Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym

Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym


Spotlight on: Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym 🏋️‍♂️

This amazing space has everything you need to make your fitness goals a reality, and is even complete with a fantastic kitchen and menu provided by Pro Prep_meals 😍

Take a look around and speak to one of the team for information on memberships ✔

Such great fun to surprise my good friend & former bodybuilding coach at his gym yesterday ❤️
I don’t think we stopped laughing once.

Our friendship spans a whole decade - it feels like a lifetime ago, but also strangely, just like yesterday that I was prepping for my first competition under his guidance 💪🏼

We did alright with a top 3 UK finish, after 10 competitions and collecting 8 trophies - all of which I’ll keep proudly on display forever.

I don’t regret any of my 5 years of bodybuilding but things have changed a lot since I stopped competing in 2016.

As Ed always reminded me “there’s life after bodybuilding”.

My love for weight training & eating natural, nutrient-dense foods will always be instilled in me - they are a part of me…but damn what a journey we‘ve been on! 🏆😍🤜🏼🤛🏿

Oh and thank you for the most delicious lunch . Top quality and highly recommend for anyone in the area 👌🏼

Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym

I’m reflecting and writing a lot these days so I’ll be sharing bits of my journey through my newsletter.

If anyone is interested, you can subscribe through the link in my bio. 😃
Brand new toy at Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️⚖

FREE PARKING: Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym 🚗🚗

If you're a member of Eddie Abbew's Olympian Gym, you can now receive up to two hours free parking here at the Marlowes car park.

Hand your tickets in at the reception when leaving, for staff to validate it for you.


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Operating as usual


The symptoms were real in the left picture.
Peripheral neuropathy.
Insulin resistance.
Sleep apnoea.
Joint pain.
Increased frequency of night time micturition.

You can fix most of your ailments by simply making a dietary change. What have you got to lose? Change your diet and feel good!

I have written two e-books to help you on your way to feeling good, building muscle, and lose unwanted body fat.


I enjoyed my bodybuilding journey. It was cool being big, being noticed and being admired.
It comes to a point when you are at an age where you need to focus more on your health rather than your looks.

These picture are 18 months apart.
In the left picture I had sleep apnoea, I was insulin resistant, and I used to suffer from panic attacks. I put up with all of those conditions because deep down whether I liked it or not, my insecurities about my size were causing health problems.

Now, I weigh just under 100kg at 6 foot.
I have never felt better.

My advice is that don’t jeopardise your health for vanity. I think deep down most of us bodybuilders and ex-pro bodybuilders know that insecurities fuelled some of our drive in the body building world.

I may not necessarily be healthy but right now, I feel great. I am not letting that go.


When I first started lifting weights, I knew I was going to be lifting for the rest of my life.
Resistance training is not only good for your mental health. When you get to the ripe old age of 60, resistance training is imperative for the prevention of sarcopenia.

Please don’t believe the bu****it that says “I’m too old to start training”. There is no such thing as being too old. If you are physically able, go down to the damn gym and train, and don’t stop until your body gives up on you.

1981 v 2023


Nutrient mean micronutrients and macronutrients.

Macronutrients: fats, protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, fibre.

Micronutrients: vitamins and minerals.

Your body needs micronutrients to convert the calories from the macronutrients into energy and tissue.

Junk, ultra processed foods and sugar, have no micronutrients. When you consume them, your body has to “steal” micronutrients from within itself to complete the conversion. This weakens your immune system.

Stop counting calories. Eat real food and nourish your body.


When I started training in 1981, my friends used to tell me if I stopped, it would all turn to fat.

I took this “selfie” after a shower this morning. Im 60 and I’m not fat. Well, at least not yet 😀😀

Photos from Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym's post 20/06/2023

“If you have purchased this book, that means you want to try something different. It is imperative to have an open mind. I am going to explain how you can use fat as your predominant energy source for building muscle.” - excerpt from my ebook, Stop Bulking, Build Muscle.

This is Diana. I prepped this lady for a competition in 2016. Diana took a break from competitions to have two beautiful girls.

Even though I don’t actually prep athletes any longer, Diana is my friend so when she returned and said:

“I want to compete again but I think it’ll be the bikini category. I know I did body fitness before but I don’t want to bulk like last time I competed. I don’t want to gain any body fat.”

“Let me show you how I used to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.”

