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Me: ✨mens xl t shirt✨

Whose with me?🤪

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Real pinch me moment doing check ins this week, I can’t believe this is my job and I get to do it everyday🥹

One of the main aims of my coaching is to transform a clients mindset into a much healthier place and teach them new habits that they’ll take along with them in their journey forever🤞🏼

Most people join the gym to reach their physical goals but often forget about the many other benefits exercise has for us and these check ins here are just an example of that.

Ready to smash another week with my dream team🚀🖤



Looks like temperatures are on the rise again for the upcoming week so heres some tips to take on board when you’re training:

1️⃣ Try to train early in the morning or evening if you can! Its super hot around late morning-midday at the moment so avoid those times if possible
2️⃣ Make sure you’re staying hydrated all day but especially pre/during/post workout
3️⃣ If you need to, lower the intensity of your session! Drop the weights, reps & sets
4️⃣ Dress appropriately! I’m not saying you have to wear a sports bra and shorts but i’d advise against long sleeves & jumpers
5️⃣ Listen to your body! If you’re feeling unwell or struggling mid session, stop immediately
6️⃣ Look at the forecast and switch up your schedule if needbe! Its getting cooler come the end of the week, so swap around your training days if you can
7️⃣ Come to my classes @thegymgroup_southamptoncentral because its nice and air conditioned in the studio😁

Whose ready to have a great week?!👏🏼

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Another week with my absolute dream team smashed😮‍💨🚀🔥

Some incredible wins this week from everyone, no matter how big or small they may feel, never stop reminding yourself of how far you’ve come🙌🏼🖤

1-1/Online Coaching enquiry links in bio or drop me a message for more information🫶🏻



Fill out the link to my enquiry form and i’ll be in touch via email with more information:

Completely no obligation & you don’t have to sign up to anything or book a free consultation unless you want too!🥰

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Are you really training hard enough…?

Its easy to think you are, but are you sure? Or do you give up when reps begin to feel tougher when in reality you could push for more?

If you’re making big weight jumps every week or adding weights between sets because your first set was ‘not too bad’ then you’re doing yourself a big disservice.

Do you look at a rep range and just stop when you meet the top end of it? Take a short rest and then onto the next set?

Or are you able to complete 3 x 12 of an exercise then just move on to the next and do the exact same? If you’re not fatiguing and seeing a drop in reps through the sets then you’re likely not training close enough failure.

If you want to build muscle then your training is not optimal for your goal, especially if you’re relatively experienced in the gym.

This is all something I look out for when watching back client form videos or when I look through the weeks sessions on check in days to see how they’re progressing. I’ll always feedback if I know theres much more in the tank, or set goals for the week ahead.

@geegyms_ is probably sick of the amount of times during PT/when were training together and i’m saying 2 more…then 2 more after shes done those🤣 In reality when you are training alone it is much easier to give up, but YOU CAN DO IT! Be confident in yourself. Just make sure its safe & theres someone to spot you with some exercises if necessary😅

The second slide is a joke, but I do say to my clients unless your making noises and your face is screwed up, you can definitely work harder🤪

Enjoy my post upper and cardio sweaty face x

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My team is on 🔥 this week!😍🚀

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client transition from chasing a change in scale weight to understanding there are many other ways (and better imo) to measure progress🙌🏼 Although useful, not always the best and her change in body composition speaks for itself😍 This is why taking pictures/measurements are so important as well as paying attention to the way you feel and new habits you have developed!

In this team we:

👉🏼 Set realistic and achieveable goals
👉🏼 Quit the all or nothing approach
👉🏼 Ditch the

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One of the biggest parts of your fitness journey is looking after your mental wellbeing and the way you view yourself. Over the course of your journey we will all find better ways to be kinder to ourselves and have a better understanding of our bodies in turn improving the relationship you have with it.

Something we all know that in order to achieve a goal it must be measureable to allow us to make necesscary adjustments a long the way to keep progressing towards that final result, but what that doesn’t limit us to is how we measure it. Not only does measuring a goal allow us to physically see how we are doing, it also makes us feel good to see were heading in the right direction right?

Delve deeper into your ‘WHY’. There is nothing wrong with having a physical/aesthetic goal but understand how achieving that goal will make you feel inside too - whether its increased confidence, happiness etc.

Its incredibly easy to get caught up in social media & what other people are doing meaning we often forget to appreciate what we have also achieved so far throughout our journey.

Be kinder to yourself💪🏼🖤⚡️



Its the same with everything! Once you’ve done it, you’ll be wondering what you were ever worried about in the first place - but I completely understand the initial ‘doing it’ can be super daunting to begin with! I was once in your shoes too, spending countless hours on the cardio machines with the odd bit of leg press when I felt comfortable😅

Tips for overcoming gym anxiety👇🏼

📔 Plan your session in advance! Start small in an area you’re comfortable with. Get a log book, an app or just pop it in your phone notes
⏰ Go at quieter times to begin with, find out where everything you need is whether its certain machines or where the barbells & clips are stored
🏋🏼‍♂️ Train with a friend, even better if you have a friend whose been before
💪🏼 Start with a Personal Trainer, even if its just for 4 weeks! They will guide you around the gym, help you familiarise yourself with your surroundings and get you started on the right path
📲 Book an induction for someone to show you around the gym and its facilities
🗣 Ask for help! The gym team are these for a reason. I know it can be super scary but we are all so welcoming and more than happy to help with absolutely anything
🎧 Put some headphones in and get a cute fit on! Your favourite outfit which has you feeling good is always the ultimate recipe for success

Stick at it because it gets easier. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you can look back in a few weeks, months, years and say ‘I did it’ 😌👏🏼


T-3 days remaining in the office until i’m a full time Personal Trainer & Online Coach!🥳🖤

I couldn’t be more excited for next week😌

I have just one space left for someone to join my team for either 1-1 or Group PT, with very few spaces remaining for Online Coaching, so drop me a message if you’re interested and would like to know more!💌

So grateful and still can’t believe the time has come🫶🏻


Don’t forget my new client offer is officially live and running throughout both July and Augusut❕

I have two spaces left to join my team for either 1-1 or Group PT before I am officially FULL and open to Online clients only!

