Dechmont ARPC

Dechmont ARPC


Spoke to Bevan regarding archery at Dechmont , he said there was a possibility of setting something up. Enquiring on behalf of my son and myself.
DECHMONT AIR RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB On a vary windy Dec 2019 Bench Rest Comp results 1st place Rob 25 yard (174) 50 yard (82) total points = 256 2nd place Colin 25 yard (190) 50 yard (47) total points = 237 3rd place Andy 25 yard (169) 50 yard (66) total points = 235 4th place Pat 25 yard (129) 50 yard (102) total points = 231 5th place Davy 25 yard (173) 50 yard (10) total points = 183 6th Place Calum 25 yard (180) 50 yard (DNC) total points =180 RESULTS OF THE BOTTLE CAP SPEED SHOOT 1st place Calum 13 caps in 2:01 2nd place Davie 13 caps in 2:40 3rd place Colin 13 caps in 2:46 4th place Pat 13 caps in 4:04 5th place Rob 13 caps in 6:24 6th place Andy 13 caps in 6:31 1st place had a choice of whiskey or beer with 2nd and 3rd having a choice from over several different makes of whiskey. Winner of the bottle cap speed shoot won a mystery prize. It was incredibly windy with the 50 yard being very challenging especially when the day light was fading fast making for low score but excellent banter and excuses from all.
The roadworks have moved further up the road, so the club is now accessible from the East Kilbride end.😀
WARNING! Muttonhole Road is closed today! From the East Kilbride end at least. I assume the flooding has overwhelmed the meagre defences.
Hi , I'm looking at joining a club and as I stay in Eddlewood it would be very close to me , What do I need to join your club , I've been shooting on and off for years now and love the idea of a club. Cheers.
Change of HFT venue. Greg Morss has informed STS that the venue for this coming Sunday has changed from New Caledonian in East Kilbride to Cloybank in Kilsyth. The original date for Cloybank on 30th July will be held available for New Caledonian.
Came down tonight to introduce myself to the club with a view of starting shooting. Having gone to the trouble of getting my licence etc however I understand if the books are full but couldn't help feel a bit deflated by what I felt was a closed door response to my initial enquiries. I will be coming down as a visitor just felt I had to share this though.

Dechmont ARPC, welcomes sub12ftlb airgunners, AWC is compulsory. Members consist of 'Plinkers', HFT, FT, 10m Rifle, 10m Pistol, Bell Target, Bench Rest, and various target Competitors.

Operating as usual

Livelines Tackle & Guns Ltd

Well here we go again the shop yet again closed to walk in customers until further notice, we will be back to a click / call and collect only appointment system, if you feel you need essential pet foods or items inline with essential pest control please email us or FB message us and we will make arrangements with you. As before if you or anyone you have been in contact with are showing covid symptoms STAY AT HOME.

Please note. 2nd time around sorry to all

The club is closed to new members because of lock down restrictions. Existing member, outdoor shooting is permitted. Please insure you text me before coming up to use the outdoor facilities.

Club secretary

Please note. The club is closed to new members because of lock down restrictions. Existing member, outdoor shooting is permitted. Please insure you text me before coming up to use the outdoor facilities.

Club secretary

Dechmont ARPC's cover photo

Our new 25 yard bench rest target system is now complete. Thank you covid for the delay.

Optics Warehouse

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you to all those who entered. Check back on Friday to see if you are the lucky winner!

We've teamed up with Viking Arms and Leupold to give you the chance to WIN a Leupold VX-Freedom 2-7x33 Rifle Scope

To enter, simply complete the steps below:

1. LIKE ours, Viking and Leupold UK pages.
2. LIKE this post.
3. TAG your Shooting buddy.

PS. For a bonus entry, share this post.

Competition ends: Monday 14th September 2020

Good luck!
One winner will be picked at random and contacted by Optics Warehouse via social media.
Winner announced on the 18th of September 2020.
Only open to those aged 18 and over.
For full T&C’s click here:

DARPC has excellent shooters. Our own Billy McGurk won the gold medal for last years STS Winter Grand Prix in 10 meter pistol shooting. If you want to shoot with the best than Dechmont is the place to come.

[06/01/20]   MEMBERS OF DARPC. Important information went out from the club to members by email or post on Friday and Saturday. If you are a member and you have not received an email or postal letter regarding Covid 19, please contact the Secretary on 07786017034. Thank you

UK government

Coronavirus. Anyone can get it. Anyone can spread it. Don’t put your family and friends in danger.

[03/23/20]   Due to the recent government announcements regarding the Corvid19 virus pandemic Dechmont ARPC will be closed until further notice.

