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Trevor Organ
Top Edge & Gertsen TT October Training Camp with Craig Bryant, Stephen Gertsen, Mark Mitchell and table tennis legend Carl Prean🏓

This time we'll be at St Neots Table Tennis Club on the 27th, 28th & 29th October 2017.

Sign up by the 31st August 2017 and you'll have a chance to win one FREE training day.

To book a place, follow the link to download a form:
Service Training Day, that comes to you!

After the success of the Service Training Day's that were delivered at Graham Spicer TTC earlier this year, I've decided to roll the offer out to clubs, leagues, British League teams, universities or other groups that might be interested for the 2017/2018 season. If you'd like to see some serves in action, then follow the link:

After emailing a number of clubs, a couple of days ago, I've already had around 15 clubs show interest in holding a day at their venue, which is a fantastic response so far. If you or a group you're attached to, thinks this could be of interest, then get in touch and I'd be happy to provide you with a quote. Drop an email to [email protected]

If you're interested in other topics or generic sessions to be delivered, I can also cater and again happy to provide a quote.

Top Edge Table Tennis Training Camps are filling up! With 20 people already booked on to various days, from 5 different counties, it's shaping up to be a great camp. We currently have 11 adult / veteran players and 9 junior players. So, we have a great variety of players already attending.

The days are going to be jam packed with table tennis, different exercises, games, prizes and not to forget, some great advice from our top coaches.

Coaches include: Craig Bryant, Peter Cleminson, Mark Mitchell, Mark Dare, Josh Dye, Graham Frankel & Kieran Skeggs (3-4 coaches on each day).

To book a place, follow the link:

Table Tennis Club in Woodley, to the East of Reading, off Woodlands Avenue and adjacent to Goals Soc Playing hall has seating for 24 spectators.

Kingfisher is one of the few full-time, 24/7 table tennis clubs anywhere in the UK. Facility comprises 4 match tables (in individual 5m x 12m courts) or 5 practice tables. With changing rooms, showers, social area and kitchen, Kingfisher is an ETTA PremierClub with 4 star rating and Clubmark accreditation. The club is committed to player development and providing an extensive schedule of activitie

Operating as usual


Subject: Open Letter from Peter Charters, Hon. Life Member of TTE/ETTA.

To all involved in Table Tennis in England.

This is the question that someone from the leadership of TTE needs to answer.

We had a Chair recruitment process taking place recently. Everything shrouded under a deep veil of secrecy for some reason.

When a Chair of a public organisation is being recruited it is commonplace for prospective candidates to be named and discussed. Many such processes take place completely openly. This is as it used to be for the TTE Chair in fact. It seems strange that members could not at least be given the courtesy of knowing who was being considered for the most important role in Table Tennis in England.

When there is such a veil it is inevitable that there is a great deal of speculation and misinformation floating around. Probably a far more damaging situation than a more open and transparent process – which unsurprisingly is what the Sport England Code of Governance strongly recommends.

It is of course inevitable that members will care deeply about who the next Chair will be. Especially as they no longer have the option to vote them into post. That care and interest should be embraced as a positive sign of an active, interested, and committed membership. Attempts to shut down debate and stifle discussion are simply signs that the Board see themselves as ‘rulers’ of our sport and not custodians which is what in reality they are.

The recent furore about the Chair recruitment demonstrates the process has not been handled as well as it should. There is a disconnect between the board and the membership that could be hugely improved by better communication and a different attitude from the Board, CEO and retiring Chair. They believe that they rule the sport without having to ever justify their actions to the membership. Yes the Sport England code gives them authority but as with any leadership situation, those given this authority should handle it with care and consideration otherwise it may come back to bite them. The long term health of competitive table tennis in England should be the responsibility of the decision makers of today.

The question at this time is:- Can someone in authority explain why Susie Venner is deemed to be incapable of being the Chair of TTE? Who exactly is pulling the strings?

Susie has an ideal background both in and out of the sport; in her career within national politics and her senior roles within table tennis. She has shown her abilities time and time again. She applied for the chair role and didn’t even make it to the second round. From what we can ascertain, there were two other people shortlisted, presumably from outside the mainstream of the sport, otherwise someone would have heard. Finally, no one was appointed so what was wrong with Susie? If there had been an individual demonstrably more capable with better credentials and connections, then that would have been satisfying. But there obviously wasn’t or if there was, they turned the role down. So why has Susie not been appointed? The membership believe she is the right individual to lead the sport and would get everyone behind her to unite the leadership and the membership. She was a Membership Elected Director to the Board and Deputy Chair to Sandra Deaton so she has the knowledge and experience to unite the Board and get support from the membership. She is more qualified to be the Chair of TTE than any of the Appointed Members of the Board who sat in judgement on her.

