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Do you want to step up to leadership? Do you find certain people difficult to work with? Do you want Amanda Bouch Consulting is dedicated to helping individuals to be more successful in their life.

We focus on leadership - how you lead yourself, how you lead others and how you lead your organisation. The one thing you can control is yourself, so developing your skill, capabilities and confidence is critical to your success. Amanda posts links to her blog on these topics, comments and responses to questions around the topic on this page. Amanda has been working in Learning & Developm

Operating as usual


I've been attending a coach supervision group with Christina Bacchini for many years now and have experienced loads of benefits. Not only do we address any issues or reflections I wish to bring, I also learn a lot by supporting fellow coaches in thinking through their issues and reflections. This makes the supervision so much richer than if it were just me.
With diverse practices and approaches, I have learnt a lot about every aspect of being a coach, from coaching tools, to interpersonal skills, to business management... The different perspectives help to broaden and deepen my understanding and keep the open mind of growth thinking.
The group has shrunk recently as a couple of coaches have left as their practices have changed. So we are looking for a couple of coaches to join our group supervision. If you, or someone you know, could be interested in this, please contact me or Christina and we'll explain more.
We meet monthly on 3rd Monday of the month, early afternoon. We started meeting by zoom during lockdown and are continuing this for now.


How is your New Year going so far? Are you doing anything different in 2022 compared to last year?
I didn't make a New Year Resolution, so I haven't broken it yet, but research indicates that by the weekend 15/16 January, 85% of those who did make a resolution, will have broken it! My tip is - you made that promise to yourself for a reason, it's ok that you broke it, just go back to the promise and see if you can last longer. Keep that up all year!


Wishing you all the very best for a wonderful relaxing Christmas break and a happy and healthy 2022

Science & Wisdom of Emotions--Free Online Summit 21/04/2021

Science & Wisdom of Emotions--Free Online Summit

Access to this summit is free and it will be well worth attending some sessions.

Science & Wisdom of Emotions--Free Online Summit Insights and powerful practices to transform difficult emotions and cultivate our natural wisdom, compassion, and joy. 25/12/2020

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year


Have you heard of Positive Intelligence (PQ)? I did their 6-week programme to build my positive mental muscles and weaken the impact of negative emotions. I found it so good that I'm taking the training to become a Positive Intelligence coach.
I've enjoyed building my positive mental muscles in the gym and through the guided activities. Particularly useful in these uncertain times, when the world is turned on its head and people are more stressed and anxious. I am building my ability to cope with the circumstances and with people in a positive way. The Positive Intelligence program promises that you will be happier and perform better and it delivers on that promise!

Every Action Matters - Resilience Across Borders 04/07/2020

Every Action Matters - Resilience Across Borders

Surprising insights in how a community avoided the atrocities of genocide - we can learn from this about how to build strong trusting teams

Every Action Matters - Resilience Across Borders Whilst celebrating the next phase of post lockdown freedom, please spare a thought for those whose lockdown, 25 years ago this month, ended not at the pub, but in genocide.

Amanda Bouch Consulting updated their business hours. 29/06/2020

Amanda Bouch Consulting updated their business hours.

Amanda Bouch Consulting updated their business hours.


How are you coping now that some restrictions are being lifted? Are you raring to get out there or concerned for your health safety?
You can only control your own behaviour and I recommend you do everything you need to, to feel safe.
I'm having coaching conversations with managers about what they need to do to ensure the work environment is safe and supporting their people to do their best. For most this is a continuation of work-from-home and managers are concerned to ensure there is enough communication and support for each team member. There's plenty you can do and I recommend asking your people what they need/want before imposing a solution on them.
If you would like to discuss this further with me, please contact me, I'm happy to support you to find the optimal way forward. -19

Wokingham Speakers – Events 03/04/2020

Wokingham Speakers – Events

If you are thinking of developing your skills while Coronavirus is changing how we operate, why not work on your speaking skills? Join Wokingham Speakers now and benefit from online meetings.
I admit to bias as I'm a member, but the support you receive is excellent. It's a social way to learn and highly practical.

Wokingham Speakers – Events 160 followers

Help those who help us! organized by Craig Newman 25/03/2020

Help those who help us! organized by Craig Newman

I've volunteered my time to coach those in the NHS who need wellbeing support. The system needs funding, please donate to make it possible.

