet our planned October opening date 🙌

All being well, our doors will open;

📆Monday 3rd October 📆

📲Access control fob entry system
🏋️‍♀️Fully equipped high spec Ground Floor Gym
💦First Floor Cardio Suite
🙆‍♀️ Abs & Stretch room

⏰Opening Hours⏰

📆Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.30pm
📆Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm
📆Sunday: 9.00am to 1.00pm


💛Taking enquires now on all packages🖤


Summers over and normal schedules ‘kick in’ come September again 🍁

With the majority of our PT Groups completely maxed out - we literally have:

⭐️ 2 spots available⭐️ in ‘Group 4’ ONLY ⭐️

Interested 🤷‍♂️
On the fence but would like to know more 🤷‍♂️

……..well here are a few numbers which might help and shows who we are and what we’re about…

#️⃣ 78% of our clients are female
#️⃣ 22% of our clients are male

#️⃣Our average PT client age is 44 yrs young
#️⃣23% of our clients are 50 yrs +
#️⃣68% of our clients are 40 yrs +

#️⃣82% of our clients have been with us 1 year +
#️⃣70% of our clients have been with us 2 years+

Our clients are normal people living normal lives, where exercise and fitness at The Unit slots in to their weekly schedule as something to ENJOY ☺️🏋️‍♀️

If you wish to take the first step for the better, know you have to do something, well then that’s your move to make…..

💛📲Hook us up for a non committal chat if you want to know more about our 💬4 week trial💬 - land down even , have a nosey 😊 📲🖤


Outside of our successful Group PT programmes, we are opening our doors further come October to the wider community, for those who want to individually train with us 🙌

⭐️Daily access to our state of the art facility
🏋️‍♀️Fully equipped Ground Floor Gym
💦High Spec 1st Floor Cardio Suite

📲Access control fob entry system

⏰Opening Hours⏰

📆Monday to Friday: 8.00am to 8.30pm
📆Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm
📆Sunday: 9.00am to 1.00pm

‼️VERY LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE - thus ensuring a better training experience for all customers ‼️

💰£30 per month 💰

💛Fitness is a Lifestyle 🖤


🗣Im so happy I’m like a different person now🗣


📆217lb August 2021⚖️

📆133lb July 2022⚖️

‼️84lb loss - 6 STONE ‼️

Patience ✅
Consistency ✅

Leading a healthier life isn’t about following fads, it’s the small things done consistently time and again that will help you reach your goals and more importantly keeping you there!

Our daily choices and habits shape not only us, but they shape our lives, who we interact with and how we live!🤗

Ask yourself these triggers ⬇️

👗 How well are your clothes fitting

🏃🏼‍♀️ Do you feel fit

💪🏼Are everyday tasks hard

🥰 How happy are you

At The Unit we tell all our clients that they deserve to be content with their shape, with their fitness, with their weight, whatever.

Life’s far too short for beating yourself up 🖤💛

💬Real Results for Real People💬


Every fitness facility has clients that train for multitude of reasons;

Weight / fat loss clients ✅
Muscle / strength gain clients ✅
Maintenance based clients ✅

Clients decide their own reasons, their own path and it’s up to any credible facility to support their goals whatever they may be.

There’s certainly no right or wrong to it ✔️

When you want it though - check out this new client in our Group PT ⬇️

Results over 9 weeks ⭐️

⬇️13 lbs weight
⬇️36 cm body measurements

Everyone deserves to be content with their shape ✔️

How you feel in your own skin is king✔️

No matter to putting in effort to trim up for going on holidays, or just to be generally happier within yourself, your reasons and goals will obviously be individual to you and what provides you with increased body confidence 🧠

In a world dominated with talk of mental health, there’s a direct correlation for a lot of clients we speak with, that their bodily shape directly affects their mental health - one is linked to the other 👌

❗️Your body shape is always a result of your decisions made over a period of time. What you eat, what you drink, how much you move. ❗️

🆙 Read that again.

Once you accept that you are in FULL control and you can make change if you so ‘desire’ then you really start to make inwards.

I love to see and read these results to reinforce our methods and approach that won’t destroy your enjoyment for life 📝

To the contrary it adds to it - it makes folk happier 😊

In her own words

💬🎤 I am really pleased I don't want to go any lighter in weight than 10st.

I'm happy at that weight getting the steps in and the water finding am not always getting the 140g of protein per day but I'm not that far off it but will definitely keep working on that too.

But I feel so much fitter and alot more happier and my strength is getting better slowly.

I know in a year's time I will be alot more stronger it just will happen in time as it should thanks you.

I'm overall very happy and content as to how it's all going 🎤💬

Well done to this client 👏🏻👏🏻💛🖤

🏋️‍♀️💬Real Results for Real People💬🏋️‍♀️


Coaches can be guilty on occasions when undertaking new client consultations and honesty not being convinced it will ‘work’ 🙄

It can be a classic case of being in danger of judging a book by its cover - but as a coach you learn quickly to judge on ‘actions & behaviours’ not words 👌

It soon became crystal clear that this client below (who joined our Group PT back in January),was backing up exactly what she had initially said.

