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Photos from Synchro Strength's post 14/03/2023

Hi I’m Katie, an Olympic artistic swimmer and coach. I competed at the London 2012 Olympic Games and coach the duet in the Rio 2016 games. As some of you may know I relocated to the Isle of Man 6 months ago to develop artistic swimming in the island, a sport they haven’t had access to. I also coach the England Youth squad at the national sports centre in Bristol. The squad train at half term/holidays and will compete at the Croatia cup in June this year.

I created Synchro Strength during lockdown in 2020 when the pools were closed. Synchro strength offers an online land program that can all be done from your own home.

Land training is very important in artistic swimming, giving us the foundations to be a better athlete in the water and prevents injuries from occurring. As a full time athlete we trained 40+ hours per week and most of these were I the water in the lead up to London. About 10-12 hours were on land doing strength and conditioning, flexibility and walking through our routines.

My program gives swimmers the access to strength and flexibility sessions each week to improve and achieve their goals. If you would more information on this please message.

I also have an online shop that sells training products to aid land and pool training. My top product is the feet bands. These help improve the muscles to point the ankle and the toes. You can wear them whilst watching the tv or doing land exercises such as splits.

If you think others would like my account please share with them.

Thanks following, I appreciate all the support.


Photos from Portsmouth Victoria Artistic Swimming's post 28/01/2023

If you want some guidance of land training please get in contact

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 07/08/2022

Join the program today!!!

Message me if you are interested or have any questions

Photos from Aquaoaks Artistic Swimming's post 18/06/2022

We have 30% off all products to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee!

Grab your products and apply the code ‘JUBILEE30’

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 12/05/2022


Synchro strength offers two types of land based programs. The first is a Strength program where you will build power and endurance on the land to transfer into the water. The second is a Flexibility program, which will help increase your range of movement in your splits, by challenging you with a variety of different stretches. It will also increase your knee and toe extension as well as your back and shoulder flexibility.

💦Each program offers 3 sessions per week to fit around your individual training and school schedule. 💦 The sessions last around 45-60 minutes.
💦 I use an app to access and record all your sessions. 💦There are videos for each exercise and you can leave comments/feedback after each session.

If you want to sign up you can purchase your first month through the website AND for a limited time if you sign up you will get a 10% discount code to use on the website for ANY training products we sell.

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 24/04/2022

So proud of these 2! They worked hard and it paid off with two medals. They came 2nd in juniors and 3rd in seniors overall.

A big well done to all athlete’s that competed this weekend! It was lovely to be back on poolside seeing familiar faces and meeting new people too!


✨10% off selected products ✨

From now until the end of the weekend we have 10% off on all feet bands, sliders and 8-loop bands!!!

Don’t miss out on this deal, use the code ‘APRIL10’ at the checkout.

Get yours via the website, link in bio!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 23/03/2022

Buy now via the website!!!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 22/03/2022


They are finally here and look so good! Their are 5 different strengths back in stock, in new amazing shades of pink!!!

These feet bands are a unique size and aim to stretch our toes and teach our muscles to hold the point. You can wear them whilst watching the tv/doing school work and during passive and active stretching.

✨Very light - Salmon pink (very elastic and for beginners and/or average toe point)
✨ Light - Hot pink (an upgrade suitable for beginners and/or good toe point
✨ Medium - Coral pink (less stretch and suitable for flexible and strong feet/toes)
✨ Hard - Magenta (suitable for strong and flexible feet)
✨ Very hard - Strawberry (for well prepared, strong, and flexible feet)

Order now via the website (link in the bio), sold in pairs.

If you want two different pairs, use the the code ‘BUYTWO’ and this will save you £5!!

If you want to order in bulk for a club (sets of 10 or more), please message me direct and I will sort out a discount.


✨Feet Bands ✨

These feet bands are a specific length to be able to double up and stretch the toe to improve your toe point.

They are available in 5 different shades of pink, each a different strength (new colours!!) :
- Very Light
- Light
- Medium
- Hard
- Very Hard

The light and medium bands are very popular and I’m so glad we have them back in stock! Gets your size reserved now by pre ordering via website. Your orders will be delivered in 7-10 working days.

