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Sara Helen this is the club Jack goes to. It is the nicest club ever with the most lovely, supportive people. 😃
Hey Richard can you call me when the class has finished. Can someone ask him to if they see this before he does?
Great lesson yesterday, well done all for the energy and dedication. Last lesson next week, fight club and student of the year. Make sure you bring the energy and your kit 👊👊👊 :-)
Great session last night and great energy. Thanks for supporting the club over the last 4 weeks while Sifu Richard has been away. I know it is always a slightly different class when I take them but hope you all enjoyed as I did. See you all next week :-)
Afternoon all, I have just been to old that the M4 is closed which is causing me some issues getting back in good time. I am still trying to make it, but just advising if I am not there before 5.45 then we will have to cancel the lesson
Great Class tonight with lots of energy and fun....great to see some of the old faces back as well as plenty of new faces. Thanks to all the senior grades for helping the new faces, especially Emily looking after everyone 🙂 - see you next week for more of the same 🙏🏻
FREE all-style martial arts session next Sunday open to anyone with any interest in the fighting arts. Come and train with people from a variety of different disciplines. Whether you're a student, teacher or complete newcomer everyone can benefit from a friendly exchange of skills and ideas. Run by the Reading Open Martial Arts Group. Join our group and benefit from cross-discipline training sessions.
Another hot one...bring loads of fluid for tonight's lesson :-)
Happy birthday Sifu Richard 👊🏻🙏🏻
Hot, hot, hot tonight so bring plenty of water 🙂 - look forward to some sparring later 👊🏻
How was Class Sifu Richard? Sorry I didnt get away from work - Must try harder!


This is a so far small, but long established club of dedicated Martial artist's,
who through training in the skills of this martial art seek to improve themselves as not just martial artist's but as people as well.

Operating as usual


Lots of Students on Holidays at the Moment but great to see Ceri & Emily (Back from Uni for the Summer) training tonight on Mr Richardsons Birthday..:)) Plenty of Birthday push ups & walking on Gaz’s Abbs Old school style😂👊🙏😂


Calm before the Storm..!!! 1st Grading Exam at the Club for 3 Years👊🙏 Good luck all😎✅


A massive congratulations to Ceri Nicholson for passing her Purple sash. She has continued to keep things going through lockdown & lots of issues outside of Lessons. Kung fu Training has given Ceri the resilience & strength to push through any problems in her way🙏🙏 she is A true Kung fu warrior..!👊🙏

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Tonight’s Philosophy “Never think your not good enough “ Learning takes time🙏🙏 Great lesson tonight with these two Kung Fu practitioners, Combos,Hard better today challenge, Syllabus & Red Zone Pad Drills for Skills..!!👊🙏


Congratulations to Jack for passing his Green Sash, this is a great achievement as it bridges the gap between junior & intermediate standard👏👏👊🙏


Squad Goals👊🙏


Action from tonight’s lesson…….Connecting the six Harmonies==Power👊🙏


Mindset is one of the corner stones of Kung Fu, It Will make all the difference in certain situations.!!
Drilling Kung Fu “Intention”👊🙏

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Tonight’s Philosophy, an absolute classic from Bruce love the message he sends us🙏🙏 Great lesson from all 100% Kung Fu👊🙏


Today’s Kung Fu Conditioning……:))
Or This months better today challenge👊🙏😉


PM me for Details 👊🙏


PM Me for more Details & Book in👊🙏


New Beginners Class Starting Soon
Sign up for a taster lesson Tuesdays 4.30pm


Finally got give this out Tonight, Student of the year 2021 Gary Richardson🏆👏👏🏆Very well deserved indeed, he is a credit to himself & family and a dedicated and valued member of Reading Kung Fu👊🙏


Kung Hei Fat Choy👊🙏🎉😀🎉
Year of the Tiger..!!


