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Today i’m kick starting a High Protein Easy Meal Prep series for my clients with these Greek Style Meatballs👨‍🍳

Over the next few weeks i’ll be creating 1-2 recipes per week in line with my own meal prep to share with my team🤝🏼

I’ve done a few in the past including 8 weeks of Macro Friendly Fakeaways which was fantastic (for me especially🤤) but the majority of questions always come back to knowing what to meal prep for work days thats quick, easy and enjoyable…but will actually keep them full and away from office temptations👀

Your lifestyle outside of training matters just as much if not MORE than the few hours a week you spend inside the gym🤷🏼‍♀️

90% of consultations go like ‘I know what i’m doing in the gym but I just can’t stay on track with my nutrition’

…sound like you?👀

My clients all have tailored nutritional goals, plenty of support & guidance, personalised example meal planners and access to a heap of delicious recipes created by yours truly😜

We all know I love a good recipe and no better time to start than whilst i’m focusing on nailing my reverse diet off the back of prep🎯

All meals use basic ingredients, are high protein and easy adaptable to suit every client’s goals🙌🏼

There will be plenty of vegan/vegetarian & pescatarian options, but ingredients or prorein sources can be swapped to suit individual dietary requirements🥰

Plenty of summer goodness pending (just waiting for the sun to get the memo)🌞

Might also mess around and release it them as a Volume 2 Meal Prep Recipe E-Book….🤫

If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out my Volume 1 High Protein Recipe E-Book which is available to purchase via the link in my bio🔗

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Just over two weeks to go until the big move!

If you haven’t already seen, from Wednesday 1st May ALL Personal Training sessions will be held at Pretty Fit Gym - a private, female only studio based on Southampton!🎀

This means I have plenty more slots available for both 1-1 & Group Personal Training (which also means you take advantage of all my services for slightly cheaper by splitting the cost with your bestie!)💘

To celebrate the move, I am offering 10% OFF all Personal Training packages for May ONLY🚨

If you want to take advantage of the offer, level up your training, transform your mindset and reach your goals once and for all…?👀👇🏼

Drop me a message for more information!💌


Complete my enquiry form and i’ll pop you an email with more information🔗

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The secret is out!

At the end of this month I will be leaving The Gym Group to join the girls at Pretty Fit💘

This means I can finally open up more 1-1 and Group Personal Training availability whilst I continue working on new and exciting things coming to my coaching services🤪

Pretty Fit is a private, female only gym based in Southampton (SO15) which means an even more personal experience, zero big commercial gym anxiety, no additional membership fee’s and plenty of free parking available nearby!✨

Of course if you want more use out of the quieter space, then Open Gym or Class Memberships are also available to purchase too for your training outside of our sessions!🎀

To celebrate the move I am offering 10% off ALL Personal Training Packages for the month of May ONLY!🚨

Although more time means more slots, these are still VERY limited. Theres a lot going on at 224 Coaching in 2024👀

Remember Group Personal Training costs are also split between 2-3 participants, so training with your besties means extra savings too👯‍♀️

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, ready to transform your physique and level up your fitness journey then drop me a message for more information!💌

Or enquire here:

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Another solid week in the bag with my dream team🏆💘

Managing social occasions across the Easter weekend, building confidence in the gym, improving relationships with food and feeling good in the clothes they wear (the single best form of progress measurement imo)🥹✨🫶🏻

Truly blessed with the best. A bunch of incredible people all on individual journey’s who just wanna word hard and succeed🤝🏼

Ready to level up your fitness journey?

Drop me a message to see how I can help💌

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Feel like we should bring back another themed series…any suggestions?👀🤤

8 weeks of fakeaway recipes last year hit the spot😮‍💨🫶🏻

Sneak peak of some of the 30 recipes featured in my High Protein E-Book which is available to purchase along with other resources to help you along your fitness journey via the link in my bio👩🏼‍🍳💘

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Your nutritional adherence and quality will be the biggest driver in achieving results in your fitness journey, as well as maintaining a level of enjoyment to ensure longevity.

The biggest question I get from enquries and clients all fall back to nutrition. What to eat, how to structure their days, optimise meals around training, get the most of meals and increase their protein intake.

…and now thank you to the incredible Lucia at I can bring a solution!

Whilst I already have so many additional educational resources available to my team and am always on hand to offer support and guidance to my clients around food - I believe this is going to be absolute game changer for my team & I’m so excited to get this rolled out to them this week!