We will inform members & visitors a like of any changes, as & when the UK & Scottish Governments give any more guidance.

Thanks & Best Wishes to all.

[03/17/20]   Corona Virus Important Information

The committee have made the decision that at present DARPC will remain open to existing club members only.

You are all aware of the current situation with the virus and therefore will be using the facilities at your own risk.

We do ask that any club members who attend adhere to a common sense approach and government issued guidelines for example..

1. If you feel unwell in any manner please DO NOT visit the club.

2. Adhere to the 2 metre recommended space between yourself and other club members.

3. If you are within the 'HIGH RISK' group please consider carefully if enjoying your hobby is more important than your health.

4. If you do have to cough or sneeze please ensure you use either a tissue over your face or a piece of clothing I.e the inside of your elbow. Remember this is an air borne virus so no sharing please. Place any used tissues in the bin.

5. Please remember government recommends washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer regularly and try to avoid touching your face.

The club will be closed to all NON-MEMBERS at present.

Any new members wishing to make enquiries about joining the club should contact the club secretary.

Keep safe during these quick changing times, be sensible and don't attend the club unless you are happy to take on the responsibility of the risks involved.

[03/16/20]   Posted by Neil Haddifon on ScottishAirGunner page.

UKAHFT Round 1 at
Bedlay AC
North Medrox Farm
G67 4HH

Sunday 22nd March
Sign in from 9.30am safety brief 10.45am

Please drive slowly and carefully as this is a working farm

Food will NOT be available sorry!

Our club rules are

You will NOT be required to show an AWL/SGC or FAC but will be required to sign a "Section 21" disclaimer.
If you do not have a current AWL/SGC or FAC you will only be allowed to participate if you are supervised by someone who has. For safety reasons a license holder will only be permitted to supervise one individual.
If you do not hold one of the above certificates then Bedlay AC cannot guarantee that someone will be prepared to supervise you - so please make your own arrangements before attending.
Please bring a shifting spanner and help to bring in a target if you are able to do so.

You will be respectfully asked to sanitize your hands before entering the sign-in cabin and please do not attend if you have flu like symptoms

I think Dechmont’s Billy McGurk & Allan Thompson are attending this competition?

Warm up started at Scottish Pistol Championships at Napier University Edinburgh.

[02/06/20]   A friendly reminder to all DARPC members that your 2020 annual fees are now do. The deadline for standard annual membership is the 22 of Feb 2020. Please contact Rob if you need further information

Special Offers

For the members that were asking about pellet keepers.

[12/25/19]   Merry Xmas to all members & visitors.
🎊 🏹 🏴‍☠️ 🎊

Cloybank Phoenix Air Pistol and Rifle Club

Big bore day tomorrow folks, A few of the guys have been getting the targets set up and have done an amazing job, the guys with the gear have arrived too,
Remember folks, you don’t need a ticket, just turn up, buy a slip for bullets for the guns you want to try then go try them out, there’s some fantastic rifles that you’ll never see anywhere else,
the cafe down in the car park will be open all day for hot tasty food and drinks, come up and have a fantastic day, all proceeds go to Erskine Hospital, a very worthy cause, see you tomorrow!!!

UKAL Scores 2019 after rd12.pdf

UKAL 2019 Final League Standings.

[10/27/19]   Results from UKAL Round 12 & Final Round hosted by Bedlay ARC.
Sunday 27th October

Open Class
Grant Thomson Dunfermline 58
James Hesson Dunfermline 56
Nick Hopkinson Cloybank 54
Graeme Ross NASGARC 52
Paul Wilkinson Cloybank 52
Wullie Hoggan Bedlay 52
Greg Morss Dunfermline 51
Ian Munro New Caledonian 51
John Fleming New Caledonian 51
Steven Kerr New Caledonian 51
Duncan Dymock Cloybank 50
Graham Webster Dechmont 49
Gary McMinigal New Caledonian 49
Connor McSherry Cloybank 49
Alex Cruickshank Cloybank 48
Bryan Kerr Dunfermline 47
David Carter Dunfermline 47
Chris Brunton Dunfermline 47
Alex Lindsay Dunfermline 46
Craig Innes Dunfermline 45
Kenny Bird Cloybank 45
Martin Morrison Individual 43
Wullie Hamilton Cloybank 43
Alan McDowall NASGARC 42
Jimmy Farmer Cloybank 42
John Kelly Cloybank 42
Chris Cowin Juniper Green 41
David Cowin Juniper Green 41
James Graham Bedlay 40
Colin Donald Juniper Green 39
Scott Brown Juniper Green 38
Danny Keenan Dunfermline 36

