Chris Hatton PT

Chris Hatton PT


Hey Chris there are people saying they are you. Ans creating IG accounts with your pictures. I know this is a long shot hit me up I can give you all the text even the numbers I was give. Your an inspiration ans I follow your vids
Eu quero ser seu amigo juliete sousa boa noite meu amigo
Linda foto parabéns meu amigo tudo bem com você linda ginástica parabéns meu amigo
Es un buen Entrenador
hey sexy
Chris hatton hola mandame tu numero.
You made our list! Keep up the hard work #woofd

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💥 The ‘Essential’ T-Shirt 💥 Premium cotton fit, available in 3 colours, swipe to check them out! Now available to purchase on 😃 🖤🤍💙


💥 FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS 💥 Thank you everyone who has signed up so far, the support means so much and it’s great to see you all enjoying it! My dumbbell upper body session is dropping on Friday, if you want to get involved then go to and grab the first 4 weeks for $1 😃 See you over there 💥


About my app 👇🏼👇🏼 Here’s what you get for only $1 (then 27 cents per day):
▪️New workouts every month
▪️4 week Bodyweight program
▪️4 week Dumbbell program
▪️Follow along workouts (Let’s train together)
▪️Workouts by category (step, arms, abs, legs)
▪️Nutrition plan - healthy tips, grocery list, meal schedule
▪️You can message me through the app (share progress, make recommendations, etc)
▪️Track your progress
▪️Downloadable/stream to your favorite devices
My workouts help you:
▪️Build lean muscle while increasing strength
▪️Have more energy for your work day
▪️Burn off that stubborn fat hanging around
- to sign up now! 👊🏼 👊🏼 👊🏼



My App will have a category focusing on step, with a variety of music genres. Who’s says exercise isn’t fun? 👀 REMINDER: the only way of receiving the first 4 weeks for $1 is by going to and submitting your email. Don’t miss out!


I’m so excited to announce that my app will be launching on the 1st March. I’ve been working hard for the last few months to make a truly amazing product for you all and I can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. Hit the link in my bio or visit and submit your email address now. Stay tuned because I will be sharing more details on what you can expect from the app within the next week. Let the countdown begin. Any questions drop me a message 🚀😃🙌🏼

HIIT with Hatts Bodyweight workout 2 24/11/2020

HIIT with Hatts Bodyweight workout 2

Bodyweight HIIT Workout session 2

HIIT with Hatts Bodyweight workout 2 HIIT Workout session 2. Bringing you workouts to help you stay active during lockdown. DJ mix from x5dubs

30 Minute Bodyweight HIIT with Hatts Workout 1 11/11/2020

30 Minute Bodyweight HIIT with Hatts Workout 1

30 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout. Bringing you workouts throughout lockdown to help you stay active 😊

30 Minute Bodyweight HIIT with Hatts Workout 1 HIIT with Hatts. Lets train together! Bringing you workouts to help you stay active during lockdown. Hope you all enjoy it, stay tuned for more :)


Be stronger than your excuses! 💪🏼


30 shoulder taps

Running this until Sunday evening 6pm
Fastest time will receive £10

Let’s get this guys, send me your videos in DM or repost to enter!

Let’s put those remotes to good use! 💪🏼 #remotecontrolchallenge #pressplay #turnonyourcore ⏯


Happy Monday Peeps. Hope you all have a great week, keep it moving and try your best! 😊💪🏼 #workout #backworkout #upperbody #gym #unit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #tryyourbest #mondaymotivation #monday #mondayinspiration


NEW LOCATION: I’m excited to announce that I will now be training clients at progressive fitness unit. If you would like more information or are interested in training sessions feel free to drop me a message and I will get in touch asap. Hope you are all having a super day 😃


Back 20 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
1. Bent over row x12
2. Burpee deadlift x12
3. Standing row x12
4. Seated Prowler pull x2

Burpee shoulder tap ladder. Every burpee the shoulder tap goes up by 2

Enjoy 😉🔥


My 2018 Cutting Plan is now live on my website. 5️⃣0️⃣% off for the first 24 hours. Really excited to drop this. Head over to


