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The Factory Gym


We are back in The Factory Gym tonight, we look forward to seeing all of our Newton Stewart dancers!

Miss Emily and Miss Frances xx
Don't miss out on this great offer from our friends at The Factory Gym 💪
Our directors have been researching gym equipment and are most grateful to Jordan at Merrick Leisure Centre and to Connal & Charlotte at The Factory Gym for their time and expertise today. Thanks to all who have completed our survey on what you’d like to see in our gym/fitness suite in the New Town Hall, survey closing soon so please make sure you’ve let us know your thoughts; paper copies in local shops.
🎉We are so excited to be bringing our classes to the Studio at The Factory Gym


Please note our new branch will launch on Tuesday 19th of April. Follow this link to view our schedule and book your child’s trial!


⭐️We strongly encourage our dancers to attend class with us more than once a week to reach their full potential.

⭐️ All of our classes are taught by industry professionals!

Why not drop your child off at dance class and enjoy your workout, with the peace of mind that your little one is only in the room next door 💪🏻 Contact The Factory Gym to set up your gym membership 🤩

The Factory Gym, Newton Stewart. Main gym, boxing gym and studio. Memberships and PAYG available

Operating as usual


From the 12th of June Connal will be taking a 6pm male only boxing class for up to 14 participants on a Monday and Friday as well as a conditioning session outdoors at 8am on Saturdays. These sessions will start out as an introduction to boxing going over basic movements, punches and defences etc. As the sessions progress so will the training with pads, bags, drills and conditional sparring implemented.

Pay as you go will not be available for these sessions unfortunately with the hope of creating a consistent group. However the outdoor session on the Saturday morning will be free of charge and anyone is welcome to join in with the session.

The block of training will run for 4 weeks with the group having every 5th week off and a new block started after that. Each block will cost £40pp.

To start with you have to be 16+ to attend.

Gloves and pads will be provided but if you’d like to bring you own that is fine.
Hand wraps are required.

Please get in touch if you are interested thank you.


In our studio every Wednesday from 10-11am, follow the link in the original post for more information.

Dance Fitness with Emma Louise Dance Club

FLexercise and Popdance Fit classes are fun and friendly. There's no pressure to get the moves correct. Enjoy a great workout in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Did you know dancing stimulates the link between the body and brain? Dance provides a full brain and body massage. It is the perfect activity to help stay happy & healthy.

Full information can be found on Emma Louise Dance Club website -

All Dance Fitness classes are ON during the Easter holidays.

Popdance Fit, Whithorn is 9am-10am on Saturday 8th & 15th April.

No need to book. Join in, have fun, feel great!


Looking to try something new this year? Pilates is on every Wednesday in the factory gym.

Lorna has been qualified and teaching for 20 years!!

Pilates can be done at all fitness levels & any age - some of the many benefits are listed below.

No booking is required.

For more information you can contact Lorna directly on 07787570976. Thank you.

Photos from The Factory Gym's post 06/01/2023


Some advice for both new & existing customers 📝

Thinking of joining the gym but feeling anxious?

- Book an induction, having more knowledge/confidence with equipment will help with nerves.
- Please don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is not embarrassing.
- Don’t compare yourself to someone that has been going to the gym for years.
- Focus on doing/learning the right form over using too heavy of weight.

Regular gym users that are maybe stressed about the gym getting busy with New Years resolutions?

- Be kind, you were once new to the gym.
- If you see someone struggling, please offer to help. This already happens 99% of the time in our gym, but just a reminder.

Whether you are a new or existing member enjoy this time you have to focus on yourself.

Our diary is open for inductions from Monday the 9th. Message to book, come along with a friend or on your own £5pp.

Personal Training slots with Connal & Charlotte are also available, a full post on this will be coming soon.

Thank you.


Christmas opening hours 🎄


Christmas raffle - Train in The Factory Gym the whole of 2023 for only £5 🎅🏼


Back by popular demand before the New year 🎉

3 chances to win a prize!!

1x a one year membership & 2x one month memberships.

To start the year in the best possible way - Comment a number to enter ~ if the number you would like is already took a random number can be gave.

£5 per Number 1-85!!

◼️ Payment details will be posted once competition is full.
◼️ Draw will be live.