Help those who help us! organized by Craig Newman Gift NHS staff and their families a lifeline, with your £5 donation!For £5 we can offer FREE ski… Craig Newman needs your support for Help those who help us!


Forced to stay at home due to illness or coronavirus? What are you doing to keep your spirits up?


Do you want to be seen as a person of influence?
If so what are you doing to be visible and clear on what you stand for?
Please share your experiences here...

This Simple, Embarrassing Activity Improves Brain Function and Teamwork, According to a Neuroscience Ph.D. 28/10/2019

This Simple, Embarrassing Activity Improves Brain Function and Teamwork, According to a Neuroscience Ph.D.

Sitting at the desk all day reduces cognitive function - so get up and move your body.

This Simple, Embarrassing Activity Improves Brain Function and Teamwork, According to a Neuroscience Ph.D. It doesn't even matter if you do it badly or well.


I'm saddened to hear today of the passing of Gill Smith, friend and colleague from Association for Coaching. Gill did so much for coaching and later for people living with cancer, not just through her book, but also campaigning for drug availability. Gill you're a powerful role model, thank you xx


Been on a 17-day holiday - first longer holiday in years! I switched off almost completely - just had a few emails that demanded a response on booking dates. It was wonderful to live in the moment for the two weeks and enjoy my fellow travellers' company.
How often do you get to really switch off from work mode? Not just work mode, but achievement mode? Research into stress and burn-out shows that it's not just the work pressures that cause us difficulties, but also the pressure to achieve in fitness or hobbies. People are on the go the whole time and not giving themselves renewal time.
We need renewal - relaxing time with friends and family, sleep, getting absorbed in a book or film, etc. Do you get enough?
If yes - keep it up!
If no - what can you stop doing to free up some renewal time?
Think about it and let me know how you are renewing.


What is your most used technique for influencing others?


Running a strategic thinking workshop today. Should be fun exploring the possibilities. The market is tough and a lot depends on the relationships you can build.


Take the four building blocks and apply them to your context. There is no 'magic formula' for transformation.

#FSBConnect Windsor - Deliver Rockstar Marketing Like the Big “Boys” 04/06/2019

#FSBConnect Windsor - Deliver Rockstar Marketing Like the Big “Boys”

Useful not just for networking, but also for the tips and techniques on marketing on a small budget.

#FSBConnect Windsor - Deliver Rockstar Marketing Like the Big “Boys” Windsor Business Networking - Deliver Rockstar Marketing Like the Big “Boys” Your opportunity to join Networking and effectively develop and grow your business through our national network of events. This month hear how even the smallest of businesses can deliver exceptio...


Currently preparing for a workshop on Effective Communication.
Interesting thought that much of our communication happens in automatic pilot, but for really effective communication we need to engage 'System 2' and pay acute attention to what is going on at all levels.
It's harder work, so maybe that's why few put the effort in, unless they know they are engaging in an important or a difficult conversation or communication.
What are your thoughts on this?


Useful session today connecting with fellow coaches and facilitators. It's great to know the strength in breadth and depth that we have between us.
Any challenge a potential client has, I know who to call if it's not my specialism.
The Engagement Ring


What is the difference between performers in sport or the arts and performers in the business environment?
I notice that people in the first group are hungry to get feedback, coaching and guidance on their performance. The have a learning mindset and would never dream of taking that feedback negatively, so then it is all aimed at helping them become the best performer they can be.
Why is it that so many people in the business environment don't welcome feedback? Why would they rather hear nothing, than hear something that could help them perform better?
I was discussing this with fellow coaches at my supervision group session and we had a few hypotheses...
1. Maybe they are just doing the job to pay the bills and they are not interested in being the best they can be.
2. The business environment is not competitive in the same way, there is not a clear benchmark that rates your performance in the same way as running races or winning matches do.
3. They take the feedback personally, that it is a judgment on their sense of self, whereas sports people know this is about their performance.

What are your thoughts on this?
How can we encourage that separation of the performance, so that people don't feel threatened, but feel supported to deliver the best possible performance?


Amanda's coaching style

Are you wondering what it could be like working with an executive coach?
Here's a brief introduction to my style as a coach.