Diana only eats four meals a day. The meals consist of whole food fats, protein and vegetables, with a little bit of carbohydrates timed around her training. All her food is single ingredient. She eats in a ten hour window and fasts fourteen hours ensuring that her growth hormone levels are high.

This is the transformation. Her strength is through the roof. She has lots of energy. She’s “bulking” yet getting leaner. The most important part is that she’s building muscle. She gained 10kg in twelve weeks. Diana checks in fortnightly and you can see improvements every time.

I am telling you that muscle building isn’t as complicated as it is made out to be. A gram of fat has more than twice the amount of calories as a gram of carbohydrate. Plus, real food comes with its own micronutrients that help you digest and use it. Processed foods weaken your immune system. They’re empty calories.

Let me show you how you can train your body to access both energy sources, fat and carbs, to build muscle.

I wrote this ebook to help you stop wasting your money on crazy coaches. I have included exactly what to eat, exactly what to expect and exactly how to feel.

Good luck!

This is the link for my ebook:


Photos from Edward Abbew's post 15/06/2023

“Eddie, are you dieting for a competition? You’re as lean af!”

I actually did not set out to get lean. I eat over 3.5k calories a day, according to the calculations.
I discovered functional nutrition and realised it was more or less what I learned about bodybuilding when I first started working out in the early 80s.

At that time, I was taught to focus more on nutrition and the immune system.

“Create the optimum environment with nutrients for your body to build muscle.”

I learned that phrase off by heart.

I ate liver, eggs, red meat, avocados, coconut oil, olives, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, salmon, wild rice, oats. I ate vegetables daily, religiously. There was a time I ate thirty eight eggs a day!

Nothing was processed and the consumption of sugar in any form, was frowned upon.

I took supplements: Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, Co Enzyme Q10, Boron, Saw Palmetto, Chromium Picolinate, L-Glutamine, Tribulus terrestris, Vanadyl Sulfate, Multivitamin and Multi-mineral, Omega 3 fatty acids.

The idea was that those supplements, supported muscle growth in their own ways.

The regimen worked well. I grew like crazy. I could bench press 140 kg, completely natural. I felt good.

Then I realised that steroids had to be in the equation. I went from 16st 10lbs to 19st in sixteen weeks, on my first course, still eating WHOLE FOODS!

But then, the supplement companies erupted. Processed artificial s**t aplenty! Sugar, additives, sweeteners, emulsifiers, food colourants, preservatives, thickeners… they didn’t even hide those chemicals, they listed them on the tubs!
Still, people are hooked!
They produce some clinical studies that they pay for to convince us to buy their s**t! Follow the money 💰 💴

I’ve written an ebook about my experience of muscle building and exactly what I did that worked.

I didn’t get any acne or psoriasis or depression or anxiety or tiredness or bloating or acid reflux or cravings. Junk foods mess with your gut microbiome and weaken your immune system.

Muscle building is simple and faster if you eat real food, and contrary to popular belief, you can actually build muscle and lose fat at the same time. I intend to prove it to you by changing the way you look at food.

My ebook is out on the 15th of June. I promise you that if you follow my instructions in the book, you’ll be back to thank me.

Again, building muscle is simpler than you’ve been made to believe. I intend to prove it to you.

And, no, the book isn’t free. It is my 45 years of experience. Of course I’m gonna charge handsomely for it!


I wrote an ebook on fat loss. The book explains how to lose fat easily, without ever being hungry, without doing cardio, and most importantly, keeping the fat off.
Here’s the link 👇🏿



I bought the plate on the left in 2011. It retailed £70.

Current Condition:

No cracks, no breaks, minimal wear and tear, even though it gets thrown about on a daily basis. ✅

The plate on the right was bought this year. It retailed at £170!

Current condition:

Looks fancy, seems well designed.
In pieces after two months. Literally unusable without being re welded. 👎🏿

Total BS, isn’t it? P**s take!

Why isn’t anything made to last these days? It’s criminal!


Brand new Deadlift Bar and a 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell for our squat and deadlift room.

Photos from Eddie Abbew’s Olympian Gym's post 06/07/2022

New addition…extra plates to play with.


Who did best plate rings - kitchen staff edition.


28 years difference. Muscle maturity.


Let’s do this!


Fat loss is easy. Keeping it off is what we all struggle with.

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Who did best plate rings - kitchen staff edition.




187D The Marlowes Shopping Centre, King Harry Street
Hemel Hempstead

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 10pm
Tuesday 6am - 10pm
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Saturday 8am - 5pm
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