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When my client send me this picture with a message " Clocked my highest sleep score ever, thanks for introducing me to yoga Nidra, it's magical"
I am feeling very happy.
Thanks to Swami Satyanand for introducing this beautiful tool to humanity. Shri Gurubhyo Namah. Gratitude always!!


By the blessings and grace of Guru and all dear ones, I am restarting face to face Yoga classes at the Radstock Community Center, Earley, RG6 5UL.
Hatha Yoga Classes will be in traditional Satyananda style (Bihar School of Yoga). A 60 mins session will have asana, pranayaam, short meditation and relaxation.
Please visit the link below to book your class: https://form.jotform.com/220754333701347
Trial session is £5, pay as you go £10 each session and a discounted bundle of 4 classes for £30.

Classes starting from 23rd March.

Only 6 places in each session.
Looking forward to see you again.
Thanks for all your love and support till now, gratitude always.


Power of mind

Mind is the creator,
Mind is the destroyer,
Mind concentrated,
Brought into focus,
Is willpower !

Mind broken into ten,twenty
Or a thousand pieces
Is vikshepa,
Is distraction,
Is depression,
Is breakdown,
Is madness !

❤️Swami satyananda saraswati❤️


Beautiful article from Swami Niranjanananda on Understanding what is a sufferings by identifying the nature of our suffering.

Also it happens to be Swamiji's birthday today.

Understanding Suffering

The original philosophy of yoga as expounded by the ascetic Shiva to his disciple and consort Parvati came about with the question that Parvati asked, "How can one overcome pain and suffering in life?" To this Shiva answered, " Suffering is not necessarily pain, but a change in the static existence of life. "You can observe this in your life. When you are not able to handle change, it is experienced as suffering, but if you are comfortable with change, it does not become suffering.

Source of Suffering

The suffering or disturbance that is experienced in the static state has three sources. One category of suffering is caused by natural calamities, and is called adhidaivic. Global warming is a cause of suffering. The external climate creates suffering. It disturbs the ease of the body, mind and prana. Disturbance in the ease of life is known as suffering. Suffering does not necessitate that one screams and cries and asks for solace; it is disturbance in the natural ease and comfort of life, which changes the mental behaviour and emotional makeup. It changes everything.
If the weather turns cold, the body begins to shiver. The natural ease of the body is disturbed and that is felt as suffering. If sufficient warm clothes are worn, the cold still exists but one does not perceive it as suffering. The same is true of heat or any other natural circumstance. If one is unable to adjust to it, it becomes the cause of suffering and disturbance. If one is able to adjust to it, there is no suffering.
The second source of suffering is adhyatmic, destined, unknown, emanating from within in the form of samskaras and karmas, or swabhava, the nature of an individual. If the karmas and nature of an individual are tamasic, their life will be tamasic. If the nature and character of an individual is rajasic, their life will be rajasic. If they are sattwic, their life will be sattwic. The karmas, samskaras, gunas and nature that one comes endowed with are a cause of disturbance in the ease of life, for one is not able to control, channel or even realize the inner unconscious behaviours.
The third source of suffering, called adhibhautic, is identification or interaction with one's surroundings. This is the main source of suffering and pain in human life. People always try to justify their association with things that have no relevance in their life. For years they remain attached to events, people or circumstances that have influenced and affected their life, whether positively or negatively, and continue to carry the old baggage.
Somebody may have rebuked you ten or twenty years ago, but the memory of that rebuke is still fresh in the mind. The stress created by that rebuke is still fresh in the mind, and when you come across the person with whom you had the alteration, you remember that particular moment which turned you against him or him against you. You remember the moment of crisis, the moment when your personal ease and comfort was disturbed. This happens all the time.
In the ashram, one learns to recognize one's altercations as ego clashes: your ego clashing with someone else's ego. That ego clash is suffering. It takes one away from the state of peace and bliss, and induces a state of disturbance and anxiety. That is weakness of the ego. When the ego is weak, it becomes arrogant. There is a saying, "Inside every bully, there is a crying child waiting to come out." When the ego is weak, it develops a hard character. If the ego is strong, it becomes soft, as you are confident and do not worry about anything. You are only concerned with maintaining a clear mind. With a weak ego, you put a lot of rubbish in the mind and try to hide behind different masks. That is suffering, due to stress, ego, personal expectations and associations.

