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Ashtanga jooga 1.seeria
Juhendatud tund koos lugemisega
Laupäev, 11.juuni 2022
Kell 11.00-12.30 EEST | 9.00-10.30 BST

☀️ Sel laupäeval on mitmekordne rõõmupäev!

🔢 Juhendan ashtanga jooga esimest seeriat Yoga Reading’u stuudios UKs.

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🇬🇧 Juhendatud toimub inglise keeles, vinyasa count nagu ikka sanskriti keeles.

🧘‍♂️Tundi saavad tulla kõik, kel olemas eelnev ashtanga jooga kogemus.

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🏡 Kodus tegijad: või [email protected]
♾️ Ashtanga Estonias tegijad: või [email protected]

Tule matile!

∞ Ashtanga Estonia

📢 This Sunday 📢

Stretch for good with the lovely team at Yoga Reading! 🧘‍♀️

Attend any yoga class and/or brunch, and all donations will help fund our work supporting Afghan families settling here in Berkshire 💚

Find out more and book your session here:

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures, a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility and breathing. In Reading there are a variety of Yoga groups and classes Yoga Reading is a grassroots yoga studio based in Caversham, Reading. Led by practitioners Sophie Cleere and Katia Major, it is run by yoga teachers who love what they do, and strive to share the very best of what they know with others
The clue is in the name.

It's not about cash, it's not about shopping, it's not even about what you do, it's the WAY you do it.

Showing that we care for our Self.

It could be anything at all, but done in a caring way.

How will you care for yourself today?

If you want ideas and support and a space to explore, it would be lovely to see you at Yoga Reading tomorrow for the Inside menopause workshop.

Here's the link for the low-down
Who do you want to be when you grow up into Second Spring?

I want to be fierce and wobbly, clear and not-knowing, rested and vibrant... what about you? Share who you want to be in the comments.... I'd love to hear and, by sharing you'll inspire and encourage your sisters.

And if you want to investigate further, you can join me at Yoga Reading on Saturday 6th to dive into the possibilities, here's the link
If you're curious to know more about self-care for menopause that will deliver you into a vital and creative Second Spring, you might enjoy the chat I had with Sophie of Yoga Reading yesterday
Did you know that in matriarchal cultures, people experience fewer symptoms? Interesting eh?

If you'd like to explore a refreshing way to reframe perimenopause join me at Yoga Reading on 13th February.
Edit: Now sold out!
I am extremely delighted to be exploring perimenopause at this small group, online workshop hosted by Yoga Reading next month, it's such a misunderstood time.
Helping my clients realise practical solutions that fit their branding is a joy. Earlier this summer, I designed and sourced an A-frame for Yoga Reading, for use streetside to signpost the location of their new studio.

If you're a yogi looking for a new place to practice or a newbie and want to give yoga a try, you now know where to look ;)

Yoga Reading is a grassroots yoga studio based in Caversham, Reading. It is run by a collaboration o

We are movement specialists and offer high quality regular classes and workshops to develop your yoga practice. We also ongoing beginner's courses to set you on your yoga journey in the very best way. Get your first class free here:

Operating as usual


Our next Ashtanga Full Led class is this Sunday and you can join in person or online.

If you've not done a full-led class before it's the whole Ashtanga sequence all at once. It’s recommended that you have an existing Ashtanga practice (up to navasana) but you don’t have to be able to do all the poses yet.

That’s why it’s called a practice 🙂.

You just do the best you can, eventually learning the full sequence over time.

These classes are energetic and demanding but an amazing way to move and build energy together.


Looking for team building events or to raise awareness of good mental health?

We run workplace wellbeing events that can focus on movement, mindfulness or wellbeing habits. We have facilitated talks, classes and seminars for companies around Reading.

Get in touch to organise an event for your work place.


Pinchy, stiff, tight hips? What to know what you can do about it?

If you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable or feel that your hips just don’t move fluidly then this workshop is for you.

Yulia Balanced Practice is a trained osteopath as well as a Yoga and Pilates teacher so she has a really good grip on how the body works.