Whilst shaving a good amount of time off my previous processes…🤣🫣

They by no means have to follow it daily or like for like - thats why we have the feature to enable clients to make adaptations to meals based off of what they fancy, have in at home or it can simply be used purely for guidance and inspiration!

Sound like something you want to get your hands on?

This service is only available as part of my 1-1 / Group Personal Training or Online Coaching👩🏼‍💻

So drop me a message for more information on how I can help you level up your fitness journey📈

Or enquire here:

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This is not just another post to ‘sell’ my coaching to you😴

I have made some pretty big decisions with a lot of life changes coming up over the next few weeks

All in aid of improving & evolving my services and taking my coaching to the NEXT LEVEL📈

Part 1 is coming sooner than you think…

Which means after i’ve filled these spaces I will be taking the time to implement this for my current clients and then increasing my prices to reflect the changes that are being made👀

New prices will be in effect for ALL enquiries received after 1st April 2024❕

If you’re serious about achieving your goals and are ready to take action then drop me a message or hit the link for more information💌

p.s. I offer 10% off for students and NHS workers or carers💘

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Wondering how everything works here at 224 Coaching?🚀

Drop me a message for more information on how to get start and to book your consultation call💌

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An absolute shift put in this week by my incredible coaching team💘

Ready to…👇🏼

🏋🏼‍♀️ Level up your training

🧠 Transform your mindset

👣 Improve your habits

🍴 Eat some damn good food

🎯 …and finally reach your goals?

Drop me a message for more information💌

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Thought it was time I did an update of my own journey on this page and where things are currently at!👙

Pictures are October-December-Today🙌🏼

11kg / just over 24lbs down⬇️

From October to the beginning of December we ran a pre-prep mini cut to pull off some body fat in order to put me in a better position ahead of prep starting in January which took me from 82kg to a low of 77.2kg.

I spent roughly 5 weeks at maintenance, enjoying some downtime & the festive period. The middle pictures I took on NYE where I was sitting at 78.6kg.

I am now 12 weeks deep into an 18 week photoshoot prep sitting at 70.9kg so a total of 7.7kg down since 1st January.

77 days of giving 100% without a 2nd thought otherwise. Never missing a single calorie, gram of protein, workout step or cardio session🎯

Theres been many highs, lows, good & bad days between but one thing I have truly proved to myself is that I am genuinely capable of achieving anything if I want it enough.

Every day I blow my own mind and trample all over previous barriers🤯

This was my choice, and i’m going to make it happen regardless of what it takes🤪

I have come on leaps out bounds not just physically but mentally over the past few years of my journey, and i’m beyond excited for what the future holds🧠

As coach said, “tough times don’t last, but strong people do”🤝🏼

Ready to reach your goals?

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11 weeks work from my girl😮‍💨

4.2kg ⬇️
Confidence 📈
In love with the process 🚀

Chan is actually one of my longest clients, we’ve been working together since June 2021🥹

Initially joining me as a 1-1 client before transitioning online! PT is a great place to start if you have little confidence or knowledge in the gym, but once you’ve nailed the basics & built the foundations the goal is to step away from needing me right there in the gym with you👯‍♀️

When Chan first approached me, she must’ve cancelled her sessions for a good 3 months straight through nerves before actually stepping foot in the gym🤣


The last couple of years haven’t been easy for her, theres been plenty of head wobbles and long voicenotes back & forth between us. She made a promise to herself coming into 2024 and MADE IT HAPPEN⚡️

Currently Chan:

🏋🏼‍♀️ Trains 3 x per week
💦 Completes 45 min cardio weekly
👣 Has a step goal of 8k daily
🍴 Food hasn’t dropped below 2300 calories

All goes that are both realistic and sustainable for both her and her life🤝🏼

I am genuinely blown away, not because I don’t believe in her capabilities, i’ve always been the first to tell her what she can do but she has genuinely transformed, not just physcially but mentally as well.

Her mindset and work ethic has been incredible. Not a single excuse made, just ticked the boxes and remained consistent throughout. She recognises that there will be difficult days and times where things are out of your control but when you wake up tomorrow, it is a brand new day.

Where she previously may have taken a step back, she kept pushing forward.

Initial part of the diet phase done, from Monday we introduce a few changes ahead of her climbing Snowdon in a few weeks, then back to work ahead of her holiday in May🌞

3rd pictures pending⏳

Ready to transform your journey?

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Still using the weekend as an excuse for not reaching your goals?🥱

YES the weekend may be more relaxed, your usual work breakfast & lunch might not be prepped.