.22 Class
Jim Cavanagh Individual 42
Jacqui Stevenson Westfield 39
Alasdair MacKenzie Juniper Green 38 coinoff
Billy Middleton NASGARC 38 coinoff
Pete Lowe Dunfermline 35
Guy RobsonDunfermline 34

Recoiling Class
Euan Bowie Dunfermline 44
Billy Hutton Dunfermline 40
Shug Dechmont 37
Jim Nelson Bedlay 36

Veterans Class
Bill Kerr New Caledonian 45
Frank McManus Cloybank 44 coinoff
Graham Livingstone New Caledonian 44 coinoff
Fred Fordyce New Caledonian 41
Jim Baluk Cloybank 41

Ladies Class
Christine Christie Cloybank 37 coinoff
Karlene Scotland Juniper Green 37 coinoff

Junior Class
Scott Anderson Cloybank 46
Liam Hamilton Cloybank 45
Amy Dobbie Individual 41

Dunfermline 212 12 pts
Cloybank 205 11 pts
New Caledonian 202 10 pts
Juniper Green 162 9 pts
Bedlay 128 8 pts
NASGARC 132 7 pts
Dechmont 86 6 pts
Westfield 39 5 pts

New HFT/FT Targets for the club.
Thanks to Daz @ “Advanced Targets”
Should be here next week.

Scottish Target Shooting

10m Air Pistol & Air Rifle Scottish Championships 2020

Targets from UKAL Round 11.

UKAL Round 11 hosted by Dechmont ARPC, Sunday 13th October.
Results & Photos.

Open Class
John Fleming New Caledonian 59 Shootoff
James Hesson Dunfermline 59 Shootoff
Grant Thomson Dunfermline 58 Shootoff
Greg Morss Dunfermline 58 Shootoff
Craig Innes Dunfermline 58 Shootoff
Graham Webster Dechmont 58 Shootoff
Nick Hopkinson Cloybank 58 Shootoff
David Carter Dunfermline 57
Steven Kerr New Caledonian 57
Graeme Ross NASGARC 55
Martin Morrison Individual 55
Paul Wilkinson Cloybank 55
Wullie Hoggan Bedlay 55
Alex Lindsay Dunfermline 54
David Cowin Juniper Green 54
Jim Currie Bedlay 54
Michael Brownlie Juniper Green 52
Neil Ross NASGARC 52
Wullie Hamilton Cloybank 52
Bryan Kerr Dunfermline 51
Colin Anderson Cloybank 51
Scott Brown Juniper Green 51
Alan McDowall NASGARC 50
James Graham Bedlay 50
Colin Donald Juniper Green 48
Chris Cowin Juniper Green 48
Jimmy Farmer Cloybank 48
Scott Lindsay Dunfermline 47
John Kelly Cloybank 45
Jamie Currie Bedlay 45

.22 Class
Jim Cavanagh Individual 52
Jacqui Stevenson Westfield 43
Billy Middleton NASGARC 43
Alasdair MacKenzie Juniper Green 42
Pete Lowe Dunfermline 40

Recoiling Class
Billy Hutton Dunfermline 57
Euan Bowie Dunfermline 56
Jim Nelson Bedlay 44
Shug Dechmont 43

Veterans Class
Graham Livingstone New Caledonian 58
Fred Fordyce New Caledonian 54
Bill Kerr New Caledonian 49

Ladies Class
Karlene Scotland Juniper Green 48

Juniors Class
Scott Anderson Cloybank 58
Liam Hamilton Cloybank 55

Dunfermline 233 12 pts
New Caley 228 11 pts
Cloybank 226 10 pts
Juniper Green 205 9 pts
Bedlay 204 8 pts
Nasgarc 200 7 pts
Dechmont 101 6 pts
Westfield 43 5 pts

UKAL HFT Round 10 hosted by NASGARC. Sunday 29th September
Results & Photos.

