I gave my 4yr old son the option of martial arts, drama or karma kids yoga. He thought about it for a moment and chose Karma Kids!! Kate's sessions are amazing imaginitive journeys that are both fun and helpful. My son is now telling ME to "take a deep breath" when he see's me getting annoyed! (right about the millionth time I've asked him to put on his shoes!) Highly reccomend!
So my 4yrs old son was carrying a large backpack and his nursery practitioner says "Ben your very strong!" To which Ben replies "yes!! That's because my mummy and me do yoga and we go to Kate's special room and she makes us really strong. I have big muscles!" 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ From the mouth of babes!!

The home for yoga classes by Kate Skelhorn. Offering expert yoga tuition to kids, teens, adults, pos

Operating as usual


"Be kind. To yourself, to the universe, to humanity. Be uncontrollably kind. Even when they aren’t kind back. Even when they take your kindness as wanting something in return (and they will). Be kind anyway. One random act of kindness each day will help you find yourself in ways nothing else ever will."


We've all been in our cocoon so long and it looks like we are on the verge of being set free...

The cocoon brings challenges.
There have been limits and restrictions like never before.

And I crave normality, whatever that will be...

Did you ever hear that story about a man who saw a butterfly struggling in its cocoon and he cut the cocoon to relieve the butterfly only to find that its wings were too small to fly?

That. That story keeps coming to my mind.

In many ways I'm beyond ready and yet...

I believe there is purpose in life's struggles, and that purpose is growth and transformation.

We've weirdly found our way, our unique method to muddle through, and it's brought us closer in many ways.

So in business and in life I'm still definitely working my own way out of my cocoon. I dare not plan too far ahead.

I want to be mentally, spiritually and physically stronger and for that I know I need to change gears and operate with love and courage and step out of fear mode.

What operating system are you using right now? Is it one of fear or one of love?

What is on your vision board for the rest of 2021?

Things will not be the same after this, and please let’s not be the same either.

We have no idea what the new "normal" will be like until we start living it.

But we have a choice to find out just how big our wings can be, let that be your Covid Cocoon experience, whenever and however you decide to emerge.

With love and light 💕🙏

Gracias a @kalini.metodo
Thanks to @kalini.metodo


Setting goals with your SPIRIT...

SPECIFIC. Be specific about what you want and don't want ... one thing at a time

PRIZES. Reward yourself throughout the process ...

INDIVIDUAL. The goal must be something that YOU really want to do... own it
Must be your heart's desire not someone else's

REVIEW. Review periodically and REFINE

INSPIRING. Frame it positively ...

TIME-BOUND give yourself a time frame to achieve it in



Good times are a coming 🌟

Work on gratitude, positivity, confidence by journalling and maintaining that daily practice...

My yoga schedule is in highlights 👆 if you wish to join me on the mat, otherwise grab a beautiful pen and note pad and try this... Your best self is waiting to be free 🙂💖

One of the best gratitude journal prompts for wellbeing is expressing gratitude for your future self. Give thanks for the person you are going to become. Give thanks for the wonderful opportunities you are going to have. This is manifestation at its best and it works.

If you want to develop confidence, write in your gratitude journal about a time you handled a situation with confidence. What made you feel confident? Were you power dressing? Did you practice affirmations beforehand? Identify a few things that make you feel confident, and express gratitude for them. This helps you identify ways to develop into your ideal future self.




There are moments that cry out to be fulfilled.

Like, telling someone you love them.

Or giving your money away, all of it.


Your heart is beating, isn’t it?

You’re not in chains, are you?


There is nothing more pathetic than caution

when headlong might save a life,

even, possibly, your own.


Mary Oliver

Oliver passed away in January 2019, but her poems serve as a poignant reminder to be present in every moment, whether it be a joyous occasion or a quiet, somber one


Sunday night is for editing pre-recorded content...

This week's video focuses on Balance.

*Practising Balanced Breathing
*Engaging and strengthening the core in challenging standing balance poses
*Strengthening the legs and ankles
*Stretching the backs of the legs
*Improving our overall sense of balance
*Learning how to use props to assist your practice
*Ending with a grounding meditation that will help balance your energy

Join me at a live class on zoom or DM for more details on my pre-recorded library.

My schedule for 22nd Feb onwards:

Mornings- 1-2-1s
Chair yoga class (all levels, all welcome) 1-1:40pm
Teen class 3-4pm (Bradfield College)

Wednesday- Open to all
Beginner /Open Level 7-8pm
Intermediate Level 8-9pm

Mornings- 1-2-1s
Teen class 3-4pm (Bradfield College)

For further details on any of the above classes, or corporate, private, kids, teen, pre and postnatal classes drop me a message.



"As a woman, being proud of yourself and believing you are ‘enough’ as you are, is an act of social and political resistance” – Jameela Jamil

This made me think about my own self-love journey.