Not sure what size you need or want to get some for your synchro bestie….why not buy two pairs?
Use the code ‘BUYTWO’ and you will save £5 in total (Sold in pairs).

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 12/02/2022

✨Stay positive, work hard, make it happen ✨

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 17/01/2022

Black feet bands for strong feet or elite level athletes

Available in 4 different strengths


✨Wednesday motivational quote✨

A good reminder that success doesn’t just happen. Work hard and be consistent at what you want to achieve and you will get there.

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 01/12/2021


The perfect gift for an artistic swimmer for Christmas!

Buy one month’s membership for the Synchro Strength program! This can be for either the flexibility or strength program or for both!

If you are interested in buying a voucher please message or email me. You will receive your voucher via email.

The voucher will need to be used by 31st January meaning the program needs to start by this date (not finish).




If you think your club would benefit from this program please contact me for more information.

I have limited spots available so make sure your club doesn’t miss out….


✨ Quote for the week ✨

Don’t be scared if failure as you will succeed if you keep trying and working hard.

If you want some help achieving your goals, please get in contact as I have some space in both my flexibility and strength programs.

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 23/09/2021


Meet Cara….We have been working together since May 2020 and she has been following my flexibility and strength program since January 2021.

She has been working very hard on her land strength and flexibility over the last 18 months. She communicates after every session giving me vital feedback for me to keep challenging and pushing her. Every month she impresses me with her progress pictures. The first picture is her bridge before she started the program jn 2019 compared to her bridge now!! Very impressive wouldn’t you agree?
Swipe right to see some more comparisons and the last picture is her splits now!

I want to wish Cara the best of luck for this weekend at the Junior GB Trials! You have worked so hard and I know you can do it 💪🏼 Good luck 🍀

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 19/09/2021


I love this quote!! Goal setting is so important to keep focus, motivation and drive to keep improving!

If you want some help with your goals or need some help setting some please contact me! My flexibility and strength program will help you achieve them and more.

Swipe right to see just a handful of the improvements and success athletes have gained from the programs.



Think about it, it’s true!

If you want to make a change in your training, or have a better structure?

My flexibility and strength program can help you improve and become the best athlete you can be!

For more information contact me

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 02/09/2021


Rosie has been on the flexibility program for the last 8 months to help her improve along side her club and GB training.

Rosie is off to University in Bristol soon and I want to wish her good luck for her studies and also for this weekend at GB Senior Squad Trials.

I am very proud of your improvements and you have a great attitude towards training, well done.

Swipe right to see Rosies improvements. If you would like some more information about joining the program, please message me as I would love to help you.

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 27/08/2021


To celebrate bank holiday we are giving a HUGE 15% off on ALL products!
Just use the code ‘BANKHOLIDAY’ to save!

Check out the website (link in bio)

Thank you for everyone who has bought from the website in the past, time to renew your feet bands or get a different product!!

Limited stock available….don’t miss out!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 12/08/2021


Amazed at Frankie’s progress since she started the programme!
Swipe right to see her Improvements 💪🏼

If you want to know how you can join the programme, message me!



I will be holding a 5 week nutrition course over the summer holidays called 'Pool fuel'. On the course we will discuss what type of foods to eat before, during and after training to help fuel your body and help it recover and get stronger.

It will start on Monday 2nd August, and finish week ending on Sunday 5th September.

What the course will include:

- 1 Zoom call weekly (we can discuss what day/time is best for everyone once we have the group) but it will be during the day in the week as I know evenings and weekends will be for club training. Initial thoughts are 10am one day during the week? Maybe Wednesdays?
- During the call we will cook a recipe (meal or snack) together - you will get a list of ingredients to have ready and will need access to the kitchen. We will also discuss different topics during each call.
- The main outcome of the course will be to discuss what types of foods/snacks to eat before, during and after training.
- I will give you a recipe to try and cook during the week and then you can feedback how this was, if you liked it, when you ate it etc? You will get a mixture of meal and snack recipes to try out.
- We will create a group via train heroic app to discuss anything from the call, topics, recipes or questions you may have.
- On week 5 we will discuss how this changes at competition whether that’s regionals/nationals/international competition. We will use and discuss your experience and mine to see how we can adapt it for when we are competing.
- This course is for every artistic swimmer.

