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Can any of the site admins/ Mark please respond to the emails I've sent re. UKARA. I know I'm not the only one. Thanks
Awesome Halloween evening today thanks to everyone involved! Little video of the pumpkin explosions at the end (albeit bad quality) for anyone interested. 😃
From the 1st August we will be trialling new timings for the game days.

From this day we will have the safety brief at 9.15 and look to start games at 9.30 and play until 16:30.

We are trying this to give you a longer day and hopefully make the games flow a bit better.

Please let us know your thoughts on this.

How can I get my ukara membership with you guys renewed? I sent FB and email messages but I haven't heard back yet.
Hello fellow Airsofters. Potentially a strange request, but curious if anyone from central Reading is planning to head out to the site this Sunday? Getting a taxi up to the site, but can't get a taxi back into town - anyone heading that way?
Any news yet guys
Does anyone know of the 4th is going ahead
Here are some of the photo's from today will post them on the instagram soon :)
Was nice to get out and enjoy a game as been a few months staff very friendly as always they've taken care to separate everyone i loved it obviously no hires at moment but amazing day.
Yesterday was a great day at absolute airsoft reading the staff were spot on my only concern is some game maps aren't the biggest and a sniper can easily shoot players in respawn from otherside of play map i know as i was in respawn and shot multiple times a few adjustments would sort this out, capture the flag game inc change of sides was over in 16 minutes. But definitely worth playing
Fab day today at Absolute airsoft. Thanks guys 👍

Absolute Airsoft!

100 Acres of woodland airsoft fun. Very friendly staff. http://www.absolute-air

Operating as usual


So our Christmas game day this year will now be on the 17th December.

We will have our normal raffle with lots of prizes

Please come in fancy dress if you can.


In the spirit of International Country Music Day on the 17th September the Ginger Ninja wants to run a Western themed day. Same fun games but with a cowboy theme 🤔🤔🤔.
If you can please come in fancy dress as there will be a free game for the 2 best outfits.

See you soon

Mark & Staff


We still have spaces for tomorrows game if you fancy a midweek shoot up.


Got a few new games added to the site:

Summer Holiday Midweek Games are now listed.

Night Game on the 16th July.
Fees are as follows: 10am-4pm normal fees,
6pm-11pm £15 walk on and £25 rental,
10am-11pm £35 walk on and £55 rental.

THE WEEKENDER 27-29th August:
Full weekend on airsoft fun from 10am 27th through till 2pm 29th.
More tactical based full day games with fun in the evening and night games. Camping over encouraged bring BBQ, beers etc for a couple social nights.
Normal game fees apply but if staying for the whole weekend discounted prices are £65 walk ons and £110 Rentals. Camping is free on site.
Spaces will be limited so book early for this one.

Photos from Absolute Airsoft's post 04/06/2022

Well after today I am mentally scarred by some of my staff.
So today we had a film themed fancy dress day, and my staff turned up like this.
I'm thinking it's time for new staff 🤣🤣🤣
Crack W***e, Mrs Doughtful, Worzel Tart & Lady Gag.

Is it me or does Darrell look way too comfortable.


OK everyone just a few days left to book in for Jubilee games next week.
We have opened Thursday up to 10 rentals so a few of you newbies can get an idea of what big games are like.
Also please remember if you want to camp over I need to know in advance please.

Mark & Staff



Over the Jubilee celebrations we will be running some different game days.

Here is a list of the days we are running:

Thursday 2nd June. This day will be a full day long mission based game day with us only stopping for a 1 hr lunch break. Your ammo and kit etc will be kept either on you or at you FOB. There are no rentals for this day

Friday 3rd June. Get your own back on the marshals day ( and a few regular players ). ALL marshals will be playing this day against you the players that have had to put up with them for so long.

Saturday 4th June. Film based games in Fancy Dress if you can. Josh will be running this day. Games based on a film ???. Please come in fancy dress of film characters ( anything the wilder the better best outfit gets a free game day )

Sunday 5th June. Normal game days resume here.

If you would like to attend multiple days a discount will be offered when checking in on the 1st day you attend just ask Mark.

If you are attending multiple days and want to camp over please let us know ( email Mark on [email protected] with the heading " Camping " as most of us will be camping on site. ( so Beers, BBQ, etc are welcome )

Hopefully see you soon

Mark & Staff


Major changes coming for us.
Due to increasing costs and the onslaught of wokism on May 1st we will be changing from an airsoft venue to being a Nerf and Laser Tag venue.
Our shop will be stocking all the latest Nerf and Laser Tag hardware along with a great range of our new melee weapons ( pillows ).
For more information on these great changes please contact us at: [email protected]


Whats coming up this Easter


We would like to say thanks to all the players that attended today and donated to our Ukranian Fund Raiser.
We managed to fill the truck with nappies, back packs, clothes, medication, first aid kits, baby food etc.
Once again thank you to all who attended today as always when it comes to helping charities you guys always step up.


