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Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK is a unique centre of excellence in which to learn Authentic Chinese Martial arts: Kung Fu, Tai Ji Quan, Qi Gung and Lion Dance

Welcome to the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK, a unique centre of excellence within Chinese Martial Arts based in Maidenhead Berkshire UK. Established since 1997 in our own full time kung fu school, fully equipped with everything you’ll ever need to learn Classical Authentic Chinese Kung Fu, open 6 days a week, with classes for Adults and Children in Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Taiji Quan (TaiChi), Qi Gong

Operating as usual


Big thanks to many students who attended our kung fu school annual Chinese new year party event.

Special guests Mr Richard Lee & Aidan Tierney Sifu it was great to welcome you both.

Quite a lot of students were unable to attend sadly and were missed due to other commitments.

We do enjoy this annual gathering each year, it is such a good time to all enjoy some relaxing social time as a whole school.


We are looking forward to our Annual Eagle Claw Chinese New Year school party on Saturday 24th Feb

We all gather together, students, family and friends, celebrating the hard work and dedication of everyone over the past year and special recognition for oustanding students.

This private event is always very busy and enjoyable , packed with students , lots of great food and drinks aplenty.

This years event falls on exactly the end of the Chinese New year celebrations with Saturday 24th being the Lunar new year , perfectly timed :-)

As we look back over the past year, we are gratefull for all the year has bought us, all the exceptional students who have worked so hard in thier training.

An amazing kung fu gathering with so many respected teachers and guests in Oct 2023.

An exceptional 2 week long visit by the head of our Eagle Claw family Master Chen junxn and his wife Meng Xianghui from China

Thank you to all out students and freinds in the Wulin world of martial arts. Through our efforts in all Traditional Chinese Martial Arts we honour the ancestors and legacy of the past Masters by keeping the ancestral arts alive today and for the future.

Wulin Yi Jia ren

Photos from Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK's post 12/02/2024

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK annual Chinese New Year Lion Dance Parade on Saturday 10th of Feb Maidenhead Town High Street saw crowds in thier 1,000's come along to celebrate.

With Vip guest's , inc Ex UK Primie Minister the Rt Hon Theresa May Mp, President of Maidenhead Chamber of Commerce Mrs Seema Goyal and leader of the local council Mr Simon Werner all joined the tem of 36 students from the Kung Fu school to bring this new year of the Dragon into life.

The Kung Fu School team had 4 lions, 2 Dai Tou Fut Happy Buddha, The Chinese god of wealth, 10 children with dragon ribons, two large 10ft Dragon ribbons, musicians and 8 large chinese flags in the parade.

All starting off with a loud and noisy bang of many chinese firecrackers, the beat of the Drum and clash of cymbal signalled the 4 lions into life as the team made it's way along the high street.

Now in it's 24th year this event which is organised by the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School is a firm fixture in the annual town diary.

The Team headed to Royal Windsor where they gave another spectacular perforamnce at the Windsor Royal Train Station

Supported by the RBWM local borough and town managment team it is an event not to be missed each year.


On behalf of us all at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School , we wish evryone a very Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024


Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK Present's it's annual Chinese New Year Lion Dance parade on Saturday 10th of Feb

Maidenhead High Street 12.30pm
Windsor Royal TrainStation 3pm

Come along and watch the spectacular Lion Dance parade by the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK as part of this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations Year of teh Dragon

2023 a record number of 3,400 people attended in Maidenhead and this year will be even more special with even more Lions and other special additions to the parade.

This year we bring a team of 36 students performing, Twirling Dragons, 4 Lions, Two Dai Tou Fut Big Headed Buddha, The Chinese God of Wealth and so much more with kids invloved, musicians, Large chinese flags and banners.

This event is suitable for all the family , it's loud , vibrant, energetic and you can be sure of an amazing time

Come and celebrate Chinese New Year and the Lunar Festival in Maidenhead and Windsor this Saturday the 10th of Feb

Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK is a unique centre of excellence in which to learn Authentic Chinese Ma


Essential before Chinese New Year is to clean your home from top to bottom.

We have started at our Wuguan, have you done yours?


Know your Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Shou Fa 鷹爪手法

Seize, Capture & Control, Divide, Split & Separate

Qin na 擒拿 & Fen jin cuo guo 分筋错骨


After months of painstaking detailed work the first 11 copies of our Eagle Claw Instructor Training Manual have now been printed.

Some 45,000 words, translations, chinese characters, pictures and guides written in conjunction with the head of our family in China Master Chen junxin.