In this 2.5 hours workshop Yulia will guide you through movement practices that can both support rehab and help to keep your hips happy.

Join at the studio and book via our website.


Yoga Reading is built on the simple belief that movement makes us feel better.

That’s why our strapline is Movement for Life.

Over the last year, we have worked hard as a team of teachers to make sure that there’s a practice on our schedule for everyone.

We are really excited to be developing this further into 2023 and as well as our growing class schedule you’re going to see some really exciting programmes this year including:

More Movement Improvement courses
Movement for Menopause
Nutrition and weight management courses
Fantastic, movement-related retreats in beautiful locations
And more…!

We are so excited to be bringing you the highest quality movement and mindfulness expertise straight from our team of Movement Experts.


Osteopathy treatment and movement therapy now available at Yoga Reading.

If you are struggling with muscular pain that is limiting your everyday life, reducing your ability to exercise or preventing you from achieving a specific goal in your sport and life, we are here to help.

Yulia is a passionate and skillful osteopath who integrates manual therapy with functional exercise therapy in how she treats her clients.

She started her career as clinical sports massage therapist and lymphedema therapist and holds a master's degree in osteopathy. She now has over 10 years of experience working privately and within the NHS.

We now have appointments every Friday between 10-4pm at the studio.

Costs range from £70 for full assessment to £55 for on-going sessions.

Book via our website or DM either of us.


We’ve got a super exciting February ahead and some lovely options to celebrate SELF LOVE as well as loving those around you.

Why not join us for:

➡ Saturday 4th Feb - Happy Hips 12:30-3pm with Yulia Balanced Practice

➡ 4th February - Soundbath- full moon in Leo with Lorena

➡ 9th Feb 6pm - Dr McQuillan - perimenopause and menopause talk

➡ 11th Feb is super exciting with Donna Noble running 2 Body Positive Yoga events ()

➡ 11-12:30 Yoga Wheel Workshop: Self-love, play and body positivity

➡ 1-3pm How to create a body positive practice: For teachers and students

And then on 19th Feb & 26th February we have;

➡ Acroyoga Explorers 2: Inversions 2-week course 11-12.30
This two week course builds on the foundations learned in Intro to Acroyoga and Exploring Acro I Side Entries.
This time we’ll start to explore Inversions!
This course is suitable for those who have completed Intro to Acroyoga or who are already familiar with and stable in Bird, Throne and Foot2Shin.


➡ Intro to Acroyoga 2 week course 12:45-2pm

Acroyoga is a movement practice that combines the balance & connection of yoga, the fitness & energy of acrobatics, and the holistic healing power of therapeutics.

This course looks at some of the foundational shapes of the practice, as well as the restorative elements in a safe and supported environment. You don't need any prior experience, nor to come with a partner.

The course is also suitable for those returning to acroyoga after break.

Both with Helen

➡ PLUS the return of Lynette with her Extended Yin session that you’ve all been asking for 19th February 4-6pm

And on
➡ 25th Feb Tools for Self Healing: Aromatherapy - 12:30-2:30pm Lorena £35
Rebalance, re-align and empower yourself with this immersion into gentle restorative yoga, meditation, journaling & essential oils.

We know this is A LOT so any questions do give us a shout.


Pregnancy Yoga Classes starting Saturday 21st January, 10.45am - 11.45am

Move, relax and connect during your pregnancy.

Our pregnancy yoga classes offer you weekly practices to support you during the different trimesters, for labour and beyond.

Each class covers:
· Safe ways to move.
· Breath work that can help during pregnancy and labour.
· Ways to make yourself more comfortable.
· Working with common issues that arise in pregnancy.
· Restful practises that help with sleep and tiredness.

Our teacher Lorena () trained as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White in February 2019, 5 months after having her baby Ariana.

She is an experienced, deeply nurturing, caring and compassionate teacher, who uses her embodied knowledge to deliver highly tailored pregnancy yoga classes, suitable for all pregnancy trimesters.


Become a Member to get maximum support and progression in your movement and wellbeing.

