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Chart a fresh course in the new year with our January / February 2022 issue as María Andrés Windsurfing gives us a guide to Portugal’s windsurfing city - Viana do Castelo; Sarah Hauser heads to the Bajan desert in search of wind and waves; John Carter and #TimoMullen hit the road again - destination Ireland; Steffi Wahl and the Vayu team pack their wings and adventure to the Danish west coast; we get the lowdown from some windsurfing centres on their warm and windy attractions in our World Travel Guide and #FranckyRoguet, part of the Défi Wind organizing team, recounts how their 2021 event unfolded. The Editor takes a look at the evolution of light wind wave riding and muses on how windsurfing can take us down the roads less travelled. The top finishers in the 2021 PWA freestyle fleet tell how the ‘winner takes all’ final in southern France concluded. The test team rig, ride and review some of the latest wave sails on the market and our technique gurus, #PeterHart and #JemHall, teach us how to boost our wave sailing skills. Harty also corners a top surgeon for advice on how to best manage wounds in windsurfing and we hear from ex-pro windsurfer turned filmmaker, #JacePanebianco, about his brilliant new windsurfing movie – ‘Broken Molds Movie-2021’. Digital edition available now, print edition in shops and with subscribers soon.

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Cover: #NicoGoyard and #ThomasGoyard cruising in Corsica.
Photo: #JérômeHouyvet / Phantom.

Starboard Windsurfing Gaastra Windsurfing RRD International Duotone Windsurfing International LiP Sunglasses NEILPRYDE WINDSURFING Phantom Windsurfing Fanatic Windsurf International Club Vass Robin Hood Watersports Boardwise JP AUSTRALIA 2XS - West Wittering ION Severne-Sails Surfladle Quatro Bray Lake Watersports POINT-7 Surfbent Maui Ultra Fins #TheOfficialTestCentre 4-Boards Noble Marine OceanSports BoardRiders Goya Windsurfing Unifiber Windsurfing Equipment GUNSAILS VAYU RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show Loftsails MB Pro Center Windsurfing & Kiteboarding Holidays Porto Pollo Sardegna LOGOS Beach Village Surf and Kite Theologos GoneSurfing ION CLUB Flisvos Sportclub Naxos Flag Beach Watersports Fuerteventura Kefalos Windsurfing Procenter Rhodos TWSwindsurf Duotone Pro Center Tenerife ProCenter Prasonisi - Christof Kirschner Surfisland Armstrong Foils Windsurf Village

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Wonder if anyone pick up a car key (old fashioned manual type) which is slightly rusted. I think it fell out from my pocket in the car park after the race today. Or it might be anywhere in the lake permises. Luckily I had the electronic one to drive the car back home. Thank you very much. 😊

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We get experimental with our November/December 2021 issue, hearing how Thomas Traversa F3, Jules Denel F41 and friends scored XL waves in Iceland; travel with the Goya Windsurfing OG’s of Marcilio Browne and #FranciscoGoya to a secret spot in Oahu; find out the secrets of Antoine Albeau F192’s success; hear how Nicolas Goyard Windsurfing recently clocked 37.18 knots on his foil; catch up with Yentel Caers B-16, Lennart Neubauer Gre-734 and Balz Müller Suistyle to learn more about the bonkers art of ‘tow-in’ freestyle; test some of the latest 85-litre wave boards; learn how #AurelioVerdi of AV Boards rose to become one of the most respected shapers in windsurfing; Peter Hart Masterclass tells us how to get out through waves; a comparison of fin v foil v wing at the coast; comp reports from Tiree and Weymouth and get the lowdown on the latest kit from Naish Windsurfing and RRD International. Digital edition available now, print edition in shops and with subscribers soon.