This manual serves as a straight line guide for all instructors in our family, ensuring quality and maintain standards for all

Some of the topics covered are :

Index of Terms and Reference
General Terminology
Stance & Stepping
Fist / Hand Techniques
Forms – Tao Lu
Training Practice Guidelines
Applications and Functional Skill
Lin Gung Conditioning and Strength Training
Qi Gong
Class Structure Guidelines
Theory, Philosopy & Notations.

These Quan Pu / Fist Manual are held within our family and are Not for sale or release into the Public Domain.
We are getting many people asking for a copy .
The answer is you cannot, for all the reasons above


Every 2 years the Eagle Claw Kung Fu school hosts the UK Kung Fu Gathering with many guest Sifu's and friends.

A traditional martial arts gathering event showcasing many demonstrations.

Here we present the first video of demonstration by Master Chen Junxin of our Eagle Claw kung fu family.


Eagle Claw Master Chen junxin’s first ever interview on the Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan system from Gu ZhuangTou village in Xiongxian, Hebei province, China.

Master Chen Junxin is a direct inheritor of the Ancestral (Zuting) Eagle claw system from the founding village of the system in China where he was born and raised, here in his first ever interview he discusses various topics of interest, history, the ancestral family, training methods and more on the Eagle Claw system.

We hope you enjoy this interview with the head of our Eagle Claw family.

Click on the Link to watch the video below :



Welcome back old freinds.

Ken Delves Lao shi who we have known for many years made a visit to our Wuguan giving students a lecture/workshop on Internal body skills and methods that are found across all traditional chinese martial arts .

We last saw Ken Lao shi some 6 years ago when he was back in the UK for a few months from living in the USA

Ken Lao shi now in his 89th year of age and having studied martial arts for over 60 years, Ken has distilled his knowledge of body skills down into a concise program of body mechanics that he call the 5 Methods

An extensive back ground in Hsing Yi from renowned teacher Kenny Gong (ark fun gong) , Fut Sau Wing Chun from Henry Leung (leung chi man) Bau Gua with Park Bok Nam, Liu He Ba Fa with CK Chan, Taiji with Liu Da, Wang Jien Yen and Pan Yueteh, Northern Shaolin with Allan Lee (Li Ywe Ting) and more

Students from our Kung Fu Class and Taiji class attended as the skills are cross migrational in useage.

All thoroughly enjoyed and gained from Ken's extensive knowledge.

Many thanks for your visit Ken Lao shi we look forward to seeing you again soon


Family in Prague Checz Republic.

Delighted to see happy photo's of our family and extended family all together in Prague.

Karl Donovan from our school in the UK met up with his kung fu brother Pavel Prucha from Prague at our extended family of my late Hing dai George Husek Sifu Rip Tai Tai chi Mantis Centrum - Škola sifu Jiřího Huška school .

Dan Falta who is one of the the chosen school govenors for late Husek Sifu (Rip) kindly welcomed Pavel and Karl to enjoy tea , conversation and good company together at the Wu Guan there.

I hope to visit Prague next year and meet up with good family and good freinds again

Yi Jia Ren


We are delighted to welcome good friend in Wulin Martial world Bill Moran Shifu of the Wu zhu Quan 5 Ancestors first to visit our Eagle Claw Kung Fu School .

Bill Moran shifu is a highly skilled in the Wu zu Quan system and probably the leading light for the system in the UK, his background is very similar to Shifu Dales, in that Moran Shifu he has travelled for many years to Malaysia learning directly form the source of the system there and being a direct disciple of the famous GrandMaster Chee Kim Tong. Giving him very deep insights in to the system and direct transmission of knowledge.

While Moran Shifu was at our school he and Shifu Dale, enjoyed lenghty conversation and discussion on Chinese Martial arts, compared travel stories all while enjoying good chinese tea.

Gratefull thanks to Da Shixiong Stuart Keating for joining us to welcome Moran Shifu.

We hope mroe people in the UK will become aware of Bill Moran Shifu and his excellent skills/knowledge in Wu Zuquan 5 Ancestors fist


shēn zhènɡ bú pà yǐnɡ zi xié

Literally, the proverb means "if one stands straight, he will not be afraid of having an oblique shadow".

Metaphorically, it means if you are doing the right things, you needn't worry about others'wrong/unfair comments.

The deeds are like the body, and the comments are like the shadow.

The former is obviously more important than the latter, and it's best to focus your attention on the former rather than the latter.