Please help us do our bit for the heroic Ukranians.
If attending our game this saturday please can you bring any, or some of the following:
Medium / large backpacks
warm male socks
camping mats / sleeping bags / blankets
protein / energy bars
pain killers
anti flu medication
wound dressing material
first aid kits
thermals / base layers
baby food
nappies / sanitary products

These will be taken to the Ukranian Community Center who are having a collection on Saturday.

Anyone bringing a donation will get their game day fee reduced by £5.


Although we were meant to be Bio only, with the continuing shipping problems making somethings hard to get we are having to change our stance on this.

So from now until further notice we are back to accepting ALL BB'S on site.

Many Thanks

Mark & Staff


We have been asked by a few players to lay on a game on the 28th December, so they can come and try their new gear.
If you want to come and stretch your legs and lose a few turkey pounds they book in early as we will only run this day if we have more than 15 booked in.

Merry Christmas to you all and if we dont see you next week Happy New Year

Mark & Staff


Well that was 5hrs of packing and wrapping all 44 prizes for the Christmas raffle this weekend.
Hopefully see most of you over our final weekend for 2021 and if we don't have a Great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


This weekend 18th &19th will be the last 2 games for 2021.

So on the 19th will be our Christmas game, our marshals have planned some fun Christmas themed games and our normal " Get your revenge on the Marshals PAIN game"

Also as always we will have our big raffle with prizes worth over £700.

If you want to come in fancy dress please do to add to the day of fun.

Hopefully see you all for our final 2021 Game

Mark & Staff



ON 31ST October we will be running slightly later from 11am until 8:30pm giving you a slightly longer day but more importantly into the evening all for the same price.

The games will be fun filled Halloween based games and we do ask that you try and come in FANCY DRESS.
A prize of 2 Free Game Days to the best costume

Please remember that it will be dark for the later half of the day so torches & tracers will look great


Absolute Airsoft
Car Boot & Family Day

Monday 30th August 10am to 4pm

Entry Free for all
Selling Pitches £8.00

Bring a BBQ, Food stay for the day.
Use the Electronic targets and play some 1v1 in the kill house etc.
Take the kids out to have a shoot at the range.

All proceeds will be going back into the site


A very happy Harry Collins getting to open our 1st Mystery Box. Ordered a mystery box from us on Thursday to collect from site today. Gave us a budget of £600 but he got approx £720 worth of gear.

Photos from Absolute Airsoft's post 21/07/2021

New stuff arrived from Hong Kong today. Will have on sale at site this weekend.


Although it's looking like low numbers on Saturday we will be running regardless as we have a private party attending that do not show on the site.
So please come have some airsoft fun as weather is looking like it will be good this weekend.


Well its on guys come shoot TEX


Its that time of year again so Evening games are back.
Book in for the evenings you can attend and we will run the dates with a minimum of 16 players.


Absolute Airsoft will be holding our 1st Car Boot sale on Monday 31st May.

Entry is £8 for sellers and £3 for buyers.

Come and have a fun social day and clear out some old gear and buy some new old gear

Bring your guns try out our new digital targets and perhaps some fun 1v1 games and other games announced on the day.

Open from 09:00 to 15:00

Stay the day bring a picnic.

Please make sure you bring plenty of coins.
I will assist people with card payments if needed but will need to cover my transaction fee.


Ok who would be interested in an airsoft boot sale on Bank Holiday Monday 31st May.
Please reply on here and state if you want to be a seller or buyer.
Will have a few shooting competitions and raffles as well.

Just a fun relaxed day, selling, buying and shooting what more could you want.


Absolute Airsoft are looking for new marshals to help at the site. If you are interested please let us know here as we are opening up a training day for old and new staff on the 28th March and you must attend this to be able to start with us.
These positions are for over 18s only and we do ask that you have attended the site before as a player.


With the recent news from Boris we are are glad to announce that we will be open from 3rd April.
Numbers will be limited so please book in asap to reserve your spot.
Come and see what we have been upto in the lock down.


Ok are any of our local players a plumber got a job for 1 but would rather give the job to someone I know than a stranger in these difficult times. If you are and want the job give me a shout.


Hi Guys

So with the great news of opening an account with KWA today i thought i would offer you our players the following great deals of their excellent range of guns.