Open Class
James Hesson Dunfermline 55
Greg Morss Dunfermline 54 Shootoff
David Carter Dunfermline 54 Shootoff
Bryan Kerr Dunfermline 54 Shootoff
Craig Innes Dunfermline 53
Grant Thomson Dunfermline 53
Ian Munro New Caledonian 53
Nick Hopkinson Cloybank 53
Paul Wilkinson Cloybank 52
Wullie Hoggan Bedlay 51
Duncan Dymock Cloybank 50
Connor McSherry Cloybank 49
James Graham Bedlay 49
Jim Cavanagh Individual 49
Chris Brunton Dunfermline 48
Graeme Ross NASGARC 48
Kenny Bird Cloybank 48
Martin Morrison Individual 48
Alan McDowall NASGARC 47
Chris Cowin Juniper Green 47
David Cowin Juniper Green 47
Graham Webster Dechmont 47
Steven Kerr New Caledonian 47
Garry McMinigal New Caledonian 46
Jim Nelson Bedlay 46
Alex Lindsay Dunfermline 45
Neil Ross NASGARC 45
Jimmy Farmer Cloybank 44
Ali Gowers NASGARC 44
Wullie Hamilton Cloybank 39

0.22 Class
Jacqui Stevenson Westfield 44
Alasdair MacKenzie Juniper Green 40
Billy Middleton NASGARC 38
Pete Lowe Dunfermline 31

Recoiling Class
Euan Bowie Dunfermline 49
Billy Hutton Dunfermline 45
Brian Shug Connelly Dechmont 44

Veterans Class(60+)
Bill Kerr New Caledonian 53
Graham Livingstone New Caledonian 48 Shootoff
Frank McManus Cloybank 48 Shootoff
Bobby McLean NASGARC 38
Fred Fordyce New Caledonian 37

Ladies Class
Karlene Scotland Juniper Green 44
Christine Christie Cloybank 33

Juniors Class
Scott Anderson Cloybank 53
Liam Hamilton Cloybank 47

Scottish Masters 2019 hosted by Dunfermline ARC, Sunday 9th September.

Winner & 2019 Champion “Craig Innes”

Open Class
Craig Innes Dunfermline 57
Greg Morss Dunfermline 56 Shootoff
Wullie Hoggan Bedlay 56 Shootoff
Connor McSherry Cloybank 56 Shootoff
David Carter Dunfermline 55
James Hesson Dunfermline 55
Ian Munro New Caledonian 55
Grant Thomson Dunfermline 54
Bryan Kerr Dunfermline 53
John Fleming New Caledonian 53
Nick Hopkinson Cloybank 53
Alex Cruickshank Cloybank 52
Duncan Dymock Cloybank 52
Kenny Bird Cloybank 52
Chris Brunton Dunfermline 51
Alex Lindsay Dunfermline 51
Colin Donald Juniper Green 50
Paul Wilkinson Cloybank 50
Garry McMinigal New Caledonian 49
Graham Webster Dechmont 49
Steven Kerr New Caledonian 48
Alan McDowall NASGARC 47
Scott Lindsay Dunfermline 47
Neil Ross NASGARC 47
Fiona Fleming Dunfermline 46
Graeme Ross NASGARC 46
John Kelly Cloybank 46
David Cowin Juniper Green 44
Gerard Wells Cloybank 44
Jim Nelson Bedlay 44
Tony Dobbie Individual 44
James Graham Bedlay 41
Brian Saunders Dunfermline 40
Harry Burles Dunfermline 39
Jimmy Farmer Cloybank 38
Willie Hamilton Cloybank 34

.22 Class
Jim Cavanagh Individual 46
Jacqui Stevenson Westfield 41
Billy Middleton NASGARC 39
Alasdair MacKenzie Juniper Green 38
Pete Lowe Dunfermline 36

Recoiling Class
Billy Hutton Dunfermline 51
Euan Bowie Dunfermline 46

Veterans Class
Fred Fordyce New Caley 52
Neil Paton Dunfermline 49
Bill Kerr New Caledonian 48
Graham Livingstone New Caledonian 48
James Baluk Cloybank 40
Frank McManus Cloybank 40
Bill Robertson Dunfermline 35

Ladies Class
Karlene Scotland Juniper Green 46
Amy Dobbie Individual 45
Christine Christie Cloybank 33

Juniors 14-16 Class
Scott Anderson Cloybank 47
Liam Hamilton Cloybank 44

[09/01/19]   Alba League 2019 Class Winners, best 6 scores from 8 rounds, shown as a percentage.

Open Class
Nick Hopkinson 598.18
Dave Carter 589.61
Bryan Kerr 567.36

Veterans Class
Bill Kerr 587.18
Frank McManus 519.27
Neil Paton 494.27

Recoil Class
Billy Hutton 585.54
Brian Shug Connelly 576.29
Andy Malloch 436.73

.22 Class
Ian Munro 600.00
Billy Middleton 527.68
Jaqui Stevenson 501.13

Ladies Class
Christine Christie 573.30
Kathleen Male 287.23
Karen McBride 187.23

Junior Class
Liam Hamilton 384.14
Amy Dobbie 291.30
Scott Anderson 100.00

Open Sighted Nutter Class
Bill Kennedy 500.00
Pete Lowe 188.57
Scott Sorby 92.31

Alba League 2019 Round 8 hosted by New Caledonian ARC.
Results & photos.