STUDENT…I’ve forgotten my Basic blocks………
SIFU…Someone needs more Horse Stance👊🙏😂

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A great Training session with Gary Richardson tonight…:)) Turkey burner circuits Plus some Full Contact Block & strike work. “No Mind” Fighting👊🙏


Great lesson tonight..:))) So good to see people I’ve not see since FEB 2020..! Even without a few regulars I believe we have a great Foundation for a Kung Fu Club🙏🙏 Watch this space 2022 for more classes. INC Beginners Etc
Fantastic work Tonight all students 👊🙏


Kung Fu Brother Si Hing Jonny with a great “Zen” story to contemplate……Enjoy👊🙏😀


Morning All,
Good luck to all Students returning to school Today…)))😀
Kung Ku Training Lessons will resume back next Thursday.
(5.30pm at my gym)
Over the coming weeks will be looking to get back to some more focused syllabus work.
Plus also some more sparring based lessons at the Cotswold TBA.
💥💥Also looking to start a beginners new class…. So if you have any friends ETC interested in learning Kung Fu please pass on my details.💥💥
In the meantime keep it going all..!!
Many Thanks for continuing support🙏
Thank you

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Brilliant lesson tonight👊👊 Great work from all practicing speed of movement to avoid attacks..!
Plus tonight’s Philosophy. Very well done to Ceri Nick on getting all distinctions in her college results🎉👏👊🙏

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Great Lesson tonight at Reading Kung Fu HQ……
Or judging by the flip flops Reading Kung Fu beach club😂🙏Also tonight’s philosophy….Indeed👊🙏
Fantastic effort from All👊👊💥💥


My look when a Student, asked if they have been practicing there Kung Fu ....??? Say they haven’t had Time..............👊🙏


“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”
Very Happy Sifu tonight with our 1st actual Kung Fu lesson at my Own Dojo😀😀 We’ve taken the first step, all Students worked very hard and they’ll be some sore body’s tomorrow👊🙏


Great Tips Here👊🙏

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💥💥Two more weeks before we are back💥💥
✅But Meanwhile on Zoom✅
Tonight’s Philosophy🙏 Plus these Students & special guest Gary Richardson⁩ smashed the class. Deadly self defence moves with “Alphabet spaghetti” Flavour👊🙏👏👏💥💥


Great leg workout with these👊🙏


In Kung Fu as in life you need Balance👊🙏

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💥Great Lesson Tonight with these Students💥
Still going strong after a year on Zoom, won’t be long before we’re all back smashing each other👊
🙏Also tonight’s Philosophy🙏

Timeline Photos 23/03/2021

Indeed Sir👊🙏


Good luck to all my Students going back to Schools & college’s today👊🙏


Believe in yourself........”Always”👊🙏

Lesson 9 of 15.
They won’t let anyone limit their joy…
When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from comparing yourself to others, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. When mentally tough people feel good about something they do, they won’t let anyone’s opinions or accomplishments take that away from them.
While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others, and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. Mentally tough people know that regardless of what people think of them at any particular moment, one thing is certain—they’re never as good or bad as people say they are.


This is an Important lesson for us All👊🙏

Does this lesson resonate with you?

Lesson 8 of 15 on the habits of mentally tough people. …they don’t dwell on mistakes.
Mentally tough people know that where you focus your attention determines your emotional state. When you fixate on the problems that you’re facing, you create and prolong negative emotions and stress, which hinders performance. When you focus on actions to better yourself and your circumstances, you create a sense of personal efficacy, which produces positive emotions and improves performance.
Mentally tough people distance themselves from their mistakes, but they do so without forgetting them. By keeping their mistakes at a safe distance, yet still handy enough to refer to, they are able to adapt and adjust for future success.



Anyone else experienced this?

Lesson 7 of 15 on how to be mentally tough.
The mentally Tough. They embrace failure…
Mentally tough people embrace failure because they know that the road to success is paved with it. No one ever experienced true success without first embracing failure.
By revealing when you’re on the wrong path, your mistakes pave the way for you to succeed. The biggest breakthroughs typically come when you’re feeling the most frustrated and the most stuck. It’s this frustration that forces you to think differently, to look outside the box and to see the solution that you’ve been missing.



Habit 6 of 15 of the mentally tough.

6. They know that fear is the No. 1 source of regret.
Mentally tough people know that, when all is said and done, they will lament the chances they didn’t take far more than they will their failures. Don’t be afraid to take risks.
I often hear people say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Will it kill you?” Yet death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. The worst thing that can happen to you is allowing yourself to die inside while you’re still alive.
It takes refined self-awareness to walk this tightrope between dwelling and remembering. Dwelling too long on your mistakes makes you anxious and gun shy, while forgetting about them completely makes you bound to repeat them. The key to balance lies in your ability to transform failures into nuggets of improvement. This creates the tendency to get right back up every time you fall down.