Members have access to all our weekly classes, discounts on workshops as well as direct support and tailored teaching from ALL of our teachers.

Do you enjoy small group teaching? Do you want to feel better in your body, move more freely, get rid of that niggling back or shoulder ache or maybe just hang out with some really nice people!?

Get more than your average membership by joining Yoga Reading today.

➡ ONLINE £50 a month

➡ COMBINED £70 a month - £35 OFFER IN JANUARY!!

➡ ON DEMAND LIBRARY £15 a month

Photos from Yoga Reading's post 10/01/2023

⭐ You like
A friendly and relaxed environment
Experienced teachers who adore what they teach
Working in small groups
Personalised feedback and teaching

⭐ You want to learn
Simple and accessible practices for your brain and body
About anatomy, biomechanics and your nervous system
Foundations of Yoga as a philosophical state and also a movement practice

⭐ You are
Curious to start or know more about Yoga
Looking to improve your flexibility and mobility
Looking to meet more people and find a friendly community in Reading

If this sounds like you, come along and try us out!
DM us
Call us on 07952 714 385

Does this describe you?

Yoga Reading is a small, friendly studio run by a group of teachers who adore what they do. We work closely together to offer you the very best practices to make a difference to your state of mind and physical wellbeing.

We run classes, courses and workshops for all levels and invite teachers from around the world to share their skills and teachings with our community.

We believe movement is medicine and use this as our entry point into the wonderful and varied teachings that yoga has to offer.

If any of the above sounds like what you are looking for why not get in touch and come and try us out?

This post is 100% inspired by our friends :-) We hope you find it useful!


New classes and timetable tweaks!

You may already have noticed we are trying out some new things this January 🤩

We’d love to know what you think of the following:

Mondays - The return of 30 minute online mediation with Lorena at 7:30pm. A fantastic way to manage stress and also try out other aspects of a yoga practice

Thursday - New mini course slot (Yoga Dance class starts 19th Jan) 7:30-8:30pm

Fridays - New mini course slot (movement for menopause starts 27 Jan) 5-6pm

Friday yin - New start time 6:15pm so we can fit in with the mini course!

Saturday - Pregnancy classes start 21st Jan

Saturday 3-4pm- Restorative Yoga and Sound- new time and day.

If there’s something you want us to try let us know - equally if something doesn’t work for you tell us as we ❤️ your feedback.


Your body LOVES movement. Every time we move we are:

- Improving circulation
- Building strength
- Improving brain to body connection (muscle memory)
- Developing skills such as balance, coordination and stability
- Releasing hormones that make us feel good.

Christmas can be a time when our routines change and movement might take a back seat. Now’s your chance to get moving again in a positive and friendly environment.

Our Beginner’s courses support you with finding movements that work in your body. We explain the foundations of breathing and moving well as well as introducing other aspects of yoga that we can all benefit from such as mediation and calming the nervous system.

Our Level 1, 6 week course starts next Monday at 7.30pm. Sign up via our bio


Our next Beginner’s Level 2 course starts this Saturday 12-1:15pm and will help you re-find your Yoga mojo.

Over the 6 weeks, you will travel further into the different styles of Yoga and movement that we offer and learn how to refine and strengthen your practice.

All our courses are in small groups, so there's plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

You will also receive personalised feedback and support from the teacher, Yulia (.practice), as well as access to video tutorials to use at home.

Our Level 2 course is perfect for those who’ve started Yoga, and know some foundation poses such as sun salutations, but have had a break or not managed to build a consistent practice.

We will help to kick start your year!

If you'd like to join us this Saturday the link is in our bio.

If you have any questions just get in touch.


Morning Movement - Wake up with us!

Whether you want to roll out of bed and join us online or head to the studio post school drop-off or morning coffee, we have loads of options for you!

Tuesday 10-11am Stretch and Flow with Katia will wake up your joints and get your muscles warmed up for the day ahead.

ONLINE ONLY: Wednesday 7-7:45am Morning Flow with Yulia Balanced Practice focuses on functional mobility and particularly explores healthy movement of your spine

Thursdays 9.30-10.30 am Dynamic Yoga with Gemma .chard will encourage you to build strength and stamina as well as have fun on the mat trying new postures and sequences.