Open Class
Nick Hopkinson57
Paul Wilkinson 55 Tin Bam Alley shoot off
Wullie Hogan 55 Tin Bam Alley shoot off
Duncan Dymock 55 Tin Bam Alley shoot off
Graham Webster 54
Bryan Kerr 53
James Hesson 53
Gary McMinigal 53
Steven Kerr 52
Dave Carter 51
Scott Brown 50
Chris Brunton 49
Graham Ross 48
James Graham 47
Neil Ross 47
William Hamilton 45
Jimmy Farmer 44
Alan McDowall 42
John Fleming NSR

.22 Class
Ian Munro 49
Billy Middleton 42

Recoiling Class
Euan Bowie 51
Billy Hutton 50
Brian Shug Connelly 48
Ali Gowers 48
Paul Stephen 33

Veteran Class
Graham Livingstone 54
Bill Kerr 51
Frank McManus 50

Ladies Class
Kathleen Male 44
Christine Christie 35

Junior Class
Scott Anderson 53
Liam Hamilton 50

Open Sights Class
Pete Lowe 27

Blantyre Telegraph


The back road from High Blantyre to Strathaven will be closed off tomorrow for 4 days.

Muttonhole Road connecting Newhousemill Road and Strahaven Road will be closed from Monday 26th August 2019 whilst Scottish Water carry out water main repair works. The full road closure will last 4 days, reopening on 30th August.

Diversions will be in place through Hamilton and East Kilbride.

UKAL HFT 2019 Round 9 hosted by Juniper Green, Sunday 25 August.
Results & Photos.

Open Class
James Hesson Dunfermline 59
Nick Hopkinson Cloybank 58 Shootoff
Greg Morss Dunfermline 58 Shootoff
Wullie Hoggan Bedlay 58 Shootoff
Grant Thomson Dunfermline 57
David Carter Dunfermline 57
John Fleming New Caledonian 56
Craig Innes Dunfermline 55
Ian Munro New Caledonian 55
David Cowin Juniper Green 55
Paul Wilkinson Cloybank 55
Duncan Dymock Cloybank 53
Connor McSherry Cloybank 53
Graeme Ross NASGARC 53
Alex Cruickshank Cloybank 52
Bryan Kerr Dunfermline 52
Jim Nelson Cloybank 52
Scott Brown Juniper Green 52
Chris Brunton Dunfermline 51
John Kelly Cloybank 51
Gary Kerr Individual 51
Garry McMinigal New Caledonian 50
James Graham Bedlay 50
Jim Currie Bedlay 49
Chris Cowin Juniper Green 49
Garrick Nelson Juniper Green 49
Tony Dobbie Individual 49
Kenny Bird Cloybank 49
Steven Kerr New Caledonian 48
Danny Keenan Dunfermline 48
Graham Webster Dechmont 47
Stuart Gordon Dunfermline 47
Alan McDowall NASGARC 46
Neil Ross NASGARC 46
Fiona Fleming Dunfermline 45
Colin Donald Juniper Green 44
Jimmy Farmer Cloybank 41
Wullie Hamilton Cloybank 40
Lloyd Johnson Juniper Green 40
Mark Hay Juniper Green 39
James Johnstone Juniper Green 38
Jamie Currie Bedlay 35

0.22 Class
Jim Cavanagh Individual 44
Alasdair MacKenzie Juniper Green 42
Billy Middleton NASGARC 35

Recoiling Class
Euan Bowie Dunfermline 49 Shootoff
Brian Shug Connelly Dechmont 49 Shootoff
Billy Hutton Dunfermline 45
Martin Morrison Individual 44
Ali Gowers NASGARC 41

Veterans Class (60+)
Graham Livingstone New Caledonian 50
James Baluk Cloybank 49
Bill Kerr New Caledonian 48
Frank McManus Cloybank 46
John Balfour Juniper Green 40

Ladies Class
Karlene Scotland Juniper Green 42
Christine Christie Cloybank 39

Juniors Class
Scott Anderson Cloybank 50
Liam Hamilton Cloybank 44
Amy Dobbie Individual 45

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Muttonhole Road
ML3 7

Opening Hours

Friday 15:30 - 17:00
Saturday 12:30 - 18:00
Sunday 12:30 - 18:00
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