What do you do to cultivate self-love?

I did a nine mile run yesterday. A valentine's gift for myself by myself. ❤️

It felt horrendous to start- I'll be honest, it is always hard to get me out in the cold- but then... then it felt really, really good.

I found my stride, my rhythm, my breath and saw beautiful things I'd never notice if I were plugged into a device or with a friend. A freckled horse, an ice sculpture in a tree, a hawk flying into its nest, a heart graffitied on a tree...

I used to hate my own company, I'd run, gym, yoga and do these almost always accompanied by friends or loud blaring music.

The negative voices in my head were just too overbearing, and they've not gone, always there, but after many years of work and practice I'm kinder, I'm calmer and happier with myself, in myself, by myself. Just me.
The negative becomes a soft whisper as I focus on gratitude and self-growth.

Runs and yoga alone both offer a place to find space, clarity, connection and self-compassion. It's a constant practice, it's a life practice, a touchstone, a life line.

I find it crucial during lockdown.

Hey, can you engage in this act of rebellion?
What's your thing?
How do you cultivate self-love?


Over ten years together and barely any change 😂

"Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth, "You owe Me." Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky." (Rumi)

Happy Valentine's Day! 08/02/2021

What's New

What's New -

New On Demand Library Launching Soon, DM me for details. If you are someone who finds it easy to extend love and kindness to those around you, but aren't so good at giving this positive attention to yourself, then you are not alone! It can often feel so effortless to nurture those we love, whilst self-love can be much harder to understand and make the tim...


Reminder to go easy on yourself, let that be your yoga today 🙏

You are doing awesome.



Ever tried yoga at your desk?

I've loved teaching @asda and @uk_screenskills over lockdown.

If you think your workplace could benefit from a tailored class, please DM me, I can make it any length and make as dynamic or gentle as needed.

If you'd like to try it please book on for tomorrow's lunchtime session using


The idea of cycle syncing may help you leverage the unique hormonal benefits of each phase of your menstrual cycle, allowing you to choose activities that are best suited to the energy levels and hormones  of each phase. 

Follicular phase means more and longer runs for me, more energy, increase in creativity and openness to new experiences.

How do you listen and tune in to your body?

Would you like a yoga flow to match your mood, hormone levels and energy? DM for details

Pic post morning 8k run, today my body craved it. Last week loathed it.



Don't forget the end goal... Keep looking forward!

And in times when it's extra hard, try an extra dose of yoga.

Link in bio for all my classes 🙂🙏



Breakfast smoothie to help with cramps

Might not look beautiful but it's magic in a glass!

Banana, avocado, spirulina, bee pollen and milk of choice...

Spirulina contains a very high level of protein, as well as the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which has anti-inflammatory properties and which normalises hormone levels.The vividly hued, blue-green can help quell cramping and pain. 

With anti-inflammatory fats, magnesium and potassium, avocados are a cramp-kicking superfood.

Bananas contain vitamin B6 and a healthy dose of potassium, which can help relieve your bloating and cramping symptoms.

Bee pollen has been shown in trials to be an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for relief of primary dysmenorrhea.



Never tire of this view...

Water heals.



Where you'll find me this week.👆

If you, your family, kids or teens you know could benefit from a class contact me for more details.




With so much going on, I want to give back to the community and show you yoga techniques to anchor in your breath, listen inward, flow sensitively and sensibly and find that love of self.

Join me for this free one hour class as we flow gently and mindfully and so begin our journey to self compassion.

Next Monday, 18th January
7:30- 8:30pm UK

Book on using this link

I look forward to seeing you then! 🙏

"Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others." Christopher Germer


Me mid homeschooling 👆🤯

Anyone else feel the need for space?
Does everyone need and want you and it's mega hard to get time to yourself and just breathe? Can you take time out and ask yourself what you need right now?

Our yoga practice can certainly be a refuge in times like these. Thank goodness for the technology that allows us to come together as a collective, downregulate our nervous systems, ground ourselves into our bodies, work with our chaotic minds, let that sh*t go and more deeply understand ourselves in order to show up for others.

Join me see if you can create SPACE where you feel stuck and find COMPASSION for yourself.

This week you'll find me...


Chair yoga live on Zoom 1-1:45 pm
Live Zoom college class 3-4pm


Beginner live on zoom Level 7-8pm
Improvers live on zoom 8:05-9:05 pm

Privates live on zoom AM
Live Zoom college class 3-4pm

At weekend I'll work on pre-recorded segments for my college students and you to be uploaded on YouTube channel coming soon.

Interested in any of the above?

DM for more details or see


November's beautiful full moon over the river tonight

If you want to do a manifestation tonight, first read this:


#lunareclipse2020 #NovemberFullmoon 27/11/2020

I Can't Breathe

A post on grief, for anyone in need ❤️

We will all experience grief in our lives and yet we all do not talk about it, afraid it may be catching. Afraid to share such heart-breaking emotions. Death is an unavoidable certainty and yet we fear to speak of it.