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Cover: #MarcilioBrowne piloting his new 2022 Goya kit. Photo: Fish Bowl Diaries

Starboard Windsurfing Gaastra Windsurfing Tabou Windsurfing Duotone Windsurfing International LiP Sunglasses NEILPRYDE WINDSURFING Phantom Windsurfing Fanatic Windsurf International Club Vass Robin Hood Watersports Boardwise JP AUSTRALIA 2XS - West Wittering ION Severne-Sails Surfladle Slingshot Foil Quatro Bray Lake Watersports Flymount POINT-7 Tiree Wave Classic Tricktionary Worthingwatersports Surfbent Maui Ultra Fins The Official Test Centre (OTC) 4-Boards Noble Marine OceanSports BoardRiders Bjorn Dunkerbeck Weymouth Speed Week Starboard Windsurfing UK & Ireland RRD UK Fanatic Windsurf UK Severne UK & Ireland

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What a day 🤩
First SUP race completed with my amazing SUP Gang 🙌

Female Category
🥉 Overall
🥇 Inflatable

Steve Laws, Austen Joe, Helen and Sarah well done for smashing it 💪

Everyone made an amazing effort and massive congrats to all 36 participants, especially to Alex, the winner of the race who flew like a rocket while being 5 months pregnant 🤰

Thanks Nick from Gowiththeflo for pulling such a great event together with The Eyot Centre - the atmosphere was amazing 🥳
It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with Andrew Halliday and Nick from Just SUP uk👋

This event is an important milestone in my sup journey as it is just the beginning of my racing experience.

Throughout the winter I would be training and practising racing skills at Go with The Flow oand Bray Lake Watersports SUP Racing Winter Series 2021‼️ I hope that after the right amount of training I will push myself and get to the position when I could start to compete at a professional level while participating in various events in 2022 💪

Today 6km loop I managed to complete in 52 min and 39 seconds and beat my personal record and complete 5km loop in 44 min 🏆 The last km was a killer as my hip and lower back was giving a lot of discomforts - still haven't recovered fully after little car accident...

I have a long way to go but I am super excited for this journey ahead of me 😍 For now, there is plenty of reason to celebrate and feel extremely proud of myself 😊

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Blowing in hard, is our October 2021 issue – ‘Winds of change’ – packed with tips and tales as we hear from Robby Swift on his Diamond Head strike mission; #VictorFernandez shares some of the secrets of his success; PWA top guns – Antoine Albeau F192, Nicolas Goyard Windsurfing, Pierre Mortefon and Matteo Iachino Ita-140 tell us how to go fast on a foil; Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Liam Dunkerbeck, #daidamoreno, John Skye, Ricardo Campello and Lucas Meldrum K90 tell us about their Canarian Summer, we speak to the British Sailing Team about their incredible success at the iQFOiL world championships; Timo Mullen and Nic Hibdige K-700 reflect on a summer session at Southbourne; Florian Jung shares his thoughts on freedom; Peter Hart Masterclass teaches us how to flip our rig better and reviews Robby Naish's latest film; Jem Hall Coach gives us tips on how to improve moves on our ‘weak’ tack; and finally, learn to fly with our first time foiling tutorial. Digital edition out now, print edition in shops and with subscribers soon.

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Cover Arthur Arutkin flying on his 2022 Fanatic / Duotone kit in Maui. Photo by Fish Bowl Diaries

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With Starboard Windsurfing RRD International Duotone Windsurfing International Tabou Windsurfing Phantom Windsurfing Severne Windsurfing Prolimit Goya Windsurfing Fanatic Windsurf International GUNSAILS ION Naish Windsurfing Simmer Style Quatro Maui Ultra Fins The Official Test Centre (OTC) Loftsails Boardwise 4-Boards Robin Hood Watersports Surf and Kite Theologos ION CLUB Surfladle Bray Lake Watersports NEILPRYDE WINDSURFING Surfbent Worthingwatersports Club Vass JP AUSTRALIA Gaastra Windsurfing K66 UK
Anyone local to the lake lost 2 dogs???
I hope this post is taken in the best intentions it is written in. I saw tonight you have a new bike gate near the nursery. I wondered if you had plans to replace the incredibly difficult gate further round please? I love walking round the lake as I live next to it but I find it difficult to bend down and get through that gate due to a back issue that doesn’t stop me walking but does affect me being able to bend. I know there’s a few of my neighbours who are a little bit older than me who love to walk round too and I imagine it must be very difficult for them to get through as well.
I also wondered if you will continue to keep access shut to the lake on a couple of the open spots towards the bridge side that have now been gated? I know a lot of the spots at the top of the lake are fished but the ones near Tithe Barn Drive end haven’t been used in months and are now severely overgrown. A lot of us residents tend to walk round with secateurs to keep the paths passable and would have kept those areas down too if we’d had access.
I do very much understand why the changes have been implemented after so much awful antisocial behaviour last year but it is quite sad for locals who are now struggling to walk round or push a child round in a pram anymore.
Many thanks!

