Kennet Flyball Club

Kennet Flyball Club


Hi. I have a bright 9 month old Scottish Smooth Collie. He loves ball games, and will fetch and also catch the ball. I think he might like Flyball. He socialises really well with other dogs. I have just booked him in for a half day per week at the local doggy daycare so he can spend time with other dogs which is what he seems to want to do. We play ball every afternoon on the village green - glo in the dark balls are great for that! I know he needs to be 1 year old for agility, but he does need something to do in the meantime - would he be able to start with Flyball? Are there any starter/taster sessions coming up soon.
Bit of static ball retrieval fun in a very wet and windy New Forest 🤣
Loved our second session, thanks everyone 🐾☔️
Thanks for a brilliant first session, we both loved it. Finn didnt want to go home. Looking forward to next week already 😃
Training tonight for starters and intermediates from.6:00pm
Were there any videos of Brodie?
So proud of my little girl she always gives 100% even when she has injured her self during racing, she was awarded her Silver award at Champs and we received it this weekend.
Do we now have three pages??

The Kennet Flyball Club (KFC) was formed in summer of 2008 to allow dogs and their humans to participate in one of the country's fastest growing dog sport

Operating as usual


A #HotDog panting excessively

Although it’s not as hot this week the humidity is still high and heatstroke can still happen



It’s super hot today and set to be for the rest of the week!! We have to be extra careful with all breeds of dog, but especially our flat faced friends!

A few reminders for your dogs safety:

⚠️ Do not walk your dog
⚠️ Do not leave your dog in a car
⚠️ Do not transport your dog if they get very stressed in the car
⚠️ Do not leave your dog for long periods out in the sun

✅ Provide your dog with a cool and shaded area
✅ Offer water regularly
✅ Use a cool coat or cool mat
✅ Set up a fan
✅ Soak their coat or dip in paddling pool
✅ Offer frozen treats such as frozen yoghurt
✅ Be aware of heat stroke signs
✅ Contact your vet if you are worried

[07/05/21]   Great weekend at Mapledurham - thank you Wicked, well organised and great fun.

Kennet Kookies our foundation team bringing home first place - love the new foundation format, it gives a more true to life racing experience and a great stepping stone for open.

Kennet Zingers were a couple of dogs short this weekend, so we tried one of our more experienced foundation dogs, it was a big ask and with a change of order too, we decided to WFC and use it as a live training session - all dogs and handlers did really well and enjoyed the experience.

Also great to catch up with friend, hopefully see some of you next weekend.

Photos from GKG Vets's post 05/07/2021

Photos from GKG Vets's post



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Ivermectin can be especially toxic to collie breeds

Sudden onset blindness and dilated pupils. This is ivermectin toxicity due to eating a little bit of horse wormer that the horse spat out. She is staying overnight for IV fluids and a detox.



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Raw Galore Ltd


It is with a heavy heart that I am telling you that a family members dog died yesterday after playing with the garden hose with my nephews.
He suffered secondary drowning and devastatingly this was fatal. He was fit & healthy; he was the tender age of 3!

Fly high Basil 💔🐾

I personally wasn’t aware of secondary drowning and play with my dogs with my garden hose to cool them down. This is one of Blake’s favourite games.

What is secondary drowning??

Your pet has likely inhaled water into its lungs, and even after coughing it up or after observing water draining from the nose or mouth, there could be residual water remaining in the lungs. This could lead to pneumonia. Secondary drowning has been known to occur, even up to three days after the initial near-drowning. Exhaustion is almost always the cause of drowning. With a hose or even a sprinkler your dog can inhale the water and this can be fatal.


British Flyball Association

As more people are now able to think about getting back to training with their dogs, it is worth giving some consideration to the fitness and condition of your dog before you jump back into the training level you were at before lockdown.
Everyone's experience of lockdown will have been different and you may have not been able to keep up your normal fitness regime.
To ensure any training you do is safe for your dog, you might want to check whether a little more or a little less weight is a good idea before upping the exercise regime or trying to perfect that box turn.
To help you with this, the BFA Veterinary Team have put togther this informative presentation to help you to assess your dog's physical health through Body Condition Scoring.
Thanks BFA Vet Team 💖


Active Dog Academy

Last chance to join Dr Anne Carter and Emily Hall MRCVS tomorrow evening, the experts who have recently published the most comprehensive study to date, researching heatstroke in dogs, so don't miss your chance to grill them 🤓

This will be of benefit not just for active dog owners but for any professional dog walker, groomer, dog trainer and anyone who has dogs and wants to keep them safe in warmer weather 🌞

Please email: [email protected] to get booked on ☺️


Susan Garrett

How short should your dogs nails be? You’d be surprised how the length of their nails affects both your dogs quality of life and length of life.