1. Cara Rodgers ✅
2. Kelly milven ✅
3. Aaron Splaine ✅
4. Courts Ashby✅
5. Lauren Smith✅
6.Naomi Stevenson ✅
7. Ryan Fairhurst✅
8. Fiona Roddie✅
9. Jacqueline Miller ✅
10. Gigha Johnstone✅
11. Ryan Fairhurst✅
12. Bobbi Splaine ✅
13. Sarah Lindsay ✅
14. Fiona Cluckie ✅
15. Kirsty Matthews ✅
16.James McGarrity ✅
17. Audrey McClelland ✅
18. Billie Jones ✅
19. Marlene Kiltie ✅
20. Amy Welsh ✅
21. Katie Service ✅
22. Jodie Hughan ✅
23. Billie jones ✅
24. Karen Murphy ✅
25. Zoe king ✅
26. Claire Blackley✅
27. Robin Shaw ✅
28. Lauren Smith ✅
29. Kirsteen Hogg ✅
30. Amy costley ✅
31. Amy Welsh ✅
32. Sharon Rice ✅
33.Naomi Stevenson✅
34. Fiona cluckie ✅
35. Emma Davidson ✅
36.Louise Smith ✅
37. Aaron Splaine ✅
38. Caroline Tweddie ✅
39. Georgie Peden ✅
40. Megan McClure✅
41. Robert Irving ✅
42. Dana Stewart✅
43. Gary McDowall ✅
44. Aiden Mcrae ✅
45. Rachael Ainsworth ✅
46. Lachlan Bartlett ✅
47. Lucy McMillan✅
48. Kelly Milven ✅
49. Jade Marshall✅
50. Brigid Yacamini✅
51. Beth Currie✅
52. Robert Copeland ✅
53. Sharon Mckeegan
54. Lorna McKay✅
55. Kerry McWilliam✅
56. Lyndsey Cluckie ✅
57. Shona Todd ✅
58. Debbie Johnstone✅
59. Lachlan Bartlett ✅
60. Shona Murray ✅
61. Lynn Campbell
62. Robert Irving ✅
63. Jade Marshall ✅
64. Thomas Young ✅
65. Jack Lochhead ✅
66. Sharon Rice ✅
67. Sarah Lindsay ✅
68. Jacqueline Miller✅
69.Stacey Sneddon ✅
70. Georgie Peden ✅
71. Jayne McDowall✅
72. Amy Costley ✅
73.Lachlan Bartlett ✅
74.James McGarrity✅
75. Debbie miles ✅
76. Fiona Cluckie ✅
77. Kirsteen Hogg ✅
78. Lucy McMillan ✅
79. Emma Davidson✅
80. Jodie Hughan✅
81. Lachlan Bartlett ✅
82. Rachael Ainsworth✅
83. Kerry McWilliam ✅
84. Robert Copeland✅
85.Louise Smith ✅



One year Adult membership for £250 - Saving you £80!!

Works out less than 70p per day. Cheaper than a bottle of water 😱

Value for money is crazy, there is no better investment than your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Message our page to get this deal, it can be put on a gift voucher 🎁


A gift that could possibly change someone’s life - helping someone invest time into their health is something a price can’t be put on 💭

Available to pick up straight from the gym.

Value can be whatever you wish, our day passes start from £5.

Message for more information.

Please remember to support your local businesses this Christmas 🎁
Thank you.



NUMBERS 1-80 - NOW FULL ~ Bank details in comments.

£5 per number

Comment a number to enter ~ If the number you would like is already took a random number will be gave.

