Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club

Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club

Mansfield Town Ability FC is an Inclusive club for male & females of all ages

Operating as usual


Here are the results from our Juniors fixtures last Sunday apologies for posting late.

U12s Orange
Chesterfield 3-3 Mansfield ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Jess
Mansfield 0-6 Bradford City

This team played a player down & had no subs, they all ran their hearts out & sadly ran out of steam. But my team of the day.

U12s Blue
Hillsborough White 3-3 Mansfield ⚽️⚽️ Dylan ⚽️ Jayden
Hillsborough Orange 2-3 Mansfield ⚽️⚽️ Jayden ⚽️ Ryan

A good start for this team, equal second in the league but still a very long way to go.

U16s Orange
Chesterfield 4-1 Mansfield ⚽️ Aden
Mansfield 1-4 Bradford ⚽️ Aden

This team was another who was very short of players & no subs, they battled all day. So very proud of you all, shout out for Captain Lottie who was immense.

U16s Blue
Rotherham Utd 2-12 Mansfield ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ TJ ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Croomey ⚽️⚽️ Rhys ⚽️ Jake
Bradford City 3-3 Mansfield ⚽️ Rhys ⚽️ Jake ⚽️ TJ

A good start from this team, with some lovely football shown.

Like I said previously, a truly fantastic display by all players & we are so proud & hopefully we will be at full strength for the next fixtures.
Next up for Mansfield Town Ability Counts is the Adults with our higher level teams in action at Sheffield this Sunday.


Just a polite reminder there will be no junior or wildcats sessions on the 1st of october as we are away at with our junior teams we will be back on sunday the 8th october

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Morning Everyone,

We are getting excited & starting the countdown for our Juniors opening fixtures this weekend. We have four Junior teams in action at Doncaster.
Some really mouthwatering games to start the season.

U12s Championship
Chesterfield FC v Mansfield Town
Mansfield Town v Bradford City

U12s Premiership
Hillsborough Hornets white v Mansfield Town
Mansfield Town v Hillsborough Hornets orange

U16s Championship
Bradford City v Mansfield Town
Chesterfield FC v Mansfield Town

U16s Premiership
Mansfield Town v Bradford City
Rotherham United v Mansfield Town

Really looking to have some fun & meet up with old friends, as well as make new ones.
Good Luck to all teams.


🏆 Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Tommy.
Tommy was really impressive tonight, again, from the start of the session to the match at the end. I dont think Tommy stopped running for the whole hour, his range of passing was excellent, he also held the ball up to allow others to get into the game, which was great to see.
Well done Tommy, keep up the good work 👏👏👏


⭐️ Adult Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Ewan.
I've had the chance to coach this young man from the moment he came into our junior set up & hes gone from strength to strength, watching him transition up into our adult team has been a joy to watch.
Ewans awareness knowing when to get back, knowing when to get forward, pressing the ball & passing from the back was phenomenal.
Well done Ewan, keep up the good work 👏👏👏


⭐️ Adult Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Jono.
From the moment we started the session to the match at the end, Jono was outstanding moving into space wanting to get onto the ball, looking for passes & looking to get a shot off on goal, when the chance came.
Fantastic work tonight Jono, keep up the good work 👏👏👏

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Evening everyone,
We are looking for a sponsor for our new 40 Junior kits.
Rather than ask businesses to fork out a large amount, we have come up with the idea of a 100 team scratch card, we are asking a £20 stake per team from interested businesses & once the card is full, then the club will do a reveal of the winning team. The business with that winning team with have their company name/logo proudly put onto the 40 Juniors kit. You can pay into the account below, reference your Company name & chosen team/s on the card, or if you prefer email [email protected] or [email protected]

Julie Lambert.
Sort code 774042
Account 20798768



🏆 Older Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Jake.
Jake came to us & had, had his confidence knocked a little, however in that time with us he has just gained & gained in confidence.
This new found confidence, has given him the freedom to display his football skills & wow, he's certainly shining.
Jake is another all round Player, having the skill & control in possession & the determination, as well as hard work to win the ball back for his team.
In fact Jake earned himself the vice captaincy of his team.
Well done Jake, it's great to see you shining bright 👏👏👏


⭐️ Older aged Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Rhys.
Rhys has been with us a while now & he's just improving all the time. He's comfortable on the ball & will to take on opponents, he's equally at ease challenging to win the ball back.
In fact is the all round Player, who gets through a lot of work.
Well done Rhys 👏 👏👏


🏆 Younger Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Oliver.
Despite have CP & wearing splints, this young man has us in awe week in, week out.
He gives 110% every week & never stops running & all with a big smile.
Olivers ball control is improving, along with his passing & shooting.
Oliver you are just amazing, keep up that hard work 👏👏👏