[06/28/20]   TRAINING UPDATE

An email has been sent to everyone attending training prior to the lockdown regarding our return to training. 23/06/2020

K9 Trail Time Interview with an expert (or two) Dr Anne Carter & Emily Hall MRCVS Experts on Heatstroke in Dogs

Although the article looks specifically at canicross the message is important across all dog sports and exercise during hot (and humid) weather. As the saying goes ‘no dog died from missing a walk’ There is so much information out there about how we should or shouldn’t look after our dogs in the hotter weather. Is it safe to run our dogs? Should we run our dogs? How should we exercise them? T…



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British Flyball Association

Boris has set out the roadmap to recovery and as lockdown restrictions start to ease gradually over the summer, whilst staying within government guidelines, opportunities to train might start to present themselves. Taking those opportunities will be a personal choice, but please stick to the government guidelines, stay alert, control the virus and save lives. When the opportunity to train comes we would like to offer some advice and guidance to Flyball clubs and members on things to think about over the next few weeks and months so they can plan in advance for a safe and happy return to Flyball.
We will all no doubt be eager to get straight back into working and training our dogs when we are allowed to do so but just remember, this will probably end up being the longest Flyball lay-off your dogs have had for a while, and rushing straight back into full training or full runs at a box at the first opportunity may not be the best idea without a bit of preparation and pre-training, for the benefit of dogs and handlers as well; this is something you can start to think about now.
🐶Before rushing back to training think about doing a Risk Assessment, identify what infection risks training might present and what you might be able to do to mitigate or eliminate those risks.
🐶Depending on how much exercise you have been able to take, your dogs may have lost a bit of fitness or muscle tone during lock down. Going straight back to high impact full Flyball runs as soon as you can is not a great idea.
🐶Take your time, build up to each activity and be sure your dog can successfully do any activity you’re planning - your dog will likely give it 100% whether they are ready or not.
🐶When you get to train with Flyball kit, start with run-backs and do some stamina runs over low jumps first.
🐶You may have been fortunate enough to continue a high intensity exercise regime full of bikejor and Cani-cross or your dog may actually just be super-fit with all the extra lockdown walkies they’ve had, but super-fit and box-fit may not be be the same thing.
🐶Many people won’t have the luxury of a box or chute at home, so make sure you do a lot of good box-work before sending the dog over a full set of jumps to the box.
🐶Be confident they have retained a good safe technique on the box before letting them give their best effort.
🐶If your dog didn’t have the best technique before, following this enforced break with some new training ideas might be a great opportunity to improve their turn, don’t rush it, think long-term for the benefit of the dog. Regardless of training opportunities presenting themselves, we are still a long way of sanctioning BFA competitions again, time is on your side.
🐶Take the chance to go back to basics, if you have any training issues like ball-spitting, jump avoidance, or self-rewarding, use the BFA’s new Flyball Foundation training videos for some ideas to try new things and break old habits.
🐶Don’t expect to be able to perform where you left off in February or March, handlers will be rusty too, don’t rely on remembering where you released from at the last show or training session you were at, whenever that was; make sure you ease into your training session with big crosses at first and work on closing the gap safely.
🐶Also, we’ve just had mental health week; think about your team-mates; not everyone’s lockdown experience will have been the same and it will have been tougher on some people than others. Be kind.
🐶Coronavirus will be with us for a long time and even post lockdown as restrictions ease, some people will still be higher risk, or care for people that are higher risk; not everyone will be so eager to rush back to Flyball, please be considerate and try not to judge anyone who decides they don’t want to train straightaway.
🐶You might need to be flexible in your training sessions in the early stages of starting up again, people need to make the right choice for them and their loved ones, getting back to normal will take time, whatever it is the new normal looks like.
🐶Follow the government guidelines, train in small groups, don’t mix, and clean your equipment regularly and in between groups.
🐶Take the opportunity to re-think your teams and your Flyball strategy, shake things up a bit, one advantage of a big lay off is there’s no rut to be stuck in anymore.
☀️🌤Look at the sky - it's scorchio! Whilst it is warm, think about training in the morning or in the evening, try to avoid lunchtime to mid-afternoon, keep any sessions short, really short, make sure your dogs have access to shade to rest in, and make sure they have access to plenty of cool clean water.😎
And, finally, please, please avoid too many expectations of your dogs and team-mates in the early stages of our recovery out of Coronavirus and just focus on enjoying the Flyball when you get the chance in the future.
Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives - the BFA Committee #onebfa


British Flyball Association

It’s Mental Health awareness week and we wanted to recognise this.

I’m sure many of you decided to start this little sport called flyball to give your dogs something to do right?
How many of you knew it would lead to a van, a caravan, 6 more dogs and tuggy buying problem? 🙈

I think one of the other things none of us were prepared for is the support that comes from our team and wider community, especially right now.
Despite not racing for months our news feed is full of flyballers having zoom quizzes and chatting.