◾️Payment details will be posted once competition is full
◾️Draw will be live


1.Claire Kirkwood✅
2. Jacqui Miller✅
3. Charley Thom✅
4.Lauren Smith✅
5.Kirsty McCulloch✅
6.Lauren Middleton✅
7.James Bodle ✅
8.Emily Black✅
9.Emily Cleer✅
10. Gigha Johnstone✅
11.Karen Keenan✅
12.Donna Linton✅
13.Ania Dabrowska✅
14.Zara Reynolds
15.Charley Thom✅
16. Samantha Adams✅
17. Connor Jolly✅
18.Lauren Smith✅
19.Amy Welsh✅
20.Nicola Smith✅
21. Katie Service✅
22.Karen McNight ✅
23.Billie Jones✅
24.Karen Murphy✅
25.Cody Stevenson ✅
26.Kayleigh Ross✅
27.Robin Shaw✅
28.Kirsteen Hogg✅
29.Michelle Heron✅
30.Amy Welsh✅
31.Tracy Robbins✅
32.Morag Marshall✅
33.Karen Keenan ✅
34.Jemima Jolly✅
35.Kim Crosbie✅
36.Claire Blackley ✅
37.Wendy True✅
38.Kerry Cunliffe✅
39.Jayne McDowall✅
40.Fiona McQuaker✅
41.Tracy Robbins✅
42. Dana Stewart✅
43.Arlene Broll✅
44.Aiden McCrae✅
45. Kirsteen Hogg✅
46.Gabriel Kobelak ✅
47. Moira Crosbie✅
48.Gareth Murphy ✅
49.Brigid Yacamini✅
50.Kelly McCreadie✅
51. Karen Williams✅
52.Tracey Chambers ✅
53.Britney Hill-Sherwin ✅
54.Sharyn McPhillips✅
55.Anne Hughes✅
56.John Hughes✅
57.Rebecca Williams ✅
58.Gareth Murphy✅
59.Nicole Kane✅
60.Gemma Moffat✅
61.Gabriel Kobelak ✅
62. Ania Dabrowska✅
63.Kim Herries ✅
64.Tracey Chambers ✅
65.Stacey Sneddon✅
66.Kirsty McCulloch✅
67. Brian Flannighan ✅
68. Jacqui Miller✅
69.James Bodle ✅
70.Sharyn McPhillips✅
71.Quinn Jolly✅
72.Michelle Cloy✅
73.Jemima Jolly✅
74.Nicole Kane✅
75.Anne Hughes✅
76.Gemma Moffat✅
77. Kirsteen Hogg✅
78.Brian Flannighan✅
79.Richard Herries✅
80. Lauren Middleton ✅




NUMBERS 1-70 - NOW FULL! Payment details in comments.

£5 per number

Comment a number to enter ~ If the number you would like is already took a random number will be gave.

◾️Payment details will be posted once competition is full
◾️Draw will be live


1. Rachel Ramsay✅
2. Aileen Sutherland✅
3. Carol Young✅
4. Morag Muir✅
5. Suzanne Boan✅
6. Kelly McCreadie✅
7. Debbie Johnstone ✅
8. Fiona Roddie✅
9. Josef Skimming✅
10. Gigha Johnstone✅
11. Kirsteen Hogg✅
12. Megan McClure✅
13. Wullie Hannay✅
14. Sam Wright✅
15. Cody Stevenson✅
16. Kirsty McCulloch✅
17. Connor Jolly✅
18. Michelle Cloy✅
19.Jacqueline Miller✅
20. Nicola Smith✅
21. Karen Murphy✅
22. Morag Muir✅
23. Charley Thom✅
24. Megan McClure✅
25. Becky Dalrymple✅
26. Stuart Crosbie✅
27. Fiona Roddie ✅
28. Lisa Hutchison ✅
29. Michelle Heron ✅
30. Rebekah Weir✅
31. Robin Shaw✅
32.Donna McWhir✅
33.Ryan Heron✅
34.Jaimie Hughes✅
35.Megan McPhillips-Smith✅
36. Kirsteen Hogg✅
37. Lisidh NicPharlain✅
38.Shona Cameron✅
39.Paula Herries ✅
40.Alison Hannah✅
41. Cammy Boan✅
42. Dana Stewart✅
43.Donna McWhir✅
44. Mark McCornick✅
45.Emily Black✅
46.Fiona McElrea✅
47. Gail Plunkett✅
48. Kirsteen Hogg✅
49.Martin Phillips✅
50. Kirsty Kirk✅
51.Rory Crosbie✅
52. Lisa Hutchison✅
53.Donna McWhir✅
54. Jade Marshall✅
55. James McGarrity ✅
56. Robert Irving✅
57. Charlie Mcilwraith✅
58.Megan McPhillips-Smith✅
59. Jacqueline Miller✅
60. Stuart Crosbie✅
61.Rory Crosbie✅
62. Bobbi Splaine✅
63.Jade Marshall✅
64.Skye Herries ✅
65. Tracy Chambers✅
66.Donna McWhir✅
67. Connor Jolly✅
68. Sylvia McIlwraith✅
69. Louise smith✅
70. Carol Young✅


◾️Introductory offer of FREE inductions end’s on August 31st ◾️

If you have been meaning to book an induction now is the time to do so.