#FSBConnect Windsor - 5 Things Pudding Lane Teaches Us About Cyber Security 15/03/2019

#FSBConnect Windsor - 5 Things Pudding Lane Teaches Us About Cyber Security

Not just networking, but also useful info about cyber security. Why not join me, if you're local?

#FSBConnect Windsor - 5 Things Pudding Lane Teaches Us About Cyber Security Windsor Business Networking For this 1st event Danny Williams, an experienced and accredited Data "Protectionist" from Safeguard 602 will be using fascinating metaphors from the Great Fire of London to provide attendees with some practical advice on data protection including: 1. A balanc...

Listen to influence, Executive coaching and leadership development 15/03/2019

Listen to influence, Executive coaching and leadership development

is effective leadership. See for how to listen to build rapport and enable you to influence others.

Listen to influence, Executive coaching and leadership development Listen to influence, we're poor listeners, misinterpreting information and forgetting most of what we heard. Learn to listen well, better understand others and enable you to influence easily. Tips & techniques for effective listening. Executive coaching, Leadership development.


How to find your purpose in life.Coaching tips, Leadership development, Be your best self

Find your in life

How to find your purpose in life.Coaching tips, Leadership development, Be your best self How to find your purpose in life. 3 steps to identify why you are here and how you will make a difference. Coaching tips, Leadership development, ABC Coach


How to increase self-awareness

Tips on how to improve your self-awareness. -aware

How to increase self-awareness Self-awaress is essential to recognise your emotions and the effect they have on your behaviour. With self-awareness you have choice and control


Been facilitating webinars these last two days. Always a challenge with the reliability of the technology. But very interesting to work with people from all over the world and to hear their different perspectives as well as what we all agree on.

Influencing was a hot topic.
Not just what you do or say in the moment to persuade others, but also how you build your 'influencing authority'. Thinking here of factors such as the quality of your network, whether you are seen as an expert on a topic, whether you have built trusting relationships and people are willing to be influenced by you. As well as whether you are influence-able - research shows that the people with the most influence are those who are willing to be influenced. They are role-modelling the open minds and curiosity required.

What do you think? Any tips on building your influence?

Systemic Leadership Summit 29/12/2018

Systemic Leadership Summit

This online summit on systemic leadership looks interesting. I've registered and look forward to some valuable sessions.

Systemic Leadership Summit The Systemic Leadership Summit is an online event and has a simple mission – to help create a shift in our leadership paradigm and dramatically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders across the world. How? By introducing you to a highly diverse, cutting edge and experienced gro...


Wonderful comments from managers on a Coaching for Managers programme. I really appreciate it when they realise what they can achieve through coaching their team members and feel motivated to use their coaching skills. Equally good is when they comment on how they are bringing coaching skills into their daily interactions and noticing how much better meetings are going.


Summertime is quieter for many and holidays are often a time for reflection. Have you been thinking about where your life is going and started to wonder about doing something different?

If you would like a structured way of thinking through where you are at and where you want to go, then how you might get there, coaching could be an answer. If you want to know more about how coaching could help you make the progress you want in your life, take a look at the short video on this page or on my website.
Feel free to contact me to find out more.

"Amanda’s coaching had a profound effect on me from the start. Before considering the future, we explored and tackled some deep-seated barriers that I had created that were holding back my own ability to better my career. Amanda’s coaching approach led me to evaluate and discard some irrational beliefs. I was surprised how quickly into our sessions that my outlook had changed, I became energised, excited and ready to move forward." CF


Worthwhile read


Generating postive change
Significant culture /attitude change is a huge challenge when working with people who have been in role for a while. Working with a client where the work and revenues used to just roll in and now they operate in a highly competitive market. People are being asked to change to a performance-driven way of working. It's no longer acceptable to wait for the requests to come in, they have to be proactive and positive and develop opportunities.
This is a significant shift in mindset and behaviours, so some people are struggling to come to terms with the 'new regime'.
Any thoughts on how to help these individuals to make progress and transition to a new proactive, positive sense of self?

#FSBConnect Reading (384) 19/06/2018

#FSBConnect Reading (384)

Hope to learn some tips

#FSBConnect Reading (384) Reading - Hate Selling? Your opportunity to join Networking and effectively develop and grow your business through our national network of events. This month we have a guest speaker, Paul Glynn talking, “I HATE selling! (I just have to do it)”. When you set up in business...

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