Hey Guys, as from 8th May I will be switching to rent at Pure Gym Caversham road. This is great because it will mean my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will now be available to book in more clients. If you are interested in training feel free to drop me a message 😃


Birthday steppers 🎂👣 Here's a quick 30 secs! @kidink - Supersoaka. Thanks everyone for the birthday messages 🙌🏼❤️


PRESS UP VARIATIONS! Go on, challenge yourself and try something new everyday. This was after my chest session, my plan was to try it with the weighted vest on but my chest and triceps were having none of it 😅💪🏼


Can't make the gym today? Here's a body weight routine for you guys to smash at home. 4 rounds. 20 seconds on each exercise, 10 seconds rest. GIVE IT EVERYTHING 🔥


Last week you said you were going to start Monday. Well tomorrow is Monday, are you going to say the same thing this week? Time is going to pass regardless, you may as well begin now! But first, don't blink you might miss it 👀👣🔥


TRX Chest and Triceps vs Back and Biceps? Which one do you find harder? Perform 1 standing row, 1 rear delt fly and 1 bicep curl for 1.. then perform 1 chest press, 1 pec fly and 1 tricep extension.. Remember when training with the TRX that it's all about angles. Look to fail, because if you don't you're only failing yourself! 💪🏼


Muscle imbalance ⛔️ Include these two exercises into your shoulder routine to help stand up for yourself. How is your posture today? If your reading this remember, Chin up. Chest out and keep those shoulders back 😊👍🏼


Are you training legs today? Here is @lucyy_100 running through a few exercises from my Glutes plan which I will be releasing over the next few weeks! Have a good day peeps 🍑💪🏼


International Chest Day! Include this superset into your routine.. to make the second exercise easier creep the ball closer to your hips.. apologies for the claps at the end, I got a bit carried away 😉


You can have results or excuses,
Not both! If your training today perform one of these for 45 seconds after a set. You must make a change to see a change! Also for anyone who tuned in to my live workout this morning, thanks for watching 😁💪🏼💦


Respect the process, something no one can cheat. Some people come to the gym to talk, I'm here to grind! Here are a few exercises from the end of my Wednesday workout. 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off. repeat for 2-3 rounds!


Slow on the way down, Fast on the way up! Know when to be strong and work on being more explosive out of the hole!

Here is a set from week 3 in my 21 day challenge. For everyone who has purchased the plan, in this exercise it's important to work the same leg in both exercises first before moving onto the other leg. Focus on pressing off the forward leg and squeeze the hip forward at the top of the movement being sure to squeeze the s*** out of your glute. In the second exercise feel free to use the hand for support on your knee if you start to struggle. Bring on Monday! 5 DAYS TO GO! 💪🏼💥


6 days out! 💥 21 DAY CHALLENGE! 3 weeks of full body exercise workouts. Here is a sneak peak of a burnout set from week 3 for chest and triceps! The second exercise triceps dips I recommend starting with straight legs and walking them in closer as your triceps start to get tired. Visit my website to sign up now. Link is in bio ☺💪🏼

Timeline photos 01/01/2017

💥 21 DAY CHALLENGE 💥 If you're looking for something to kick start your year, this is it! My goal of creating this plan is to motivate people into training. For me it's all about keeping people moving and helping people feel better within themselves in 2017! 6 days until it starts! Head over to my website to purchase, or throw me a message. Are you up for the challenge? 😁💪🏼

Timeline photos 16/11/2016

30 minute sessions now available!

From today, i will be introducing 30 minute sessions to my personal training price list. My 30 minute sessions will cost £20 each. To book a session or to find out more info contact me via email [email protected] or drop me a message.


Motivation is Key. Some personal trainers even have personal trainers themselves for this exact reason! It's amazing what your body can do when you have someone there telling you it's possible! It's not about who can lift the most or run the fastest etc. It's about getting up and being better.! Understand the process and work hard. Working with a trainer means your working on there tempo and under there instruction. Straight away this puts you out of your comfort zone. Outside of your comfort zone is where the results are. If you make a change, you will see a change!


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