Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading

Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading

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Motion Yoga
Motion Yoga
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Finally I did it!

Want to feel stronger or more supple? Healthier and whole? Then come to a yoga class with Kath! I ca Devote an hour to your wellness and wellbeing!

Yoga classes suitable for all levels with a focus on flowing morvement, breath and a hint of yoga philosophy. Popular with Beginners! Various venues in Reading, Woodley and Earley.

Operating as usual

Yoga Class timetable Earley Reading and Zoom 14/03/2022

Yoga Class timetable Earley Reading and Zoom

Hello Yoga Friends! Spring is here and with the Equinox this coming weekend, this is a great time to Renew and Refresh and Revitalise. Let Yoga take you in that direction. Join us on Monday evenings at 6.30pm at Alfred Sutton School hall - please book in advance. https://flowrelaxyoga.co.uk/class-timetable/

Yoga Class timetable Earley Reading and Zoom Class Timetable of yoga classes offered by Kath Pinnick in Reading with yoga for all abiliites and yoga for beginners and prenatal yoga. Zoomyoga on-line yoga classes


Namaste Yogis! I have been quiet for a while - recovering from a thing with my hip. Using the time for self-study, breathing and meditation. I am now getting ready to teach yoga again at the beginning of November. Watch this space or check out my website.


One Yoga Class Away

You are one yoga class away from a good mood! Join me and a lovely bunch of yoga students in Woodley and Earley Sunday mornings and Monday evenings. Move and Breathe, be Stronger, Body and Mind !


Even though it's hot, you can still practice yoga!
this week in my classes we are learning a breathing technique called Sheetali - a cooling breath and practicing poses which encourage you to surrender your body and your efforts. We surrender and accept what is - the heat, the summer, our bodies as they are in this moment.

Photos from Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading's post 26/06/2021

Photos from Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading's post


I am loving teaching live in person yoga classes again. First one in Woodley is this Sunday at 1000 at Vibez then on Monday we restart at Alfred Sutton School at 1830. Check my website for details and to book. See you on the mat soon!


Join me for a Valentine's Day Yoga Class this Sunday. In yoga, as in our contemporary culture, the heart is associated with love. In this class we will focus on opening the heart through some backbends and standing poses (suitable for all). This will help us to rebalance our Heart Chakra (energy centre) facilitating a stronger sense of love and compassion for others and ourselves. Sunday 14 Feb at 5pm on Zoom. FREE to all my clients and their friends! Book on the website to reserve your spot now. With love ### https://flowrelaxyoga.co.uk/class-timetable/


Christmas and New Year Timetable to be announced soon! I will be offering on-line on Zoom classes on the Bank Holidays 28 Dec and 1st January. It will be just what you need as you rest and celebrate the festive season at home. Movement, breathing and relaxation. the physical and subtle body awareness will be Grounding and Gratitude.


I am more optimistic we will have some face to face yoga classes in the run up to Christmas. But for now, the on-line Live Stream classes continue. Mondays 6pm, Thursdays 8pm and Sundays 10a.m.
Please join us to Move, Breathe, Relax.

Photos from Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading's post 11/11/2020

Some super new photos to advertise my new Yoga for Health classes


My new offering of a 6-class Yoga for health workshop starts on Thursday. Live stream to The comfort of your home on Zoom. 🏡


Feeling not quite your best - body and mind?

Join Kath in her Yoga for Health 6-part Workshop Live Streamed to the comfort and privacy of your home. Move, Breathe, Relax and Learn new healthy habits. Thursday evenings 8pm from 12 November. 25% Discount if you buy all 6 classes by 12 November!
Let Yoga help you to Boost your Immunity. Strnegthen your Respiratory system, Sleep Better, Improve your Digestion, Relieve Stress and keep your joints healthy. Full Schedule on my website flowrelaxyoga.co.uk


I am writing a blog about why I started practicing yoga 20 years ago and what it has done to transform my life. I will post here and on my website flowrelaxyoga.co.uk soon.
And following from that, I will soon launch a 6-week on-line course of breathing practices, yoga poses, relaxation poses and even nutrition suggestions to lead you to find a Better You.


What is Restorative Yoga?