There will be limited spaces and currently only 6 more spots available, so don’t miss out! If you are interested please let me know by direct message to secure yours/your child's spot.

Once you have confirmed your spot I will send out a questionnaire form for you to fill out and sign.
If you are under 18 I will need your parents permission and a signature to say they are happy for you to take part.



This is so true! Focus and effort are so important when it comes to success!

Well done to GB Squad out in Malta competing at the European Junior Artistic Swimming Championships!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 03/07/2021


I am so proud of Rosie and Ranjuo!

Can you believe that they only had 2 months of training together!

They worked hard, listened and constantly improved up until the day they performed in Malta!

A massive well done for your first international competition representing Great Britain and making history with the first Mixed duet debut!

A great article from the by


Good luck to flying off to Malta today to compete at the Junior European Championships!
So excited for you guys! Go out and show everyone what GB are made of and most of all enjoy it! You have all worked very hard over the last few months 💪🏼



A great recipe for a snack for pre/during/post training!

Give them a go and tag me in your photos!

Save and share this post if you like it!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 11/06/2021

Kate and Iz swim tomorrow at the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers! They don’t need luck as they have been working hard for many years for this exact moment!
Go out there girls and show everyone what you can do!!

Let’s go GB


✨Free postage on all products ✨

For one week only there is no postage on all of the products on the website! Time to buy that product your have been looking at for the last month or buy a product to help you in your training!

Products are:
Feet bands
8-loop bands
Yoga chairs
Sliding discs
Hoodies (only 2 available)

Check out the website and see some amazing deals! Don’t miss out!

Limited stock available so be quick if you want something….go go go!!

Link for the website is in my bio


✨Dream Big✨

Love this quote ❤️

Like, share and comment if you agree

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 16/05/2021


Preparation is important for every athlete, no matter what sport!

We train many hours per week perfecting our routines in the water but don’t forget about the other things that you can control such as land work, nutrition, sleep and recovery!

If you want some help or advise message me



Photos from Synchro Strength's post 03/05/2021

✨Monday motivation ✨

Swipe right to see results from
Top picture is January, bottom picture is May!! Amazing progress on her extension and point which is very important in our sport!

Well done Bella, keep up the hard work!

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 27/04/2021

A good one to remember

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 24/04/2021


I am very excited to reveal the first, totally unique Synchro Strength swimming costume!

They are created and designed by , a good quality brand and chlorine resistant material.

Pre-orders will be taken from today for the next week (closing next Saturday 1st May).

Please fill in the form that is linked in my bio, and make payment to secure your order. Please feel free to share with your friends and your club.

If you want to order both designs, please let me know before you fill on the form.



Keep practicing on land as well as in the water 💦 💦

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 13/04/2021

Love this quote ❤️

Photos from Synchro Strength's post 06/04/2021

✨3 months progress✨

Now we have hit April many athletes have been on the program since January and they are all showing massive improvements in both flexibility and strength.

Here are testimonials and progress pictures from two athletes’ journey to date. The pictures are 12 weeks apart (January and April) and they continue to improve and progress. Well done girls! 💪🏼

Below is some information on the program;

💧It gives you 3 sessions per week on each program
💧It has 3 different levels for each program, so it is suitable for ALL abilities, from beginners/non flexible athletes to national/international athletes.
💧It is for all ages from 7/8 years old to senior/master athletes.
💧It is to do along side your club sessions as extra training and will compliment all your land and pool work.
💧It is flexible as you can fit the sessions around your schedule each week using the app.
💧You will get regular feedback and communication from me keeping you
motivated for the sessions.
💧Monthly benchmark photos are used to track your progress but you can send weekly ones too!
💧Strength benchmarks are done every 8-12 weeks to monitor progress.

If you want to achieve your goals, sign up today by emailing or messaging.

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✨PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE ✨Keep practicing on land as well as in the water 💦 💦#asheadstands #gbsynchro
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