Flyball is a place you can be totally you, in the middle of a field, enjoying a team BBQ and walking your dogs in your pjs and nobody cares (I think 😂)
For many this is essential to our mental health so we just wanted to check in on everyone 🙂

I know for me flyballers have been an essential part of getting through lock down.

So what are you doing to support each other? Or in general just let us know how you are getting on.


CaniX UK (official) Cani-Cross UK or CaniCross UK

We have created a poster, intended to share to help those who are just starting running with their dogs, and might not even know about this great sport yet. Please share with your community groups.


Animal Search UK

Have you seen Button?
If you have information or sightings, please visit Button's profile below where there are more details and you can message her owner direct.


K9 Fitness Solutions

A FREE COURSE for challenging times.

As we all practice social distancing and many of us are staying home under shelter in place requirements - K9 Fitness Solutions wanted to provide a free total body workout that you can do with your dog - it requires very little equipment (stable platforms) and can be done in a small area.

We hope that you and your family (2 and 4 legged) are healthy and doing well.

Please enjoy this free course and stay safe!!

You can sign up and get access to the course on our website at 27/03/2020

BVA statement on pet vaccinations during the Covid-19 lockdown | British Veterinary Association We're advising that all adult boosters and most primary vaccinations in puppies, kittens and other naïve animals should be postponed to protect human health and help curb the spread of Covid-19 27/03/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for people with animals Advice for pet owners and livestock keepers on maintaining the welfare of their animals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

[03/23/20]   TRAINING UPDATE

Training is cancelled for the foreseeable future. We will follow Government advice on when training can recommence


Looking for something to do with your dog while at home.....

Looking to offer a S.M.I.L.E today!

As dog owners in the midst of a global health crisis we are in a very unique place. Priority one is to the health of both ourselves and our loved ones.

Join us to temporarily home school your dog (at no cost) until you can get back to your classes:

Everything you need to know is within the page above. Learn more about Susan, her team and as a whole our positive dog training community and how to join in with us to support the world's dogs and their humans during this time.

[03/16/20]   Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak our show being held at Padworth on 25-26 April has been cancelled.

UPDATE 22/03/2020 - our May show at Henley has also been cancelled.

Training is also cancelled for the rest of this month, we will reassess the situation in two weeks time.

[03/13/20]   At Padworth Village Hall - Padworth Lane RG7 4HY

Next training session is Sunday 15th March @ 9:00 AM for setup - training starts @ 9:30 AM

We will be training on the football pitch/field on the opposite side of the track to the left of our normal training facility (railway side).

Weather forecast for the Sunday is mixed so come prepared 🐾🐕

[03/06/20]   At Padworth Village Hall - Padworth Lane RG7 4HY

Next training session is Sunday 8th March @ 9:00 AM for setup - training starts @ 9:30 AM

We will be training on the football pitch/field on the opposite side of the track to the left of our normal training facility (railway side).

Weather forecast for the Sunday is mixed so come prepared 🐾🐕

[03/02/20]   As promised for anyone going to Crufts, the flyball is scheduled for:
Thurs 14.55 quarter finals
Fri 15.55 quarter finals
Sat 15.55 Semi Finals & YKC final (young kennel club)
Sun 13.10 Final
As we mentioned to a couple of people, get in during the event before because the seats fill up.
For anyone not going its on Channel 4 and More 4 in the evening.

[03/01/20]   Well done to all the starters this morning, I haven’t seen you train for a few weeks but you have all made excellent progress since last time I saw you all. I could see that all the dogs and handlers were having a good time.
Thanks as ever to all the club members who help run the training session, they are invaluable to the success of our training course 💚🐶💛

Videos (show all)

Some flat work with Buzzy boy 💚💛🐶
Some flat work with Erin, including a Buzzy distraction 😂💚💛
The Kennet Creche in our camp at Jets show. Erin and Buzz, such fun pups 😍💚💛
Kennets Kites this weekend in div 3, fastest time of 17.79 💚💛
Kennet Zingers in Div 1 this weekend, fastest time of 16.86 💚💛
Winnie's first time doing chute rebounds, picking it up really nicely 🐶
Eskas box turn, hes still relearning his footing and stride after months out, but looking much better :)
Hex doing a full run, looking really nice keeping his quick 4 foot turn.
Flare doing a full run, doing really well, looking forward to him going open!
Flares box turn, looking really nice 🐶
Luna doing a full run, keeping her 4 foot box turn still. Shes looking really good!
Luna looking really nice on the box, Ivan's hard work paying off!





Padworth Village Hall, Padworth Lane, Padworth
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