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Coz Pilates


If you're thinking ahead to September and starting something new - then why not try a new beginners MOTR Pilates class?

It's held at Woodlands Park Village Centre, running for 7 weeks from September 9th with Coz Pilates

Equipment is provided - and you'll improve and feel results as the weeks go on.

You can find out more on our news and events page:
Happy International Women's Day!⁠⁠
I couldn't let this day pass by without thanking and appreciating some of the wonderful women that make The Anti-Burnout Club possible:⁠⁠
Charlie Moult for her amazing breath work lessons that always leave our members feeling SO good ⁠⁠
Codiekinz for the support she provides both for the group and me (she's my own anti-burnout remedy)!⁠⁠
Coz Pilates for being the only Pilates teacher to actually make me want to do Pilates⁠⁠
Rebecca Guest-Fitness for her incredible yoga lessons (and starting our weekends off right every week)⁠⁠
And Toma Janulyte-Stankevic for her also incredible yoga lessons (and being the perfect way to end a day)⁠⁠
Along with these wonderful women, I have to shout out to all of the strong women in our Anti-Burnout Club community. All of our members have accomplished some incredible things, whilst supporting each other with pure kindness and compassion, and I'm genuinely in awe of every single one of them.⁠⁠
So, to all of you fearless, inspiring human beings, thank you. You have all changed me in ways you'll never even know!⁠⁠
All my love,⁠⁠
Bex 💚⁠⁠

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#inspirationalwomen ⁠

My name is Corinne Hutchinson. I am a Mat, Reformer, MOTR and Equipment Pilates teacher in Maidenhead. Classes running everyday as well as 1:1/1:2s in my private studio.

Book a class online

Operating as usual

Photos from Coz Pilates's post 28/05/2022

Signing off today for the half term break. Here are some awesome snaps from a few classes this week 👌 💪🥑.

Well done to all my amazing clients over the last 5 weeks. Loved teaching ♥ you all and watching you work so hard.

Classes are back from Tuesday June 7th and schedule is all online to book your spot in now. Next set of classes are running for the full 7 weeks.

Happy jubilee week 👋🍾. Enjoy whatever you are up to 🥰.



Little catch up with this lovely lady today 🧡. This is Jools @find_health_freedom, Health Coach and Osteopath. We have been working alongside each other for a little while now sharing business skills and ideas 💡 both wanting to help people in different but complimentary ways.

Without spilling too many beans 🌱 at the moment, we are planning something very exciting that we will announce VERY soon 😊 so watch 👁 this space. Oh, and this in Ginger popping into the picture who also wants to hang out and get involved of course – when Freddie and Ginger get together you can just imagine the excitement 😍.


Hello 👋

Looking for some feedback/opinions please.....

What do you want to get out of a retreat, is it 'just' rest, relaxation and to feel like you're being good to your body? Or is it something deeper or more specific?

Let me know all your thoughts of what a retreat means to you please 🙏 . Feel free to DM me if you prefer.

Thank you ❤ x


This just popped up 😍. 4 years ago today (the day after Macys birthday) I passed my Pilates assessment. I cannot quite believe how far I've come, what I've learned, who I've met and most importantly who I've helped along the way 💙.

After wanting to take a career turn for many years, it finally happened. There is so much job satisfaction in what I now do. Working with individuals who live in pain and discomfort and those trying to achieve specific body/exercise goals on a 1:1, 1:2 basis on the Reformer or through Pilates Therapy as well as in MAT and MOTR classes. It is a busy old week that flies by and I'm exhausted at times but its worth it 👌.

@franki_e_c happy Pilates birthday to you too 💓. @nickyspackman thanks for being my amazing teacher guru. Miss you guys 🥰.


Happy Friday 😊

Ive been reminiscing about playing with @steff on the Tower 😍

Love how these little steps work the back of the body 💕 and how much concentration is needed to try to control the heavy springs.

My it has been a busy week - bring on the weekend. Friday feels even with the current downpour 🌧🌂💙.



Love these actions shots snapped yesterday 👏 

Magic circle was a big part of the class making sure we had some deep connection to then balance up on the MOTR with this arm press and double leg extension. Impressive stuff ladies 😍


🍑 Glutes 🍑

This sequence gets the glutes fired up nicely, especially increasing the resistance. Not just the working leg but the other one making sure you stay balanced on the MOTR 💪. It doesn't just work the peach mind, the whole body kicks in too - that is the absolute beauty 😍 of this equipment!

Great MOTR work this week team 👏

Watch this reel by cozpilates on Instagram 08/05/2022

Watch this reel by cozpilates on Instagram

It is . @spiralkore is dong a wonderful job at shouting about the MOTR this month. Thought I'd share the love 💙 with some clips from moving on this awesome equipment over the last year or so. Still working on reels 🙈.

I totally love 💘 the MOTR as many of my clients know and they love ❤ it too.

You can head to my IG so see.....

Watch this reel by cozpilates on Instagram @cozpilates: “It is . @spiralkore is dong a wonderful job at shouting about the MOTR this month. Thought…”


I want to say a massive thank you 🙏 to Liz at @achievafitnesswellbeing for believing in me from day dot of my Pilates career and offering me her weekly Wednesday class. Sadly last week was the final one for Achieva. It has been an amazing to be a part of the Achieva community and teach the group over the years. Thank you Liz 💖. This pic was from last year.