Sometimes it absolutely GREAT to be proven completely wrong ! 🤩

Have a read of the below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

💬I’ve now either donated or given away all my size 16/18 clothes- everything I’ve bought for my holiday is a size 14 or medium and a couple of size 12’s! Delighted 😀

I feel fantastic within myself and people are noticing and saying to me now which is lovely (2 comments today alone)

I’m now already thinking about after the summer and losing the rest of this weight and just getting stronger and fitter.

Feeling stronger and more agile - Couldn’t give this up now even if I wanted to! 💪💬

Is there a better feeling to that above 🆙🤷‍♂️

I severely doubt it 😉

💛💬Real people, real results💬🖤

Photos from The Unit's post 28/06/2022

2 quotes the same client - a few months apart 🗒

When the desire for change is strong with any client, a coaches job is simply to ‘steer’ 🛞

In the most cases, it doesn’t require drastic weight loss, it doesn’t require complete life sacrifice.

Why would anyone want to commit to suffering like that ? 🥹

It simply requires a genuine effort and the fortitude to be consistent with ‘hitting the basics’ week by week by week🎯

You do that, learning and becoming more educated as you go, then in our experience it generally leads to a ‘happier client’

Sure there will be bumps in the road, that’s life but you keep with the plan, you climb back on that horse and you keep going. Over time you get there.

Since May this client has shed 8 lbs - but we don’t like to concentrate on weight as the key indicator for many ⬇️ having happiness derived by what the ‘sad step’ ⚖️in isolation tells them.

When you dig deeper into the detail, this client has lost ‼️ 22 cms ‼️ across her frame in the same timeframe.

That’s the difference between those jeans you like fitting or not ✔️

…..the difference between getting ‘dressed up’ and feeling better about yourself ✔️

….the difference on how you view your own reflection ✔️

Body shape over everything 👌

Improving the way your clothes fit & feel 👌

We like to keep it real ✅

Keep it relative to what makes people ‘tick’✅

What builds their confidence ✅

This client heads off next week on her summer holidays, 2 dress sizes down - safe to say a happier 2022 holiday ahead😀

Photos from The Unit's post 12/06/2022

It’s common for the fitness industry to sell by promoting ‘weight loss’ within a certain period of time.

We’ve all seen the adverts;

💬lose x pounds in x days / weeks💬 etc

It’s a marketable strategy and has mass appeal to many, who desire to shed unwanted pounds and to shed them as quickly as possible 🚀

However for every weight loss ‘success story’ you see on social media, there will equally be as many training in fitness facilities who aren’t there simply for ‘losing weight’.

They’re just not there for that ⭐️

Its not a primary goal at all⭐️

They’re training for health, for strength, for confidence, for mobility, for mental wealth, for social enjoyment.

These are hugely powerful drivers that become their ‘healthy addictions’ for daily / weekly routines.

There’s no finish line to it✅

It defines who they are and what they do✅

Sure weight loss is important for health and crucially for those who need that individual focus (that’s not to be undervalued) but always find the deeper meaning for your purpose.

At the Unit we advise our clients to know their ‘why’ there’s never any right or wrong to it✔️

Enjoy the process💛
Enjoy doing what’s right for you🖤
Enjoy being healthy 💛


💬Another goal reached never could shop in here today I did xx💬

Was sent this by a Group PT client only last week.

An innocuous shopping bag for many but when you’ve lost 5.5 stone (76lb) since August 2021, then this picture and message takes on a different significance completely, that possibly many can relate to.

Real life results is what we are about - it’s consistent work for months, to bring you to a happier place within yourself. You can’t microwave it, you can’t cheat it.

Sure it’s great to lose a few lbs if you have a few to lose and become fitter and stronger as you go, but when it transcends into real living, real happiness, then that’s the secret sauce cracked 👌

We don’t post much on public social media in terms of The Unit, thankfully as a business we don’t have to, our books are full.

However, whilst there’s a lot of very good local facilities and coaches out there who can help people on their journeys - none of them are magicians, they can’t perform any magic tricks for the body you desire.

That will always rest with the client. Always has done and always will do.

Well done to this lady ⭐️🙌

💛Real Results for Real People🖤


So in our very popular Group PT……

We know what we do well ⭐️

We’ve got our own special vibe ⭐️

We work very hard on client retention not client replacement ⭐️

We take Beginners and introduce them to new methods of training ⭐️

It’s effective, its safe, it’s progressive, it works ⭐️

As a client;

💛You learn new things
🖤You feel welcomed
💛You gain structure & support
🖤You join a community
💛Your body shape changes
🖤You become fitter, stronger, healthier and happier

✅We are not a gym.
✅We are not a fitness class.
✅We are a bespoke semi private facility.
✅We cater to results for real people.

📲Interested on how we can help you….well that’s your step to make…….😉📲


⭐️⭐️Last 2 Spots Available ⭐️⭐️


Kicking off next Tues 26th @ 6.00am! 🦵⚽️

Our approach is that of a private group, whereby we support 12 committed individuals, via a bit of camaraderie & craic, pulling together for a 4 week period to drive home lifestyle change for the better.

