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🇩🇪Unser PUMA IP la cabra der ideale Begleiter für anspruchsvolle Outdoor-Enthusiasten. Auf die 107mm lange und 3,5mm starke Klinge aus 440C Stahl ist verlass, wenn es am meisten darauf ankommt. Das bestätigt auch GearTester Jagd-Team Nordschleswig und der Outdoor Test von Survive Uk. Beide empfehlen das Messer aber wie gefällt es Euch?

🇬🇧Our PUMA IP la cobra is the ideal companion for every demanding outdoors enthusiast. You can rely on the 107mm long and 3,5mm thick 440C blade when you really need to. The same was confirmed in the product tests of Jagd-Team Nordschleswig and Survive Uk. Both recommended the knife. But how do you like it?

PUMA IP la cabra (821335):

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Looking for donations from the community

Good Evening everyone.

Good news everything is in place for you to send in any kit thats listed below. A few things before you send anything off.

1. Ensure all kit is sanitised of any PII so name, rank, service number, any TRF’s, and remove the union jack from any kit. This is to protect you/us. Cut it out black out it out with a marker if you need to.

2. Make sure its in decent order serviceable.

3. If your local to Peterborough please feel free to drop off kit they’ve designated a space specifically for military kit.

4. Please message me and I can pass it on to the volunteers at St.Olgas and give them rough numbers of how many packages to expect.

5. No rifle magazines as most weapon systems in use out there are 7.62

If you are sending things Via post please address it as follows

Luke at CIC
St Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church
67 New Road, Woodston

The following items they would like are:
AA & AAA Batteries
Torches/Head torches
Sleeping systems (sleeping bag roll matt)
Boots either combat or hiking
Med items
FFD’s (first field dressing) in-date if possible
Gauze (even ceelox gauze if in date)
Any battlefield first aid items would be appreciated
Ration packs
Snacks mixed nuts dried fruit
Chest rig
Belt kits
Any rig,shirts, trousers, smocks

Spread the word. Thank you for your time and I hope we can make a difference. 02/11/2020

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Olight UK store coming 18th of May. Great discounts until the 21st. 10/03/2017

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