All style and No substance

One of the great pleasures in learning from my Ying Zhao fan Tzi Quan Shifu Chen junxin is the constant focus on the ancestral family system methods not just the style.

Over the years, it has become clearer to me that systems are made of cohesive training practices that create a solid process of functionality in the skill of Chinese martial arts.

From Ji Ben Gong – Basic body training exercises both internal and external, Lian Gong strength and conditioning exercises, Nei gong Internal training methods, Qi Gong, Hei Gong breath work, Dian Xue accupoint striking, theory and explanation, Shen Fa Body method along with Bu Fa Footwork, Tui Fa Kicking, Quan Fa Fist methods, Ma Fa stance methods, Shou Fa Hand methods, Da Fa Hitting methods, Zhou Fa Elbow methods, Na Fa Seizing/Capturing Methods, Key words and poems and so on

The performance of forms Tao Lu express the stylistic interpretation of each individual Chinese martial art, the system contains the key methods that make up the specific skills and attributes in the training that make each Chinese martial arts cohesive and functional on multiple levels. Tao Lu forms should clearly show the practice methods found within systems,

Over the years, the focus in martial arts had become and endless road of forms and demonstrations, while this in itself requires great athletic ability it is all style and no substance. Great for health and many other things but misses the essence of what our systems were designed for, a dilution focussing on competition and Peking Opera’esque beauty, martial dance if you like

In 2007 I started a journey through China, being the first Westerner to conduct a historical research survey of the Eagle Claw system as it migrated from the North to the South. Travelling through many cities across China meeting teachers and practioners of Eagle Claw and tracing it back to it’s roots in Gu ZhuangTou Cun in Xiongxian Hebei province.

My Journey took me from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, Foshan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Xiongxian and then finally to the founding village Gu Zhuangtou cun.

Having made many great friends and connections through the Eagle Claw world across China I was able to witness the many differences and similarities across the various branches, my view became broad and wide and forever changed. Interviewing and speaking with many great teachers, each wonderful in their own right and ways, gave me a deep appreciation for all the teachers I met.

It was also very interesting to see how open the teachers across China were, how excited to discuss all things Eagle Claw with this strange westerner who had been practicing Eagle Claw since the late 80’s travelling halfway across the world to talk with them.

That’s the problem with having your eyes and mind opened, often you can no longer continue along the same path you once walked, in saying that I am clear in my vision, clear in my path ahead and very happy/satisfied in my learning.

A wonderful eye-opening journey of discovery from modern cities to remote farming villages, standing on the very ground of the ancestors, seeing all the family generations, visiting the houses of people often only read about in books.

To think I know and am accepted as family by the descendants of Liu shijun Liu Chung Yo, Liu Qi wen visiting their houses, eat with their families, it is quite amazing to experience. Now that I also call the ancestral village my home since being accepted through the Baishi ceremony directly into the family in 2018, no longer a public student but an inheriting disciple

Training with my Shifu Chen junxin, focusses heavily on the 技法 Jìjī fa attack techniques/methods & 用法 Yong fa technique/application methods of the Zuting (ancestral) Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan system as passed down by each successive inheriting generation to my Shifu’s family now 6th Generation inheritors.

I am always uplifted by how open he is, hardworking and passionate in his teaching, whenever we are together many hours are spent in training and practice with hands on demonstration, nothing is left untouched and without deep explanation. The breadth of his knowledge is quite amazing, any question I ask he has an answer, anything I request he always says sure no problem I’ll teach you whatever you need, you are family

Of course, the training is interspersed with lots of fine refreshing Chinese tea and further discussion on history, past masters, theory and so forth .

Live it and Breathe it so that you embody it, then you have substance


Eagle Claw Seminar with Master Chen Junxin

On Saturday the 21st of Oct, 20 students too part in a 6 hour Eagle Claw applications and Yong Fa/jiji fa application/combat usage seminar with thier Shi Gong Chen Junxin.

Indepthe coaching and explanation on the skills and methods of 10 core drills was undertaken.

A chance for the studets to get hands on correction and teaching by thier Shi gong was invaluable enligtening for the students who took part.

At the end of the Seminar Shifu Dale was presented with a large hand written scroll from Master Chen junxin, the caligrapher who made this is from our family village in Xiongxian and has made a lot of the caligraphy artwork in our Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK.


A moment to reflect

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity with hardly a moment to stop.