It hit me like a steam train. It made my chest feel tight and I thought I'd never be able to take a full breath again.

I did and you will.

Today it is a super foggy morning, I looked out the window and could not see the other side of the road. Days like these I feel it, I feel that intense tightening in my chest, that suffocation. Mum died on a morning just like today.

I will never forget the drive at 3am in freezing fog, barely able to see the road and with tears that would not stop. My breath was catching in my throat and I was gulping for air. My chest so heavy I thought I might implode.

It was my birthday, but instead of being filled with celebration the day was filled with sorrow and emptiness.

But slowly, slowly the fog lifts and the sun burns away at the clouds and you see patches of blue sky again. It can take forever, but it happens.

Baby steps.

Remember, the sun is always there behind those clouds, you just have to actively choose sometimes to let it in.

It takes belief, it takes strength, it takes courage...

For full post see

With love from me to you


#grief #griefjourney #bereavement
#lossofalovedone #healingjourney Melodramatic start, I know. Sorry about that. This post is about grief. Overwhelming, crippling and all-encompassing. You might want to stop reading now, please don't. We will all experience grief in our lives and yet we all do not talk about it, afraid it may be catching. Afraid to share such heart...


Yoga teaches us that we are whole, no matter what! With time, the right practices, good teachers, patience, self-care and compassion, and dedication, slowly we begin to rebuild. We rebuild on a multidimensional level:

anatomically - muscles, bones, joints (we strengthen and become more fluid)

physiologically - inner systems and organs (ex. improve digestion/stress levels)

psychologically - balance our emotions

spiritually = connect to our purpose and essence

We can not only survive but learn to thrive by stepping into our power and purpose. Try it today 🙏


Be good to yourself and find time for the mat. It's got you!

This week I'll be here 👇

Reserved for schools and colleges

1:1 clients AM (outdoor only)
7- 8 PM- Zoom Beginners flow
8:05-9:05 PM- Zoom Continuers flow

1:30-2 PM Zoom Chair yoga
Yoga pranayama and adapted Asana at your desk. to book or DM for details and if you'd like more added to the schedule.

#pangbourne 06/11/2020

How to make stress your friend | Kelly McGonigal

Make stress your friend.
Feeling stressed and overwhelmed, please give this a listen
❤️🤯 Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. Stress. It makes your hea...


Join me from November 6th-27th for a FREE 21-day meditation programme centered around abundance and serenity!

“Abundance comes from within. It comes from thought, intention, attention, and expectation.” – Deepak Chopra

DM me for details



And for grown ups...

Book on for this face to face (limited number) workshop using link below. Only one spot left!! 🙏


This Saturday on Zoom, a one off class for kids ages 3+ and their families.

Dressing up strongly encouraged.👻🧙

From 5pm
£6 per 🏠

Now on

Booking Essential!



There are days I’m raring to go and can’t wait to get my Yoga on, but other days I feel exhausted by life and find it a struggle to get on the mat. This is me after two sessions on zoom last night.

Pre class I was exhausted and looked bit grey 😳. I ALWAYS feel better after a class, my skin glows, I feel warmer and calmer as stress melts away and I connect in...

Try it for yourself!



Where you'll find me this week 👆

Join me on the mat face-to-face, on the mat or a chair via Zoom, or in a beautiful studio workshop.

For more details on the workshop I'm covering see:

To book any of the other above see or DM me for more info!



Most of you on here know me but -for those that don't- here's a few fun facts about me!


I'm Kate.

1. Born in UK but spent most of my childhood in Spain ☀️
2. I speak 5 languages, 3 fluently
3. I hate drinking cold water
4. I don't like pancakes or marshmallows
5. I run for my mental health (see pic) 👆
6. I love cooking, crafting and painting (my kitchen is always a creative space)
7. Dancing makes my heart sing
8. Kids yoga brings me joy. ( I've taught teens since 2014 and little ones since last year)
9. I've lived in 3 different countries and I'm not done moving countries yet
10. Watching people transform through yoga is my calling 🙏 Loving 1:1 work 🤯
11. I love autumn and the change of seasons
12. I'm postnatal trained with @birthlight
13. I'm prenatal yoga trained with @yogamama
14. My first yoga training was in ashtanga and rocket with @theyogapeople
15. I'm half American, half English with Spanish nationality thrown in for good measure!! 😬
16. I'm addicted to learning. Over lockdown I studied chair yoga, mindfulness and art therapy. Further anatomy is what I'm working on right now...

All of the above feeds my lessons.


Videos (show all)

That Friday feeling...#keepflowing #gowiththeflow#flowwithme
Mini me class
"We love blowing bubbles, we don't want to stop, we watch them float by and make them go pop!!"This is one of the easies...
Good morning!
Going Live!




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