Good one👊🙏

Lesson 5 of 15 on Mental Toughness
5. They say no.
Research conducted at the University of California in San Francisco showed that the more difficulty you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout and even depression. Mentally tough people know that saying no is healthy, and they have the self-esteem and foresight to make their no’s clear.
When it’s time to say no, mentally tough people avoid phrases such as “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not certain.” They say no with confidence because they know that saying no to a new commitment honors their existing commitments and gives them the opportunity to successfully fulfill them.
The mentally tough also know how to exert self-control by saying no to themselves. They delay gratification and avoid impulsive action that causes harm.



4. They embrace change.
Mentally tough people are flexible and are constantly adapting. They know that fear of change is paralyzing and a major threat to their success and happiness. They look for change that is lurking just around the corner, and they form a plan of action should these changes occur.
Only when you embrace change can you find the good in it. You need to have an open mind and open arms if you’re going to recognize, and capitalize on, the opportunities that change creates.
You’re bound to fail when you keep doing the same things you always have in the hope that ignoring change will make it go away. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.



Lesson 3 of 15 on mental toughness ...
3. They neutralize toxic people.
Dealing with difficult people is frustrating and exhausting for most. Mentally tough people control their interactions with toxic people by keeping their feelings in check. When they need to confront a toxic person, they approach the situation rationally. They identify their emotions and don’t allow anger or frustration to fuel the chaos. They also consider the difficult person’s standpoint and are able to find common ground and solutions to problems. Even when things completely derail, mentally tough people are able to take the toxic person with a grain of salt to avoid letting him or her bring them down.



Step 2 of 15 for mental Toughness

2. They’re confident.
“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t—you’re right.” – Henry Ford
Mentally tough people subscribe to Ford’s notion that your mentality has a powerful effect on your ability to succeed. This notion isn’t just a motivational tool—it’s a fact. A recent study at the University of Melbourne showed that confident people went on to earn higher wages and get promoted more quickly than others did.
True confidence—as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities—has a look all its own. Mentally tough people have an upper hand over the doubtful and the skittish because their confidence inspires others and helps them to make things happen.


Great Purple sash Lesson tonight👍 Studying Knife Defence & Set Footwork. Also Emily Button Having to “Grit” her Dojo before Training..:)) Said no one Ever🥶👊🙏🥶 100% Dedication..!!


Lessons to contemplate from my Sifu👊🙏

Over the next few weeks Im going to post 15 lessons of 'Mental Toughness' you can action immediately.
Why? Mental toughness is a choice and a discipline, not an innate quality bestowed upon the lucky few.
We all reach critical points in our lives where our mental toughness is tested. It might be a toxic friend or colleague, a dead-end job, or a struggling relationship.
Whatever the challenge, you have to be strong, see things through a new lens and take decisive action if you want to move through it successfully.
It sounds easy. We all want good friends, good jobs and good relationships.
But it isn’t.
It’s hard to be mentally tough, especially when you feel stuck. The ability to break the mold and take a bold new direction requires that extra grit, daring and s***k that only the mentally toughest people have.
It’s fascinating how mentally tough people set themselves apart from the crowd. Where others see impenetrable barriers, they see challenges to overcome.
When Thomas Edison’s factory burned to the ground in 1914, destroying one-of-a-kind prototypes and causing $23 million in damage, Edison’s response was simple:
Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start fresh again.
Edison’s reaction is the epitome of mental toughness—seeing opportunity and taking action.
There are habits you can develop to improve your mental toughness. In fact, the hallmarks of mentally tough people are actually strategies that you can begin using today.

1. They’re emotionally intelligent.
Emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of mental toughness. You cannot be mentally tough without the ability to fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them. Moments that test your mental toughness are ultimately testing your emotional intelligence (EQ).

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Action from tonight’s lesson…….Connecting the six Harmonies==Power👊🙏
Mindset is one of the corner stones of Kung Fu, It Will make all the difference in certain situations.!!Drilling Kung Fu...
Turning off the Fire🔥 After an Excellent Intense Lesson,The yin&yang of Kung Fu👊🙏                        🙏Meditation🙏
Tough Drill for the Forearms, wrists & Hands👍
A few Old school conditioning drills from today’s session👊🙏👊
Great News.....!!!New class Coming in 2020Get Involved👊👊👊👊👊
“Squad”...Iyadd Going For It👊👊
“Squad”..👊Zac Going For It,That Left Hook Though👊👊





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Tuesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Thursday 5pm - 6pm

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