So, we believe we have a right to know, in simple terms, why is Susie considered so incapable or unsuitable? Is it personal? Instead, it was decided better to leave Sandra in place for still longer, and start the process again. To keep looking for the one that suits the appointed majority of the Board and the members who pay to play our sport throughout the country. I have the answer; appoint Susie Venner.

The Board are putting themselves in an almost impossible position. They now need to produce a Chair of the sport in England that the members will acknowledge as being significantly more suitable than Susie Venner. A person who can be the Chair to the Membership as well as Chair to the Board of TTE. That other person is unlikely to exist, but they’d rather keep searching than appoint Susie!

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens but there is so much unrest now amongst the membership. An announcement of any Chair who isn’t a superior choice to Susie, both for the sport of table tennis in England and the business of the Board of TTE, is likely to spark an almost instant but avoidable EGM.

So, an open question to Adrian, Sandra and the Board of TTE: What is so wrong with Susie Venner. Please do tell us?



Open letter to members of Table Tennis England regarding the email sent by the Board of TTE advising of its Preference of the three candidates standing for election of the Membership Elected Director to the Board.
By Peter Charters, Honorary Life Member of TTE/ETTA

Dear Members,
The email from the Board of TTE stating the Board’s preference for the position of Membership Elected Director should not have, in my opinion, been sent. At best it was an unwise decision of the Board, at worst it suggests the worrying suspicion that much of the Board lack insight or understanding of the sport that they govern. It is also damaging to the relationship between the Board and the membership.
It is not up to the Membership to correct the gender imbalance on the Board that their own Nominations Committee had created. The Board, the Nominations Committee of the Board, and the senior staff could/should have seen this potential issue coming.
There could be a female in the running for the Board’s appointment of Chair to replace Sandra Deaton; I know of at least one very well qualified female applicant, qualified for her experiences both inside and outside table tennis. Susie Venner was not put through for a second interview by the Nominations Committee which seems at odds with the Board’s recent desire for the membership to elect a woman. This is even more surprising given that Susie has been Deputy Chair of TTE as well as being a Membership Elected Director.
Emma Vickers has retired from her position as an Appointed Member on the Board. The Board has that power to appoint who they wish without impinging on the right of the membership to choose the candidate who they believe will do the best job for them. This situation is merely increasing the ‘them and us’ divide.
I respect any member who puts their name forward to commit to the time and energy required to be a Membership Elected Director on the Board of TTE. I wish all three candidates well in the upcoming election and may the best person win. I trust the members of TTE to make the best decision for our sport in England. This without pressure from those in power who could themselves have solved the issue of gender equality.
Did anyone from the Board or leadership of TTE, ask the two female candidates their opinion as to the wisdom of sending out that preference email? I would like to think that they would both prefer to be elected as the best person for the job.
This letter from the Board of TTE raises a wider issue for me. We, the members who play, coach, organise and support table tennis in England, have lost influence on our sport. Some of these members pay a lot of money to take part, particularly parents of committed young players. We all understand that Sport England want accountability for the funding that they provide for our sport. This may have been an issue in the past. But I am sure there is a better way to achieve this without the membership handing over total control to a group of people who don’t know our sport, don’t care for our sport and worse still, don’t respect our sport in this country. I suspect that English table tennis is now in the hands of those wishing to improve their CVs and have no care for the sport that they govern.
How many of the Appointed Directors on the Board of TTE attend table tennis events in this country? The Appointed Directors may claim that they leave table tennis matters to the professional staff. Not all the staff are conversant with our sport and in many cases, but not all, they don’t need to be because of the nature of their job within TTE. However, frequently, professional staff decisions, even those that would benefit from table tennis understanding, are announced on the TTE Website ‘With Approval of the Board’.
Recent events suggest it is time to ask Sport England to review their Governance Procedures for our sport. Hopefully, to put the membership of table tennis in England in a position of greater influence on their sport, still with accountability for the funding received but to put sport specific decisions in the hands of those who know, understand and respect table tennis in England.
If this were so, there would be no unwise and unnecessary emails like the one issued last week by the Board, or at least by a majority of the Board.

Peter Charters.

Photos from Kingfisher Table Tennis Club's post 11/06/2023

We had an amazing day at the U13 National Championships today at Wolverhampton. Five players from our club qualified and competed: Ethan, Theo, Arjun, Cole ,Chloe and Aeyva.

Ethan (seeded 😎 won his group and made it to the quarter finals. But he faced a tough opponent No 3 seed Adam Alibhai at the quarter finals. He had a good fight in his defeat.