Origin of Yoga & Pashupata Yoga
Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati


Purpose of hatha yoga

What is the first purpose of hatha yoga? It is shuddhi(purity),cleanliness, detoxification. It is not asana or pranayama. For a yogi, the first purpose of hatha yoga, is to go through the process of purification. This is the traditional, classical teaching to which we were also introduced by Sri Swamiji. Most people do not go through the cleaning, they only practise asana and pranayama. From yogic perspective, before the commencement of any practice of yoga, you have to go through a process of cleaning.
Cleaning has only one purpose: detoxification, removal of the accumulated toxins from the body, getting the body into a more harmonious and purer state than it was in previously. By virtue of the body coming into a purer condition, there is better regulation and balance in the performance and behaviour of the internal organs. This physical condition also helps pacify the dissipated mind.
After purification, hatha yoga moves into asana. With the practice of shatkarma(6 yogic internal cleansing practices), the body is in a state of harmony and purity, so when you move into the practice of asana, the effect is more pranic and mental rather than physical. Although physical postures are adopted, through those postures you access the pranic and the mental bodies.
By accessing the pranic body, a balance and harmony comes about in ida and pingala, the prana shakti and the chitta shakti, the vital energy and the mental energy. With this balance, you move into the third level, that of concentration, dharana, where you learn to induce a state of mind by focusing on an object.
This is the progression of hatha yoga: physical detoxification, pranic balance of ida and pingala, and mental concentration. These three conditions then affect the behaviour of the senses. The sense perceptions, the sense cognitions, the sensory awareness, they all change: they expand. The cognition or perception expands as your awareness expands. You are more conscious, more aware, more observant of the conditions that you create in your own body.

Yoga Chakra 5
Hatha Yoga Complements Karma Yoga

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati


Yoga nidra is regarded as a practice for the evolution of mind. You don't have to fight with your nature, habits and limitations, because by doing so, you are creating animosity within yourself.
For the last century, the psychologists have been telling us, 'If you have a fault you must accept it. You cannot remove it by hatred. ' Then, how to eradicate it? Go down to the lower recesses of the mind and cut the root, then the tree will die by itself. The unconscious mind is the base of man's normal and abnormal behaviour; the base of all that we are is in the subconscious and unconscious realms. Therefore, why keep on cutting the branches and the leaves? Yoga nidra is a practice which will help you to dive deep into the depths of your mind.
Man is weak because he is depending merely on his intellect and the information of his senses. But once you open the doors of the deeper mind and you repose in yoga nidra, you are at the root of creativity. In Hindu mythology the symbol of yoga nidra is Lord Narayan reposing on the ocean of milk. He is lying on a large serpent with many hoods, and the beautiful Lakshmi is massaging his feet. From his navel a lotus flower springs, and seated in the pericap is Lord Brahma, symbol of the unconscious. This means that in yoga nidra, your unconscious manifests. Lord Narayan is in repose; your blanket is the serpent, and the floor is the milk ocean.
Therefore, when you practise yoga nidra, you must completely relax, because this is not a practice in concentration. If you keep following the instructions of the person who is guiding you in yoga nidra, it is possible to open the doors of your personality. However, if you happen to miss a few instructions it does not matter; what is important is that you keep on listening to the voice.

Yoga Nidra
Swami Satyananda Saraswati


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.


This is the way, how Men & Women should do Pranam to Bhagwan.

The prostration performed with 8 organs - hands, feet, knees, chest, head, eyes, mind and speech is called " Sashtang Pranam " which is generally practiced by women. Men perform a complete prostration called Sashtang Pranam.

Sri Sharada Parameswari Devasthanam, Sri Sringeri Shankar Math, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.