Our Planetary Waves early summer issue of SUP International includes Swiss adventurer, #ThomasOschwald, on a mountain to sea mission, crazy Dane, Casper Steinfath, takes on a treacherous SUP foil crossing of the Kattegat Sea, #SveinRasmussen tells us about Starboard SUP’s paddle technology, #MarkRaaphorst of SIC MAUI looks back on the history of the brand and we hear how #ToriKubick has combined her incredible contortion abilities with her passion for SUP. On the technique frontier, #FinnMullen muses how to make the best out of average conditions, while #BlueEwer demonstrates the race turns, and #SianSykes explains the journey improving her forward paddling technique. Finally, our test team gets to grips with four amazing boards from Aztron Global, Two Bare Feet, Hypr Hawaii, and Aqua Marina Global.

The Digital Edition is available now, print edition in shops and with subscribers soon. For more click here

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With Starboard SUP UK & Ireland Fanatic SUP International Fanatic SUP UK Naish Stand Up Paddling Aztron SUP UK RRD SUP UK RRD International LiP Sunglasses Red Paddle Co Loco Surfing Hypr Hawaii UK HYPRNalu Hawaii Sandbanks SUP Style Boardwise Bray Lake Watersports 4-Boards Blackfish Paddles OceanSports BoardRiders Surf Sanctuary Surfladle Kari Schibevaag JP-Australia SUP Oshea Surf Red Original Seychelle SUP Zane Kekoa Schweitzer John Carter photography Psyched Paddleboarding TAHE SMIK MOAI Bluefin SUPs Freshwater Bay Paddleboard Co King of Watersports Juice Boardsports Richard Branson

Cover Klaas Voget and Valentin Illichmann exploring the waterways of Walchensee, Bavaria. Photo #ThomasMarzusch

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Berkshire's Premier Watersports Centre for all your windsurfing, dinghy sailing and paddlesports needs. Courses, private tuition, hire, demo, on-site shop, active club for both adults and youths.

Open all year round. An established water sports centre easily accessible from M4, M25 and M40.

Operating as usual


SPLASH DAY next Tuesday 31st May,
09:30 - 17:00.
8 - 12 year olds
Dinghy sailing, windsurfing, kayaking
£80 per person
Please call 01628 638860 to book a space.


Our popular end of month Sunday river trips are back for the summer and we will be heading onto the River Thames this Sunday 29th May 2022.
Join our instructor led SUP Club for a river paddle from 10:00 – 13:00.
This paddle is open to all competent paddle boarders and to join you just need to pre-book either your equipment hire or own equipment launch slot online.
Please make sure you arrive at the lake in good time to be ready to leave at 10.


Are you looking for activities over the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday?
Bray Lake Watersports will be open every day and we have loads of options for getting on the water
• Equipment Hire
• Own Equipment Launch
• Open Water Swimming Sessions
Or perhaps you fancy learning a new skill? We have beginner courses running in the following sports;
• Kayaking
• Stand Up Paddle Boarding
• Dinghy Sailing
• Windsurfing
Private tuition sessions are also available across the weekend.

📸 @lieslfletcher

Muddy Stilettos Berkshire


Join us this Wednesday evening for our weekly Club Night 18:00 – 20:00.
This week the Kayak Club and SUP Club will be heading onto the River Thames for a paddle.
We also have equipment hire and launch slots available for windsurfers, wingers and dinghy sailors so you can make the most of the long summers evening.
There is also availability for kayak and SUP hire and own equipment launch for lake paddling.
Book your space online today.

Matt Bulbeck 📸


Are you looking for May Half Term children’s activities?
We have mixed watersports courses available for the week commencing 30th May 2022.
Due to the jubilee bank holidays you can book either 3, 4 or 5 days and the days are 09:30 – 17:00.
We have opportunities for beginners and improvers for children 8 – 14 years old. During these courses they will learn dinghy sailing, windsurfing and paddle sports.
These courses are great fun and the perfect way for children to spend time outdoors whilst learning a new skill.
3 Days – £240 per person
4 Days – £280 per person
5 Days - £350 per person

To book a space please give us a call on 01628 638860.