If you are interested in joining her Dance Fit classes she still has them running on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening. I know everyone absolutely loves them and are always talking about the new content, music, muscles and how good they feel. You can contact her directly for more info.

I am going to continue this Mat class on a Wednesday at 9.30am at Cox Green Community Centre - there is space should any new clients like to join. You can book in from this coming Wednesday on my website. Anyone fancy joining us?

Happy Bank Holiday ❤.


So happy to have recieved this message ☺.

I have a little magic 🎩 sequence that I use myself that helps relieve any tightness and tension in my back and the backs of my legs when it builds. I shared this with a client and this is what he came back saying this.... he also does not have his back pain anymore 👍

Happy days 😍



Happy to be back moving on the reformer 🤘 and happy sunny 🌞 Sunday 😊. 

Photos from Coz Pilates's post 22/04/2022

Thanks Westward Ho! for an amazing Easter chill out 🤘. This is my little family 👪 ❤ - got some gorgeous snaps. Can't believe my youngest baby turned 10 this Easter 🙈 she looks so grown up now. I've almost kicked the nastiest, longest bug thanks to sleeping, resting, breathing sea air and just chilling without any time restrictions, work or social media. Even the car ended up in the garage for a holiday 🙈.

We loved this seaside town - gorgeous huge beach ⛱ with fabulous sea 🌊. Defo recommend @eat_pigandolive for the best pizza 🍕, @thepigonthebeachwestwardho for their outdoor garden space with a view, HoBarts for the 2p slot machines and Mark @westwardwaves for surfing lessons 🏄‍♀️.

Back to work tomorrow - it will be the last Saturday MOTR session for the time being - if anyone wants to join there is some space, please come along 👍.


Are you an organised person and like to commit to an exercise class on a specific day/time? Well thanks to some of my super organised clients I have now decided to include include block booking options for all in-person classes 👍. This means you secure your place for the half term period in one click.

Fear not, I still have class passes available and PAYG too if you prefer to book in when you want 🙃.

Any questions, please get in touch. Trying to please everyone 🙏.



Last weeks amazing 👏 scissor splits using the resistance from the MOTR arm on both legs. Love this version ❤ giving some extra alignment challenge to the legs and lots of body control with that extra weight. Whoop 🙌.


We have been having fun with some flows this last half term in some of our classes along with working on the Teaser with lots of combinations of prep exercises. Well done to all my MAT Pilates movers out there - some wonderful progress seen 👏 👍 🙌. Here is a short snippet showing the Teaser into a roll over back into a Teaser 💪. Happy Tuesday 💛.


What a weekend!! Thank you all ❤ for making it wonderful and the efforts made by everyone 🙌. The best surprise happened with this @scrunchpot turning up to celebrate along with so many special people.

And now it is back to Pilates - it is our final week of classes for the Easter holidays so get booked in if you have not already 🐣

Photos from Coz Pilates's post 31/03/2022

What an amazing birthday card this is 👍- would consider introducing this in class one evening 🤔. Thank you Rach 🙌

And thank you for all of my birthday love ❤ today. This is my serious face fighting yet another yucky bug 🐛. Actually I am very, very happy to have had lunch out - thank you @jimhutch1978 and some seriously fun weekend party plans 💃 so I'm not complaining ❤.


This mornings starting scene with the rays coming in 🌞 - so amazing to see such smiley, happy faces 😀 in this gorgeous weather 😍 at Woodlands Park Village Centre. Getting used to making sure we are all evenly organised & placed, almost perfectly 🤣.


First time playing with going upside down on the reformer like this 😍. Thanks for the inspiration @cloebunterpilates. Love ❤ playing and doing new thangs. Happy Hump 🌞.


Good morning 🌄

Hoping you have enjoyed the beautiful UK sunshine 🌞 over the weekend.

Here's a little play from the weekend, roller under the feet with the goal of stretching my hamstrings 🦵. Feeling totally tight with some serious lack of exercise currently still waiting for a new ankle 😅 .

Have a wonderful moving week ahead - whatever that may look like 🏃‍♀️🧎‍♀️🏋‍♀️💃.


Some more lovely feedback - thank you, you know who you are 💖.

This client came to be with really bad back pain in October last year. There have been multiple benefits that have come out of this process.

We started with reformer 121s and added mat Pilates with MOTR Pilates to the weekly mix. It has been an absolute pleasure teaching her, watching the journey and changes in her body as well as seeing the love of Pilates grow in a person and appreciate what it can do!

Happiness is seeing happiness 😊. Love ❤ pain free living but also helping someone to find that mind-body connection, understanding their own body, controlling it, feeling it and helping them be more able in whatever other exercise/sport is chosen.

Now my $100 BIG question is.... how can we educate people to do Pilates before an injury or pain occurs? My mission now is just that! If you have any great ideas 💡 please let me know 🙏.


What do we get up to in Mat Pilates? Well here's a few snippets of some of the exercises from our Friday Fun class using the small ball 🏐.

Side lying with the ball under the ankles gives some instability to make your body work hard to stay in control. Taking the arm away furthers the challenge 💪. Killing the balance yesterday guys - well done ⚖.

It's not always like this though - no class is the same 😍.

Have a lovely weekend 🥂.

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