What you get🤷‍♂️

‼️Programme consultation / weigh in
‼️4 week Nutritional Plan / Guidance
💛Beginner Friendly Fun🖤

📲 Ping us a message….the perfect kick start into Spring 🐥⛅️


…Building healthier humans as we go 💛
…Building a community as we go 🖤
…Building a lifestyle as we go 💛
…Building smiles 🤗

💬Real results for real People💬



Getting results?😇
Not getting results?😟

That’s all down to you - not your coach.

That’s a blunt and harsh reality that many fitness facilities won’t tell you as they promote their businesses.

Life does not have any participation awards I’m afraid and if you want to see changes in your health, fitness, weight or body shape….

YOU are going to have to work for it✊

It’s not scary, it’s commitment, prioritising and focus - and when you master that, you follow the guidance, you use the support, then the rewards are fantastic ⭐️

Have a read, 42 yr old Mum of 2📝

💬Why I joined Group PT The Unit💬


👁‍🗨I knew I was at my most unhealthiest. I could feel it everyday. I wanted to not only improve my health and lose weight but I wanted to be stronger. I’ve had personal training in the past but it can be a lonely experience. I liked the idea of working alongside other people in the pursuit of improving our health and fitness👁‍🗨

💬What have I learned so far? 💬


👁‍🗨I’ve learned to be patient. Having lost (and since gained back) weight in my 20’s quite easily I knew that at 42 it would be a different game and may take longer to achieve. This was a complete lifestyle change and I had to establish some long term habits. I’ve learned to make small changes and then wait until I start to see results. They do come if you are consistent every day. I finally feel like I can reach my goal weight at some point this year! 👁‍🗨

💬What do you enjoy about it:💬


👁‍🗨It’s a challenge! Every workout is different! They put me outside of my comfort zone which is good. I know that each session is well planned and will help me achieve my goals.

I love the group work!

They are a great bunch of people and I feel very comfortable with them- they get to see my lovely morning face 😆👁‍🗨

💬10 weeks later how do you feel?💬


👁‍🗨I really feel great.

I’ve dropped a full dress size.

I’m feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I’m well on my way to losing the weight I’ve been carrying for years. I don’t feel like it’s out of control anymore. I have a plan and support for when I need it👁‍🗨

If this sounds like something you NEED then get ‘your people to talk to our people’ for an informal non committal yarn, come down, have a look around and a cup of ‘tae’🫖 ….and we go from there🤪📞📲


Individuals exercise for different reasons - every client will be different🙌

Goals though usually land under one or more of the below headers ;

Weight Loss 🌟
Fat Loss 🌟
Lean Muscle growth 🌟
Improved strength 🌟
Fitness levels 🌟
Better Mood 🌟
Increased Energy 🌟
Body confidence 🌟
Stress relief 🌟
Everyday mobility 🌟

There’s no right to wrong in scaling any of the above in their importance to you.

Depending on where you are in your life and how you view yourself, dictates the importance of all the above - these will be individual to you!

Patience though is the best virtue ✅

In a world where everyone wants / demands instant results, in our Group PT we preach

💬patience and consistency 💬

which over time become

💬lifestyle and habit💬

This is what gains results 🔥

🌟A special secret shout out to a 50yr old Beginner client who hit 10lb weight loss at her 8 week review this week and importantly a huge 29 cm loss across her frame….this is what patience and consistency does 🌟

💬1lb and 1cm at a time💬 - small steps lead to miles 😉

📱Interested in discussing what we can do for you, then let’s chat 📱


One thing we know, is that it’s really f*cking hard joining a gym or fitness facility when you are unfit, carrying extra weight that you desperately want to shift.

It’s just not easy turning up, mentally & physically struggling, wanting to give up but knowing you can’t 😞

BUT when it starts to work, when the support is there, when the jigsaw finally starts to come together and the penny drops, that you can get stronger, you can get fitter, your body will change, you will be happier and still have a life…….

……well, that’s just a magic feeling ⭐️

Big shout out to a certain lady who hit 26lb weight loss at her review last night since starting with us……with a HUGE 17lb since January & 5% drop in body fat in 2022 ⭐️

….Building healthier bodies💛
…Building smiles🖤


And we’ll just leave this here…..⭐️💪🏻

At The Unit our Group PT clients know we focus on the following…

💬Fat to go, muscle to grow💬

We preach body shape, body contentment ✊

How do your clothes fit ❓🤷‍♂️

Do you feel confident in them ❓🤷‍♂️

Feeling great isn’t simply a scale number ⚖️

Body fat % ⬇️
Muscle mass %⬆️

We focus on healthy habits ☑️
Healthy balance and approaches ☑️

Crack that nut and you will both feel and look great!! 🤗

As always…

💛Real Results for Real People 🖤

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…Building healthier humans as we go 💛…Building a community as we go 🖤…Building a lifestyle as we go 💛…Building smiles 🤗💬...
January 2022 is coming in fast 📆🚀We are down to a very small number of places remaining in our Group PT programmes.So wh...




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