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It’s nearly finished.

3 years of experience - into one special thing


Let’s go for a big 2024

What’s the worse that could happen?


Comment what you’re willing to commit in 2024 to become the best you


I’ll throw it out there

I do kinda like the new year new me idea - or atleast resetting your goals for 2024

Not so much per say that you need to change who you are

But as an opportunity to set out what you want to achieve in your health

I used to be that guy who be like ‘ohh I don’t do new year new me goals because what’s the point’

Or so many people just have generic ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to tone up’

And than like 90% of everyone else give up after feburay because they don’t have a good why

👉 Why do you want to lose weight

👉 What impact would it have on your life

👉 What impact would it have on people around you


Have ‘new year new me goals’ but make sure they goals worth having

My main goal this year is to handstand walk,


Want to do a few CrossFit comps


Because to me health and fitness isn’t about weight loss or how I look

It’s about celebrating what my body can do


Because as I grow old I want to have looked after my body so I can life I want to

What’s your goals for 2024?


Before you run off and hit this ‘new year new me’

Going to the gym

Start doing class’ that makes you look like sweaty Beaty

Hoping 2024 ‘will be your year’

Hoping 2024 is the year you finally drop that stubborn fat and tone up

Look I’ll be honest class’ don’t overly help you there

Sure Zumba/Boxercise/Pump whatever class it is

Is great for making you look like a tomato 🍅

It’s a good social

And if you just want to train for the social and to look like a tomato

It’s ideal

Stick at it and all the best

But there is no substitute for strength training when it comes to long-term results

I’ve been a PT for over 3 years

Been around the health and fitness industry for 15+

I’ve tried it all

I support clients who have tried it all

If you want to stop wasting time in the gym

Message me SAB coaching and find out what program is right for you

What’s your goals for 2024? Comment below


What do you think? Comment your opinion

But I do think keto is

Under rated

Because it’s a easy blanket approach when it comes down to cutting your calories

When I go through my weight loss phases I tend to just cut carbs out x2 times per week, essentially keto.

It’s got a few other health benefits

But from a weight loss point of view it’s an easy approach to create a calorie deficit

Be it rather give my Nan bubble bath than going keto full time


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3. **Stay Motivated, Always:** Losing steam? Our community and constant support will keep you fired up and focused. You're not alone on this journey. 💪

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I spent years of my life obsessing over calories

Trying to hit a certain number

Feeling like s**t if I didn’t

But what was worse than that

Was having a target weight

And hitting target weight

The amount I sacrificed to get there

Came at the expense of my fitness

Thought I’d I hit this magic number everything changes

Confidence would be high
Girls would come by the dozens
I’d bounce people for fun playing rugby



That’s not the case


Don’t make the same mistakes I made

Target weight won’t make you happy

Happiness and confidence is an inside job.

Enjoy Christmas


Start strong in 2024!

The challenge will be split into 5 pillars -

💪 How to lift with a plan. Work smarter not harder
🚀 Control your algorithm
🥗 What foods encourage you to eat less and get you eye turning results that’s more than Chicken and rice
💡 Daily activity so you don’t need to worry about health
💪 How to train to feel and perform rather than just looking good

👯‍♀️ Supportive community to uplift your goals
🗺️ A clear plan for 2024 on how to crush your fitness goals

Invest just minutes a day this week to elevate energy and kickstart momentum!

Who’s ready to make 2024 their FITTEST year yet? Unsure if a challenge is for you?

I feel you! DM me so we can chat no pressure. This is for ANYONE wanting to level up their health with smart, doable steps.

Or ready to go?

Let’s do this together! Waiting just depletes motivation. The time for a stronger, happier YOU is NOW!


I am massive on personal accountability

And I want to stress this is different than taking blame

Taking personal accountability is single handily the most freeing thing ever

Because you put you in the driving seat

Where you are now is a reflection of your habits

But the beautiful thing about this - it means YPU can change this.

You have to look at yourself in the mirror and take accountability

The only one stopping you is YOU

Yes, it IS harder for some people I’m not saying it’s easy at all

It’s not your friends

It’s not your family

It’s not money

It’s not work

It’s not time

It’s you.

One of my favorite sayings

Don’t get out hustled by a crack addicted.

Regardless of life, if a crack addicted needs money for crack they’ll get it

Take the same attitude for your health

Don’t let anyone get in your way


Start strong in 2024 with my FREE holiday challenge!