If you tend to have more time then use the opportunity to have a little break from the means you consistently rinse across the weekdays!

I absolutely love my morning oats, they’re quick & easy to eat on the go. On the weekends I might turn these into pancakes or baked oats instead.

Or if I fancy something savoury a mini fry up or a bacon and egg bagel is my go to, to switch things up!

You can use Saturday evening to make the fakeaway you’ve been craving all week long.

If you’ve got plans you might calorie bank or cycle throughout the week beforehand.

If your sister calls and invites you for a spontaneous breakfast out you don’t have to hit the f*ck it button.

Make the right choice for you, draw a line under it and move on. The rest of the day can continue as normal.

If you are dieting and falling off tracking every weekend you are likely pulling yourself out of a deficit & therefore not seeing any reward for the work you’re putting in Monday-Thursday.

Need help to break the cycle?

I have THREE coaching spaces remaining.

Drop me a message for more information💌

Or hit the link and complete my enquiry form

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Photos from fitgalgg's post 13/03/2024

I’m looking for 5 people who are serious about…👇🏼

🧐 Achieving their goals

🧠 Transforming their mindset

👣 Building new habits

📈 Levelling up their training

🍴 Improving their nutrition

👙 Changing their physique

Whilst actually enjoying the process🥂

Sound like you?

Drop me a message to find out how I can help💌

Link to enquiry form:

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Some wins from this weeks check ins🥹💘

Lots of exciting changes and new things launching soon for my coaching soon as continue to level up my coaching services🚀

March is already shaping up to be an incredible month and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2024 brings🤭

Ready to take your physique, training and mindset to the next level?📈

Drop me a message to see how I can help💌

Or fill out my enquiry form:


I don’t want you to be perfect, I just want you to try.

You’re navigating a new journey for the first time.

You’re probably going to go over your calories, not hit your protein target, have off plan meals and have nights out every once in a while.

Your fitness journey shouldn’t take over your life, it should enhance it.

I want you to learn how to manage social occasions, practise eating mindfully and take downtime with friends or family where you don’t have to worry

…but I also want you to WANT your goal

Which might mean you have to make some sacrifices or different choices every once in a while

Your choice of drink or Nandos order might be different to normal, doesn’t mean you have to miss out you just have to PLAN

Understand that sometimes life won’t go in your favour and there will be times where you have to miss a training session or fall short of your step goal

Stop dwelling on things that are outside of your control

Tomorrow is a brand new day, and waiting until Monday to ‘start again’ just pushes your goals another 2 days further away

You can accept short term discomfort in aid of the longer term goal

Or you can continue going round in circles

Ready to take action?

Drop me a message to see how I can help💌

Or enquire here:

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My incredible online client Tylers progress🥹🧚‍♀️🩷✨

Over the last 8 months working together Tyler has not only transformed her mindset but also quite literally transformed physically losing over FOURTEEN kilograms.

If you think thats amazing then you should see the difference in her pictures from day 1 to now because my jaw is genuinely on the floor EVERY check in just admiring her in absolute awe.

Tyler works out completely from home 3 times a week, along with a realistic step target and a nutritional goal of OVER 2000 calories daily🎯

You do NOT need to gym to make progress, so stop using missing your sessions as an excuse because it won’t cut it with me🤪😴

Not to mentioned she also works, runs a home and has two young children as well🤷🏼‍♀️

All whilst maintain a social life, taking time away and spending evenings with the girls.

Tyler no longer needs to ask me how to plan around occasions, she knows exactly what shes doing and implements it when necessary without a 2nd thought and it shines in her progress🤝🏼

Superwomen if you ask me🚀

Tyler and I originally worked together back in 2022, where she joined the team either consuming the class 1200 calorie diet OR avoiding eating until lunch time then raiding the cupcoard for the rest of the day…sound familiar?👀

During our first stint of coaching, Tyler lost 4kg but came back with a vengeance to not only hit that again but SURPASS that by another 10kg too😮‍💨

Now we have lots to look forward to as my girl recently got ENGAGED…these wedding pictures are gonna be her MOMENT💍

I bloody love this girl, her outlook, attitude, everything. She truly deserves the life she is creating📈

Interested in how I can help you?

Drop me a message to find out more💌

Enquiry form:

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Some wins from this weeks check ins😮‍💨🩷

💪🏼 Smashing PBs in the gym

🎯 Nailing nutritional targets

🍽️ Enjoying meals

👣 Building new habits

🧠 Transforming mindsets

🥰 Feeling GOOD

Ready to do all of the above?

