Simply Fitness with Janice

Simply Fitness with Janice


There's stiill time to book on to Lift Lean, starting tomorrow.

I have 3 options for you.

Check out

Any questions, just ask.
👍 Need a fitness focus, either short-term for Christmas, or long-term for life?

👊 Need motivation and guidance on what to do?

🔥 What to become a fat-burning machine and burn away that pesky fat?

😁 What to start the day in a positive way, both mentally and physically?

💪 Want workouts that are time efficent AND work?

Then take a read below. 😘
Oh my goodness.... this was so sweaty and tough!

Anyone fancy another one?

I really don't do enough of these.


The 'not' night out - night out! So we can't offer you the club but we can offer you Disco! It's time to dust off your leg warmers and tutu's to come & join Lee & Jan for a Disco fitness event in celebration of the return of live classes! We have managed to bag ourselves the fabulous marquee at the beautiful Concorde Club, Eastleigh. Fancy dress encouraged but remember, there will be sweat & boogie so comfortable disco fitness funk!

Here's the line up:

18:40 - 19:15 Zumba
19:20 - 19:50 Disco Aerobics
19:50 - 20:05 Treats
20:10 - 20:45 Pop / Barre Medley
20:50 - 21:15 Stretch & Close

£20 per person, bookable in advance

Simply Fitness with Janice

Covid secure event - Please note the marquee is allowed under covid restrictions but two sides will be lifted for ventilation so layers advised.
Save the date ‘April 16th’ .. first return to fitness evening event .. details to follow shortly 🙌🏻😍

Simply Fitness with Janice
Fitness fright night 2020

Simply Fitness with Janice
And we’re off .. beautiful morning for it 🌞 Simply Fitness with Janice
Please can we revive -Pitbull's 'Three to tango' in Zumba this week?
On fire, after BC, thanks Jan....brilliant.xx
Just caught up with your LBT thighs are on fire🥵😍
Hi Janice

I would like to join the Glow fitness do I just come along to the Bishopstoke Memorial Hall
Hi Jan, is zumba on on sunday? I can't find it in the class booking page on line. x

I love fitness and I'd love you to love it, like it, or even just appreciate that it's good for you and you need it in your life.

At Simply Fitness, I offer a wide-variety of classes that are designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are interested in toning and tightening, worried about weight management, or just want to get into a weekly workout routine, I can help. Do you need help staying motivated? I'm with you every REP of the way; in the live classes and online. Sometimes it may not be pretty, but we

Operating as usual


Join us for Zumba this evening:
Fair Oak Village Hall
First class is always free


Sorry, no Fitness Pilates today at Fair Oak.


Sorry ladies

No class as St Francis today.

Have a great weekend.


Zumba -Tuesday Fair Oak Village Hall 7.30pm

Want to burn a few hundred calories (can be nearly 500!), but don't like exercise?

Then come and join these lovely ladies for some Zumba.

First class FREE!

Tonight - Tuesday
7.30pm -8.15pm
Fair Oak village Hall.

*** Please arrive quietly and either wait in your car or come to back door, so we don't disturb Yoga ***

Doors open 7.25pm.


Ladies Lifting Club (Lift Lean Live)

This class really is a game changer for your weight loss/fitness journey.

You'll see differences in your shape and definition.

Tonight (Thursday)

7.30pm - 8.15pm ish
Fair Oak Village Hall

⭐ 1st class FREE ⭐

£6.00 Payg
£5.00 on class pass


From another instructor- Son Marie.

It’s just a fitness class.
4 walls, a floor and a roof.
A stereo and a beat.
Trainers and Lycra.
Movement to music.

It’s just a fitness class!

Things get built here -
Stronger bodies.
Fitter bodies.
Confident bodies.
Things get broken here -

.... but it’s just a fitness class!

Friendships are forged.
Community is created.
We rally together in the sad times.
We celebrate the good times.

.... but it’s just a fitness class!

We conquer our demons.
We relieve our stress.
We quiet the voices in our heads.
We feel at home here.

.... but it’s just a fitness class!

It’s the date in our diary we never miss.
It’s the time for us to be carefree.
It’s the place where we can let go.
It’s part of our lives.

It’s not just a fitness class. 💕


Want to become a FAT BURNING machine?

Then join me for Ladies Lifting Club (Lift Lean Live).

I'm already looking forward to it.

Thursday 7:30pm - 8:15pm
Fair Oak Village Hall, Shorts Road

First class 🅕🅡🅔🅔!

PAYG £6.00
Class Pass £5.00 (5 for £25.00)

Bring a mat and weights if you have them. I have some you can borrow if needed.

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There's still time to get yourself ready for Legs, Bums and Tums.... AND then get out and enjoy the lovely weather.....

And/or come along to Zumba tonight. New start time of 7.30pm

You'll feel better for it!


Fancy some fitness with week?

Classes marked with * are my community classes, and the first one is always 🅕🅡🅔🅔!

All other classes, except NHS and The Village, are open to non-members.

Hopefully see you at a class soon.


Ladies Lifting Club

Today is the day.... 🎉

Calling all (mid-life) women!

Lift Lean goes LIVE with the Ladies Lifting Club. 💪

What is Ladies Lifting Club?
Is it for me? 🤔

Both good questions....

Lean muscle is your key to burning fat! 🔥

As we age and go through the menopause, along with other changes, we lose our lean muscle and with it, our fat burning potentional.

So, that 'unexplained' mid-drift belly fluff and weight gain that suddenly appears, does actually have an explanation and that means we can do something about it.

