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Coach Jake 'Showtime' Shore
MMA/ Crossfit/ Individual Performance Programming/ Athlete


-Pay as you train: £7 per session

-Monthly, one session per week: £20 per month
-Monthly, two sessions per week: £25 per month
-Monthly, three sessions per week: £30 per month
-Monthly, four sessions per week: £35 per month

-Private training (1 on 1) sessions: £30 per 1 hour session.
-Private training (1 on 1) sessions: £125 per 5 session block.
+ £25 per additional session when booking block of 5 or more sesisons

Special Offers and discounts available upon enqury.

Operating as usual


The moment you realise the "I'm on Holiday" rationale as to why you're routinely eating 2-3 plates of dessert has to come to an end and the 'greedyboy cardio' is waiting for you at baggage reclaim.

Let the evolution commence 🙏

📷: Active Stills



If I had a £ for every time I heard this screamed at fight shows, like someone would ever forget to do a primary function of life...turns out they do!

'The breath' is important:
- Pre movement/ Pre event
- Mid movement/ Mid event
- Post movement/ Post event

Each follows a different pattern and purpose.

So whilst 'BrEaThE!!!' being screamed out is still as helpful as 'Hit Him!' There is some merit in it. It just needs a little more...🧠



Well Duh!...Right?

Because none of us ever sit there and moan about the outcomes we face, that are heavily influenced by our own action/ inaction 👀

If you're not ready/ don't want to make a change today, that's absolutely fine. Set yourself a gateway/ time limit though. One that will initiate new action.

E.G. my flexibility sucks and is holding me back from optimum health and performance. Am I going to start to increase my mobility protocol? Not Right now. But I will;
1) once I'm back from Hollibobs
2) when I start my next block of programming
3) when I notice a significant block in my training progression or develop a niggling injury.
Whichever comes first!

Example is not based on anyone specific and is not to be used in anyway to hold me accountable. It is however based on me. I lied. But I've said it now! Mobility protocol incoming 😬😭



Doing a workout in a weight vest, with ankle weights and nasal breathing. All inhibitors we choose to apply to make our workouts harder and us better as athletes.

Injuries are of course never a choice, although may be as a result of a ridiculous choice you made somewhere 👀🙋‍♂️, but we can make the choice to treat them like the above inhibitors. View it as a challenge to train around, adapt technique and push our mental strength.

That doesn't make it mind over matter, the inhibitors still suck! Adapt, find your little victories and focus on the long term goa.

And if that doesn't work, be inspired by the incredible adaptive athletes out there training with a life long 'inhibitor', kicking ass and taking names.

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 12/04/2023


The open is over, it's time to take your training up a notch and prepare yourself for the competition and sunny season! 🌞

Have you considered online coaching before but unsure whether it's right for you?

Have you been following the same programme but want to see better and longer lasting results?

Have you been paying for coaching and received a poor service?

LADIES 🙋‍♀️ have you ever been told/ had to "suck it up" or "get on with it" when training around your menstrual cycle?

If the answer to any of these is yes, drop me a 💪 in the comments section and let's have a chat about how we can work together!

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 06/04/2023



The open is over, it's time to take your training up a notch and prepare yourself for the competition and sunny season! 🌞

Have you considered online coaching before but unsure whether it's right for you?

Have you been following the same programme but want to see better and longer lasting results?

Have you been paying for coaching and received a poor service?

LADIES 🙋‍♀️ have you ever been told/ had to "suck it up" or "get on with it" when training around your menstrual cycle?

If the answer to any of these is yes, drop me a 💪 in the comments section and let's have a chat about how we can work together!


2.5 weeks until i get to throwdown witb the great and powerful at the Midlands Fitness Gurns!


Is this aimed at athletes or coaches?

Coaches: At the start of our coaching journey with clients, we should listen far more than we speak. This listening should continue throughout your time together to truly adapt and tailor your programme to your athlete. If you're not asking your athletes "curious" questions, you're not a coach, you're an instructor. Instructors have their place, but they're distinctly different to coaches.

Athletes: This seems a little more obvious. Listen to our coaches right? Absolutely. But hearing is not listening. As coaches we often give instructions, see people nod and go on to continue what they were doing before. (Of course we then stop you again and ensure we communicate better.) As much as it is your coaches responsibility to coach you, it is your responsibility to be coached. This does not mean blindly following orders, coaching should ALWAYS be a 2 way conversation and relationship.


Test Week is Over!

Very short block of 8 weeks and we have 12/12 workout PBs 💪.

Programming for yourself can be difficult, taking athlete hat off, putting coach hat on, sitting and watching your videos back between sets. Generally talking to yourself outloud as though that's an everyday occurrence. 🤦‍♂️

Let's see what the next few weeks hold 👀...


Look How Far You've Climbed

Have a scroll back through your (fitness) journey and see how far you've come.

Where you are in relation to where you once wanted to be.

A 4 year throw back reminds me how much has changes mentally, physically and socially.

Taking a moment to pause and reflect is such a powerful tool we're all aware of but rarely utilise.



A quote frozen in time, fighters, athletes, coaches, people. Read it & read it again.

'Be like water making its way through crack'

'Adjjust to the object [challenge], and you shall find a way around or through it.'

'If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves'

'If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot'

'Water can flow or it can crash. Be like water my friend'


Keep _______

a) moving
b) your eyes in the prize

Some days are going to be better than others. No matter what-

Reset. Refocus. Be Relentless.


"Failure is not an option."

One of the most incorrect and ridiculous statements parrotted throughout society today.

Failure is the only consistently available option, the easy option, the option to hope what you're bad at isn't exposed, the option to not put the work in today because you're not feeling it, the option to 'wait and see'. Avoiding obstacles your whole life is not an option.