⭐️ Younger aged Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Oliver.
Well what can we say about our little pocket rocket, each week Oliver comes to training & is just full of enthusiasm & energy.
Oliver has great ball control for someone so young, & he's still learning, he's also very brave in the tackle despite not being the biggest.
That enthusiasm & energy though, its just fantastic to see.
Well done Oliver 👏 👏👏


🏆 Joel Smedley Award 🏆 3rd September

This went to Cole.
Cole has moved up from the younger aged group & was very nervous, despite his anxieties Cole stayed on the pitch & joined in to the best of his abilities.
We were really impressed with his bravery & commitment, although it must have been really hard for him.
Well done Cole, you were fantastic despite your nerves 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Older aged Player of the Week ⭐️ 3rd September.

This went to Oliver.
Despite training up a level, Oliver is really showing his ability.
He has a lovely first touch , he's always on the move & looking for the ball..
There's nothing fancy, Oliver just keeps the game simple, which is great to see.
Well done Oliver 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Player of the Week ⭐️ 3rd September

This went to Harry.
Harry is settling into the club nicely & gaining in confidence each week.
Coaches noticed the workmate Harry put in during training, which in turn is showing, as he has improved his touch & control. All down to your hard work Harry.
Well done 👏 👏👏


Big shout-out to my newest top fans! 💎 Carly Gee


We're ready for the Play Safe Weekend

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A massive thank you to everyone who drooped some money into our buckets around the One Call Stadium yesterday, prior to the Stags game v Bradford.
Despite the Stadium being cashless, we raised an incredible amount.
Thank you so much for your support 🙏

Photos from Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club's post 01/09/2023

On Tuesday evening, we were honoured to receive a trophy from funds raised by the Masonic & Non Masonic friends of the late Barry Harman, who was a life long supporter of the Super Stags.
Barry was held in the highest esteem by his friends & may his memory live on through the Memorial Trophy.
The Barry Harmon Memorial Trophy will be presented monthly, but not just on football skills, it will include Attitude, Respect, Effort, Pride & Commitment a wide range of attributes worthy of winning such a prestigious trophy.
Our Club Welfare Officer Julie, received the trophy on behalf of Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club.


🏆🏆 Tracey Dennis Memorial Award 🏆🏆

This went to Ryan.
This monthly award went to Ryan, who has been an ever-present to training & his attitude has been exemplary.
His own game he has been solid, having a good voice on the pitch too, which is always a good thing. He has been oozing confidence of late.
But most of all the respect he has shown to other players whose abilities are lower, he has encouraged & helped them.
Well done Ryan 👏 👏👏


🏆🏆 Joel Smedley Award 🏆 🏆

This went to Ieuan.
Over time, from a young man who had never played football, Ieuan has just developed so much since he's been with us, we all knew about the shot power & his goals just amaze us.
But Ieuan has added a new dimension to his game, he is now chasing to win the ball & has quite a turn of pace, he seems to be following the game better , takes up positions to receive the ball.
Ieuan just keep doing what you are doing, the effort & improvement has been phenomenal.
Well done 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Ewan.
Ewan attended his first adult session to help him transition from the Juniors.
Well, what a first session this young man had, he settled in like he had been training with the Adults years, he completed the drills with comfort.
During the game at the end, despite facing stronger & faster opponents than he's used to, as a defender he held the line well & made numerous tackles.
Slotted in really well Ewan 👏👏👏


⭐️ Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Dan.
Dan was absolutely amazing this week during training, 100% effort put in, all the way through.
Lots of running with & without the ball, his touch is improving , as well as his shooting.
Dan you are getting stronger each week, lovely to see the effort you're putting in.
Well done 👏 👏👏


🏆🏆 Older Joel Smedley Award 🏆🏆

This went to T-Jay.
T-Jay has been with us from a young age, progressing up the age groups.
Not only has T-Jay progressed age groups, he has changed positions, he was in the net & what an excellent goalkeeper he was & is, however T-Jay fancied coming out of the nets to play midfield/striker, & we were happy to give him the opportunity.
He has worked hard & has shown great skills, dribbling, passing, tackling & even an eye for goal, a complete player in every position which for the zclub & his teammates this is a fantastic attribute to have.
Well done T-Jay 👏 👏👏


🏆🏆 Younger Joel Smedley Award 🏆🏆

This went to Jack.
Jack is another player who works so hard to improve his game.
Jack looks really comfortable on the ball, his passing & ability to run at opponents is pleasing to see, at a young age.
Keep working hard Jack, you are progressing nicely.