Are you a member* at Bray Lake and interesting in learning a new sport?
We are running three taster sessions this weekend for our members, to offer you the chance to try a different sport.
The sessions available are,
Windsurfing – Saturday 14th May, 12:30 – 14:30
Kayaking – Sunday 15th May, 10:00 – 12:00
Dinghy Sailing – Sunday 15th May, 15:00 – 17:00

Each session is £25 and can either be booked online or by giving us a call on 01628 638860.
*Members are those with a current paid membership type


Swim wetsuit hire is now available at Bray Lake during our open water swimming sessions.
Hire is £25 and if you purchase a wetsuit that day we will discount the hire price.
We have C-Skins Swim Research suits and there is one in most sizes so hire is on a first come first severed basis.
This is perfect for anyone wanting to demo a swim wetsuit and those wishing to give open water swimming a go before making a wetsuit purchase.



From SUP Club sessions to beginner and improver lessons we have lots of fantastic SUP opportunities at the lake this week,

Group Courses
Start SUP – Friday 13th May,14:00 – 16:00
Improver SUP – Saturday 14th May, 12:30 – 14:30
Start SUP – Saturday 14th May, 15:00 – 17:00
Start SUP – Sunday 15th May, 12:30 – 14:30
All group courses can be booked online. For private tuition and coaching options please call us on 01628 638860.

SUP Clubs Sessions
Wednesday, 18:30 – 20:00 - Fun Races and Games
Thursday, 10:00 – 12:00 – Fun Races and Games
Sunday, 10:00 – 12:00 – Step Back Turn Clinic

To join our SUP Club sessions you just need to prebook your equipment hire or own equipment launch space online. There is no requirement to purchase a membership to join in.


Calling all kayakers, our kayak club is back!
Join us on Wednesday evenings, 18:30 – 20:00, where our instructor will be on the lake leading the session.
Session activities will vary from week to week and will include social paddles, skill improvement and river paddles.
To join these sessions you just need to pre-book online your launch session if you own equipment or give us a call to book hire equipment. There is no need to purchase a membership to join the club sessions.
For more information please give us a call on 01628 638860.

📸 @palmequipment


Waffles, pancakes and bagels are on the menu tomorrow


On Saturday 23rd April our SUP race team headed to Devon for the annual Head of The Dart (HOTD) race. This event is one of the first races of the season and a goal to keep the race team motivated during winter training.
For three of our race team this was their first experience of HOTD. Fernando said
“Right from the start, this was an amazing weekend. Staying at Dartington Hall, who were so accommodating, friendly and helpful when it came to storing the board and just being there, to the relaxed, laidback atmosphere at the HOTD venue, I have had the best weekend ever. As a HOTD ‘virgin’ I was a tad worried that I wouldn’t be up to the challenge but with the support and encouragement from both Sam and Candice, I plunged in (almost literally), and completed the race in good time. I was tired at the end, but hearing Candice shouting “come on Fernando!” spurred me on over the finish line. There will be more races to come, that’s for sure, and hopefully soon!”
Congratulations to all those who took part and completed the race despite the challenging conditions.
Our race team will be back on home water for the first race in our summer series this weekend.
If you want to get involved in some SUP racing speak to one of our staff who will let you know how to begin.

📸 @helenlnightingale


Posted @withregram • @haywood_sports It’s time for the @braylakewatersports Summer Sup Racing once again and we are delighted to be running the series.

Five races over five months with technical, distance and river racing. Our first race is this Sunday 8th May and tickets are LIVE.


We have 2 spaces remaining on our SUP Yoga course starting this Wednesday with @trilouiseyoga
This beginners course will run for 4 weeks starting on Wednesday 4th May, 18:00 – 19:30.
Paddle – Balance – Stretch
This 4 week course focuses on improving your paddling skills, movement on the board and introduces you to SUP Yoga. Each week will progress your skills in a fun and relaxed environment.
What you will learn
• Yoga stretches, beathing and relaxation techniques that will support your paddling journey
• How to paddle safely and efficiently
• Weather and waterway conditions and how to prepare for your SUP adventure
• Turns and paddle strokes to build confidence in handling the board
• How to fall, including self-rescue as well as helping others
• What to wear and equipment needed

You need to be a competent paddleboarder to take part in these sessions.
Price: £130 for the 4 week course. This price includes your board and paddle hire.
This course can be booked either online or by giving us a call on 01628 638860

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Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 8:30am - 5pm
Sunday 8:30am - 5pm

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