Inductions are available 7 days of the week & you can come with a friend. - See opening times in page info.

Inductions for under 18’s are mandatory.


YOGA SHONA - has spaces for the beginners class tonight!! 🧘‍♀️

Great class for those who have always wanted to give yoga a try - What a brilliant way to start your week!

To book click this link -

Photos from The Factory Gym's post 13/05/2022

◾️THE GYM ◾️

What reason are you going to use next week for not starting?

Not knowing how to use the machines is not one of them as our inductions are FREE - no excuse & nothing to lose if you come and its not for you.

Time - never got the time? Life is busy & can get in the way but you have to make time for YOURSELF. Your physical & mental health is the best thing you will ever invest your time & money in to. You don’t have to be spending 1.5 hrs per day in the gym to see a difference.

You could have a new excuse everyday, before you know it another week is by & the wedding, holiday or birthday your counting down to is a week closer. Start now so you have a realistic time frame to feel your best.

Pop in to have a look at our facility & book an induction, Or message to book.

Link below to set up an adult direct debit which runs from the 1st of every month.


Emily Blacks DANCE school on Tuesday evenings 🩰

Another fantastic business we are lucky to have use our studio, Miss Emily has very limited spaces available across the different classes.

All classes are taught by industry professionals, both with a BA Honours degree in dance and relative dance education qualifications.

They pride themselves on creating a fun and safe learning environment for children to explore dance. With regular performance opportunities and the chance to take exams our classes are great just for fun but also for professionals of the future.

Join the dance family today!

Follow this link to book your trial :


PILATES - coming soon! BY Lorna McKay @ ProFitness Pilates

Another instructor we are delighted to have in our studio! Lorna has been qualified and teaching for 20 years and is also a Master Tutor in Pilates. After a long break from LIVE teaching she is looking forward to face to face classes in Newton Stewart.

The benefits of Pilates is longer, leaner muscles. Flatter, stronger abdominals. Improved posture and flexibility. Improved balance and coordination. Injury prevention and rehabilitation especially of the Back!!

Pilates can be done at all fitness levels & any age.

Classes start on the 11th of May @5.30pm - No booking is required.

For more information you can contact Lorna directly on 07787570976, Thank you.


Starting this Wednesday !!

Dance Fitness Classes for Adults

Emma Louise Dance Club runs Popdance Fit & FLexercise classes for adults in Isle of Whithorn, Stranraer & now Newton Stewart.

Our new FLexercise Newton Stewart starts this week (27th April) at The Factory Gym.

Fun, friendly classes with no pressure to get it right, taught by fully qualified instructors.

Advance booking not required. Invite your friends along and give it a go.

More information at or email [email protected]

Let's get dancing!


YOGA - coming to TFG soon! BY Yoga Shona 🧘🏻‍♀️

We are honoured to have Shona hold her classes in our studio, Shona is a 500hrs qualified yoga instructor with over a decade of experience.

Whether you’re looking for a physically demanding class or something a bit more gentle and relaxing her timetable has a variety of options. For a description of each style of class and to make a booking, visit her website at

Classes start on Monday 2nd May and as a special introductory offer, The Factory Gym beginners classes are pay what you can for the entire month of May.

Contact Shona directly for more information, details can be found @ Yogashona or on her website.

To get more special offers and discounts for her classes subscribe to her mailing list via the website.

Please bring your own mat. Thank you.

Photos from The Factory Gym's post 19/04/2022

Announcement 🥊

We are pleased to advertise that Connal will now be taking on clients for 1-2-1 & small group boxing training sessions.

These sessions will be from 30 to 45 minutes long depending on the fitness level of the individual which will be decided by the instructor. The sessions will include a variety of training such as pad/bag work, head/feet movement drills, technical sparring. Strength and conditioning in the gym will also be a feature, this will consist mostly of core strengthening and lactic buffering.

As a business we want to be as inclusive to the public as possible however for this type of training we advise that the client comes with a base level of moderate fitness. We also advise that any potential clients come with a willingness to work very hard and are open to learning new types of training.