A teacher is NOT a Guru.

And why I stress on not calling a Yoga teacher as a Yoga Guru. To my friends who get offended when say No I am not a Guru.

Below video, clearly explains the sanskrit/hindi vocabulary where u have a separate term for teacher based on the qualities of the teacher

Like in English I say, I live in London I donot stay in London. There is the subtle difference between inhabiting vis a vis being there.

Even I use to call any knowledgable person Guru, until I understood the correct meaning.

I hope the below audio n video helps you get clarity over the terms and to use them more effectively n efficiently in choosing ur teachers.


Sharing a beautiful feedback from someone who has shown admirable commitment to Yoga.
I usually dont share feedback, but thought of sharing this it captures the essence of what I want to convey as a yoga acharya not a YogaGuru.

I am also not a Yogi, it a far long journey to be a Yogi or Yogini, this is just the start.
Yoga is a way of living, it is a lifestyle and it starts with asana but definetely doesn't end there. It is not about twisting your body into shapes but connecting with your body.

I am happy to share that the person here is inspired enough to visit an yoga ashram and experience the true essence of Yoga.
Gratitude to my Guru for being an inspiration, a guiding light as I take his teachings to the world outside.


Schedule for August!! Look forward to seeing you!...Let's stay yoga fit!


Let's be Yoga Fit.
Let's develop yoga as a habit learning asana and pranayaam.
I teach yoga in the Bihar School of Yoga(Satyananda) tradition and also Sivananda tradition.
All session include short meditation, asanas, pranaayam n relaxation.
Below is the schedule for online classes in July.
Please DM me or leave a comment.
Visit my website www.satyam-yoga.co.uk leave an inquiry.


Make Yoga a Habit
Learn and practise Authentic Yoga Practices from Satyananda and Sivananda Tradition every day of the week.
Here's the schedule for April month. (UK timings)
Charges remain the same £5 pay-as-you-go or £30 monthly, and enjoy the complete yoga experience


Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!


"There is a rule in Yoga that each muscle should move at least once a day. This brings our energy back into flow and releases blockages. Energy is like water. Water that stands still becomes impure and putrid. On the other hand, flowing water always remains pure. This is the reason we should always move the muscles of our abdomen and intestines daily."


Hello all, I am starting Hatha Yoga Flow classes at Watlington House, RG1,starting 2nd November, every Monday and Thursday 6pm.
Please let your friends know.
Feel free to message me, visit my website for bookings



Friends that once studied together, also stay fit together.
It was a wonderful experience doing a yoga session with my university n hostel friends.

It was difficult for me to be serious, I am sure it must be difficult for you to take me seriously.
But we managed to get it right, dig our smiles...n laugh it out loud in the end.

Thank you Megha Khulbe, Saumya Singh, Kanchan Nautiyal, Chandra Pandey, Monica Gupta Panwar for taking out time to join me.

I look forward sharing more pics as we improve our fitness in coming days.

Let's all be Yoga Fit!!

Jai Gangotri !!😀
Jai Pantnagar!!😀🙂

Who is God? 02/07/2020

Who is God?

A beautiful explanation on 'Who is God', a very philosophical and difficult subject, especially when it comes to answering your kids.

The video explains the Meaning of word 'Bhagvan', meaning one who has virtues, and then describes 6 virtues of God or 'Bhagvan', in a manner that is simple and easy to relate.

Do watch with your kids.
To be very honest I learned from it too.

Thanks Nirmala Iyer once again for sharing these jewels with me.

Who is God? The puzzle which is solved in a dialogue of Radha and her grandmother. children ask to explain God to children

How to establish a spiritual foundation for our children? 22/06/2020

How to establish a spiritual foundation for our children?

Beautiful video by Swamini Brahmaprajnananda explaining how parents can help kids in building a spiritual foundation.

Do have a look and let me know what you think.
Thanks Nirmala Iyer for sharing this with me.

How to establish a spiritual foundation for our children? Swamini Brahmaprajnananda talks about three principles and related activities that are simple and practical to establish a solid, un-shakeable spiritual foun...