Using light(ish) weights and high repetitions, you'll build lean muscle. Lean muscle is more metabolically active (burns more calories), than fat. You WILL become a fat burning machine! 🏋‍♀️

Even if you're not at the mid-life stage, this class will still benefit you.

Not only that, exercises releases endorphins. This will make you feel great and put a pep in your step! 🤸‍♀️

It's a win win situation. 🏆

Class starts tonight (17th March)
Fair Oak Village Hall

⭐ First class FREE ⭐

If you have weights, please bring them.

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 13/03/2022

FREE classes this week..... come along and try something new....or old. X


The Spring sun has finally made an appearance 😎 and doesn't it just make you feel ready for summer?! Why not come and shake away some of that essential winter bulk at our weekly Zumba class.

Tuesdays 7.45-8.30pm
Fair Oak Village Hall


What's hot and not to be missed! FREE Fitness


Schedule for the week.... it's looking like it's going to be a good week!


It's time to Spring into Fitness!

If you haven't heard me bleat on about Lift Lean and you don't know what it is, then where have you been?

Ladies, you need this in your life. This programme is a game-changer for your fitness/weight loss journey.

If you're finding you have a little more belly fluff than you used to, and body parts are heading South, then you need to sign up, grab your weights and join us!

Bookings are now open for March Lift Lean.

We've been going a year now! Time flies when you're having fun!

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 24/02/2022


There are loads of chances for some FREE fitness!

Check out the flyer below for details.


Stolen from another spot on!


10. You always count in 8′s

9. Even though you have showered and changed you still find a hair bobble around your wrist.

8. Your workout clothes are best friends with the washing machine.

7. You have to shower 3/4 times a day.

6. Once a week you get to dress like a ‘human’ (not including PJs) and leave your trainers at home.

5. Your fitness friends expect you to bust some moves on the dance floor when their favourite class track comes on.

4. You sometimes have to do the post-class ‘walk of shame’ down to your local supermarket because you have run out of eggs (or similar fitpro essential)

3. Passers by think you have a problem cos your twitching all the time. But in fact you are being creative – bobs head to counts of 8, cues directional changes, tap toes – these are normally signs of ‘new routine under construction’

2. When out as a ‘human’ in the ‘real world’ and meet a class member it takes us a minimum of 10 mins to figure out what class they go to, as you only remember where they stand in class.
To conclude the top ten (no fit pros or headmics were harmed in this process) –

1. Always remove your headmic when visiting the lil boy/girls room for 2 reasons. 1 because you don’t want to drop it down the pan as you wiggle out your sweaty leggings and 2 at least switch it off as NOONE I repeat NOONE wants to hear that.

Have fun, love what you do and most importantly do what you love.

Over and out, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

Original writer unknown but ❤️ this.


Can anyone relate?


Fancy some 🅕🅡🅔🅔 fitness?

Come along and try this classic class that hits all the right spots!

Legs, Bums and Tums
Tuesday 9.30am - 10.15am
St Francis Church Hall, Eastleigh

First class is 🅕🅡🅔🅔!

No need to book, just turn up.


ZUMBA Simply Fitness with Janice

Fab Zumba class this morning. 😍

Same again:

Monday 6pm, Places Leisure
Tuesday 7.45pm, Fair Oak Village Hall

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 29/01/2022

Handstand push-ups anyone?

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 29/01/2022

More happy Bungee customers this morning.

There are plenty of classes on offer, go check them out.

If you have any questions, ask away!


Lift Lean Update

Forgot this one


What's on!

Morning walk


Zumba Tonight
7.45pm - 8.30pm @ Fair Oak Village Hall, Shorts Road

Come and shake and shimmy away the stresses of the day.

⭐ Bonus ⭐

You'll also burn off a good hundred calories.

⭐⭐ Double Bonus ⭐⭐

First class FREE!


I've been doing a little experiment around weighing yourself, and here's a little video based on today.... more to follow!


The photo below shows my progress after 5 days of having a little more focus - after all the Christmas indulgence.

I wasn't perfect with my eating, but then what is perfect? I didn't restrict anything food wise, just reduced my calories so I was in a deficit (most of the time).

I'm going to keep going, and this is the last call if you'd like to join me for the January Lift Lean, starting tomorrow.

Take a look for more info

I look forward to working out with you.

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 19/10/2021

Never heard of Lift Lean?

You're missing out!

Lift Lean is the female friendly resistance training programme designed for mid-life women, but great for any female.

Lift Lean workouts are designed to help you build lean muscle, which then helps you burn that pesky fat.

You know the stuff, the extra fluff that wasn't there before the menopause, or a few years ago!

Workouts are time efficient, suitable for everyone, and actually work.

Not only will you feel physically better, exercise helps your mental health too.

And all of this takes place from the comfort of your own home on Zoom.

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 19/10/2021

The bad news, the menopause can make you feel like you're going crazy.....

Brain fog
Mood changes

The good news. You're not!

The even better news, we can do something to help ourselves.

Photos from Simply Fitness with Janice's post 18/10/2021

It's not all bad news......

We have a plan how to help with the Menopause.


Let me help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain strength, improve your mobility, increase your cardio fitness, or all of the above - I can help.

With over 20 years experience that I can share with you, I will guide, motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals.

I'll put the hard work in to planning the workouts, so you can put the hard work into doing the workouts, and see and feel the benefits.

Videos (show all)

Zumba -Tuesday Fair Oak Village Hall 7.30pm
Ladies Lifting Club (Lift Lean Live)
Ladies Lifting Club
ZUMBA Simply Fitness with Janice
Lift Lean Update
What's on!



Online and live fitness classes including:
Zumba, Strong, HIIT, Legs, Bums and Tums, Conditioning and Fitness Pilates.



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