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Photos from Iron Fist Fitness's post 04/01/2023

Kids class tonight at 5pm. Be there, be square!!

It is an hour long class boxing and fun fitness activities!!

Just £6 at the door!!


Remember at 10:30am today and Friday I am taking a class called minos Boxing!!!

This is for parents at home with Toddlers, if you need something for you both to change up your day, come on down!!!

30 minute box fitness and activities class!!

£6 per adult and child!!


Don't forget!!!!


On every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY mornings at 10:30am - 11am at Pound For Pound Palace!!!

It is a 30mins box fitness and fun activities session for parents and there toddlers to enjoy together!!!

It is £6 for a parent and child together!!!


Pound For Pound Palace
Barnes Boxing Media

Photos from Iron Fist Fitness's post 23/03/2022

Minos Boxing is here!!!

On Wednesday's and Friday's I have started a 30 minute punch fit and fun activities class for you parents and your toddlers!!!

These sessions will take place at 10:30am both days, so If you have an energetic toddler that needs to burn off some energy and want to get some fitness in yourself, then these sessions are perfect for you!!!

So you yummy mummies and dad bods, come on down and get involved!!!

So come on down to on Wednesday 30th and have some fun!!

It is £6 at the door for a parent and toddler together.

Hope to see you there 🥊💪🏼


Monday Motivation!!!!

I'm gonna be posting motivational quotes, videos etc. Every monday from now on!!

Not everyone can find the motivation everyday to get up in the morning, he'll even I have some mornings where I want to roll over and get go back to sleep in my nice warm bed!!

So for those of you who need that motivational push then look out for these posts every monday!!!

Today is a quote from one of my hero's Arnold Schwarzenegger, a very respected athlete in the fitness industry for his incredible achievements in bodybuilding!! 💪🏼

To me this quote means, whatever your going through these past few days, weeks, months and maybe even years, keep pushing on!!

Be the best version of yourself everyday and don't let any toxicities in the world bring you down!! You can do this!! You are smart!! You are brave!! You are incredible!! You are strong!!

Your Journey starts today, right now!!

Just say yes!! Say I can do this!!

Believe in your own success!!!

Be great!!

And most importantly, have a great day and stay safe!!

Ashley Brown


Get Yours booked in now!!!

Absolute killer workout after some sparring for stefan today!!

Starting from the 1st of April !!!

All first PT sessions will be free for new clients!!!

So get in touch and get your taster sessions booked in for next month now!!!


Good session today with jakob, some boxing with the sticks, followed by a back and triceps work out in the weights area! 💪🏼 🥊


Move your feet!!!

Some good padwork with Chris on Friday. footwork, changing angle of punches by stepping off the firing line. Best boxers have the best footwork!!!


First video with the next generation! 🥊🥊

First video of Jaden after a couple of weeks of 121's with me now 🥊💥


London Power!!! 🥊💥💥

Another great session with Lilah today, starting to get her combos together now with power 💥🥊


Good session with Behrang today switching from orthadox to southpaw and back with some head movement. Changing angles of shots!! 🥊💥


Really good session with Lilah today, come a long way already from only her 3rd 121 session today! 🥊💥


Good afternoon session with Behrang yesterday, incredible boxer, can not wait to see him in the ring again in December 🥊🥊


'Stupendous' 🤣🤣

'Stupendous' - Eubank senior 🤣

Good pads session with stefan this morning🥊💥


Great session with Lee tonight, boxing and then some circuit training in the gym to finish it off 🥊👌


Good session with stefan last week, circuit at the end for a high intensity conditioning and fat burning🔥 🥊🥊


First session with Lakks!!

First session, finding Lakksan weak points in his footwork to help him improve his movement in boxing! 🥊🥊



Reactions and movement in today pad work with Harry💥🥊

Photos from Iron Fist Fitness's post 21/08/2021

Had the pleasure of meeting one of Anthony Joshua's trainer and the young talented boxer who where both down at today.

It was great to watch and learn from professionals of the sport. I wish you both the very best in your future and career.


Gift from a friend 🤣

Wednesdays session with Stefan. He came in with a present for me. It was a t-shirt and on it said 'nobody cares work harder'. He said it reminded him of me 🤣.

The way I see this quote is you will only get out off life, what you put into it. So work your butt off cause no one else is going to do it for you!!


Great session with Charlie last Wednesday, really looking forward to the next one. He surprised me with how quickly he picked up the information I was giving him🥊🥊





Stefan on the pads again today! 🥊


Harry last session with me today before his white collar fight, wish him all the best!!


With stefan again today.

Bag drill for muscular endurance in the quads, hamstrings and glutes.🥊🔥🔥

1) Stand shoulder width apart in front of the bag.

2) sink your body into a more squatting position.

3) Stay in this position while throwing body shots to the bag with power.

4) when throwing your shot make sure you are still turning your shot in using your feet and your hips.

At the end git him to do a quick 15 minute chest and biceps session for muscular strength.

60-70% of 1 rep max

For 3 sets of 12 reps💪


Small combo with jags.



Movement between punches!!!


Boxing and conditioning circuit for stefan.

Boxing- head and feet movement with counter punches for each individual movement.

Followed by combination drills that use head movement and foot work in a scenario.

Circuit- full body workout

Sit ups x20
Russian twists x20
Push- ups x20
Dips- x20
Box jump x20

Conditioning the muscles for endurance and strength.


Don't dwell on what has happened in the past, live in the present and be the best version of yourself!!

That starts with your health!!

Message me to get your fitness journey started now!!!


Back, shoulders and triceps today!!! And a face of absolute constipation at the end 😆😆

How are you pushing your boundaries today??🤔

Photos from Iron Fist Fitness's post 20/07/2021

All restrictions have been lifted!!

All bookings are NOW open!!!

Message me if you would like to book a 1 to 1 session and start your fitness journey!!


'Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done' -Wesley Snipes.



If you can't take the time to learn the craft yourself then what gives you the right to tell anyone else how to do it.

always learning!


Smaller Is Better!!!

Have been working with stefan to stop him lunging in. the movement in boxing is small and minimal in order keep the footwork and punches quick and sharp.


I always feel most focused when taking client's on the pads.

Teaching Harry the techniques of the game🥊

Picture by: on insta


Everyday is a lesson, life is full of lessons. What defines us as a person is how we learn from them.

Pictures by: on insta


Do everything in life at 100%, give it your all and leave with no regrets !


HAMMER TIME 🔨 with Harry followed by tire flips. Core work, endurance and POWERRRRR!!!!


1 to 1 with Lee 🥊

1 to 1 pad work with Lee, for fitness, hand-eye coordination and to help him improve his mobility. Lee needs these things to fight back against his parkinson's disease and we have made a lot of progress. On our first session Lee could barely be able to move his feet around the ring. Now he goes through several rounds on the pads really well moving around on the balls of his feet. I'm very happy with his progress so far and I really enjoy working with him !


1 video) Working on movement

2 video) speed, hand-eye coordination and a little defence

3 video) power!!🥊

Photos from Iron Fist Fitness's post 23/05/2021

Welcome. Feel free to message or email with any enquires!

I look forward to working with you.

Here are my certificates to show my qualifications.

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Get Yours booked in now!!!
Move your feet!!!
First video with the next generation! 🥊🥊
London Power!!! 🥊💥💥





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