Family Yoga

What better than an International Yoga Day to bring your family together for some healthy habits for body, mind and soul.
Why not make Sunday a family yoga day!!
Why not make Sunday a chanting day with family!!
LET'S BE YOGA FIT!!...body and mind fit.


On the International Yoga Day, time to dive deep into the concepts, be a true folllower and practioner as these luminaries. I am spending my time today revisiting my books and listening to the best yoga teachers and luminaries in this field.



Let's be Yoga Fit.
Join me for online Yoga classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
PM me or comment below and I will get back to you.


Keeping calm and focussed. Pouring myself out every morning. Few minutes in a headstand are very liberating for me, it silences the noise in my mind.


To parents with teen kids..i liked these videos.
Let your kids practice on their own. Give them some 'just me' time through Yoga


The Teen Yoga Foundation exists to promote the wellbeing of teens through therapeutic yoga. We continue to do that during the COVID pandemic. Student-led learning has always been a focus of our work, and we are now working to empower young people to be a force for good in their homes and communities in these difficult times.

The project is called the Zen Challenge.

To do this, we have created a team of dedicated yoga teachers, drawn from the TeenYoga community of over 1000 teachers all around the world. They all work with young people, they are all insured, accredited and highly experienced, and many also normally work as school teachers.

They are guided and supported by Charlotta the founder of the Teen Yoga Foundation (a UK charity), to offer online classes for young people and their families in the mornings. As interest grows in other time zones, such as Australia and the US, we aim to offer live morning classes there too.

Every day, until schools reopen, there is a class () at 10am (UK time) on our YouTube live channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW56cm0SXozQzVH3GNn6t8A). The class will last around 45 minutes and include the following, as well as the Zen Challenge:

1. Yoga, where we will introduce simple but fun movements to engage the body and mind, with something challenging for them to practice during the rest of the day and show to the others the next day.
2. Breathing, the practices will be therapeutic and respond especially to the needs of young people at this time, such as calming anxiety or helping sleep.
3. Wellbeing tip, such as self-massage, mindful walking, how to make herbal tea or plant vegetables indoors etc

The last part of the class, the is focused on helping others, and ways of helping others in the community who are vulnerable and self-isolating (sheltering in place) and providing support or company.

There will be a downloadable “bingo sheet” with challenges to complete, and an awards system. There are different levels of virtual awards depending on how many they have completed.

We deeply encourage interaction from the young people participating, either by simple comments, or other communication by video or photo, so we can be sure we are addressing their needs accurately and also have their engagement.

Our founder, Charlotta, spent many years as a broadcaster, her partner is an expert in online learning and both have many years of experience in secondary education across the world , so we are confident that this initiative is pitched accurately to this age group.

This offering will continue as long as schools are shut.

To find out more, please check our page: Teen Yoga & Mindfulness


Yoga classes continue online from home.
Let's all be yoga fit.
Let's be committed to our complete health n fitness.
Thank you all.
Harman Sachdev Shefali Pathak Bisht Sunita Balaji Vertika Tandon Kapoor Fortunata Loka
Monika Jha Susan Stonard Bipin Jha


Being at home is not being idle, i did my first live yoga session. Thanks to Vertika Tandon Kapoor and Shefali Pathak Bisht for inspiring me to do the trial. I will keep the momentum running and make sure we all do yoga weekly while we stay indoors.


A yogi friend from Holland forwarded me this poster, and I felt how apt it is to share will all of my friends here.
Keep your cool, Keep your calm and stay connected with yourself


Know your boundaries, acknowledge being part of the Universe

Photos from HathaYoga with Neha's post 10/03/2020

Sivananda month long residential teacher training @ 2018...A home away from home.
An awesome way to experience your mind,body and soul.

Photos from HathaYoga with Neha's post 10/03/2020

Yoga on the go....if u find a place ..why not try yoga!!


Yoga with kids is so much fun
Kids sunday yoga class at Slough

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A teacher is NOT a Guru.
Family Yoga




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