As well a Personal Training all clients receive:

⚡️A free consultation
⚡️Welcome pack detailing everything you need to know
⚡️App access where you’ll track your progress, view your sessions, video demonstrations and explanations of each exercise, track your workouts, stay accountable to any additional goals we set, message me and much more
⚡️Personalised training programme to complete outside of PT (optional)
⚡️Tailored calorie/macro split which is reviewed and adjusted as necessary
⚡️Weekly check ins
⚡️24/7 hour messaging access
⚡️Access to exclusive client page
⚡️Form check videos
⚡️Nutritional guidance
⚡️Ongoing support and resources

Send me a message with your email address for more information💌

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No weetabix in sight! I do love it though🤣


👉🏼 10ml almond milk (use preferred)
👉🏼 1 pack of maryland mini cookies
👉🏼 lindahls kvarg white chocolate yogurt
👉🏼 1 crushed caramel twirl finger

297 calories and 18g protein🥰

Super yummy quick & easy dessert recipe!🫶🏻


All ready for Friday LBT in my favourite place💙



The countdown is on🔥

The BIGGEST and BEST discount I will ever offer for all new clients who join me in July and August with a massive saving of up to £130 per month👀

The offer applies to both 1-1 and Group PT based at The Gym Group Southampton Central, and remember the price of Group PT is split between a maximum of 4 participants meaning you could get a whole month of Personal Training with me from just £25 per person🤩

As well as the sessions at the gym, all clients receive:

⚡️A free consultation
⚡️Welcome pack detailing everything you need to know
⚡️App access where you’ll track your progress, view your sessions, video demonstrations and explanations of each exercise, track your workouts, stay accountable to any additional goals we set, message me and much more
⚡️Personalised training programme to complete outside of PT (optional)
⚡️Tailored calorie/macro split which is reviewed and adjusted as necessary
⚡️Weekly check ins
⚡️24/7 hour messaging access
⚡️Access to exclusive client page
⚡️Form check videos
⚡️Nutritional guidance
⚡️Ongoing support and resources

Contact me via one of the methods below❕

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I’m not saying you have to track your intake to reach your goals, including losing weight, but having an understanding of what you’re putting into your body is a good place to start.

I’ll always recommend to a client who is new to ‘fitness’ or doesn’t want to track to do it for a couple of days/a week to see where they currently are and what they need to improve so they can make more mindful choices moving forward. Small tweaks can make a massive difference, whether thats making small changes to portion sizes or adding an extra high protein snack to your day. You could even add the calories up in your notes or on your calculator and just be mindful you’re getting sufficient of everything!

Tracking isn’t for everyone and sometimes there are other relationships that need to be repaired before it can be healthy for an individual.

The number one priority if your goal is to lose weight is energy balance and in most cases moving more and eating less than you are at present. You can make these changes without weighing and tracking your food but if you have no knowledge on the nutritional values of food then you may be doing yourself a disservice at the beginning. If you have no prior experience its very easy to overestimate serving sizes of things like cereal, granola, pasta etc.

The nutritional content of all foods are different, thats not the point in this post but bottom line nothing is good or bad. Too much of anything can negatively affect your progress❕

*All calories are based on suggested measured portion sizes for each product*


I officially quit my job to become a full time Personal Trainer & Online Coach🥹🫶🏻

I honestly can’t believe i’m even writing this😭🫣

Those that know me personally will know that this has been an extremely long time coming and a dream since day 1, so for it to be finally happening is incredible & I cannot express how much it means to me. I’m so grateful to every single client past and present as it would not be possible without every and every one of you🖤

All aspects are about to LEVEL UP and my coaching team is not ready🚀

From 14th July onwards I will opening a lot more day time Personal Training availability and also slightly increasing my Online Coaching capacity! All enquiries both 1-1 or Online please drop me a DM or complete my enquiry form in my bio🔗

Make sure you’re also following my TikTok @fitgalgg for lots of extra content including more food & recipes🤪

Excited, scared, nervous but lets go🤪

Photos from fitgalgg's post 13/06/2022

I’ve opened up 4 spaces to join my team either 1-1,
Group PT or Online in June or July❕

First come first serve, all current enquiries have been responded to today so please check your email/junk folders!🫶🏻

Please contact me via either method below with your email address & I will send you over an information pack for more details. I also have enquiry forms linked in my instagram bio if you would prefer to fill those out instead!💌

👉🏼 4 weeks to build a habit
👉🏼 12 weeks to turn them into a lifestyle
…so in 3 months you could change everything

Stop saying you’ll start again Monday because by Monday you could already be 1 week closer to your goal🤷🏼‍♀️

Super exciting things coming this year that you do not want to miss🚀

📧 [email protected]
📲 insta: fitgalgg





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