Theo (seeded 7) made it all the way to the semifinals losing only two sets throughout. Theo faced No 1 seed Kacper in the semi finals. He fought very hard and played with bravery. The second set went all the way to 19:17 and the third set was close as well. It's definitely an admirable loss for Theo. He is also the only U12 player that made it this far.

Ethan and Theo also played doubles, losing in the quarter finals.

Arjun, Chloe and Aeyva all played well and enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately they didn't make it out of the group. Arjun and Aeyva have another chance at the U11 tomorrow. Best of luck!

Many thanks to Ajay for his unsverving dedication, tremendous hard work as well as full commitment to the development of all the players. Million thanks! Thanks Robert for helping out coaching today. It helped greatly.

Thanks for all the players and parents who stayed on to cheer for Theo. It's such a great team spirit.


Chris Price is standing for the Elected Director position to serve on the TTE board, He's the one candidate who has the membership in mind. Only candidate to talk about the membership and not themselves... He'll contribute valuable insight across the board. We definitely endorse his standing... He'll drive positive outcomes...


It is with regret that the committee have decided to close the club as from midnight 17th March until further notice due to the risks from COVID-19.



Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the clubhouse will be closed to visitors until further notice

This includes any non-member, guests for taster sessions, visiting teams for league play and schools.

All team captains and league secretaries have been informed and have been requested to cancel home fixtures.

However, if a fixture is inter-club, or if the visiting team are also made up of members, then the match may take place.

In addition to this precaution, you are all urged to observe the hygiene regime of washing hands and not shaking hands, which seems to have lapsed with some members.

You are all no doubt aware that big sporting events are being canceled (inc London Marathon) which should register the severity of this outbreak with you and make you aware of the importance of observing the hygiene regime.

Thank you all for your attention in this matter.

Roger Pritchard Secretary KFTTC


Club Members: Renew Your Annual Club Membership By Saturday 30 June 2018

Annual Membership Renewal notices covering the period between 1st May, 2018 and 30th June 2019 have been sent out to members and are now due for payment.

In order to qualify for the 'prompt payment' reduction, your payment must arrive by the deadline date of Saturday 30th June, 2018.

So don't delay, renew today!


Kingfisher League Players: Reminder: Local League Fees - if you've registered to play in a Kingfisher team for Reading and/or Bracknell this season and have not yet paid your league fee please remember the deadline is Friday this week, 11th August.


Kingfisher League Players: Reminder: Local League Fees - if you've registered to play in a Kingfisher team for Reading and/or Bracknell this season and have not yet paid your league fee please remember the deadline is Friday this week, 12th August.

Photos from Kingfisher Table Tennis Club's post 02/08/2016

Congratulations to Daniel Moses overall winner of the 2016 Kingfisher Grand Prix Series.

Thank you to the organisers and most importantly, all the players who made this a great summer event.

Photos from Kingfisher Table Tennis Club's post 03/07/2016

Kingfisher Juniors Celebrate Success in National Championships: Congratulations to Jamie Liu - U12's National Champion and U13's Silver Medallist. And to Anaya Patel (Bronze Medal - U12's Girl's) and Felix Thomis (Bronze Medal - U11 Boys). A big thank you to their coaches, Daniel Basterfield, Tom Maynard, Alison Broe and Peter Charters for supporting them through their preparation for the event, and living through all the ups and downs of the tournament itself.


Local League Update: Thanks to everyone who submitted their applications to register their interest in joining a Kingfisher team for the upcoming season. Teams are now being formed and players will be contacted early in July. If you are a member of the club and missed the deadline for registration, but do want to play, please get in touch with the League co-ordinator via our website as soon as possible.

Timeline photos 17/06/2016

Club night proved very popular this week with some tables still going at 11pm!

Timeline photos 11/06/2016

It's time to start thinking about your plans for the 2016-17 season in the local league. Kingfisher members please check your email inboxes - you have until 24th June to register your interest, after which point the teams will be drafted - don't delay, get your application in today! Details are also available on Kingfisher's website.

Photos from Kingfisher Table Tennis Club's post 04/05/2016

Congratulations to Kingfisher 'J' on winning Reading League Division 3 this season, pictured here at the RDTTA Awards Evening at The Curzon Club in Reading.

Timeline photos 25/12/2015

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas!


Congratulations to Kingfisher member Lisa Williams on the birth of her son, Gethin, born on 25th November, 2015.

Timeline photos 25/11/2015

John Creighton

We regret to report that Kingfisher member John Creighton passed away on Monday 23rd November 2015. John was a member of the club for over 20 years and participated in the local Reading and Bracknell leagues for many years. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

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