ONLINE ONLY: Friday Fix 7.15- 7.45am with Helen is a short, effective way to get your Friday’s started with a flow that builds and warms you up.

Why wait until the evening to get moving when you can benefit from morning movement and feel great for the rest of the day.


Our next Soundbath is on 7th January - one space left!

Lorena’s sound bath was such a lovely treat. This is the first time I’ve joined a dedicated sound session and I found it so relaxing and joyous. It was an amazing experience and I found the sense of hearing become so meaningful and peaceful. It was very special and I’ll definitely be joining another session.



Testing, testing 1,2,3……

Realise you may be looking at this on your phone so perhaps a QR code won’t work…. Hmm 🤔 But maybe it will?

Our January gifts will start arriving on 3rd January so if you’d like to join in and receive videos, blogs, ideas and favourite recipes from all of us here at YR then jump on board and sign up.

If this snazzy QR code doesn’t work, there’s a link to our January Gift box through the link in our bio.

Simple right… 🤪

Happy New Year everyone 😍😘


Had enough sitting on the sofa?

Us too! Classes restart on Monday 2nd January and WE CAN’T WAIT to see you!

Our evening classes start with the wonderful Yulia teaching Functional Mobility class which is a blend of Pilates, functional movement (ie movement we need for every day life), rehab knowledge and a little sprinkling of yoga.

See you there!


Starting Thursday 19th January 7.30pm

Vinyasa Natyam (Yoga Dance) - with Somita Basak
Enjoy the combined benefits of yoga and dance in these unique and FUN classes.

In these classes you will build a flow and heat with rhythmic dance sequences and challenge your mind and body whilst having lots of fun too.

Somita is an experienced dancer, enthusiastic yogi and nurturing therapist with over twenty five years of experience in teaching and performing.
She incorporates this in her sessions, offering a unique ‘Sweet and Powerful’ style and is excited to have the opportunity to share this special experience with you all.

The perfect antidote to cold January days!


is holding a very special full moon sound bath on 7th January. We can’t tell you enough about how GOOD these events are. If you want some you-time after the Christmas craziness this will be the perfect way to reset and restore your nervous system and your sanity.

Then our fabulous 6-week Beginner’s Course with Yulia Balanced Practice is starting on Monday 9th January at 7.30pm.

In the 6 weeks you will learn foundational yoga postures along with breathing practices and also gain an understanding of how to move and feel good in your body. As a recent student said, these courses are ‘simply transformative!’

Then Helen is holding another one of her super popular Acroyoga tasters on 15th January at 11am. These sessions give you an introduction to this form of partner yoga and acrobatics and include a Jam where everyone is invited to come and play.

Finally Lorena is re-starting our Pregnancy Yoga Classes which can be booked in blocks of 5. These support you during pregnancy to keep active and moving well and also offer an opportunity to connect with others.

Our Story

We are Yoga Reading. We are Katia and Sophie and Yoga Reading has grown out of our friendship and our total belief in the fact that movement makes you feel better. Every. Single. Time.

As we’ve built Yoga Reading, this belief has been moulded and elevated through our understanding that movement needs to be tailored to your body and your needs – which, guess what, change over time. What we need now in our 40’s is different from what we needed in our 20’s and we know this will continue to change. The skills we have built over the last ten years or so have equipped us with the knowledge of how to support our body’s to be strong and, most importantly, to improve our level of comfort. And this is what we want to share with the Yoga Reading community.

We want to provide the BEST quality teaching and information so that everyone can find the tools and techniques they need to support their busy lives and feel comfortable and strong in their bodies.

We have built a team of teachers to work with us to make sure that there’s a practice on our schedule for everyone. Between us we are skilled in yoga, meditation, injury prevention and reduction, rehabilitation, strength training, anxiety management, standing on your head and being able to sit very still!

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Have you tried Yin yoga? Have you met our fabulous teacher Lynette yet?Well, these two things unite next Sunday when Lyn...





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