The challenge will be split into 5 pillars -

💪 How to lift with a plan. Work smarter not harder
🚀 Control your algorithm
🥗 What foods encourage you to eat less and get you eye turning results that’s more than Chicken and rice
💡 Daily activity so you don’t need to worry about health
💪 How to train to feel and perform rather than just looking good

👯‍♀️ Supportive community to uplift your goals

Invest just minutes a day this week to elevate energy and kickstart momentum!

Who’s ready to make 2024 their FITTEST year yet? Unsure if a challenge is for you?

I feel you! DM me so we can chat no pressure. This is for ANYONE wanting to level up their health with smart, doable steps.

Or ready to go?

Let’s do this together! Waiting just depletes motivation. The time for a stronger, happier YOU is NOW!


2024 - let’s be honest it’s already set to be ANOTHER hard year

I’m not one of those sorts of people who will try to miss lead you into thinking leading a fitter, stronger, healthier and more empowered life is easy

It requires hard work and discipline

But it’s not impossible - where you are at the moment with your own health and fitness is a reflections of the habits from 2023.

Sure coming into January it’s easy to hit this stuff

Hit the gym for 4/5/6 weeks and than ‘life’ happens and throws everything up in the air

The difference between us is I have my own coach to hold me accountable

So when life gets in the way I have someone on my side supporting me

And I do the same for my clients

We have skin in the game

If you want 2024 to be your strongest and fittest year to date

Get into a good gym routine that gives your eye turning results

Showing you how to enjoy your social life whilst ‘staying on track’

Transform your mindset and improve your confidence my free 5 day challenge could be ideal

It’s 110% free but let’s be honest - you’ve probably done this ‘transformation challenges’ before

This is why I’ll give you a 5 day challenge before you sign up

Gives you a chance to see why I’m different and gives you the faith that you can see yourself doing it for the long-term

Message me ‘SAB Coaching’ for the details

Let’s make 2024 the fittest year to date


Easy things hard life
Hard things easy life

Look in the first one to say that cardio is about as fun as giving my nan a bubble bath

But I wish I could give you some motivational quote to make it fun

Or make it easier

If you know me - I don’t overly do fluff - just not my style

I have a PT .mcinroy who holds me accountable to make sure I do the work I simply don’t want to do

To turn up to the gym when my bed feels extra comfy in the morning (let’s be honest we get it a lot this time of the year)

My best tip though that gets me through the workouts I don’t want to do is

Every day you make a decision on how you want your life to be

Easy things hard life
Hard things easy life


My biggest win might be bit of a surprise

Especially to my old business mentor

One of my single biggest win of 2023 is taking bit of a step back from work

Yes, saying this on a platform that’s all about ‘ohh look at how good my life is’

Back in February I was earning really good money but working 7 day weeks

Leave the house at 530am

Get home about 10.30pm

And one day WFH

Coaching minimum 6 clients a day at least 5 day weeks

Than social media stuff, client program, further education etc all ontop of that

One day I was walking home and it all hit me

I was done.

A job I love, I was over it

Alarm went if 5.30am the next day

Cancelled my day

I physically couldn’t get out of bed

And this is from someone who before that thought burnout was for weak Gen Z

I was working with clients who’d bail on the sessions last minute

Clients who did 0 work outside of sessions and than blamed me for a lack of results

I was working for a very questionable company (or maybe manager that blamed Puregym for stuff either or)

Come 3 months later

My income was a 1/3 of what it was


For someone who wanted ‘financial freedom’ and for some unknown reason thought that came at £10k months

I had no ‘financial freedom’ because I was crippled by anxiety around ‘going bust’ but how that’s changed


This is something I thought rich people tell the poor.

Bullocks I was chained to PureGym

Now I’m back in Dubai

I look around

I see so many people with ‘corporate handcuffs’ on

Tied down and ‘accepting it’s normal’

Even have a friend where it’s normal for his boss to call him at 2am and tell him the deadline moved to 7am and needs the product done by 6am.

Put your happiness before work
Put your sodding health before work

Burnout and all this isn’t worth it.

I speak to so many people telling me

‘I don’t have time’
‘I don’t have the money’

Bullocks, push come to shove, you can find the time to train

You can find the money

If you want to start putting your health before work

Drop me a message saying SAB Coaching

And let’s have a chat


When I first got into health and fitness, I’d do 6-12 week programs expecting to look like fitness models overnight.

Sprint through insane workouts.

Restrict calories. Take every supplement known to man

The motivation would fade when I didn’t see drastic physical changes fast enough.