Each day I would sit here and drink tea with my Eagle Claw Shifu Chen Junxin and his wife Meng Xianghui who travelled from the birthpace of the Eagle Claw system in GuZhuangTou Hebei province China to the European HQ of Eagle Claw within our family.

As I sit here alone drinking tea, I feel thier prescence greatly still with me and also that of our ancestral family , this reminds me that I am never alone as we are heart to heart and always connected.

All the students enjoyed so much meeting thier Shigong and feeling that deeper connection to the path of learning and the roots back into China.

An amzing Wulin UK Kung Fu Gathering party was held with over 18 guest teachers, 90 people attending, a closed door seminar on the Yong Faa and Jiji fa fighting methods of our family system for my students with thier Shigong

During the visit we achieved so much together and discussed our future plans for the development of the ancestral (Zuting) Eagle Claw System both in the UK & Europe and also China.

More news and information will follow on the events of the past two weeks including a very special first ever public video interview of my Shifu Chen Junxin that has been given in Chinese and will have English subitles of everything my Shifu discussed during the interview.

Untill then I shall enjoy this very fine Hong Cha (Red tea ) from Yunan province

Ying Zhao Zuting Yi Jia Ren


A Gathering of Kung Fu Masters

Saturday the 14th of October the Eagle Claw Kung fu School UK was delighted to host the "UK Kung Fu Gathering"

Now on it's 5th occasion hosting some of the very best in Traditional Chinese Martial Arts from Across the UK.

Welcoming back to the UK was the head of our eagle claw family from the founding village GuZhuangt To in Xiongxian Hebei and birth place of Eagle Claw in Northern China, Master Chen Junxin 6th generation inheritor of the Zuting Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan (Ancestral Eagle Claw system) joined by his wife Meng Xianghui

A total of 18 Honoured Guest teachers and thier students gathered with students from the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School, having an event of some 90 people, demonstrations, lion dance and speaches were given. Gracing the event were Mrs Seema Goyal President of the Maidenhead and Windsor District Chamber of Commerce and Mrs Dawn Willock from MAGB.

Months of planning and organising went into this special event that takes place only once every two years.

It was an amazing evening of Freindship, Unity and Harmony within the Wulin World .

Our sincere thanks to the teachers listed below for attending and making this UK Kung Fu Gathering yet another great succes, we look forward to seeing you again in 2025

1. Shifu Chen Junxin Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan China
2. Shifu Julian Dale Eagle Claw Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan UK
3. ShiFu Jim Uglow Hung Gar
4. Shifu Phil Morell Fan Shi Ba Gua Zhang
5. Shifu Dave Stevens Bak Mei
6. Shifu Tom Braithwaite Lung Ying (Liu He Ba Fa )
7. Shifu David Rogers Hap Gar
8. Shifu Spencer Devine & Shifu Barry Lewis Wing Chun
9. Shifu Bill Moran Ng Cho Kuen
10. Shifu Fran Cooper Lau Gar Kuen
11. Shifu Sean Whittaker Dit Ngau
12. Shifu Aidan Tierney Wing Chun
13. Shifu Jon Crump Lung Ying
14. Shifu Phil Davies Kuntao Matjan/Hung Kuen
15. Shifu Gerry Tann Hokkien Kuntao Mantis
16. Shifu James Carrs Yi Quan
17. Shifu Nishan Khednah Chow Gar Tong Long
18. Shifu Ying Ting Sung Hung Gar


Something Big is happening soon at the Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK


The perfect place to sit with my teacher and family, learning about martial arts and tea.

Great education


Delighted to have my Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan Shifu Chen junxin and his wife back in the UK with our Eagle Claw family.
Zuting Ying Zhao Yi Jia ren


October is a busy month for our Ying Zhao Wu Guan, looking forward to reuniting with family and being together again, events and gatherings.

Learning and development has no limit


Persue Culture within Learning


Happy Mid Autumn festival to all, May dream come true always 🙏


Congratulations to members of our lion dance team for thier fantastic performance on Friday night.

In front of 250 people at the Maidenhead and Windsor Business Community awards dinner held at the Castle Hotel in Windsor.

The whole performance was excellent from start to finish.

Thank you Er Shixiong Matt, Ray, Alex, Arthur, Vincent, Kate, Savannah, Dylan & Vanditha

Photos from Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK's post 18/09/2023

The Art of Chinese Tea

Over the past few months we have slowly been working on creating a new Classical Chinese Tea area within our Wu Guan.