Equipment clients must bring -
10/12/14oz boxing gloves (we have gloves if you do not)
Hand wraps
Gum shield
Large water bottle
Suitable foot wear i.e running shoes
Good Attitude
Good Craic

At the moment Connal is training for a upcoming tournament. Due to this reason he will only be taking on limited clients. More spots will become available once the tournament is past. Potential clients must also be 16 years old or above to attend these training sessions.

First come first served!

We encourage anyone who is seriously interested to get in touch with the page or come down to the gym and see us.

….Classes update coming soon!!

The Factory Gym - Class questionnaire. 17/03/2022

The Factory Gym - Class questionnaire.

▪️If you are interested in our classes this post is for YOU 👇🏼

We have put together a very short questionnaire that will take less than 1 minute to fill out and it is totally anonymous.

The results from the survey are to give us an idea of what class style people are looking for and it will help massively for us to structure our class timetable, it would be much appreciated if you could fill it out.

Click the link below to access thank you.

The Factory Gym - Class questionnaire. Please click the link to complete this form.


▪️Gift vouchers now available ▪️

Such a great gift to get someone looking to invest in their health!!

▪️Inductions - these are not mandatory if you are over 18, but are advised if you haven’t been in a gym setting in a while or are needing a confidence boost before you come along. They are free so you have nothing to lose. These have to be booked - private message the page with a day & time that suits you best and we will get you booked in. Thank you.


🔲 Membership options 🔲

Photos from The Factory Gym's post 27/02/2022


What a surreal week, thank you very much to everyone that has came along to see our new gym. The response has been amazing, it’s made the sleepless nights worth it.

Below is our before and afters, what a project it has been from a fish factory to a gym. We can’t thank all the tradesmen enough for helping us put it together 🖤

Open from 6am - 10pm Monday - Friday.
8am-2pm Saturday & 8am-12pm Sunday.

Annual & Monthly memberships available as well as PAYG.

Pop in to set up a membership or just for a nosey. Thank you 🖤




Please come along and see what we have to offer.

Sorry it’s late that’s us just got it ready!!

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Address is

Holmpark industrial estate
Newton Stewart



This covers you for unlimited monthly use of our Main gym & Boxing gym.

You are also able to use our studio space when it is not in use by an instructor. (Large space if you don’t like a busy gym).

Monthly memberships will also get you a discounted price for Personal Training as well as free entry to challenges that will be ran through out the year.

Class memberships will be available soon. As classes will be introduced in The Factory Gym in March.

Private message for more information on Youth memberships or pop in over the weekend to find out more information.


Opening Update...

This coming Saturday & Sunday is the day we have been waiting on for a long time. The open days of The Factory Gym.

Over next weekend you will be able to come in and see what we have been working extremely hard on! As well as what we are going to offer & sign up for a membership. (Information on different memberships coming this week)

All other information about the open days will be posted this week including times, location etc.

Until you get to see the finished project here is a video of what we started with last summer!!


New Year New Gym 👀 ⏳

Sorry for the lack of updates. We are working so hard to get the gym finished! Within the next month our doors will be open!

Open date will be announced very soon...

Below is a preview of The Boxing Gym, something new for our area! 🥊

We will be posting more information over the next few weeks about memberships etc!!

It will be worth the wait ⏳


Coming soon👀

Newton Stewart - January 2022.

▪️Main Gym
▪️Boxing Gym
▪️Fitness Studio

We will be offering memberships for the Main gym & Boxing gym.

Class memberships are also going to be available for a wide variety of classes from post natal & rehab classes to pre gym and gym programming classes.

Our gym has equipment that no other local facility can offer. This has been needed in our area for a long time we can’t wait for you all to see it.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Newton Stewart?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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YOGA SHONA - has spaces for the beginners class tonight!! 🧘‍♀️Great class for those who have always wanted to give yoga ...
Opening Update... This coming Saturday & Sunday is the day we have been waiting on for a long time. The open days of The...




Holmpark Industrial Estate
Newton Stewart

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 10pm
Tuesday 6am - 10pm
Wednesday 6am - 10pm
Thursday 6am - 10pm
Friday 6am - 10pm
Saturday 8am - 8pm
Sunday 8am - 8pm

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