It took time to realise the bigger picture:

Success isn’t defined by one goal physique or program duration.

It’s the compound effect of small gains adding up through CONSISTENT work over months and years.

Once I shifted focus to more ‘real life’ markers — improved sleep quality, balanced relationship with food, boosted mental clarity, higher base strength allowing me to show up better for friends and family — my view totally changed.

I stopped punishing myself for normal plateaus. Celebrated signs of inner wellness.

Remained patient with the process. Kept pursuing health because it made me FEEL stronger, not because it had to make me look a certain way.

The second I embraced long-term consistency over short-term intensity, everything changed. Start where you are, focus inward, trust the small wins.

You’ve already begun.

If you’re wanting to improve your health and fitness message me SAB Coaching for more details on what we do here


Online Coaching vs In-Person Training: Which is Better? (Why online is taking over & replacing group and one to one coaching)

While having a trainer right next to you for hands-on corrections has benefits, online coaching has many perks that in-person often can't match.

The main advantages of remote training include:

🏋️‍♀️ More affordable rates - No facility overhead costs passed to clients

🏡 Total flexibility to train anywhere - No commutes or scheduling facility time

📱 Customised programming for YOUR schedule - Workouts built around your life

🎥 Detailed video guides ensure perfect form - Unsure how to squat for example that fine, start with a machine leg press, to goblet squats to box squats going step by step on how to get there.

💻 Ongoing accountability and support - Not just 1 hour sessions

Here is the reality most personal trainers already operate heavily online - a lot of their support is done away from the session - like with me you get a 12 week master class on mindset, nutrtion and training as well as over 100 hours of content to help you master everything from meal prep, confidence, push up etc

Online training lets you learn sustainable habits that work with your lifestyle for a fraction of standard pricing. The ONLY thing you really miss is hands-on adjustments and even that is easily over came.

The best way I explain it, is you pay for a result not for me to stand next to you and count up to 10 (which normal going like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 8 9 9.5 10) - I even know online coaches who charge £2000 for 12 weeks (don’t worry I am a fraction of that)

But an experienced online coach will provide in-depth video illustrations and cues for proper technique. So form is mastered regardless.

While some may benefit from in-person spots, online training works for most goals and is far more convenient and affordable.

Unless you need specialised equipment/spaces like CrossFit style workouts, Oly, certain rehab process, remote coaching is likely the better overall option.

Have you done online or in-person training? Which did you prefer and why? Let me know your thoughts below!


🎁 Enjoy a Guilt-Free Holiday Season with My Exclusive Workshop! 🎄💪

The holidays are coming - are you worried about falling off your fitness goals? Don’t let indulging ruin your progress!

Join my exclusive holiday fitness workshop and learn how to balance celebrations and self-care with your workout routine. I’ll teach you how to indulge guilt-free so you can raise a glass to the season without sacrificing your gains!

Get tips on how to:
- how to stay on track without adding in limits
- Avoid weight gain with metabolism-boosting tricks
- The traffic light system
- Reduce festive food guilt with mindset shifts

The holidays can enhance your fitness journey instead of derailing it! Enrol now to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year without regret. Claim the gift of guilt-free indulgence - you deserve it!


Save this for the next time your at the gym,

Grow Your Glutes with This Killer Move! 🍑⏱️

This hip thrust (KAS with a 2 second pause) variation is one of the best exercises for targeting and building your glutes. Pausing at the top increases time under tension, which helps maximally activate your glutes for growth!

By holding the peak contraction for 2 seconds, you’re forcing your glutes to work extra hard. This time under tension is key for sculpting and lifting your backside! 💪

Hip thrusts work your glutes through their fullest range of motion. Combined with the isometric hold, this exercise truly sculpts and shapes your b***y by hitting all the glute fibers.

Try hip thrusts with a 2 second pause if you want to take your glute workout to the next level! This unique move will have your glutes burning 🔥and thanking you later when you’re rocking that lifted, toned b***y! 🍑


Exiting the "diet phase" can often feel like a daunting task. Many find themselves in a worse position than they started, despite the impressive before-and-after photos. The truth is, it's all about the "after after" photo, the long-term sustainability of your diet.

The art of reverse dieting is your secret weapon in this process. When aggressive diets lead to not just fat loss, but muscle loss too, reverse dieting steps in to save the day. By gradually increasing your calorie intake, you give your metabolism the boost it needs, allowing you to maintain your weight loss while toning up those glutes with effective gym workouts.