Obstacles will always present themselves regardless of how good you are at dodging them or seeing them coming. The essential part of overcoming them is preparation. Prepare your body through physical training, prepare your mind through mental resilience and neuroplasticity exercises and prepare your 'soul' by having a circle of people, places and experiences that nourish you outside of your chosen pursuit.

Even then success is not guaranteed, it's still 'just an option'. Failure is still also an option. We can only influence the odds of success in our favour. We can only do this through preparation. We can only do this by continuing to overcome obstacles.



As athletes we meticulously and exhaustively train our bodies. We repeat our physical skills to a point of mastery.

How often do you put even half of that dedication into improving your mental game?

It is widely agreed that mental performance is can contribute to up to 80% of the end result in sport/ fitness/ exercise.

Imagine a Heptathlete only training 1/7 events they compete in (15%) and just hoping the other 6/7 (85%) are just there in the day.

What do you think? Have you worked on your mental performance? How did it impact your overall performance? If you haven't worked on it, what's stopping you?



A recent soundbite that sums up the privileged position we're in as coaches, and the responsibility we have to our people/ athletes.


"Balance is not something you find, it's something you create"

Using to inform the training of my clients and me has brought a balance between exponential growth, progress and health.

Injuries are a thing of the past, illness no longer grind training to a halt and the choices made outside the gym are fully informed of the impact they'll have on in the short, medium and long term health.

"We must remember we are not coaching robots, we are coaching peopele and those people are all different and adapt in different ways. It's our jobs, as coaches, to find the best way to work with them on that and get the best out of them" - Charles Poloquin 2018

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 24/02/2023

Snatches were fun with these little friends this evening. Can't wait for BMU and legless rope climbs tomorrow 💀


Wishing a speedy recovery to JPS OG .mma and looking forward to seeing him back in action soon/ when he's forgiven me for posting this throwback 😁

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 06/12/2022

Saturday 15th October 2022, I set out with the hope to raise some money for a great charity, challenge myself and do some workouts with friends, after 9 months of solo prepping for The European Championships. 30 Hero Workouts in 30 days had begun.

In reality what originated as a solo venture in its initial inception became a monster team effort. That team was made up of participants, donors, cheerleaders and people taking the time out of their day to check in and offer some words of encouragement. This incredible group of people achieved outstanding things.

The Money: Together we raised a staggering £650 (+ approx £150 in gift aid) for the Samiritans. At a time when bills are sky rocketing, stock markets are crashing and everyone is feeling their £s not quite going as far as before, this is a phenomenal amount and goes such a way to helping so many people.

The Challenge: Hero workouts are gross, but maybe after doing 30 of them you'd get used to it/ they'd get easier... no. They get worse. So much worse. Every single one was a challenge, without chasing times on any of them. But which one was the hardest you ask? Ship, it was definitely ship. Whether it be the heavy squat cleans, high burpee box jumps or where it was in the grand scheme of programming. That one ripped my soul from my body.

Workouts With Friends: I'm cutting this incredibly short because of how long I could go on for. I cannot express how much having someone at my shoulder for each workout meant. Choosing to put themselves through the misery, to keep me going was a gratitude like I've never felt. Some even did it numerous times 👀.

Saturday 15th October 2022 I set out to complete 30 Heroes in 30 days, in reality found 28 everyday heroes stood at my side throughout.

From the bottom of my heart, everyone who supported. Thank you.


- PS. No I've not forgotten about tbe prize draw, pulling all names together and putting into a programme later today!


Full week recovering after debriefs and prize draws still to come.

Looking ahead to throwing down with and at in 2023 🙏


Back where it started. Guess you could say there were always signs that SHOWTIME, would be part of my identity.

Throwback to the 2012 MMA World Championships, where I took home a silver medal 🥈 after losing to the German Palhares 🤣.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm fitter than I've ever been wondering, maybe, just maybe, one more fight?


How the body is holding up... that's a grimace not a smile.

Still plenty of time go donate, link in my bio!


If we stop, close our eyes and cover our ears - we are only exactly where we were when we reopen them.

Find things that both nourish and progress you.


Remember the "surround yourself with the right people..." post? The right people 👆❤️.


Following on from the previous post...

..Fault and responsibility are often used interchangeably but in reality are two separate entities.

Is it my fault my recovery continues to be suboptimal despite doing everything I can to get it right? Maybe 🤣, but the liklihood is environmental factors outside of my control are inhibiting the quality of recovery I'm scheduling.

Whether it's my fault or not, is debatable. But what is without wiestion is it's my responsibility to work around this challenge and being as effective as I can within the boundaries of my circumstances.


Controversial. Even some of the seemingly most 'unlucky' things that happen are actually a direct result of our choices...

What do you think?


OK, maybe 'easy' is too strong a word, easier?

Are the people around you the people you want to be like?


I've been a 'sprint athlete' for as long as I can remember. Every sport I've played has been short bursts of explosive energy or intense work, followed by resting or reassessing and moving. Boy did this transfer into every area of my life. Short intense periods of 'everything you've got' followed by a lull of inactivity and reflection. Whilst there's some fantastic benefits to this, there's also drawbacks.

- Long term burnout
- Unfinished projects
- Longer periods of inactivity
- Occasionally overall less productive than maintaining a steady pace consistently.

Being forced to address this as an athlete and 'address the holes in my game'. Has definitely transferred into other areas of my life.

I focus on every individual aspect of training, recovery and preparation in competition and training. But it would not be possible if I didn't make my bed every morning before going downstairs.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 15/09/2022

Hows this for a . Throwback to when I was a pasty potato 🥔 to now when im just pasty.

Photos from JPS Combat Fitness's post 11/09/2022

remembrance with the fam.

We're not done until we're all done. .pcgames with the burden of my cheerleading today!

tracking the whole session!

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