Drop me a message for more information💌

Or enquire here:

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Feedback from one of my incredible clients as leaves PT to move to a new city🥹💖

In a job where self doubt and belief can become so high, every comment means the absolute world to me💘

Ready to reach your goals?

Enquire here: 💌

Photos from fitgalgg's post 03/03/2024


The sun is shining and i’m in a good mood🌞

Use code 50OFF at checkout💰

Shop here:

Photos from fitgalgg's post 01/03/2024

Happy 1st March🐣

Lighter mornings and later sunsets are coming…⛅️

We are now just 111 days away from Summer🌞

If you don’t want to spend another holiday wishing you committed to your goals whilst you had the chance then you need to start NOW

Whether you want to improve your health, increase your confidence, lose body fat or build muscle…

I will teach you how to shift your mindset and build new habits to achieve results that last WITHOUT letting go of the things you love along the way

All for LESS than the cost of your weekly takeaway or daily Starbucks


Drop me a message to see how I can help📲

Coaching Enquiry Form:

Photos from fitgalgg's post 29/02/2024

Working hard and eating goooooood >>>

Recent meals my team have been cooking up, putting me to absolute shame trying to keep up😮‍💨

Ready to break the cycle and finally reach your fitness goals WITHOUT letting go of the things you love?💘

Drop me a message to see how I can help📲

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Unsure how to optimise your nutrition around your training?

Let me help you👇🏼

Now need to optimise your training too?😜

Drop me a message to see how I can help💌

Coaching enquiries:


From 3 sessions per week, to 2, to 1…to none🥹🩷

Its always sad saying goodbye to clients, but it hurts that little bit more after over two years together, countless milestones, life changes, ups and of course some downs too🥲

Myself and my PT client have literally been through the THICK of it together, to coffee dates & running to starbucks midway through our sessions when the PSL’s drop to mini therapy sessions and some incredible PBs😮‍💨

I really do say all of my clients become my friends, and i’ll become your biggest cheerleader, sister, coach, therapist, agony aunt and shoulder to cry on if you need it🫶🏻

Saying goodbye to this client as she embarks on a new journey in a brand new city and into career shes been dreaming of. It’s been incredible to watch this all unfold🤝🏼

…and she knows i’m right here waiting when she visits home😆

Beyond grateful that this is my job, and I appreciate you all far more than you’ll ever know💖

Coaching enquiries:

FITGALGG 24/02/2024

I’ve just launched some NEW products on my website so help you stay accountable to your goals…even better that they’re both UNDER £2 EACH!

Check them out below👇🏼

FITGALGG fitgalgg

Photos from fitgalgg's post 23/02/2024

The weekends finally here, you’ve thrown the towel in and decided that you’re starting again on Monday (for the 9th time already this year)

Here are my top tips to help you stay on track with your nutrition ALL week long so we can ensure that next week…its actually for real👀

Struggling to break the cycle?

Drop me a DM to find out how I can help💌

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Some milestones were hit this week lemme tell ya🤯

Together we reviewed each client goal & implemented roadmaps for 2024 based off of what they wanted achieve, any holidays, events and so on.

A few of my clients entered fat loss phases in January and the progress so far has been INSANE.

Along with others getting back to work after taking a well deserved diet break over Christmas and others eating more than EVER before & still seeing results😮‍💨

One thing they all have in common? Realistic, sustainable targets🎯

All of my clients goals are completely centered around their individual lives.

We have mums, office workers, NHS staff, personal trainers, uni students, retail workers, carers, you name it, they’re on this team.

Their schedules ALL look different.

Theres no copy and paste, ‘that worked for them so it’ll work for you’ over here.

Just things that work, for them.

You might have the same goal, but your journey there is incomparable to someone elses.

but for me? another week of beaming like a proud mom🥹🥰

Ready to make Monday the last time you start again?🫣🥱

Drop me a message to find out how I can help you💌

Photos from fitgalgg's post 13/02/2024

pov: you need pancake day inspo for tonight😜🍫🥞

Photos from fitgalgg's post 12/02/2024

Check in wins from my incredible team today🏆

+ a few from last week which were just too good not to share, unfortunately I was bed bound with illness again & forgot to post😂🥹

I say it all the time but I am so fortunately blessed with an incredible team of men & women who are determind to reach their goals and willing to put in the work to get there🤝🏼

…and they get the results because of it🎯

Excited to nail a brand new week with them✨🫶🏻


Or fill out my enquiry form

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