A prolonged calorie deficit can slow down your metabolism, working against your weight loss and workout efforts. That's why reverse dieting focuses on building back your metabolism, ensuring that your body is working for you, not against you. It's the key to not just losing weight, but maintaining that loss while sculpting your ideal physique.

So, say goodbye to the typical diet failure and hello to a sustainable, effective approach to weight loss, muscle tone, and overall health. Hit the gym, fuel your workouts, and watch as your body transforms. Your glutes will thank you, and you'll be on your way to achieving that after-after photo you've always dreamed of.


A secret a lot of PTs do not want you to know ….


Have you ever stepped into a gym and felt that overwhelming sensation that every single eye is staring right at you? That feeling can often resemble when someone says, ‘Don’t think about an elephant’ – and suddenly, that’s the ONLY thing on your mind. 🐘

The power of focus is undeniable, and when channeled in the right direction, it can change our gym experiences. Instead of feeding into that initial anxiety, let’s shift our attention to a purposeful workout. 🏋️‍♀️

When you have a structured, goal-oriented training plan, you’ll find that it’s not just about the physical journey towards weight loss, but also about cultivating an inner strength. This strength gradually transforms into confidence, enabling you to feel empowered, strong, and in control every time you step into that gym environment. The beauty of this transformation is that, over time, those once-loud whispers of self-doubt and anxiety quieten down, replaced by the roar of your achievements and progress. 🌟

My clients love this approach because it allows them to find purpose in each session, making every visit to the gym less about external perceptions and more about their personal journey. It’s time to break free from the chains of gym anxiety, to focus on the gains, and to witness the incredible transformation of both your body and mind. Dive deep into training, and let’s create an empowered you! 💪

Learnt this from


It doesn’t need to be anything complicated

Here is the foundation of the workouts from my drop it program

If you have any questions my DMs are open


What if I told you, level 3 personal trainers (basically like 90% of us) are NOT qualified to give out meal plans

What if I said nutrition is so complex, I have seen first hand personal trainers give out meal plans that has caused their clients to build up an intolerance to certain foods

What if PTs like myself (and to be fair a lot of other good PTs)

Want to help coach you not to need a PT,

Blindly following a meal plan will not get you the life long change you’re truly after

What I do (and to be fair a lot of decent PTs do as well) is help education you around food,

I don’t know what you want for breakfast this Friday so why would I give you

‘Ultra lean shake 2102’

My coaching is much more about empowering you to make healthier decisions around nutrition rather than blindly following a plan

If you want support around making healthier decisions around you food

Feel free to drop me a message


How to Improve Your Squat

Feel like your falling forward when you squat, try this three drills to change that

Shout out to for the second one



Fat loss, simple
Toning up, simple
Getting fitter, simple

There’s a lot of influencers who try to make it overly complicated to get more £££


Avoid these simple errors 👇🏻

1. Avoid cutting out entire foods (unless you’re allergic)
2. Spending hours in the gym
3. Lowering calories every week
4. Eating different foods every day
5. Using weight as your only form of success

Instead, focus on:

1. Managing sleep & stress daily
2. Aim to increase your steps by 1/2,000 a day
3. Keeping cals as high as possible
4. Keeping protein as high as possible
5. Minimum effective dose with cardio

Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy though

Any questions drop me a message


For every yes,

You are saying no to something else

This is something I coach a lot of my clients with,

I work with hand on heart amazing people, honestly some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet,

People who will always try to put others first

Who will stay late to do work to help someone out

Who will work 3 shifts in 2 days because the community needs their support

Who will skip the gym because they feel guilty for being away from their little one

The issue with this

Every time they are saying yes to something,

Lets take staying late at work for example

They say no to something else

And especially when you’re saying yes to that extra shift/over time

You tend to say no to your family

To your own health

Think about it,

Next time you stay late at work

And you get home turn to your other half and tell them

‘Work is more of a priority than you’

Might feel awkward and rude to say

But that is what your actions show.

Missed a gym session? You’re saying no to your health


Unsure where to start? My dms are always open


Training in Zone Two: Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Want to take your fitness to the next level? Try zone two training! Zone two training means training with a sustained, low effort at your heart rate ‘zone two’ level. It may not be the most glamorous or exciting type of training, but it’s an effective way to boost your endurance and performance.

Unsure how to level up your training my DMs are always open

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Southampton?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Save this for the next time your at the gym, Grow Your Glutes with This Killer Move! 🍑⏱️This hip thrust (KAS with a 2 se...
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