Finally we are able to now enjoy this new space, the results so far are very nice indeed . A few small finishing touches are required to complete it, for now we enjoy the space with a wide selection of high quality tea's from Shifu's extensive collection of Chinese tea


Heroism is not just found on the Battle Field

“The 4 Heroes of Eagle Claw”

The definition of Heroism/Gallantry: courage; heroic bravery; noble-minded behavior

After Friday Night Kung Fu Kombat Konditioning class, all students left at approx. 9.15pm, I left the school about 20mins later.

After turning out of the school road and accessing Boyne Grove park, I saw 3 of our students standing over a man lying down on the grass verge and giving attention to him.

I pulled the car over to see what was happening; the events are that Karl Donovan , Matt Cooleyley, Jonathan Barnett and Peter James had found a man complaining of chest pain and pain in his back. he had just collapsed and hit his head on the pavement. They moved him to the grass verge where they had called an ambulance paramedic some 20 mins earlier. Peter James had to leave to collect his son

The gent on the floor was aware and talking but complaining of pain in his heart area and back pain, all classic symptoms of a heart attack.

I stopped to ensure the man was maintaining consciousness and check his vitals, all of a sudden we noticed he had stopped taking and was not breathing, not responsive, showed no sign of life, pulse or any kind of response to stimulation. At this point Matt and Jonathan quickly turned him onto his back a young NHS carer who was passing by attempted to give cardiac compression, this did not have any desired effect.

Matt took over with Jonathan next to him, they administered cardiac chest compression and after a minute or two the man responded, and managed to breath on his own, though showed no conscious awareness and was not lucid at all.

The paramedics arrived within a further 10 minutes and took over, by which point the man was talking and alert. They took him into the ambulance for further checks and then to hospital

On this night a life was saved

These 4 Students
These 4 Gentlemen
These 4 Heroes of Eagle Claw
Matthew Cooley, Jonathan Barnett, Karl Donovan & Peter James

We Salute You
, , , , , ,

Photos from Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK's post 31/08/2023

Welcome Robin Young Shifu from the Canadian Hung kuen Guelph Jing Mo Kung Fu club, Dr Phillip Davies Shifu (UK based) and his student David White .

We received a call from Phillip Davies Shifu a long term freind of 30 years asking if he could bring his older brother (Shixiong) Robin Young Shifu to visit our Eagle Claw Kung Fu school while over from Canada on a 7 day stay in the UK.

We were very happy to agree and meet new freinds along with old in the spirit of freindship and unity within the Chinese Martial arts world.

Robin Young Shifu has many years of Traditional Chinese kung fu practice , he runs the Jing Mo Kung Fu clubin Ontario Canada and inherits the systems he was tauight by his teachers.

Dr Philip Davies Shifu a student of the Jing Mo school in Canada many years ago now has specialised in Indonesian Kuntao Matjan martial arts

We enjoyed over 4 hours of good conversation, discussion and fine chinese tea all together.

Thank you Robin Young Shifu, Phillip Davies Shifu and David white for your visit, we look forward to welcomeing you again soon

Photos from Eagle Claw Kung Fu School UK's post 18/08/2023

Traditional Chinese Martial arts come together in London

Sunday the 13th of July saw the GrandmasterLee Shing Memorial 100th year memorial gathering organsied by Spencer Devine Sifu & Barry Lewis Sifu student disciples of the late Joseph Man SiFu.

GM Lee Shing is widely recognised as the founding father for Wing Chun in the UK and Europe, having taught many of the now more well-known practioners of Wing Chun . Notably the late Jospeh Man Sifu Rip , he had many students two of which are Spencer Devine and Barry Lewis , both have followed thier Sifu's approach in working to create harmony and unity within all wing chun practioners.

The 100th year memorial gathering bought together teachers from many different arts, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Dragon Boxing, Eagle Claw, Chow Gar Mantis, Dit Ngau southern mantis, Taiji and more. All together celebrating unity within the Wulin martial world.

Congratulations to Spencer & Barry for putting on such a good, well-organised event. We all wish you continued success and prosperity for your Chun Bros events, more information can be found here : www.facebook.com/chunbrosevents/

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Every 2 years the Eagle Claw Kung Fu school hosts the UK Kung Fu Gathering with many guest Sifu's and friends.A traditio...
Congratulations to members of our lion dance team for thier fantastic performance on Friday night.In front of 250 people...
Ying Zhao Ji ben gong Basic training. Cecilia is training a basic exercise that works on maintaining a low stance, step ...
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