Take a look to see how you can relax and nurture yourself in a live stream on-line yoga class. Light a candle, dim the lights, snuggle in with cushions and music. Thursday evening 8pm. Book on my website https://flowrelaxyoga.co.uk/class-timetable/

Hanuman Academy | Foundations of Ta**ra Yoga Psychology – 3 Part Video Series 26/08/2020

Hanuman Academy | Foundations of Ta**ra Yoga Psychology – 3 Part Video Series

Looking forward to learning more about Ta**ra from a wonderful teacher., hosted by the amazing Hanuman Academy

Hanuman Academy | Foundations of Ta**ra Yoga Psychology – 3 Part Video Series Join Ta**ra Yoga Psychology expert R.R. Shakti, Ph.D. for this free video training to learn foundational teachings of Ta**ra Yoga and Deep Psychology, and how they synergistically work together to heal the psyche, vitalize the body, and awaken wholeness within your everyday human experience. 

Yoga Dynamic warm up 05/08/2020

Yoga Dynamic warm up

New video for you. I show you how to warm up the legs with a yoga strap then we flow through a gentle dynamic warm up for all parts of the body.

Yoga Dynamic warm up Yoga warm up sequence for all levels.

Photos from Flow Relax Yoga - Yoga and Prenatal Yoga in Reading's post 01/07/2020

Join me for Restorative Yoga classes live streamed into your home on Thursday evenings. Very gentle stretching with focus on the breath and on letting go physically and mentally. Once described as 'curling up with cushions on the floor!'

Yoga Pics 01/07/2020

Yoga Pics


New Restorative Yoga class starting this Thursday evening at 8pm! Be prepared to release adn relax and restore in gentle poses on the ground.


Hello Yogis! Yoga classes Live On-line are still running. Mondays 6pm and Sundays 11am. PlusNew Restorative Yoga class on a Thursday evening for gentle stretching and releasing tension. See website or contact me for details


Live Streamed on-line yoga classes are up and running !


Classes are now cancelled. But I will start offering some on-line / Virtual Yoga Studio classes next week.


Beginners Yoga starts tomorrow! Very excited to be sharing and inspiring a new group of yogis. There are still spaces if anyone else is interested


The last day of the year already! This is the perfect time to either start yoga or kick start your existing yoga practice. Not only the asana (poses) but also the focus on the breath and on finding emotional balance can all lead you to a new and better you! Beginners Yoga course starts on Sunday, regular classes restart from Monday.

How to Communicate Like a Buddhist 31/12/2019

How to Communicate Like a Buddhist

Buddhist sentiment sits perfectly in a yoga practice

How to Communicate Like a Buddhist I used to lie awake at night and worry about work, family, friends, boyfriends. Honestly, I would obsess about all of it. And while all these thoughts and emotions were going on inside I rarely expressed any of them. Instead, a colleague would knock on my cubicle while I was in the middle of something and I'd roll my eyes and say in a passive aggressive tone, "what can I do for you now."

Timeline photos 27/12/2019


Love her words of wisdom. An authentic yoga

and - excerpts from Amma's techings:
"There is a close connection between the mind and the breath. With the increase or decrease in thoughts, there is a corresponding increase or decrease in the of the breath.
depends on air, the gross form of or . The sages observed that those who breathe quickly have a shorter life span than those whose breath is slow and . The pigeon is an example of a breathing and short lived creature."


Tonight is the last one before the Christmas and New Year break. Come and practice yoga with us tonight at 8pm


Miserable weather today - wet and dark. But a yoga class is the perfect antidote. Have you heard the matra - You are one yoga class away from a good mood ?

Flow Relax Yoga on Google 11/12/2019

Flow Relax Yoga on Google

Booking now open for the New Year Beginners Yoga Course

Flow Relax Yoga on Google Beginners Yoga curriculum is nearly ready for the course starting on Sunday 5 January 2020. You will learn the most common standing poses, the sun salutation sequences (A and B), twists, seated poses, backbends and a couple of inversions (upside down poses). Excited? this promises to be the perfect....


Black Friday has passed me by! Instead of shopping, I made a little video about being aware of the abundance i already have in my life.


Meditation on Abundance

Balck Friday Yoga practice

Our Story

Yoga for All in Woodley and Earley. Come to yoga with Kath. Friendly yoga classes suitable for all levels (popular with Beginners!) with a focus on flowing morvement, breath and a hint of yoga philosophy. Private 1:1 sessions available on request.

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One Yoga Class Away
Feeling not quite your best - body and mind?
What is Restorative Yoga?
Meditation on Abundance
Balancing Both Sides



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