KWA Ronin 47 £300 should be £365
KWA Ronin T10 £310 should be £400
KWA QRF Mod 1 £295 should be £355
KWA QRF Mod 2 £295 should be £355
KWA TK45 £310 should be £400
KWA TK45c £295 should be £360
KWA Ronin T6 £295 should be £360

extra magazines i can do at a good discount as well so if you want to grab a deal post here and i will give you a total

This is a limited offer for our 1st order with them


Ok with the latest news from Boris I am sad to say that we will now be closed until the 15th February.
Please stay safe everyone and see you on the otherside AGAIN


Great news guys we have got it confirmed that we can run but only a max of 30 people on a day and all social distancing rules MUST be abided by.
Upon arrival you will have a contactless temp check and then be assigned an area for your group. Face mask is mandatory when approaching to book in or buy from the shop.

Get booking in and see you all soon


Sunday is now full but we have spaces left for Saturday


We have plenty of spaces left for Saturday guys but only a few left for Sunday.
If you want to play both days there will be a £10 discount so come and get your war faces on.


So with the latest news we are happy to say we are now back up and running with our 1st game being 5th December 10-4pm there will be limited spaces so please book on ASAP to reserve your space.

See you all soon


With the new rules coming in on 14th September we would like to let you all know as we are an outside team sport activity we can STILL OPEN but want to highlight the rules that still apply.

1: Social distancing MUST be followed.
2: Only players from the same household to a table.
3: If you or anyone you have been in contact have shown any symptoms please DO NOT attend.

Mark, Sarah & Staff


With the new rules coming in on 14th September we would like to let you all know as we are an outside team sport activity we can STILL OPEN but want to highlight the rules that still apply.

1: Social distancing MUST be followed.
2: Only players from the same household to a table.
3: If you or anyone you have been in contact have shown any symptoms please DO NOT attend.

Mark, Sarah & Staff


BB Discount Time

OK ladies and gentlemen i am about to place an order for BB's ( 21st Sept to arrive around 28th ) and to help me fill a pallet or 2 i am offering the following great deals to you our players.
0.20gm BBs @ £1.26 / 1000
0.23gm BBs @ £1.48 / 1000
0.25gm BBs @ £1.59 / 1000
0.28gm BBs @ £1.98 / 1000
0.30gm BBs @ £2.51 / 1000

All we ask is that for 0.20 to 0.25gm the order is for over 60,000 BBs for each weight and for 0.28 and 0.30 for 30000 BBs.
These prices are below trade prices here in the UK so can make for some great savings.

Please state your interest here and I will send payment details to you.
Payment to be made before 19th September.

Paul HP 70,000 x 0.23gm = £103.60 Paid
Vicky Young 60,000 x 0.25gm & 30,000 x 0.30gm = £170.70 paid
Andy Spargo 60,000 x 0.25 & 30,000 x 0.28gm = £154.80 Paid
Chris Barr 30,000 x 0.28gm = £59.40
Dion Allen 60,000 x 0.28gm = £118.80 Paid
Harry Joclyn 60,000 x 0.25gm = £95.40
Jan Lesinski 40,000 x 0.28gm = £79.20
Ben Hazell 120,000 x 0.25gm = £190.80
Ian Horton 60,000 x 0.25gm = £95.40 Paid
Julian Minette 100,000 x 0.25gm = £159.00 Paid
James 60,000 x 0.23gm = £88.80 Paid
Lionel Olivier 30,000 x 0.3gm = £75.30 Paid
Henry Dwight 350,000 x 0.25gm = £556.50
Tim Folley 60,000 x 0.23gm = £88.80 Paid


hi guys are there anymore takers for tomorrows game before we look at cancelling. we have 7 players so far and need 5 more to make the day playable


For those still off work or got kids at home we have now added midweek games for the next few weeks to see what interest there is.



Its Time!

Operation DRAGOON is a multi-gun shooting competition designed specifically with airsoft in mind. Players will compete in a series of physically challenging stages against the clock to find the best player in the region.

You will enter one of five divisions; Open, Light, Sniper, Classic, or Spartan and compete directly with others in your division with prizes such as new AEG’s and free game days up for grabs.

If you have never heard of a multigun competition and aren’t sure of what to expect we recommend you give this playlist a watch: https://tinyurl.com/ya8qlae7

For more info take a look at our page and download the Player Handbook. Registration will be open on our website from July 9th until August 9th.

Just put your name here if interested as limited to 48 places and this 1st event will be £20 each

A PDF Document with full information about the event will be pm'd to all those that are interested.


The Absolute Airsoft Team


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A very happy Harry Collins getting to open our 1st Mystery Box. Ordered a mystery box from us on Thursday to collect fro...




Mapledurham Estate

Opening Hours

8:30am - 4:30pm

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