🏆 Older Player of the Month 🏆

This went to Jude.
What a month Jude has had, he won an award the other week for his all round attitude & enthusiasm within training.
His application over the last month has just been superb, he's been working so hard & it's really showed & been noticed by the coaches.
Hard work paying off, excellent work Jude 👏 👏👏


🏆 Player of the Month 🏆

This went to Caleb.
Caleb is another Player we are running out of superlatives for.
Caleb takes his Goalkeeping seriously, he is a fantastic shotstopper, not only is he a shotstopper but, he is brave. Caleb thinks nothing of coming out to feet on 1-1s, smothering the ball.
Just keep doing what you're doing Caleb, just awesome 👏👏👏


⭐️ Older aged Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Dylan.
Dylan just goes about his business, no airs or graces. Just solid displays week in week out. A very dependable young man, you know what you're going to get, 100% effort, non stop running, always looking to pick a pass to bring teammates into play & last but not least, Dylan is willing to roll his sleeves up & do the dirty work, winning the ball back.
Excellent work Dylan 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Younger Aged Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Riley.
Riley was just fantastic in training, his close control whilst running with the ball was superb. He also got back to help defend when his team were out of possession.
A great session Riley, well done 👏 👏👏


🏆 Adult Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Jake.
Jake has been with us a couple of weeks now & has really settled in well with the group.
His goalkeeping abilities are fantastic, & this really shows with his positioning, as well as his shot stopping.
Jake always encourages & claps other players efforts, regardless of their abilities, which is a great attribute.
Well done Jake 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Adult Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Jamie.
Jamie put 100% into this weeks training & he impressed his coaches, with his ability to look for his team mates & pick a pass with improving accuracy.
Also his ability when receiving the ball has improved tremendously.
Well done Jamie 👏 👏👏


⭐️ OAP Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to the Gaffer.
As chosen by Jude this went to the Gaffer for showing signs of gasping for breath frequently, for looking like Bambi on ice.
He was offered the defibrillator & some walking sticks at the end 🤣.
Despite all this, he had a smile on his face & even celebrated his goal like he was having some sort of seizure.
Well done Gaffer, must try harder though 👏 👏👏


🏆 Older Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Jude.
The coach chose Jude this week, for his whole attitude this week. Jude was fantastic in the drills, showing great ball control & commitment to win the ball when out of possession.
In a fun game at the end against parents & coaches, he ran tirelessly & all with a smile on his face. He even cheekily nominated the Gaffer for an award 😂.
Fantastic Jude 👏👏👏


⭐️ Older age Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Josh.
Well, we are running out of superlatives for this young man.
He wants to be the best & I seriously have no doubts that he will be the best, he just puts everything into his goalkeeping at training & fixtures.
During the small game at the end of training Josh wants to win & keep a clean sheet in the bargain, this is how ambitious he is. Some of the saves he pulls off, just leaves us in awe.
Just brilliant Josh 👏 👏👏


⭐️ Younger age Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Ryan.
Ryan has just improved so much over the past weeks, his confidence, & whole game ethic has just soared.
In training he just gave everything this week & really impressed his coaches.
Well done Ryan 👏 👏👏

Photos from Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club's post 21/08/2023

Here at Mansfield Town Ability Counts Football Club we like to encourage our players to do a little more than just play football.
Some have done courses off their own back & we applaud their commitment & hard work.
Nathan Johnson, Mobo Kina & Sophie Dennis have all just completed their FA Level 1 coaching, we have also had quite a few do their FA Playmaker courses.
A big congratulations to you all & here's looking forward to the next batch of players.


Good luck to the Lionesses in their World Cup Final against Spain. Win or lose these incredible women have made the nation proud.
One game to make history. C'mon England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Supporting & helping to create a safer football experience for everyone. Play Safe Weekend 2023.


At our Juniors fixtures on 1st October, we are backing the Play Safe Weekend. We have made our pledge to the FA.


🏆 Adult Joel Smedley Award 🏆

This went to Liam.
It was Liams first ever session with us, players were asked who wanted to do a full fitness programme & Liam jumped at the opportunity.
Well, what a performance. It was quite a vigorous & intense fitness programme & one Liam took in his stride & gave everything.
His speed, agility & stamina were just fantastic & his enthusiasm never wavered at all.
A great first session with us Liam, well done.


⭐️ Adult Player of the Week ⭐️

This went to Steven.
Steven has been with us a few weeks now & he continues to make progress, that initial shyness is slowly dwindling away as he makes new friends & settles more.
Steven is now looking more comfortable on the ball, his passing is improving & he will make a challenge for the ball.
His overall game is improving so much, which is down to his commitment & drive.
Well done Steven 👏 👏👏

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